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Chapter 73

Ch 73 Paroxysm



However, the moment Qi Mo appeared in front of her and used his own body to block hers, the shock she felt was undeniable . In that split second that they had gone up on the rope ladder, she really couldn’t believe that right before her eyes, Qi Mo had switched places with her and chose to protect her . This was puzzling .  stop supporting theft from tofuozz’s website .

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When danger had arrived, the only thought in her mind was that with Qi Mo being so almighty, only he had the chance to save her, and had thus kept believing that he would be the one saving her . Who knew where she got the confidence and faith from .

Now that she managed to calm down and think, she thought, Qi Mo was the overlord of the Qi Clan, the hegemony of the underworld, and was above the masses . Why would an overlord that even the leaders of some countries could not afford to not give face to go and save her? Why would he abandon all cares about his safety and come and rescue her? Li Xin simply couldn’t wrap her mind around that point .

The moment Qi Mo heard Li Xin’s question, without even a moment of hesitation, he said in a cold and overbearing manner, “I’ve told you before, you can only die in my hands . ”

Li Xin immediately rolled her eyes when she heard . At the end of the day it was actually because of this reason: that she could only die in his hands . That’s why he would risk his life to save hers . This actually made some sense because Qi Mo was really just such an overbearing and unreasonable person .

She had originally felt a bit grateful, and now she wanted to take it all back . She knew that Qi Mo wasn’t so kindhearted enough that he would suddenly come and save her for no reason . However, even though her gratefulness was taken back, her worry was still there, because no matter what, Qi Mo had also used his life to bet for hers . Those actions at the last moment weren’t done after some long and hard consideration, plus now they didn’t even know whether or not the radiation poisoning on him could be cured . Since boss was willing to go this far for his subordinates, then she wouldn’t be stingy with her care either .

Used to Qi Mo’s peremptory way of speaking, Li Xin didn’t think much of it . Whatever he said he said went . When she felt that he had finished applying the cream on her back, Li Xin pushed herself up . Before she could say anything, Li Hu’s voice suddenly came from outside . “Boss Juan, this is the Qi Clan . The overlord is inside resting, you can’t casually enter . ”

Outside, Juan snorted, his voice full of impatience as he retorted, “When Qi and I were braving all kinds of perils, who knew where you guys were . Move, you actually dare to hold me back now?” While talking, he quickened his steps as he barged inside .

Qi Mo’s brows twitched slightly . His hands shot out to grab the decorative fabric on the sofa and completely covered the topless Li Xin while straightening his clothes, covering up all the abnormal marks on his body . Just as everything was done, Juan barged into the room .

Following behind Juan, Li Hu lowered his head as he said to Qi Mo, “Overlord, boss Juan was bent on coming in . ”

Qi Mo glanced at the smiling Juan with no emotion in his eyes . He gave Li Hu a glance to signal at him to leave . If Juan really insisted on barging in, without Red Falcon and the rest joining arms to stop him, just Li Hu alone wouldn’t be able to stop Juan .

Back then, his beginners coach was Juan, and the latter had selflessly taught him for many years . The essence of martial arts, the finest of skills trained from the mafiexclusive training methods that countless generations of the mafia refined, were all taught to him by Juan . Although now the student had surpassed the master, however Juan’s abilities, though hidden underneath his facade of gentleness, were only minutely beneath his own . If Red Falcon and the others wished to take him down alone, it was impossible .

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Seeing Qi Mo without any abnormal expression on his face, and even less condemnation, Li Hu gave Li Xin a meaningful glance before turning around and walking out . Red Falcon and the rest allowed Juan in because no matter if it was his identity or status, as well as his relationship with Qi Mo, they couldn’t hold him back, while they had really only just held him back slightly because if they did it too aggressively, Qi Mo’s abnormal state would definitely be discovered by Juan . Right now this sort of stuff was best to not be known by others, even if Juan and their overlord usually had a close relationship .

When Juan saw Li Hu retreat, he walked straight towards the sofa next to Qi Mo’s and sat down, a bright smile on his face as he looked at Qi Mo and the completely covered up Li Xin, then again at the shirt on the floor that had been torn to pieces . He raised his brows and smiled at Qi Mo . “I was wondering about what’d happened to Li Hu today, to actually stop me, no wonder, it was because you were here doing this kind of… Hehe, Qi, you finally decided to make a move . ”

Hearing Juan say such inappropriate words, and especially that teasing smile, Li Xin rolled her eyes hard at him, grinding her teeth . She stood up and went to change into a new shirt . Although this scene seemed very dubious and could also very easily make other thoughts arise in one’s mind, however as long as her conscience was clear, who cared about him . She was never one to care about how others viewed her anyway .

When Juan saw Li Xin’s furious glare, he couldn’t help guffawing . “are you hating me for breaking up you and Qi Mo’s happy business? So unwelcoming towards me, my little Li Xin . ” What came in reply to him was Li Xin directly taking the handgun displayed on the table beside her and furiously throwing it on the floor, making Juan laugh even louder .

Qi Mo’s face instantly froze when he heard that and his tone grew heavier . “Not minding your own business, why did you run over to my place? Still need me to help you path a road?” Qi Mo’s face was already as cold as it could be the moment he mentioned that .

After Juan had given a glance at Qi Mo’s unpleasant expression, he immediately hid his grin and coughed once . He had never forgotten the degree that Qi Mo protected Li Xin to . Last time, he had gotten sent to Africa to dig for coal and diamonds, and although he hadn’t managed to find the time to do it, if he was sent to another worser place as punishment for making fun of Li Xin this time round, then he wouldn’t need to live anymore .

And so, his face changed as he looked at Qi Mo once again . He looked at Qi Mo with a pitiful look on his face as he pleaded pitifully, “Qi, you know what I came here to discuss with you for . You know that during the past two days I’ve been trying to settle some things with the mafia, especially the people who belonged to Yarossi, so can I just send someone to replace me for the Africa matter… you know too that there aren’t really any matters in Africa to settle and its just some small matter . How is it worth for me to personally take charge?”

Looking at Juan’s pitiful visage, Qi Mo’s cold face finally turned a little better as he said coldly, “Small matter . ”

Juan repeatedly nodded his head . “It is a small matter . Qi, just send someone else there, the matters I have are more important than it . ”

Africa’s coal and diamond mines, no matter what mine it what, anyways, Africa just had that bit of resource . Although they were currently having a bit of conflict over the rights to a big mine with a few other big local and foreign diamond merchants there, in his eyes it truly was a small issue . It was just some diamond or coal mine . If it really required him to personally resolve, then he could just take his hands off the Qi Clan and the mafia . That would simply be too embarrassing; if they couldn’t even solve those disputes, then why even bother being some influential clan in the underworld? 

Having finished changing her clothes, Li Xin walked over, and when she saw the Juan looking at Qi Mo ingratiatingly, especially that fawning look in his eyes and the coy tone when negotiating, she instantly felt a wave of disgust rush over her . She glared at Juan . “Bruh, can you talk normally . ”

When Juan saw Li Xin looking at him with a face of disgust, and her movement when walking over also showing an exaggerated ‘cant take it anymore’ action, he immediately glared at her fiercely . What did she even know . What Qi Mo hated the most was exactly this, and the more mushy and coy he was being, the faster he would be thrown out by the disgusted Qi Mo, and after that, things would naturally be solved . If he were to be normal now, then after going to Africa he would absolutely not be abnormal .

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As expected, Qi Mo’s face turned scarily cold as he glared at Juan, his forehead scrunching up tightly . He spat out, “Go and finish your matters, I don’t want to see you right now . ” Although his expression wasn’t to the point of utter hatred, however, that cool feeling had definitely lashed out at Juan .

When he heard, Juan immediately stood up in glee, and taking two steps towards Qi Mo, said, “I knew Qi you were a good person, I’ll go and finish my…” Before he finished his words, Juan suddenly pounced in front of Qi Mo, his hand moving as quick as lightning to towards Qi Mo’s cuff .

Qi Mo’s face didn’t change . His right hand quickly lifted as if it had been prepared to block . There was only the sound of muscles colliding, and as the hand Juan stretched out hit Qi Mo’s arm, the former’s eyes glinted . His hand that had reached out in a grabbing motioned turned into a fist, and that fist went flying towards Qi Mo viciously .

Li Xin had just walked over and hadn’t even sat down when she was given a scare by Juan’s sudden actions . The change happened in only an instant, and the moment she saw Li Xin jumped up and immediately pounced towards the gun that had clattered to the ground . From Qi Mo’s unchanging expression, although Li Xin knew that Juan would absolutely not do anything, plus no one was stupid enough to touch Qi Mo in the Qi Clan’s main house, however, based on Qi Mo’s health, his condition could also deteriorate rapidly, so the less strenuous movements there were the better it would be . No matter what Juan was doing, the priority now was to separate the two .

Pouncing towards the gun, Li Xin immediately turned and aimed it at Juan, but before she could even say anything she saw the originally unchanged look on Qi Mo’s face change as his brows crease slightly . Juan suddenly changed direction and the finger that had just touched Qi Mo’s arm immediately caught his cuff and tore it off . The moment half of Qi Mo’s sleeve was torn off, Juan immediately took two steps back, his face gloomy as he glared at Qi Mo .

Qi Mo glanced at Juan, his body not moving as he continued sitting still . When he saw Li Xin raising the gun and aiming it at Juan, he gave a rare smile and said to her, “Come here . ”

Li Xin, after seeing Qi Mo and Juan just suddenly taking action and stop immediately after, didn’t know what these two were doing either . But seeing that Qi Mo was calling her over, she just went over, stuffing the gun into Qi Mo’s hands the moment she was back by his side . Qi Mo smiled softly, pulling Li Xin over and into his bosom to act as a body pillow .  

“Qi, why is your martial arts so bad?” Looking at the torn sleeve in his hand, Juan looked at Qi Mo with darkened eyes . He had felt that something was wrong with Qi Mo the moment he entered the door, and so purposely pulled up some other problem to divide his attention, even though it didn’t seem to have worked . But that wasn’t the most important part . The most important part was that he could actually suppress Qi Mo, and had even won against him in one move . Juan was no idiot, he knew exactly how good Qi Mo’s martial arts were; in this world, there was no one clearer than him . And today, being able to win against Qi Mo definitely wasn’t because his hands were quick and had suddenly reached out, rather, something had to be wrong with Qi Mo .

Qi Mo didn’t answer, just sweeping his eyes over the torn sleeve and gently stroked his brow . He hugged Li Xin and leaned back on the sofa .

Seeing that Qi Mo didn’t reply, Juan’s eyes darted to the red maculation revealed on Qi Mo’s arm, his eyes darkening even further . He quickly walked forward to clasp Qi Mo’s arm and asked, “What’s this? What happened to you?”

Qi Mo coldly replied, “Nothing . ”

Juan’s face instantly twisted . Throwing down the piece of sleeve he had torn off, his face was red as he angrily shouted at Qi Mo . “Qi, are you really taking me for a child? Red Falcon coming back in such a hurry, the Kaipur Mountain Range suddenly blowing up; don’t forget, those dynamites and planes were delivered by my subordinates, so do you think I wouldn’t suspect that something had happened to you? If not you, who could push the four falcons under you into such a frenzy? Others may not understand them, but I do, so you think I don’t get it? Tell me, what exactly are those red patches on you body?!”

Seeing Juan’s furious face, his entire being roaring at Qi Mo like a crazed lion, Li Xin realised that the wasn’t trying to pick a fight with Qi Mo . How was this a fight, this was literally just him wanting to take a look at what exactly was on Qi Mo’s body . Now that he saw the red maculation on Qi Mo’s body, he was starting to go crazy .

Qi Mo just looked at Juan’s face that was completely filled with anger, not speaking a word . When the latter saw that, his face instantly fell, his anger vanishing all of a sudden as a heaviness took over the original fury . He looked at Qi Mo . “What is that? Qi, I thought we were friends . ”

Qi Mo was silent for a moment before he slowly said, “Radiation . ”

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The moment Juan heard, his eyes widened and he took two large strides over to closely examine the red maculation on Qi Mo’s arm . “What kind of radiation poisoning? How did you get it? What in the world happened during the past two days? Why did such a huge thing happen to you the moment I return from the Middle East, before I could even get a proper footing? What were you doing, huh, don’t you know that no matter what happens, nothing needs an overlord like you to personally take charge of?? The hell are your subordinates eating to let shit like this happen?!” The increasingly agitated Juan was slowly beginning to scold Qi Mo as he ranted .

-tofu- the eating part probably comes from(or is just related to) another word in the chinese language(吃素)in which 吃 means eat, and 素, at least in this context, means vegetarian .  

After he had sent all the armament over to the Middle East, he immediately returned to Italy . Just as the fight for dominance there was at it’s most intense and needed him there the most to secure the place, before he could even get a steady footing in Italy, Red Falcon suddenly went crazy and Yellow Falcon directly mobilised a few bomber planes in Africa . He couldn’t not notice these movements even if he wanted to, after all, the Qi Clan wasn’t doing any major mining in Africa, and all of the bombers had been sent out from the African influences under him . Such huge movement could only happen if something happened to Qi Mo . This made his heart become unsteady, and so he threw down the matters related to uniting the mafia and rushed over .

Qi Mo’s face instantly darkened . He turned around to look at Juan . The latter immediately took a deep breath, calming himself down before lowering his head to say, “Qi, I’m sorry, I was too agitated just now . ”

Looking at the expression on Juan’s face, Li Xin felt that it didn’t look fake, and if it was fake, then even if she couldn’t tell, Qi Mo would definitely be able to tell . With Juan’s tone being so fierce just now, based on Qi Mo’s temper and personality, Juan would have been thrown out long ago . For Qi Mo to just sit there and not flare up, it showed that between the two was truly a friendship that went beyond the bounds of their identities and social status .

Li Xin had always felt that because Qi Mo was a part of the underworld, as someone who had a hegemony of the underworld, with Juan, as they were both bosses, no matter how good their relationships were in the past, they wouldn’t truly treat the other as a friend . After all, in this dark world, all of the kindness was faked . However, now, Li Xin decided that she had to change her way of thinking . Perhaps in this world there really was a sort of relationship called friendship that exceeded the restraints of identities and social status, exceeding everything .

“Don’t anyhow put pressure on him . ”  Seeing Juan hold so tightly on to Qi Mo’s arm, Li Xin couldn’t help frowning slightly as she reached out to push away his hands . Even he didn’t hurt, he should know that Qi Mo would hurt ah, stupid .

When Juan heard Li Xin saying so, he hurriedly let go of Qi Mo . Having been friends with Qi Mo for so many years, he had long started treating Qi Mo as an iron man and forget that Qi Mo’s flesh was also human flesh .

“Qi, I need to know . ” While letting go of Qi Mo’s arm, Juan stared resolutely at Qi Mo . When Qi Mo saw the decisiveness in his eyes, he didn’t hide anything either and just glossed over the cause, course, and outcome in a few brief sentences . This made Li Xin simply not help admiring Qi Mo, because he really had finished explaining everything in a few words . He had brushed over their life or death encounters just like that…

Juan immediately frowned when he finished listening to Qi Mo . “There’s actually such a thing . ” It was obvious that Juan, who had pretty good understanding of Qi Mo’s words, had completely understood his meaning, as for the existence of the aboriginals, even he, a person who had seen and gone through many things his life, couldn’t help but also get slightly astonished .

However, being astonished was one matter . Juan quickly calmed down and looking at the red maculation on Qi Mo’s body, asked him, “What do you need me to do?”

“Nothing . ” Before Qi Mo could answer, walking through the doorway was Li Hu, who directly answered .

Juan’d face instantly darkened ever so slightly . “What’s that mean?”

Li Hu, seeing Juan’s face darken, instantly knew Juan understood why they had stopped him just now . First was because Juan was a smart person and naturally knew that they’d stopped him because they didn’t want him to find out, which was basically treating him like an outsider, while second was because he had refuted him so directly; that was why Juan’s face could be said to be rather steely right now . And so, with a grave expression, Li Hu decided to explain . “Boss Juan, it’s not that we didn’t want to tell you, neither is it because we didn’t want your help . Rather, it’s because you can’t help at all . ”

The moment Juan heard, his steely expression turned even darker and more ashen . His brows ticked as he glanced at Qi Mo, who seemed as if there was nothing going on before saying to Li Hu, “It’s that serious . ”

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There weren’t many things that he couldn’t do in this world, plus, it was even related to Qi Mo’s injury . Juan was no idiot and the moment he heard the meaning in Li Hu’s words, he understood everything . His ashen expression receded slowly and what replaced it was an incomparably grave one .

Li Hu gritted his teeth . “Yes, blood contamination on top of exposure to Technetium . ”

Juan thought of the four anxious falcons . He had long noticed that something was amiss from Red Falcon and Yellow Falcon’s madness, but thought that even if he couldn’t be of help in this area, Qi Mo’s own forces  would be able to heal him . Now that he heard Li Hu say so, Juan’s face instantly turned white . Blood contamination; even as a person who didn’t specialise in that aspect, he knew this was fatal .

“Are there no solutions?” After a moment of silence, Juan bit out .

Li Hu answered solemnly, “We are currently searching for one . ”

“Tell me . As long as it can help Qi, I’ll bring it back to you even if it has to be dynamited . ” When Juan heard that Li Hu was looking for it, he immediately stood up and asked with a face full of urgency .

Li Xin had been silent in their conversation up till now . When she heard Juan’s last sentence, she immediately looked at Qi Mo with a raised brow . Seeing him lie against the sofa, not even saying a word, and not flaring up either even though it was so noisy, she immediately felt that something was wrong . The hand caressing her head had stopped, and although the aura he was exuding was as if he had merely fallen asleep, she instantly felt that something was wrong . She hurriedly called out, “Li Hu, quick come and take a look . ”

The moment Li Xin said that, Li Hu and Juan who were in the midst of talking simultaneously turned their heads around to look at Qi Mo . Li Hu rushed over in a flurry the moment he saw Qi Mo, immediately using the instrument he had been constantly holding in his hand to give Qi Mo an examination . Nearby, Juan looked over with a complicated expression as he quickly gave way, giving Li Hu a place to stand in .

“Kidney functions deteriorating, stomach functions deteriorating . ” The white haired old man who had hurried over in less than a few minutes reported with a grave expression . Red falcon and the others, who had also arrived at the same time, looked at Qi Mo, who had been carried by them onto the bed with an ashen face . While Qi Mo, who was already in a coma, had been constantly holding onto Li Xin’s hand, not having let go even once .

“He was still alright just now, why are all these problems suddenly appearing? What did you do to him?” The white haired old man roared with a furious expression on his face .

Li Xin didn’t care about the eyes that shot over to her, just holding onto Qi Mo’s hand tightly as she quickly answered, “He didn’t do much, just said a few words . ”

“No, I used medication to slow down the blood flow, he definitely did something to cause the blood to circulate faster . ” The white haired old man shook his head adamantly as he refuted .

The moment his words sounded, standing nearby, the ashen faced Juan immediately gave himself two slaps when he heard . He stared at the unconscious  Qi Mo, having nothing more to say .

“Wait, then what about the treatment? What about the cure that you guys were studying?” Li Xin didn’t think that just those few moves would cause signs of a multi system organ failure to appear on Qi Mo’s entire body . At this moment, she couldn’t help getting anxious too .

“The blood analysis hasn’t come out yet . ” Li Hu and the white haired old man had been constantly observing the blood separating process . Only by completing the analysis of Li Xin’s blood could they find out the unique, or should they say miraculous, part of it, and thus start copying or reproducing it . However right now, it was not even that long after they had withdrawn her blood, and Qi Mo’s organs were already suddenly starting to fail . What miraculous cure could they possibly have?

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