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Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei spoke for the entire night and just as it was almost daylight, Tang Beiwei sank into sleep. Ye Mo, however, made a defensive bracelet and wore it himself. Although this bracelet was completely useless against the attacks of ancient martial artists, it could still defend against normal ambushes.

Even without the defensive bracelet, Ye Mo wouldn’t be afraid of ambushes. But since he could defend without moving, why not?

When Tang Beiwei woke up, it was already noon. After cleaning herself, Ye Mo took Tang Beiwei to buy some daily items on the streets before going back to the university to get her personal belongings.

Although Tang Beiwei didn’t know where Ye Mo had put these things, she knew that her brother was very magical and she didn’t ask. Although she was curious, she was mature enough to know that sometimes it was not good to ask if her brother didn’t want to say. It wasn’t too good to ask. But in fact, Ye Mo didn’t think too much of it. Tang Beiwei knew about a lot of his powers, that he didn’t need to hide a storage ring from Tang Beiwei. Seeing her confusion, he just showed the ring to her.

When Ye Mo brought Tang Beiwei to the Tan Du hospital, Pang Haixiang and Hu exec were already waiting at the door.

Seeing Ye Mo walk over, Pang Haixiang immediately came up. There was full of relief in her eyes. Although Lin San had called Hu exec saying that Ye Mo had gotten out, she still wasn’t relieved until seeing Ye Mo personally.

"Magical doctor Ye, were you okay yesterday? You were taken by the police, so Hu exec and I were both very worried." Pang Haixiang’s expression had revealed that she was indeed very worried.

Ye Mo nodded and had some good impression towards this Mrs. Pang. She didn’t come up and talk about her husband straight away and instead asked about Ye Mo’s safety. Whether or not it was due to her experience in life, at least she knew what to do.

"Thanks for your concern, I’m fine. You husband should be at Tan Du Hospital already, right?" Ye Mo only wanted to quickly cure him and leave.

"Yes, sorry to bother you, Magical doctor Ye." Although Pang Haixiang wanted Ye Mo to immediately treat her husband, she couldn’t make herself seem so desperate.

Hu Yang finally found the opportunity to speak and said, "Magical doctor Ye, I’ll take you there." He wanted to see how Ye Mo would cure Pang Haixiang’s husband.

Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei were led to the VIP room on the 3rd floor by Hu Yang.

"Who is this young man? The exec is so respectful to him and calls him magical doctor? This is too absurd," a nurse said quietly.

Another nurse beside her said, "This young man was the person who cured Chong Yuanyuan’s leg yesterday. His medical skills are rather strong. You didn’t see when he used acupuncture. His actions were like lightning. I saw it with my own eyes." This nurse was the nurse taking care of Chong Yuanyuan yesterday.

A middle-aged female doctor who was prepared to finish her work saw this scene. She turned back in bewilderment and looked at another doctor and said, "Manager Liu, don’t tell me the arrogant person you spoke of yesterday was him? Did he cure Chong Yuanyuan’s leg?"

At this moment, Manager Liu’s face was flushed red. Yesterday, he still said this young man was insolent but now, Hu exec was calling him magical doctor. And the entire hospital now knew about what happened yesterday. This was a loud slap in the face to him.

"What’s Hu exec bringing him up for?" another doctor asked.

"I heard there’s a patient transferred here from Hong Kong Ma Li hospital. It’s said that the hospital cannot do anything about the situation. They heard that the doctor Ye was very powerful so they transferred him today," the nurse replied immediately. Obviously, she knew very clearly about what happened.

"there’s actually such magical doctor? I must go up and see. It’s good even if I learn a little bit." That doctor quickly followed

"I will also go see…" The middle-aged female doctor also followed

Seeing another two doctors follow, Manager Liu focused and also quietly followed. To be honest, he still couldn’t believe now that someone could cure Chong Yuanyuan’s leg. However, Chong Yuanyuan had left the hospital already yesterday and he couldn’t find her. Now, he could go up to see if it was real.

However, reality was harsh. Other than Pang Haixiang and Hu exec, Ye Mo only brought Tang Beiwei into the patient’s room. Other people could only wait outside. If it wasn’t because he offended Earth Fiend, Ye Mo would let Tang Beiwei wait for him at the university.

Although he wasn’t afraid of this hitman organization, if they attacked Tang Beiwei, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. The only way would be to keep Tang Beiwei by his side. If these people weren’t as scary as Qiao Gang said they were and didn’t attack his sister, he would take Tang Beiwei to Beijing to see her mother then deal with the Song family before sending Tang Beiwei to Luo Cang.


Pang Haixiang’s husband looked very emaciated. His face was a little purple and his breathing was heavy.

"My husband’s condition looks like heart disease but many doctors have checked that he doesn’t have heart disease. Once his face is purple to a certain extent, he would faint. Now, the situation is getting worse and worse. Magical doctor Ye…" Although she tried to avoid Ye Mo’s annoyance, she could care less about that much when it concerned her husband’s safety.

Ye Mo scanned with his spiritual sense. He didn’t even need to diagnose with his hands and knew what disease this person had. He saw it on earth before. It was purple coral poisoning.

Purple coral was a material for crafting artifacts in the cultivation realm. It was a rare material even in the cultivation realm. Did earth have that much purple coral? How come he didn’t see one at all? Ye Mo felt gloomy.

The man on the bed saw Ye Mo come over and struggled to sit up, "Magical doctor Ye, I’m Guo Taiming. Sorry to trouble you so much. I know my disease is very hard to cure and it’s also hereditary. If you can’t cure it, it’s just my fate."

Ye Mo originally wanted to say this condition was very simple to cure, but he heard Guo Taiming say this was actually hereditary and he frowned. This was the first time he heard of purple coral poisoning being hereditary. Did he diagnose wrongly?

Seeing Ye Mo frown, Guo Taiming sighed. He knew that his condition was a bit hard even for the magical doctor here but he had a positive outlook on things and he said immediately, "My grandpa also died of this disease, so did my father. I don’t have a son, I only have a daughter. It seems my disease stops at me."

Ye Mo didn’t reply. He took out a golden needle and pierced it into a chakra point on Guo Taiming and ran his chi down. He immediately knew he diagnosed right. It was indeed purple coral but this poison shouldn’t be hereditary.

Ye Mo pulled out the golden needle and looked at Pang Haixiang, who had a hopeful face, and Hu Yang, who was very focused. He smiled and said, "I can cure this but…"

Pang Haixiang heard Ye Mo say he could cure her husband and immediately was overjoyed. After a while, she said, "Magical doctor Ye, as long as you can cure my husband, I will do anything I can."

Originally, Ye Mo wanted Guo Taiming to tell him where he saw the purple coral but then he thought about it and gave up on the idea. He didn’t have to have this mine ore. Plus, even if he asked, Guo Taiming might not know what he was talking about.

"Never mind." Ye Mo picked up a few golden needles and pierced it into different chakra points of Guo Taiming with extreme speed. With the use of chi, the purple coral poison was quickly pulled out by Ye Mo.

Strictly speaking, Guo Taiming’s condition was much better than Zhuo Youshan, but his body wasn’t as good as Zhuo Youshan so he wasn’t able to drag it on as long as Zhuo Youshan.

After half an hour, Ye Mo took back the golden needles and said: "It’s done."

"Huh…." Pang Haixiang looked at Ye Mo in shock. It was done? She didn’t believe at all that it was done. No matter how powerful his medical skills were, it couldn’t be done so quickly. There was no medicine eaten or a surgery happened. He just pierced a few needles, and it was done?

"What? It’s done just like that?" Hu Yang asked and was also shocked. If he didn’t know how serious Guo Taiming’s condition was and if it wasn’t that he knew about Guo Taiming, he would think Ye Mo and Guo Taiming were together in a scandal.

After a moment later, Pang Haixiang reacted first and quickly charged up and grabbed Guo Taiming’s hand. "Taiming, how are you?"

Guo Taiming immediately felt the pain and suffering in his body disappear completely. At first, he hadn’t reacted but now that his wife asked, he moved his limbs and stood up. Soon, he yelled out in joy, "I’m really okay. My body no longer hurts. There’s actually such medical skills…."

Guo Taiming murmured a few times and still couldn’t believe it.

"There’s actually such medical skills…" This time, it was Hu exec murmuring. He didn’t believe it either that Ye Mo could cure Guo Taiming’s disease so quick. After all, Guo Taiming’s was an incurable disease.

"In that case, I’ll be leaving. Beiwei, let’s go." Then, Ye Mo was about to leave with Tang Beiwei.

"Magical doctor Ye, please stop." Guo Taiming suddenly reacted and stopped Ye Mo.

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