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"Tang Beiwei, you’re quite bold, you dare to be with another guy so intimately." A guy wearing a black shirt took out his phone; he coldly looked at Tang Beiwei as he spoke. Then, he immediately made a call as though he was reporting to someone.

Not just this guy but tens of other students were all looking on. Their eyes were either filled with pity or sympathy. Some emotional girls were already worrying for Ye Mo. Although it was fun being with the prettiest girl in Tan Du, but the following consequence wouldn’t be what he could deal with. This guy looked pretty handsome too.

"Brother Qian He, Tang Beiwei is actually hugging with another student… Yes, just below our building, oh, okay…" The guy hung up and sneered to Ye Mo while walking over slowly.

"Punk, you dare to touch the woman Brother Qian He preordered?" As soon as this man spoke, two other guys came from behind him.

These two signalled the one who made the call and surrounded Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei.

"Leave Tang Beiwei aside, break this guy’s leg first," the first guy said to the other two.

They dared to look at his sister like an item, and they would even break the person’s leg as long as they made contact with his sister without even asking questions. Ye Mo’s killing intent rose.

"Wait…." Just when the few guys were about to attack, the girl from before came over and yelled.

The man who made the call stopped and looked at He Qi before saying, "Sister Qi, this is Brother Qian He’s order, it’s best you don’t get involved, otherwise…" The He Qi girl’s face changed. Obviously, she knew who Qian He was and felt threatened by him. However, she still said to Ye Mo, "I didn’t know you had such relationship with Tang Beiwei. Leave her quickly and apologize. Otherwise, if something happens, don’t blame me for not reminding you."

Ye Mo coldly looked at He Qi. "Move aside, don’t piss me off or I’ll beat you too." Ye Mo had no good impression whatsoever of this woman.

"You…" He Qi finally couldn’t take Ye Mo’s attitude anymore. Her face changed and wanted to say something but eventually didn’t. She really moved aside but her eyes were full of contempt.

After the girl moved away, Ye Mo scanned the student who made the call and slowly said, "You said you were going to break my leg just then?"

"Indeed, but now it won’t just be that, your hand needs to be broken too, charge." Then, the guy charged up and smashed towards Ye Mo’s face with his fist.

The two guys from the side also came up kicking towards Ye Mo’s left and right leg. Obviously, it wasn’t the first time they were fighting together and had good cooperation.

Before Tang Beiwei reacted, Ye Mo had already jumped up and kicked out his foot. This foot kicked over the left guy before kicking into the front guy’s wrist. And that wasn’t the end. It continued to kick into the left leg the right guy kicked out.

When these three were kicked into a pile by Ye Mo, Ye Mo landed with Tang Beiwei. It was a perfect 360 turn and these three didn’t even turn Ye Mo’s clothes.

"So handsome…" People were already cheering. Kicking 3 people with one kick and spinning a circle in the air with someone in his arms. This was too awesome.

This He Qi looked at Ye Mo in a daze. She just remembered that Ye Mo left her without her even noticing. There were rays in her eyes. She had an instinct that this handsome guy was no ordinary person.

Tang Beiwei looked at the 3 guys kicked onto the ground. She didn’t talk and wasn’t surprised. She knew how strong her brother was. He even killed people.

Ye Mo walked over, looked at the 3 guys and said once again, "Just then, you said you were going to break my hand and leg right?"

"That’s right, punk, don’t think you can be arrogant just because you know a few moves. You won’t be able to die even if you want to after offending Brother Qian He. You dare to mess with Brother Qian He and take his woman, you don’t want to live anymore, argh…" The guy could no longer talk because Ye Mo had stepped on his mouth.

Ye Mo could crush the guy’s entire head, but with so many students watching, he didn’t want to do that. He just broke off all of his teeth, leaving behind a mouth full of blood.

"Argh…." The guy didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so cruel.

However, he didn’t expect that what followed next would be more cruel. Ye Mo kicked a few times, producing a terrifying cracking sound. In that moment, Ye Mo broke all of their limbs.

The students looked on in shock. This guy seemed very amicable, but he was so cruel when he attacked. Not only did he beat up Qian He’s men, but he also crushed all of their limbs. This wasn’t breaking but pulverizing. These 3 students were gone, but so was this guy. He was really gone. He messed with someone he couldn’t mess with.

The people around didn’t expect this to not be over yet. Ye Mo kicked the 3 unconscious guys into a pond before leaving with Tang Beiwei.

After a while, people remembered that if they didn’t pick the 3 up, they would drown to death. This wasn’t a fight, it was murder. He Qi looked and shivered. Although she had seen many cruel people and heard about the stories in mafias, but this was the first time she saw someone almost kill in a school. This person was too cruel.

However, the three guys didn’t drown to death. As soon as Ye Mo left, their men dragged the three out and sent them to the hospital, but most people knew that even if they were sent to the hospital, they would have to spend their life on wheelchair.

"Brother…" Tang Beiwei worriedly called out.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "Don’t worry, Beiwei, we siblings won’t mess with other people, but other people can’t mess with us. As long as I still have a last breath left, no one can touch you."

Tang Beiwei hummed. The fear and depression that have been suffocating her for two months were finally starting to dissipate.

"Tell me what happened later. This has just started, and I won’t let it go like this. Is my sister so easily bullied? They’re blind." Ye Mo saw the terror in Tang Beiwei’s and felt more furious.

"This student, stop." When Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei reached the school gate, a security guard with a black stick stopped them.

Ye Mo pulled Tang Beiwei behind him and coldly looked at the security guard. "What?"

"This student can’t leave the school yet." The security guard pointed at Tang Beiwei. If he didn’t see Ye Mo teach those few guys a lesson, perhaps he would’ve attacked Ye Mo already.

Ye Mo’s eyes went cold. He didn’t need the guard to explain and he knew why. This guy had quite a lot of power. He actually guarded his sister and imprisoned her in the school.

Ye Mo walked up, and before the guard could react, he had already picked him up by the neck. Then, he slapped him before kicking him away crashing into a wall unable to move. Then, he slowly said, "I’m taking her out today, what can you do."

Although he taught the guard a lesson and the other two guards didn’t dare to move, Ye Mo was getting more and more unhappy. This was a university. Why was it like a private backyard for hoodlums? What bullsh*t university was this?

As soon as Ye Mo left with Tang Beiwei, a top of the range rover charged into the school grounds. It stopped at where Ye Mo beat up those guys. A fierce man got off the car. He had two sturdy bodyguards behind him.

The fierce man’s face sunk and asked, "What happened?"

"A guy broke Bao brother and them’s limbs. They were sent to the hospital and this man took away Tang Beiwei. We were no match for him." Immediately, two guys came and spoke carefully.

At this moment, the two guards rushed over and saluted to this fierce man before saying, "Young Master He, someone took away Tang Beiwei just then and beat our guard."

"Hmph, useless…" this fierce man swore and continued, "He dares to touch the woman I preordered. He wants to f*cking die."

The police siren sounded and 4 police cars drove into the school grounds. A middle-aged policemen got off the first car. He saw the fierce man and immediately ran over, saying respectfully, "Young Master He, someone called us saying you’ve suffered some losses. I came immediately."

The fierce man nodded. "Lao Wu, good job, investigate where the man took Tang Beiwei and notify me. You don’t need to worry about capturing him."

"Yes, young master He, I’ll be going then." The police officer then went into the police car and left.

The fierce man looked at the leaving police car and his eyes grew cold. "You dare to take my woman and break my subordinates’ limbs. If I let you walk out of Tan Du, then I don’t need to live."

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