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Chapter 82: She Seemed to Be Moved

Ye Qingran slammed the door. Her heart felt stuffy as if it was stuffed with a ball of cotton.

This female lead was really…

She didn’t want to let go of any outstanding man?

When she found out that Mu Qingxue had set her eyes on Chu Yan, she had a feeling that she wanted to destroy her. She felt Chu Yan’s looks were the type that she liked.

Since when did she care so much about Chu Yan?

In the original novel, Mu Qingxue had no connection with Chu Yan. It was as if she had never even met him.

It was all because of her that Chu Yan knew Mu Qingxue, interacted with her, and even became her neighbour.

As a female supporting actress, was her existence a bridge between them?

In the original novel, the host had fallen in love with a man while pretending to be a man.

It was love at first sight.

They fell in love again when they met.

She couldn’t help but dress up as a woman for this man, which allowed Mu Qingxue and the male protagonists to discover her identity as a woman pretending to be a man.

When everything was revealed, the host was shocked and scared, but she was more relieved.

She was free.

She was happy.

She thought that she could be with the man she liked after becoming a girl.

It was a pity.

Even if she got to know that man first, even if they had a romantic encounter and a beautiful beginning, she could not escape the law of the novel between the female lead and the female supporting actress.

The person the female supporting actress liked would fall in love with the female lead in the end.

The man the host fell in love with treated her as a pervert.

He fell in love with Mu Qingxue.

This man was the fifth male lead. He was also the male lead with the strongest background and the one who loved Mu QingXue the most — Su Yian.

Now, Mu Qingxue was interested in Chu Yan.

Then, would Chu Yan be able to escape the aura of the female lead?

Ye Qingran returned to the study room and saw Chu Yan resting his hand on the desk. He rested his chin lazily and looked relaxed.

She said with a smile that was not a smile, “Oh, you are so happy when there’s a beauty looking for you.”

Chu Yan replied faintly, “I told you, I don’t know her.”

Ye Qingran said in puzzlement, “You don’t know her? But she was holding a cake and said that she wanted to thank you for helping her that day. She even said that she fell in love with you at first sight and wanted to give you a loving hug.”

Chu Yan:”…”

Ye Qingran smiled and continued when she saw that he did not reply and was emotionless, “She should still be outside the door at this moment. Do you want to hurry up and chase after her?”

“I’m not interested,” Chu Yan replied indifferently.

“She fell in love with you. You didn’t even extend your hand, but she said that you helped her and brought a cake to appreciate your help. A woman that is so proactive. Don’t you feel tempted at all?”

“If one day, you were hit on by someone for no reason, pretended to be a pig to eat a tiger and cheat, and then you were been used to harm others, and finally you are getting harassed in the middle of the night, would you not be disgusted and instead be tempted?” Chu Yan asked her back.

“What you said seems to make sense.” The anxiety in Ye Qingran’s heart disappeared suddenly.

It was good that he was not affected by the aura of the female lead.

She smiled and said, “I think that even if you open a harem, you shouldn’t be with her.”

She did not know how long she could stay in this world and who Chu Yan would marry in the future.

However, no matter who it was, she didn’t want her to be Mu Qingxue.

After she finished speaking, she felt that she had overstepped her boundaries.

Her words were strange.

She added, “Because I saw her and Long Junyao the other day and I have some psychological trauma. If you and her…”

Chu Yan looked at her with a gloomy gaze and interrupted her, “Didn’t I become your man now?”

Ye Qingran:”…”

Her man?

What did he mean? His words would make people think in the wrong way.

“I helped you just now,” Chu Yan said lightly.

Ye Qingran understood.

So, “her man” was referring to the act of pretending to be her boyfriend.

She gave him a hand. “Don’t worry. As long as I’m here, I’ll protect you. I won’t let you become one of those members…..”

Chu Yan asked, “What, what member?”

Ye Qingran smiled. “It’s alright, you can continue with what you need to do.”

A member of something.

Of course, it was a member of the male lead.

Ye Qingran left the study room. When she returned to her room, she stood by the window and looked down. Mu Qingxue was no longer there. She should have gone back to her home.

She had a vague feeling that tonight was the first time that Mu Qingxue came to look for Chu Yan.

But it would not be the last time.

However, no matter how many times Mu Qingxue came, she would slap her back like swatting a fly.

A good night’s sleep.

The next day, Ye Qingran did not go to school.

Instead, she went back to the Ye family home.

When Ye Jun found out about Song Ye’s matter, he was very angry and called the four children back home.

When he saw that Song Ye was fine, he fiercely scolded him again, asking Song Ye to stop acting and went to their company to help him.

Song Ye refused silently.

After that, Ye Jun scolded Ye Chenfeng again.

He scolded him of fooling around, that he did not tell him about such a big matter, and he even brought his younger brother with him. It was simply suicidal.

As for Ye Qingran…

It was very rare that he did not scold Ye Qingran, instead, he praised her.

He even asked Ye Qingran how she knew the He family and said that he wanted to treat He Cizhou to a meal.

He wanted to thank He Cizhou for saving her.

Ye Qingran was perfunctory for a long time. She even colluded with He Cizhou and said that he was not free for the meal. Only then did Ye Jun let her go with a face full of disappointment.

Finally.., he smiled and praised, “Recently, you’ve been very motivated. Not only are your grades getting better and better, but your relationship with your brothers has also improved. I made you stay in residential school was meant to train you. Since you’re already sensible, then you can move back home tomorrow.”

The three brothers looked at Ye Qingran with a faint smile on their lips subconsciously.

They were very welcoming.

Lin Shu’er was the happiest. She was so excited that her tears were about to come out.

After so many years, this was the first time she heard Ye Jun praise Ye Qingran. Not only did he praise Ye Qingran, he even took the initiative to ask her to come back.

Her face was full of joy. “Qingran, quickly thank your father.”.

Ye Qingran’s expression did not change.

She was extremely unwilling and did not want to come back at all.

She thought for a moment and said calmly, “I think I’d better continue living outside.”

Lin Shu’er’s expression froze.

What was this child thinking about when such a good opportunity came?

She was a little anxious and there was a hint of blame in her tone. “Qingran, don’t make your father angry.”

Ye Qingran smiled faintly. “I can’t study at home? I need to take the college entrance exam for a better school.”

Ye Jun’s expression froze slightly, and he was a little displeased. “Why can’t you study at home? Who’s bothering you?”

This rascal, he just praised him a few words and his wings flew into the sky. He even dared to go against him.

If he didn’t want to come back, then he would never come back!

Ye Hanzhi suddenly said, “Dad, studying is very particular about the atmosphere.”

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