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When Ye Mo brought Tang Beiwei to Ning Hai, it was already midday on the second day.

Before they reached the small yard, Ye Mo felt something was wrong. Ning Qingxue said she was waiting for him here and he believed her. However, Ning Qingxue actually wasn’t in this yard.

Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei pushed open the door. The flower pots were still there but the silver heart grasses were all dead except for one. He got someone to send them back here for Ning Qingxue to look after. The only one alive was also quite wilted. That one was the one Ning Qingxue looked after and spilt her blood on.

What was going on?

Ye Mo wanted to ask Xu Wei but found out that Xu Wei also wasn’t here. However, there were still Xu Wei’s clothes hanging out in the garden. It seemed that Xu Wei hadn’t left yet.

"Brother, is Qingxue sister not here?" Tang Beiwei also felt something wasn’t right and subconsciously asked.

Ye Mo shook his head. He didn’t know why Ning Qingxue wasn’t here but her firm words from before were still by his ears, "I will wait for you at Ning Hai."

Although it was a few plain words, Mo believed Ning Qingxue said what she wanted. Before she waited till his arrival, she wouldn’t leave. For this, Ye Mo didn’t doubt it at all but now, Ning Qingxue wasn’t here.

Ye Mo carefully checked the silver heart grass that hadn’t died but found it wasn’t due to lack of care. What was this?

Xu Wei just pushed the door open and saw Ye Mo standing by the flower pot. When she saw Tang Beiwei, she couldn’t help to sigh. Ye Mo was really a womaniser. Not only did he know a lot of women but none of them was ugly. She was probably the uglier one or perhaps she could only compare with Li Mumei.

"Xu Wei, you’re back? Where’s Qingxue?" The first thing Ye mo asked seeing Xu Wei was about Ning Qingxue.

Xu Wei’s eyes went red and imemdaitely told everything that had happened to Ye Mo. Then, she said: "After Qingxue had recovered, she was taken to Yu state by her family and never came back. But after Qingxue left, no matter how I took care of these silver heart grasses, they were wilted and many had died. Only that tallest one is barely living."

Ning QIngxue was actually almost beaten to death. Ye Mo’s fury immediately erupted. Who had such balls? It seemed he was too kind. Last time the Song family attacked Ning Qingxue, he hadn’t even had time to annihilate the Song family but now, other people were also attacking Ning Qingxue.

A strong killing intent emanated from Ye Mo’s body. Even Xu Wei and Tang Beiwei on the side took steps back subconsciously. Tang Beiwei looked at Ye Mo’s bloodshot eyes and called out anxiously: "Brother…"

Ye mo came to his senses and howled to the sky, "Regardless if it’s Earth Fiend or others who hurt Ning Qingxue, I, Ye Mo, swear I will annihilate you in my life."

From Ye Mo’s perspective, Earth Fiend had the greatest suspciscion. He just had enmity with this organisation and this thing happened. He couldn’t tolerate it.

Not right, even if this happened, Qingxue wouldn’t leave Ning Hai after she had recovered. Ye Mo knew Ning Qingxue, she wouldn’t give up waiting for him in Ning Hai for that.

"Xu Wei, you said Qingxue’s wounds have recovered and she left Ning Hai?" Ye Mo calmed down and immediately realised that was suspicious.

XU Wei was quite scared by Ye Mo and now just slowly recovered. Then, she said: "Yes, her wounds had fully healed, but, but….."

"But what?" Ye Mo frowned and asked.

Xu Wei looked carefully at Ye Mo and said: "Because her head was injured, although she had completely recovered, she forgot what had happened this year. It means that memories recovered to the point one year ago. She didn’t even know me but she remembered everything clearly from one year ago and….."

Hearing this, Ye Mo’s heart sunk, however, he believed he could cure her. Although head injuries couldn’t even necessarily be healed with Lotus life seed, it wasn’t a serious problem. Even if he couldn’t, he would just tell her what had happened in this year. After all, she just lost some memories.

"And what?" thinking about this, Ye Mo felt a little relieved.

Xu Wei sighed and said: "Qingxue lost this year’s memory but her parents were instead happy. She went back to Yu state listening to her parents. Qingxue sister didn’t mention you at all and her parents didn’t allow anyone to mention you."

Hearing this, Ye Mo’s heart ached. If her parents really didn’t like him, even if he went to Yu state, he won’t necessarily be able to see Qingxue. He thought about Ning Qingxue venturing dangerously into the Shen Nong Jia just to find him and he yearned for her more. That was when he knew that he was this important in Ning Qingxue’s heart.

No, he had to go see her even if her parents stopped him, he would go see her. Sorry, QIngxue, it was my fault you were hurt this time.

As though feeling the intense emotions in her brother’s heart, Tang Beiwei subconsciously grabbed her brother’s hands and called: "Brother."

Ye Mo sighed and caressed the silver heart grass that Ning Qingxue took care of. Softness surged in his heart. That silver heart grass seemed to have felt Y eMo’s caress and seemed a little more lively.

XU Wei and Tang Beiwe didn’t interrupt Ye Mo who had sunk into memories. They just looked at him fearing that he would do something crazy.

After long, Ye Mo looked up and asked: "Xu Wei, what did the attacker look like?"

XU Wei immediately said: "It was a young Daoist at first and then came an old Daoist. That young Daoist was very lecherous and said he was going to take Qingxue away. Qingxue ignored him and he attacked. That young Daoist had a shield shaped jade ornament on his belt and it seemed to have the words Tai Yi."

"Tai Yi?" Ye Mo repeated and frowned. Was it a hidden sect? it was very rare for people from the hidden sect to come to the cities of the mortal world but it didn’t matter, he would go ask Zhang Zhihui.

"Xu Wei, I will go see Qingxue. Please help me take care of this silver heart grass for a while." Ye Mo looked at the bloodied silver heart grass and felt his uneasiness in his chest. He was going to slaughter. Challenging him again and again. It was either his sister or the people around him.

Xu Wei rolled her eyes on Ye Mo, "I know, I’m going to charge a salary next time. You two only know to let me take care of this and that."

Xu Wei heard Tang Beiwei call Ye Mo brother and immediately knew this pretty girl was Ye Mo’s sister and not lover. However, her skin was really good.

Ye Mo went back to the room. It was tidied very well. The small case he left to Ning Qingxue was carefully put on the head of the bed. Even the tools he used to produce pills were wiped clean, placed on a small metal rack. It was obvious that Ning Qingxue cared a lot about Ye Mo’s things.

Ye Mo sat on the bed Ning QIngxue slept on. There were a few books about transplants. Ye Mo dazed. He seemed to see Ning Qingxue sit on the bed and read these books every night and then wait for him to come back.

"Qingxue, no matter who attacked you, I won’t let them go." Ye Mo murmured.

He suddenly felt he was all alone by himself. If he had a power faction, he wouldn’t need to send Beiwei away or even worry about the safety of the people around him.

Power, power, I will establish the greatest power on Earth. Since I can’t cultivate to a high state here, I will use my power to create the greatest power. I want something that can disintergrate Earth Fiend with one word.

In that instance, Ye Mo had the impulse to howl to the heavens again.

"Beiwei, I will send you to a place. After I’m done with the things outside, I will come back to pick you up." Ye Mo calmed down and said.

Once he made up his mind, he wouldn’t change it. It was as he said, no matter who it was, they would have to pay. After these things were done, he would form his own power.

"mhm." Tang Beiwei knew what her brother thought and knew she was only a burden following him around now.


Wuliang mountain. It wasn’t their first time here. Although Tang Beiwei knew that her brother would take her to some place safe but she didn’t expect him to take her here.

Ye Mo carried Tang Beiwei on his back and ran very rapidly on the mountain. He was going to start to fight with Earth Fiend soon. He must have no concerns so he needed to send Tang Beiwei away. Serenity was the best choice.

"Beiwei, after you arrive at Serenity, remember to cultivate what I taught you. If you really can’t cultivate it, you can learn with Jing Xian and their stuff but remember not to tell anyone what I taught you." Ye Mo said.

Tang Beiwei felt very warm at heart. This was kinship! Her brother really gave her everything he had. She made up her mind in her heart, "Brother, don’t worry, I will work here and try to not be cumbersome to you."

Tang Beiwei really did make up her mind. If she had her brother’s powers today, she wouldn’t need to hide everywhere and could even help her brother.

"mhm, pack those fireball charms away carefully. Don’t take them out unless it’s a life or death situation." Ye Mo was worried about Tang Beiwei’s safety and gave her more than 100 fireball charms.

These fireballs charms weren’t so useful to Ye Mo. Although they were good to use but it cost too much time to use them and their power to Ye Mo was just so so. It could be used against earth level martial artists but it was barely life threatening for tertiary stage earth levels. It really didn’t have much use but it was good for self defence for Tang Beiwei.

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