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B9C15: Blood-splattered Nine Swords Immortal Mansion

There is a black ferobeast crab in the front and another at the back. These 2 ferobeasts are both extremely powerful. Even if Black Dragon Yan Mo gets into action, he will still be a bit weaker than either of them.

“This, black dragon, you’re pretty strong. You, were able to, injure my younger brother.” The black ferobeast crab in the front now can talk a little more fluently.

Only at the moment does everybody know that these 2 ferobeasts ahead of and behind them are brothers. Moreover, judging from their manners, the one in the front is definitely not weaker than his younger brother and can even be somewhat more powerful.

“This place is not far from the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, only 1000 li away. Let’s run at your top speeds, everybody. There are only 2 of them so they absolutely won’t be able to harm all of us. Let’s run …” Yan Mo’s voice rises in everybody’s mind.


Everybody will have to rely on their own skills to escape!

Qin Yu is holding Li’er hand, very tight!

Also holding his hand, she says seriously using her holy sense: “Rush as fast as possible, big brother Qin Yu.”

Qin Yu stares at that ferobeast in front of him. The black light on his body moves away and quickly turns into a flying sword. He stands on the sword. The core in his dantian then sends its golden stellar energy out into the sword.

“Li’er, use your protective magic treasure. You must not have any accidents. As for me … you don’t have to worry about me. Since reaching the Core stage, I’ve never used my full speed.”

Qin Yu says with a chuckle, but his eyes, which are staring at that black ferobeast crab, flash with a hint of fierceness.

A series of sonic booms is heard. Everybody at the scene has put to use their own fastest speed. They also follow different paths, either rushing straight to the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, flying away in a curve using a light-based escaping art or going underwater then running away.

Qin Yu’s golden stellar energy has completely linked the Black Origin flying sword with every place of his body. Turning into a golden rainbow and following a graceful path of movement, he rushes extremely fast in the direction of the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion.

However, Li’er looks like she is taking a stroll. With just several steps, she easily follows Qin Yu.

“Black dragon, prepare to die.” The big brother of the black ferobeast crabs in the front charges at Black Dragon Yan Mo.

As for his younger brother at the back, this black ferobeast crab charges at the others. It seems all crabs are hostile to dragons as this 2nd brother ferobeast crab unexpectedly charges straight at Azure Dragon Yan Lang, who immediately knows that he has a situation.

“Roar ~~~”

With a furious roar, Azure Dragon unexpectedly changes into his human form. He is facing the attack of the 2nd brother of the black ferobeast crabs, yet he has switched back to his human form, whose offense is relatively weak.

“Get in formation!”

Azure Dragon’s expression is solemn. The 3 yellow-clad men going with him this time immediately create a Three Powers Formation behind him. Afterwards, the 3 yellow-clad men’s bodies all radiate various rays of light. A dazzling light also appears on Azure Dragon’s 2 hands.

The others, who are all fleeing extremely fast, hear an explosion that shakes the sky.

Both sides fly backwards.

Azure Dragon and the 3 yellow-clad men, with Azure Dragon leading, make use of the backlash to run away even faster. But that 2nd brother black ferobeast crab is knocked back. When this ferobeast wants to chase after them, they are already several tens li away from him.

With a furious growl, this ferobeast crab chases forwards like crazy.

By now, Black Dragon Yan Mo has already started to fight that big brother ferobeast crab too. This time he has gone completely mad, ready to show the true power of a black dragon, a type of dragon with extremely high offense in the dragon clan.

Sharp dragon claws, powerful dragon tail and … black dragons’ special skill.

Yan Mo’s blood-red eyes shine brilliantly, sending out various red rays of light, which then fuse with every place on his black dragon body. The many wounds on his body unexpectedly begin to recover at an obviously very fast speed.

“You, prepare to die.” He also stares at the big brother black ferobeast crab and shouts furiously.

Naturally, the big brother black ferobeast crab is enraged. As a ferobeast, how can he possibly be scared? Meeting such a formidable black dragon will only make him even madder. The black ferobeast crab turns his face upwards, letting out a furious growl, then rushes fiercely at the enemy.


Bloody fighting!

This time, Yan Mo is quite a lot faster. His body’s recovery speed has increased greatly and his defense has become quite a lot stronger too. The cause of all of this is his blood-red eyes, which is different from ferobeasts’ eyes. This is the basis of the black dragon family’s formidability.

Dragon scales shattered, crab armor coming off … The blood of both of them dyes red the water but because of the rolling billows, it disappears after a while.

Suddenly —

Black Dragon Yan Mo takes a swing of his tail and unexpectedly rushes straight towards the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. This is because he understands very well that this time his goal is to open the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion and not to fight a ferobeast to the death here. Ferobeasts like killing but Yan Mo himself does not.

Qin Yu’s speed is exceptionally fast. After riding a flying sword, he is even so fast that he is not much slower than Yi Da and Reverend Yan Xu.

“Li’er, of the 2 ferobeasts, one is fighting Yan Mo while the other is fighting Azure Dragon. The rest of us are unexpectedly having a little easier time.” Qin Yu is a bit relaxed in his heart at the moment. If he had to fight a black ferobeast crab head-on, he would probably suffer a very miserable fate.

“Big brother Qin Yu, Azure Dragon and those 3 yellow-clad men seem to be very formidable. I don’t know who those 3 men are but I never expected them to be able to form such a strange formation. The 4 of them could even knock back that black ferobeast crab by joining forces.” Li’er says with surprise.

Qin Yu’s holy sense has also noticed that scene.

In terms of power, that black ferobeast crab is at the Dujie stage so he is a good several times more formidable than Azure Dragon. However, after transforming into his human form, Azure Dragon and the 3 yellow-clad men joined forces and were able to knock back the ferobeast crab by launching a combined attack using a special formation.

“Could this be Azure Dragon’s trump card?” Qin Yu raises his eyebrows.

How many treasures are there in the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion actually? No one knows. Considering the agreement at that time, if their number is a multiple of 9, it will be easy to distribute them. But will their number really happen to be so? Moreover, even if there will really be such a coincidence, once the experts such as Yan Mo become greedy and kill the others to take the treasures, nobody will be able to stop them.

When they have entered the immortal mansion this time, snatching each other’s magic treasures will be very normal.

Therefore, perhaps every power has a trump card.

Various extremely furious growls are heard. The 2nd brother black ferobeast crab has been knocked back several times by Azure Dragon so he has finally gone crazy. He unexpectedly no longer attacks Azure Dragon and the 3 yellow-clad men. Instead, he charges at the others. But at this moment —

“The Nine Swords Immortal Mansion is below us. Dive down.”

Reverend Yan Xu shouts loudly and be the first to come down. The others also dive down.

After going through this bloody battle, everybody has eventually reached the site of the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. Immediately, all of them dive towards the bottom of the Chaotic Astral Ocean.


A miserable cry rises. That green-clad girl Old Freak Three-Eyed has taken here with him has been smashed directly by a slim leg of a black ferobeast crab. While smaller than his 2 massive claws, each of which is several meters thick, these slim legs are also nearly half a meter thick. And they are all ten something meters long.

Old Freak Three-Eyed’s face changes color, but he dives towards the bottom of the ocean even faster instead of going to fight this ferobeast.

Now it is not worth fighting a ferobeast because of a subordinate. Moreover … Old Freak Three-Eyed does not have the power to fight this ferobeast either.


Water is scattered around. Black Dragon Yan Mo has also dived into the ocean. Afterwards, he swims extremely fast towards the bottom. Behind him, that big brother ferobeast crab is still chasing him. Only now Black Dragon is quite a lot faster than the crab as the blood-red light has fused with his body.

Black Dragon Yan Mo is very fast, truly very fast. In just a while, he catches up with Old Freak Three-Eyed, Reverend Yan Xu, Qin Yu and the others.

“No good.”

Qin Yu’s face changes color. He has discovered that 2 ferobeast crabs are unexpectedly charging behind him. Of course, these 2 ferobeasts are not targeting Qin Yu alone. Rather, they are targeting everybody … That big brother crab is probably chasing after Yan Mo.

The group goes extremely fast.

However, the divine beast Hong Luan, which passed the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation not long ago, is the slowest of the group. The foremost black ferobeast crab launches an attack directly at Hong Luan … A loud noise is heard. Afterwards, the water in the surroundings heats up and boils.

“Hong Luan.”

Hong Luan is a divine beast under Yan Mo. Seeing her covered in blood and flames, he becomes furious at once. However … he does not dare to take 2 Dujie-stage ferobeasts on single-handedly.

Yan Mo turns around extremely fast. With a sweep of his dragon tail, he has a collision with one of the black ferobeast crabs. Afterwards, he grabs Xue Nu and Hong Luan using 2 dragon claws then rushes down at his top speed.

Qin Yu, Li’er, Reverend Yan Xu, Yi Da, Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed go behind him. At the rear are Situ Xue, Jiao Jiu, the black-haired old man and the 3 yellow-clad men.

“Where’s the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion?”

According to the map transmitted by the 9 jade swords at that time, this Nine Swords Immortal Mansion should be several hundred meters below them, merely several hundred meters. Given everybody’s vision, naturally they should have already seen it. But now they discover that there are only rock and coral below them.

Where is the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion?

Everybody is a bit stupefied.

They have risked their lives to come here, yet the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion is simply nowhere to be seen. For the sake of the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, each of them has had to use countless subordinates and an enormous amount of mental effort. They had to fight for every jade sword and even almost died when searching for the keeping place of the 9th jade sword. Di Long, Di Jian and Di Xu were even killed by Yan Mo. Only in the end did they know that the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion is located in the Chaotic Astral Ocean.

After entering the Chaotic Astral Ocean, they had to kill on the way and nearly lost their lives.

If they can get into the immortal mansion, everything will be forgotten, but there is no immortal mansion here.

It is not here!

Carrying his subordinates Xue Nu and Hong Luan, Black Dragon Yan Mo stands on the rocky mountain range, but he does not know what to do. In theory, the immortal mansion should be located here. Why is there not an immortal mansion here?

The others also land and fly to this rocky mountain range. Everybody is a bit confused.

“Growl ~~” A furious growl rises. The 2 chasing huge black ferobeast crabs have arrived.

Having gone through innumerable hardships to reach this place only to be unable to find the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion and yet have to face the onslaught of the black ferobeast crabs, everybody does not know what to do. They only feel that they have been wronged greatly. If they die here, they will have been wronged even more.

“You … can’t run.” The big brother black ferobeast crab stands in front of everybody and says coldly.

“Yan Lang, let me handle the big brother. I’ll leave the 2nd brother to you. I think that formation of yours was pretty good. With the help of Yi Da and some others, you’ll be able to put up a fight against the 2nd brother ferobeast.” Yan Mo tells everybody at the scene through holy sense communication.

“As for the others, search this place to see if there are any mechanisms or not.” He looks at the participants such as Situ Xue.

Everybody nods.

Yan Mo is going to single-handedly deal with a black ferobeast crab. Azure Dragon, the 3 yellow-clad men, Yi Da, Reverend Yan Xu and Old Freak Three-Eyed are going to join forces to gang up on the 2nd brother black ferobeast crab.

This plan is not bad, but can it really be implemented?

“You’re all, very stupid.” The big brother black ferobeast crab seems not worried in the least.

Since the opponents have not got into action, Yan Mo and the strongest experts do not want to fight either. They only want to stall for time so that the others can find out the mechanism and discover the location of that Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. The top experts such as Yan Mo are staring at these 2 ferobeast crabs while Situ Xue, Jiao Jiu, Xue Nu, a badly injured Hong Luan, Qin Yu and Li’er are all searching carefully.

“Non-ferobeast blood … will attract a great number of ferobeasts. You fought us for so long … your blood will surely lead quite a few ferobeasts to this place … Some of them are as strong as us … some are even stronger.”

The big brother black ferobeast crab now talks leisurely. He seems to enjoy a chance to talk very much.

Ordinary ferobeasts cannot talk. Only some somewhat intelligent ferobeasts can.

The faces of Yan Mo, Azure Dragon, Yi Da and the ones who are searching carefully for a mechanism such as Qin Yu all change color.

So this is the reason!

No wonder soon after they had killed the 1st ferobeast shark, so many more ferobeasts surrounded and attacked them. It turns out non-ferobeast blood will attract the ferobeasts in the surroundings.

At this moment —

One furious growl after another is heard. At the same time, several pairs of blood-red eyes come rushing. Everybody knows that this means even more ferobeasts are arriving.

6 ferobeasts, 3 of which are around the Dongxu stage, 2 of which are at the Kongming stage and 1 of which has even reached the Dujie stage!

“No good …” Yan Mo’s face changes color.

2 Dujie-stage ferobeasts are already very difficult to deal with, but now another ferobeast not weaker than the 2 black ferobeast crabs has come. However, when the heart of everybody present is trembling, many furious growls rise again as many other pairs of blood-red eyes come.

The more time passes, the more ferobeasts gather at this place.

“What now, Yan Mo?” Azure Dragon looks at Yan Mo with a very unsightly expression. At the moment, they stand absolutely no chance of putting up a fight.

Qin Yu, Li’er and the others are searching but they also pay attention to these ferobeasts. All of them feel a great pressure. By now, the number of ferobeasts has already reached several tens. 5 among them are even at the Dujie stage and nearly 10 are at the Kongming stage.

Moreover … as time goes by, their number keeps increasing gradually.

The 5 Dujie-stage ferobeasts are in the front. Compared to the overseas Xiuzhen world, this world of ferobeasts in the Chaotic Astral Ocean is definitely, truly one where the strong are respected.

“Of the ten something strangers here, we brothers want that black dragon and the 2 beside him.” The big brother black crab says.

The one in the middle of the 5 Dujie-stage ferobeasts is a tiger shark, but there are 2 sharp blood-red horns on his forehead. He says extremely slowly: “I … don’t want … the others … I only want 2 … that man … and that girl.”

The 2-horned ferobeast tiger shark is referring to none other than Qin Yu and Li’er. Those blood-red eyes are staring at them with a tinge of voracity.

Only now does everybody know that the 5 Dujie-stage ferobeasts consider them their prey and are dividing them among themselves.

But at this moment —

A furious deep roar is heard. The 5 Dujie-stage ferobeasts unexpectedly get a shock. Immediately afterwards, they move apart. Everybody only sees an extremely huge ferobeast which looks like a several-hundred-meter-tall black object shooting towards them in the distance.

Yan Mo, Yi Da, Qin Yu and the others feel the pressure they are under greatly increase again.

This several-hundred-meter-tall huge black object is none other than a massive octopus. This octopus is very strange as he has an exceptionally large number of tentacles. At first sight, there are unexpectedly several tens tentacles. Normal octopuses have 8 tentacles but this one has several tens.

Moreover, this octopus has only 1 blood-red eye.

The one-eyed ferobeast octopus stands in the middle. Those 5 Dujie-stage ferobeasts move back behind him very respectfully at once.

“Dacheng-stage ferobeast.” Azure Dragon says in a low voice.

The others’ faces change color.

The one-eyed octopus casts a glance at Azure Dragon and says: “How did you know I’m a Dacheng-stage ferobeast? You … seem to be merely a Kongming-stage divine beast.” In terms of intelligence, this one-eyed octopus is quite a lot superior to the 5 Dujie-stage ferobeasts.

Azure Dragon feels his heart pounding in his chest. He says immediately: “I guessed it. I guessed it. Seeing those 5 so respectful to you, I was able to guess it.”

A Dacheng-stage ferobeast, no less!

This is a being close to Dacheng-stage divine beasts. If he wants to kill everybody here, he will only need a little effort.

However, right at this moment —

Various beams of light of different colors such as bright yellow, bright white, azure and so on shoot out from the underwater rocky mountain range everybody is standing on. Totally unaffected by anything, these lights destroy the darkness, causing the waters within several tens li of the mountain range to greatly brighten.

“Ah ~~~”

That one-eyed octopus suddenly howls in anguish. His body has been hit by some light beams and, as a result, seems to have been corroded. His blood starts to seep out. Uttering a painful growl, the one-eyed octopus runs away immediately with a movement of his body.

The 5 Dujie-stage ferobeasts also growl in pain. It seems they cannot bear the pains. The blood of all of them flows out. They turn around and flee without delay, paying absolutely no attention to Yan Mo, Qin Yu and the others.

Only they seem to be affected by those lights as their speeds are particularly slow. But anyway, they still manage to go more than several tens li away and escape.

As for the ferobeasts of the Kongming stage and Dongxu stage, all of them howl in pain and try to flee, but they are too slow so they are damaged more badly. Their defenses are weaker therefore, in just a while, their bodies decay then turn into ashes.

Yan Mo, Yi Da, Reverend Yan Xu, Qin Yu, Old Freak Three-Eyed and the others are all dumbfounded.

An extremely powerful Dacheng-stage ferobeast was unexpectedly scared off by these lights. Moreover, he was even seriously injured. And the Kongming-stage ferobeasts were even reduced to ashes directly.

“Immortal mansion, the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion!”

An exclamation is heard. It was uttered by none other than Jiao Jiu. Everybody turns around to take a look and sees that more and more beams of light are shooting out, but that rocky mountain range unexpectedly begins to shatters as an extremely large building starts to emerge.

Bathed in the miraculous lights, a magnificent immortal mansion is eventually showing up.

No ferobeasts dare to approach the area of several tens li in radius illuminated by the lights. However, Qin Yu, Yan Mo and the others are not affected at all when the lights shine on them. Instead, their entire bodies feel comfortable. The rocky mountain range shatters more and more rapidly. In the end, the appearance of the whole immortal mansion is revealed.

Under the illumination of the light beams, an immortal mansion which seems to be made entire of jade has appeared. Its powerful aura makes everybody’s heart tremble. Good Heavens! Is this the immortal mansion?

For the moment, everybody is both astonished and delighted by this immortal mansion.

When its appearance is already so impressive, how can there possibly be a lack of treasures inside?

“Ah!” An anguished cry rises.

Qin Yu’s face changes color greatly because, beside him, Old Freak Three-Eyed is unexpectedly blown to pieces directly. That yuanying is even pierced through and falls down. Old Freak Three-Eyed, who was extremely formidable, has died just like that. Qin Yu knows that his situation is bad. At the same time, he feels a terrifyingly powerful blast coming at him from behind.

He is under attack!

Despite feeling so, now he basically has no time to avoid it because the enemy is too fast. But he must go all out whatever happens so he does his best to dodge to the right. At least he cannot afford to let his head or dantian be damaged.

“Li’er.” The moment Qin Yu makes a dodging movement with his body, he discovers that Li’er has unexpected got behind him and is covering his back. He cannot help getting shocked.

A loud noise is heard. Li’er’s body sends out transparent ripples, which easily ward off that terrifying attack.

Her protective magic treasure has been brought into play.

That attack could have made Old Freak Three-Eyed explode with ease but Li’er has blocked it effortlessly. However, it seems Qin Yu and Old Freak Three-Eyed are not the only targets of the mysterious assailant. At the same time, others have also been attacked!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! ……

A series of explosions rises. After a while, the noises stop.

When the dust has settled,

Qin Yu takes a look around. Reverend Yan Xu, Yi Da, Situ Xue and Jiao Jiu are still smiling but the Xiuyaoists …

At the moment, Yan Mo is on one knee, his face is totally pale and his blood has covered a large area of the ground.

By contrast, Azure Dragon is lying on one side. Those 3 yellow-clad men are supporting him. Yan Mo’s 2 subordinates, Xue Nu and Hong Luan, have fallen on the ground, completely lifeless… They are already dead.

“Tut-tut … Young lady, you must be from the Stellar Tower, right? You were even able to take one hit from me without dying so you must have that loose immortal’s protective magic treasure. It looks like the Stellar Tower’s loose immortal really deserves his reputation.” Standing in front of the immortal mansion, a black-robed man says smilingly.

There is currently another black-robed man beside him. Obviously, the assailant just now is this mysterious black-robed man.

Seeing the 2 black-robed men, Jiao Jiu is immediately delighted. He kneels down at once, saying respectfully: “It is an honor to meet you, grand master and grand uncle master! I am Jiao Jiu!”

End of b9c15.

End of book 9.

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