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As expected, Luo Xuan suddenly stopped and hesitated for a moment before saying: "By the way, Mo Ying, can you give back the qi recovery pills I gave you? They are very important for me."

She was telling the truth. If she had those pills at night, perhaps she would even continue on to the 10th floor after 9. But without it, she didn’t dare to go up. And, these pills were very precious. If she wasn’t going outdoor for experience, she wouldn’t even get that bottle. Even her master couldn’t get these so easily.

Because Luo Xuan was the youngest, she got a bottle of qi recovery pills and there was only 12 inside.

Meanwhile, her two martial sisters only got 6. Because Ye Mo was going to die and wanted the qi recovery pills as his last wish, so although she couldn’t bear it but she still gave them to him since he would die due to her.

But now, Ye Mo lived again and these qi recovery pills were so expensive. She must get them back. So no matter how Ye Mo interrupted, she always remembered that there was a bottle of qi recovery pills on Ye Mo.

Upon hearing Luo Xuan’s words, Ye Mo almost spat blood. He tried for so long to try to divert attention but she still asked that question. There was no way he was going to give the pills back. He had no chi recovery pills now. It wasn’t that he couldn’t make them but he didn’t have the resources. So, this bottle of pills was very important to Ye Mo. Without them, he wouldn’t be able to make chi increasing pills.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t talk for a long time, Luo Xuan was worried. Just when she was prepared to ask again, Ye Mo sighed, "Sigh, I thought I died in the hands of qi recovery pill so I threw them all away. Now that you ask me for it, I can’t take it out."

"Huh…????" Luo Xuan heard Ye Mo’s words and tears started to swell around her eyes. Such a precious bottle of pills were tipped out. She dazed for a long time before she wiped her eyes and asked: "Where did you tip them?"

Seeing that this little girl was crying, Ye Mo felt a little embarrassed but could only say: "I just threw it out the window casually. Who knows where it went. Perhaps, the pills have been eaten up by ants."

Upon hearing this, Luo Xuan went out immediately.

Ye Mo felt a sigh of relief. He finally tricked her away. If she stayed, then he really wouldn’t be able to take it. It was just a bottle of qi recovery pills. It made him feel so guilty.

Ye Mo looked at the door that was kicked open and didn’t bother to do anything. He went back to this room and was prepared to have a night’s rest. When Luo Xuan went to uni tomorrow, he would make a few cauldrons of normal pills. When he got familiar, he would fully concentrate on the chi increasing pills.

But before Ye Mo got on bed, his spirit sense scanned Luo Xuan. This girl carried a mine torch searching for something downstairs.

No way, Ye Mo yawned helplessly. This woman was really annoying. He already said he threw it away but she was searching for it at night with a mine torch. How did that make him feel.

Sigh, let her be. Once she won’t find it, she will give up. If he knew earlier, he should’ve said he threw it in the toilet. Ye Mo hardened his heart and went to sleep.

Ye Mo woke up in the morning with a fresh mind. He cleaned himself and was prepared to go downstairs to get soy milk. But he saw from the balcony that Luo Xuan was still searching downstairs. Ye Mo was shocked. Did she actually search for it the whole night.

Looking at Luo Xuan’s state, Ye Mo fell silent. He sighed. Never mind, he’ll give it back to her. Without those pills, he would think of another way. This made him feel so guilty.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to call Luo Xuan up to give the pills back to her, he saw her disappointed look as she turned into the building.

Ye Mo scanned that her eyes were quite black and a bit swollen. She was probably sad over the pills for the whole night but since she gave up, there was no need to give it back to her.

However, Ye Mo didn’t dare to go down to drink soy milk. He didn’t want to meet her again.

He went back in his room and fiddled with the yin fiend bead for a while and estimated that by this time, Luo Xuan should’ve been gone. Then, he walked out slowly.

"How come you still haven’t left?" Ye Mo opened the door and saw Luo Xuan sitting in the living room thinking it was really convenient without a door.

Luo Xuan originally wanted to say something but seeing that Ye Mo opened the door to his bedroom, she immediately charged in. she looked carefully around his room before shaking her head.

He looked at her in shock thinking: if I’m going to steal it, I can’t let you see it right?

Luo Xuan looked a while before turning back and saying: "Mo Ying, I just noticed that there was some yin fiend chi in your room. Something unclean might have come to your room last night. Did you find anything different last night?"

Ye Mo dazed. He took out the yin fiend bead just then and Luo Xuan noticed that chi. This girl was really sensitive. Ye Mo asked subconsciously: "How do you know?"

Luo Xuan said in a serious manner: "I can see things that others can’t with my eyes and I seemed to have seen some yin fiend chi in your room. But it’s very faint and it’s gone now. But this isn’t normal. I suggest you to stop living here."

Ye Mo commended but said: "Luo Xuan, it’s such a waste that you don’t become a nun." Then, he remembered, wasn’t this little girl already a nun? Sigh, what a pity. Such a beautiful little girl actually became a nun.

As expected, a sliver of uneasiness appeared across Luo Xuan’s face but she didn’t say anything.

"Um, aren’t you going to uni today…" Ye Mo feared staying with this Luo Xuan the most. Whenever he was with her, he couldn’t help to think about the bottle of pills.

Luo Xuan shook her head: "Sorry, I wasn’t at home last night and forgot your place didn’t have a door. You were almost harmed by bad spirits. So, I called in the morning for you. Later, someone will come fix the door.

Ye Mo opened his mouth and thought, why Luo Xuan seemed different from a few days ago. Was it because she lost her pills that she went under a personality change? She should use the attitude she used against that young master Wu, then he wouldn’t feel guilty.

"It doesn’t matter. It’s fine. I’m living very well here, very well…." Ye Mo waved his hands. Seeing Luo Xuan who wasn’t convinced, Ye Mo could only say again: "I’m going down to get soy milk. See ya."

Then, Ye Mo left. He thought, if you won’t leave, then I’ll leave.

"Wait…." Luo Xuan suddenly stopped Ye Mo.

"What else is it?" Ye Mo looked at Luo Xuan strangely.

Luo Xuan hesitated before eventually saying: ‘I have something that I want you to help me with."

Ye Mo felt strange. Luo Xuan didn’t seem like she needed his help. Plus, with her perception of him, she wouldn’t ask him for help even if she needed to. What trick was she going to play now. Ye Mo didn’t mind. If she didn’t play tricks, then he would help her with something small. Even if she did try something, he wouldn’t lose to a little girl.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo laughed, "Hahahaha, no problem. We’re neighbors and you’re a warmhearted person. We should be helping each other out occasionally. Tell me, what is it?"

"I have a qian bei in Chun An. It’s his 100 years birthday so I want to go greet him. I’m wondering if you can come with me?" Luo Xuan eventually said.

Ye Mo felt strange: "Since he’s your qian bei, then you can just go by yourself. Why are you getting me to go? Is he going to eat you or something?"

Luo Xuan quickly explained: "No, it’s like this. This qian bei stayed in Chun An uni for a while. Chun An uni is one of the oldest unis in china. It’s past life could be traced but to the Tang dynasty. 60 years ago, a lot of the books in the library were lost due to a big incident. But most of these books were collected by this qian bei. I love reading books so my family wants me to go meet this qian bei and try to see some of those old books."

"Then go read them. That qian bei has lived for 100 years. I don’t think he’s stingy to the point that he wouldn’t let you read the books. Plus, if he really is that stingy, then there’s no point in me going as well." Ye Mo said casually. He didn’t want to go to public scenes. There would be a lot of people.

"But, that qian bei has a great grand son studying at Chun An uni. He’s very sticky and I really don’t want to go but I have to." Luo Xuan said troubled.

Ye Mo sneered: "So you’re getting me to be your shield. Sorry, I don’t like being shield."

Luo Xuan said seriously however: "No, I’m not making you as a shield. I really want you to help. You just said we’re neighbors. You will help me? And, it is not going for long. When I’m looking at the books, you just need to keep him stalled. And, the qi recovery pills are something important my family gave me. I’ve already lost them. If I can’t even do this, then I really don’t know what to say when I get back.

Ye Mo dazed. There was allegorical meaning to Luo Xuan’s words. Was she suspecting that he took her qi recovery pills?

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