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Ye Mo had golden page world he wouldn't care about this small world but Shan Di does. He quickly got up and said "Kong Ye qian bei, no matter what, as long as wan bei is in North Far State for one day I will guard it for one day."
Kong Ye looked at Ye Mo and then Shan Di and nodded "okay."
Then, he asked Ye Mo "Ye Mo, I heard you say that guardians were unnecessary?"
Ye Mo didn't answer and instead asked "kong Ye qian bei, as the guardian family of North Far State, the Chu family, are you the strongest. Or other than you, Chu Yun?"
Kong Ye said sadly "indeed, the Chu family has declined, it's very hard that they're being this guardian."
Ye Mo smiled "existence is reason. It's good that there's a guarding for this world but this isn't what the world needs. Plus, Kong Ye qian bei you still have some people willing to listen to you but after you leave, who would listen to Chu Yun?"
Kong Ye nodded "that's right you're very right. The guardian indeed no longer needs to exist. "
He knew that Ye Mo meant that regardless if North Far State was dominated by human cultivators or beast cultivator, it was unavoidable. It wasn't something that one man's power could change. Even if someone could change it for 100 years can he changed it for thousands or ten thousands years?
Shan Di asked in shock "Kong Ye qian bei, so the North Far State guardians really exist? Kong Ye qian bei is a guardian?"
Kong Ye nodded sadly "yes, so many years and now I'm about to die. This guardian doesn't live up to its name. So, Shan Di I will give the small world to you. When you leave North Far State give it to another person. North Far State doesn't need guardian but it can't not have a leader."
Ye Mo finally realized why Kong Ye didn't give the small world to Chu Yun. He had long wanted Chu family to break free from this guardian title. Let the guardian be the strongest of each generation or the one with the greatest calling. Shan Di was the best choice without hesitation.
Shan Di realized what Kong Ye meant and got up "Shan Di will not betray qian bei's will. No matter what I will offer my power to North Far State."
Ye Mo looked down on Shan DI's character but he probably spoke the truth. He used a lot of effort for the beast tide all these years.
Kong Ye took out a storage ring and gave to Shan Di "this storage ring is a small world, you can spirit control it."
"yes." Shan Di took the small world excitedly. If he wasn't here, he would want to spirit control it immediately.
Kong Ye nodded "the Chu family has guarded North Far State for more than ten thousand years, even if they're to no longer be guardians, the entire North Far State cultivators need to be notified. You can do this."
Shan Di quickly said "wan bei knows."
Even if Kong Ye didn't say this, Shan Di would do this. as one this could unite the hearts of North Far State and also bring up his status. After all, he was the successor of Kong Ye.
Chu Yun finally realiesd why martial ancestor Kong Ye didn't give the small world to them. It was to let the Chu family break free and perhaps only so would the people of Chu family be able to pursue their own dao.

Thinking that martial ancestor Kong Ye didn't have long to live, Chu Yun felt sad.
Ye Mo sighed, Kong Ye's chi was weak, he clearly can't even last 50 years. It was useless even if he had top grade 60 year pills for him. Unless there was 7 colored pan peach, there was no other way to help Kong Ye.
Kong Ye said to Shan Di "sect leader Shan, go arrange with sect leader Tang to do this."
Shan Di wanted to leave as soon as possible now. he felt uncomfortable staying with Ye Mo. Now that Kong Ye said this, he quickly got up and said "yes, Shan Di will go, qian bei take care."
After Shan Di left, Kong Ye said. "I'm going to West Extreme State to find out why martial ancestor went there. We might never meet again after this, there isn't a lot of people left in the Chu family and the direct line only has a few people left. Yulan's talent is quite good, if possible I want you to take her to South Peace State. if she can immortal ascension, I won't feel guilty to the Chu family ancestors."
Chu Yulan said very obediently now "martial uncle Ye, please take me as your disciple."
Her tone wasn't cold like when she first saw Ye Mo, she looked hopingly at Ye Mo as though fearing Ye Mo would say no.
Ye Mo's head ached, he thougth for a long while before saying "I can take you in as a disciple but I have my things. Can you stay at the Chu family to cultivate? I believe there are good hidden places with great formation in the Chu family right?"
Seeing her in a daze, Ye Mo could only add "if one day you reach truth realisation state, you can come find me at Pei Hai city."
Chu Yun said dazily after a while "how can Yulan reach truth realisation state here?"
Ye Mo smiled "she can with these."
Then, he took out a storage ring and gave it to Chu Yun. He needed to find Yimo, he didn't want to take Chu Yulan everywhere. Plus, he didn't have the effort to teach a disciple. the Chu family cultivation method is definitely really good, he just needed to supply her with some cultivation resources.
Seeing Ye Mo's rejection, Chu Yun didn't have the mood to check the storage ring. She still wanted to say something but Kong Ye said "it's fine, staying here to cultivate is not a bad thing."
Ye Mo knew that Kong Ye told him to come here for the small world. now that this was resolved, Kong Ye probably didn't have anything else to so. He got up to say goodbye.

After Ye Mo left, Chu Yun asked in confusion "martial ancestor, didn't you want Yulan to be Ye Mo's disciple last time? Now that Ye Mo came…"
Ye Mo smiled "what's the purpose of Yulan being his disciple?"
"of course the hope to reach truth realisation state and ascend into the immortal realm and find the ancestors of Chu family." Chu Yun said.
"then look at what Ye Mo gave?" Kong Ye said.
Chu Yun scanned the storage ring with her spirit sense and opened her mouth in shock.

Half a month later, Ye Mo went back to Pei Hai city unhappily. He had searched the entire North Far State but didn't find anything about YImo.
Seeing Ye Mo's sadness, Song Yangzhu came to comfort her.
They stayed at Pei Hai for another half a month before leaving. Ye Mo left with Su Jingwen, Song Yangzhu Ye Ling, Li Yuqian, Ji Ling Teng Yi, Bian Fengta and Meng Hanan and them.
Other than the Mo Yue people, the Pei Hai city lord and them also came to send them off. People from the Jade woman sect, Immortal Herb valley as well as the sect leaders of most big sects came. Even Shan Di sent people over.
After bidding farewell, Blue Moon disappeared into the Heartless Sea in a blue blur.

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