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Chapter 3 (Part 2): If you embrace me ( III )

Lu Man seems to be startled. She smiled and her tone seems to be relaxed but the volume is low: "When I was in third-grade primary school, my mother and father divorced. When I went to school, the teacher called me to the office and told me not to affect other students. Teacher Xie, Are all adults so cruel?"

Xie Boyu wrinkled his brows and he heard Lu Man say: "I'm just a little sick. There's no need to tell her. She's so busy. She doesn't even have time to manage if I study hard."

Pausing for a moment, she regained her smiling and relaxed appearance, "I don't study well because I wasn't well-behaved. But it is not the same when I met the teacher."

"You were well-behaved when you were younger……" Xie Boyu said a few words. He suddenly felt something wrong and abruptly stopped. Seeing the surprise on the girl's face, he sniffed and his hand reached out to turn off the gas on the stove. His tone became solemn: "The porridge is going to be burnt. You go out first."

Lu Man showed a clearly visible joy. She went out snickering and said: "I knew that you have always thought that I was well-behaved and cute. In fact, I am still well-behaved and cute now. If you don't believe it, how about looking at me more?"

Xie Boyu didn't respond to her words.

They smoothly and steadily ate dinner well. Xie Boyu cleaned up the table and brought two cleaned thermos bottles on the coffee table in the living room. When he saw a figure in the study room, he went over and knocked on the door. "You are still a little not feeling well. Go back early and rest well."

Lu Man looked up and stared at him. She lowered her head and pulled out a medicine from her coat that she should take tonight: "First, take my medicine. Is there any hot water?"

Xie Boyu said: "Go back after you take your medicine."

Lu Man only raised the pen and smiled. She didn't look at him and instead looked down at the draft paper in front of her:  "I'll take that as your concern for me."

Xie Boyu didn't respond. He went out to pour hot water for her and came back. Lu Man thanked him and took her medicine. But she didn't obediently go back to rest. Instead, she continued to answer test questions seriously and attentively. There is no inclination of going back.

Seeing her like this, even if he thinks that she should put studying aside to recover well first, Xie Boyu didn't insist on making her go back. So just like before, he accompanied her to tutor her on her lessons.

At ten o'clock, the effect of the medicine combined with her body not yet fully recovered, Lu Man began to yawn. Xie Boyu saw her rub her eyes and stopped tutoring. He collected the papers together and said: "That's it for today."

Lu Man nodded. She dropped the reference book and pen. She patted her cheeks to wake herself up a little and stood up. She walked out of the study and Xie Boyu walked behind her to send her out. The two people quickly reached the door together.

Xie Boyu remembered that she hasn't taken the thermos bottles yet and told her to wait. He helped her bring the things away.  Lu Man reached out to take the things and looked up at him: "Thank you, I troubled you."

Xie Boyu said: "It's nothing."

Lu Man smiled and stepped back. She was still looking up at him: "Thank you very much for today, Teacher Xie. I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to you." She said and bent down to bow.

She straightened up and went back while holding the two thermos bottles. She suddenly stopped and hesitantly said: "Actually…… I still have one more thing to tell you."

Xie Boyu asked: "What?"

Lu Man said: "You are too tall. It's inconvenient for me."

Xie Boyu frowned. He saw her beckoning so he still slightly bent down and turned his head sideways to listen to her words.

Lu Man went near to him a little and leaned to his ear. She gently said a few words: "Teacher Xie, I like you……"Just as her voice fell, there is a kiss that fell on his lips.

Xie Boyu didn't have a chance to react. There was no precaution.

When he stood straight, his eyes swept over her and saw her running away from the yard—not an innocent rabbit but a cunning fast-jumping rabbit.

Lu Man ran up to the outside of the yard and then stopped. She stood outside the yard and looked in the direction of Xie Boyu. Not far in the distance, she can still see his appearance clearly—

He still has the handsome and unparalleled face. With a serious expression, his face clearly showed an obvious unhappiness.

Xie Boyu is angry.

After a few seconds, Lu Man recovered her sight, her face looked sorrowful. She hurriedly bowed her head. She rushed back to the house with the thermos bottles jingling along the way.

Back to the villa, the door was locked and Lu Man showed a relaxed face. Her mouth tilted up. She was in a good mood. She hummed while putting the thermos bottles on the cupboard. She stood in front of the table and licked her lips. She evaluated: "Not bad!"

S520: "……"

It's really difficult to deal with society. Very difficult.

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