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Chapter 1958 - Ultra fierce man, Li Yuanba!

Long Fei's thoughts were all on the mysterious prize.

It was just like how one looked forward to a special reward from the system.

With regards to the waiter's words of thanks, Long Fei acted as if he did not hear them. Actually, he was telling the waiter not to take it to heart.

Blocking bullets for him.

Long Fei will protect her with his life.

Not to mention a fellow, even if it was anyone, Long Fei would still put his life on the line to fight.

The waiter's heart was filled with gratitude as he said: "Sir, you just released 48 million battle prowess. According to the rules of the training hall, you will receive a treasure that is almost at the Semi-artifact level."

"It could have been something else."


"Lord, if you can break the record, then you'll be able to acquire even more powerful treasures."

Long Fei was startled, and said: "Break the record? How much combat power? "

The waiter said, "Ninety-nine million battle prowess is also the maximum that the battle strength machine in the training hall can bear."

"99 million battle strength?" Long Fei was secretly shocked, the power of Buddha was able to unleash a battle prowess of 48 million, not even half of it.

99 million battle prowess …

It was no small matter.

This person must be extremely terrifying.

Long Fei could not help but ask, "Then this person must have a very high cultivation?"

The waiter said: "His cultivation is not high, and he is only at the first level of lower god, but... His strength is actually the strongest person I have ever met. "

"The white haired master in the training hall said that that person is naturally born with godly strength, and his strength is not just average. It seems to be fused with all kinds of powerful godly strength."

"I was there."

"With a light punch, the battle machine issued a painful groan. It doesn't even have any explosive power. I can't even see the flow of his power clearly with my cultivation." The waiter's eyes were filled with shock as he recalled this.

First level of lower god?

A battle strength of 99 million!

This was no ordinary pervert, but a super pervert.

The other side only had a fighting strength of 20 million, he was just close to 100 million, and... The waiter didn't seem to have all of his strength.

This was even more terrifying.

"The ancient holy battlefield really has all kinds of powerful and abnormal people." Long Fei muttered, "What does that person look like?"

He asked casually.

The waiter said, "He is over two meters tall, and his physique is extremely sturdy. His eyes are like angry Buddha, with a big bald head, half of his body, and every muscle on his body like steel plates."

"As long as you see it, you won't be able to recognize it."


The waiter excitedly said.

Long Fei was slightly shocked, and muttered: "Why does it feel like it's a big dumb guy, Li Yuanba?"

And then …

Long Fei shook his head again, and said: "Eight King Kong is still in hell, why would they appear in ancient holy battlefield?"


"I wonder how their cultivation is progressing."

Long Fei missed him a lot in his heart.

How was Eight King Kong's journey to hell?

Long Fei really wanted to know.

However …

He believed that his father would one day meet with the Eight King Kong again.

… ….




god's hotel, first floor.

In a dark, damp room, there was a bald looby with a heavy sarcophagus beside him, who had sneezed three times in a row.

Scratching his head, he muttered: "Who's talking about me? "Is it that kid Tian Ling, or that shorty, Arhat?"

"Could it be the boss?"

Li Yuanba was confused.

At this time.

A subordinate walked over and said: "looby, it's your turn to go up on stage."

"Boss said that as long as you can win this match, you can have anything you want."

Li Yuanba stood up, gently lifting the sarcophagus beside him onto his back, he looked at the servant and said in a silly and silly manner: "I do not need anything, as long as there is someone here that I can fight."

After which, he walked out with large strides.

god's hotel, first floor.

It was also an underground boxing ring.

Gambling in one body under the ground.

After walking through a long dark tunnel, they arrived at an empty place. The surroundings were blocked by a kind of array Boundary and it was filled with people outside of the Boundary.

"Killing king, killing king, killing king …"

At this moment.

Inside Boundary, a fatty who was completely covered in blood was standing there. He looked fat with bloodshot eyes and carried a huge butcher's knife on his shoulder.

The strength in his body surged and was incomparably dense.

Divine light rippled beneath his feet as rings after rings rippled outwards.

His cultivation was powerful.

is not any weaker than the third stage of lower god.

The most important thing was his "fat meat". These fat meat seemed like a burden to his body, but it was his strongest defense.

At this moment.

Li Yuanba walked out of the dark tunnel and the entire audience immediately quietened down.

"looby, looby, looby …"

"looby, looby …"

The entire audience was in an uproar.

In a VIP box.

A man stood in front of the window and asked: "Is he the looby who consecutively won ninety-nine matches this month?"

The other man who was leaning against the sofa said excitedly, "That's him."

"Brother Chen, what do you think of him?"

Chen Xiong stared at looby and said gently: "His steps are steady and his spirit is restrained. He looks like an ordinary person. To be able to hide his strength to such an extent, he is definitely not a simple person."

"Hahaha …"

"Chen Xiong has good eyesight."

"If you were to see him in the outside world, you would definitely not notice that he has some sort of power, but … "This guy is a battle machine. Once in the cage, it's as if he's a completely different person." The man squinted his eyes and said.

Chen Xiong looked at Li Yuanba, and could not help but ask: "Why is there a huge coffin on his back?"

The man said, "I don't know either. No one knows, and no one has seen him use it. However, that coffin weighs over ten thousand jin. If he took it off, his speed would be even more terrifying."

Amidst the cheers, Li Yuanba stepped into the cage.

In that instant.

The aura on his body abruptly changed.

Enormous power was burning, and white steam was continuously revolving around it.

It wasn't the burning of divine power.

It was pure energy that was burning.

The King of Killers' butcher's eyes turned vicious. The giant Big Butcher in his hand shook, and the God Power on his body formed a suppressive force that was like a ferocious beast roaring as it pounced forward.

He was completely domineering in the Dao of the Sword.

Li Yuanba's eyes widened as he clenched his fists!


A burst of power exploded from both his arms, shattering the pressure from the butcher.

At the same time.

The butcher's blade cut down, "Die!"

Li Yuanba's eyes opened wide, and he threw a punch out.

It was an unbiased attack on the butcher's giant Big Butcher.


The butcher's knife shattered.


The butcher's chest had a fist imprint. The butcher flew out and crashed onto Boundary as his entire body bounced off, unconscious.

One punch on the slay.

His saber and its owner were sent flying.

A super tough guy!

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