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B9C12: New weapon

When Uncle Lan already said that Li’er has a magic treasure which makes it impossible for any expert weaker than an immortal to harm her, even though Qin Yu is shocked, he does not doubt that she has such a formidable protective magic treasure.

This is because in his heart he finds Uncle Lan and Li’er to be fairly mysterious. He once inquired about them, but they both just smilingly consoled him, saying that he would eventually know one day and that the right time had not come yet.

Their clan? Qin Yu has already reached the point where he is not surprised when he sees those strange magical powers of Li’er’s. It should be nothing unusual that such a mysterious clan as hers has such a protective magic treasure.

Therefore, in the end Qin Yu agrees on this matter. He and Li’er are the two members of the Stellar Tower who are going to enter the Chaotic Astral Ocean to open the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion.

In the capital of the Qin dynasty, there is a huge storied building inside the back garden of Prince Yu’s Mansion. It is none other than Lei Mountain House.

In the Weapon Forging Chamber on the first floor of Lei Mountain House,

Qin Yu is sitting still with legs crossed and eyes closed. In front of him is a huge 8 Diagrams furnace. Deep blue flames are shining inside the furnace. The whole Weapon Forging Chamber is hot like a stove, except for the vicinity of Qin Yu, which is still very cool.

On his right hand side, there is a pile of at least nearly 100 crystals. Moreover, all of them are top-grade crystals!

Qin Yu opens his eyes and takes a look at that pile of crystals. His eyes are filled with amusement: “Master was really a bit much. He got that storeroom more than half of which was filled with various unused top-grade crystals but he made it so that I could only remove that restrictive spell after reaching the Core stage.”

More than half of Lei Mountain House’s storeroom was filled with top-grade crystals. There were so many of them that their number was simply shocking, being at least over 10,000. Qin Yu always coveted them a lot.

Only after going through the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation and reaching the Core stage did he gain the right to use these crystals.

“In the past, because I didn’t have many top-grade crystals, I couldn’t forge excellent holy weapons. Now that I’ve got so many top-grade crystals, I should make … an ultimate top-grade holy weapon.” Qin Yu murmurs to himself.

The Stellar Transformations absorbs the energy of the sun, moon and stars so its flame is extremely hot. In the beginning, this Stellar Flame was already light blue.

It should be known that generally the flames of Xiuxianists and Xiumoists are light red in the beginning.

From being light red, they will become red, dark red, and then light blue, blue and deep blue. These 6 stages correspond with the 6 stages of practice, Jindan, Yuanying, Dongxu, Kongming, Dujie and Dacheng, respectively.

Qin Yu’s internal flame is like that only because of the Stellar Transformations technique’s peculiarity.

At the Nebula stage, it was light blue. Then it became blue. At Qin Yu’s current level, it has become deep blue. However, someone who uses the holy sense to tell a light blue Stellar Flame, a blue one and a deep blue one apart will see that they are actually not much different from each other in strength.

The early, middle and late phases of the Meteor stage all have a so-called blue flame but in fact the color of the flame gradually becomes deeper as the practitioner improves. At the early Core stage, the color of the flame is only a bit deeper than it was at the late Meteor stage.

Between blue and deep blue, the limits of the word ‘deep’ are actually not well-defined.

The colors of the Stellar Flame respectively corresponding with the Nebula stage, Meteor stage, Core stage, Planet stage, Dujie stage and Star stage are light blue, blue, deep blue, light purple, purple and deep purple.

This is also the reason why Qin Yu’s master, Lei Wei, dared to say that he was the no. 1 forging expert in the Xiuzhen world. After all, his internal flame was superior to those of ordinary Xiuzhenists by several whole levels.

“A top-grade holy weapon, weren’t my previous weapons also called top-grade holy weapons?” Qin Yu gives a smile of self-derision.

He then immediately makes a wave of a hand, shooting out his golden stellar energy into the several holes on the side of the 8 Diagrams furnace. Afterwards, using his hands, he makes several hand signs and smashes them towards the furnace in an overlapping manner. Immediately, the furnace brightens.

“Chi chi ~~” The deep blue flames inside the 8 Diagrams furnace unexpectedly contain a tinge of light purple.

A faint smile appears on Qin Yu’s face. It is only because he has so many top-grade crystals that he dares to use this forging method. The deep blue flames with a tinge of light purple can burn much stronger than they can without.

In the past, 3 top-grade crystals could be forged into a top-grade holy weapon. But now … perhaps it will require at least several tens top-grade crystals to forge one.

Qin Yu makes a wave of his hand. 6 top-grade crystals of different colors fly out from the pile of crystals beside him then form a hexagon right above the 8 Diagrams furnace. Burnt by those flames which contain a tinge of light purple, the 6 top-grade crystals shrink rapidly.

In a short while, they have turned into 6 small lumps.

Qin Yu waves continuously with one hand. 16 crimson top-grade crystals fly out and cover one of the small lumps above the furnace. He then makes another wave of his hand. 16 golden top-grade crystals fly out and cover another small lump.

The colors are crimson, golden, bluish green, azure, earthy grey and black.

After every 16 top-grade crystals of a color have enfolded a lump, Qin Yu’s expression becomes solemn. His hands continuously make several hundred hand signs. The various kinds of talismans and seals on the entire surface of the furnace all brighten.

“Black Origin — Combine!”

Qin Yu shouts in a low voice. The several hundred hand signs turn into an indistinct body of light and enfold those top-grade crystals. Slowly burnt by a thread of light purple flame, those hand signs and crystals undergo some special changes and seem to fuse together.

“Using the 5 Elements’ energy as the base and the energy of darkness as the master, I wonder if this will succeed.” At the moment Qin Yu is not very sure in his heart either.

If the forging is successful, the Black Origin will be able to transform into various kinds of weapons and be hard or soft. It will be ever-changing. However, according to Lei Wei’s description, the chance of successfully forging it is relatively low, only about one in three.

Moreover, it requires a particularly large number of top-grade crystals of the 5 Elements. How can ordinary people possibly obtain them? Also, even one failure will result in a massive loss.

After a long time …

A body of a black liquid is twisting unceasingly above the 8 Diagrams furnace.

“Succeeded.” Qin Yu is delighted. “The Black Origin has been completed. Now it’s naturally easy to forge the weapon.”

Forging the Black Origin is the most important thing. If this process fails, the imbalanced 5 Elements will explode, and the over 100 top-grade crystals used will be totally wasted. It is different from forging ordinary weapons, which afterwards can be melted again and re-forged.

Once the Black Origin, that is to say that black liquid, is successfully created, it is certainly easy to forge the holy weapon.

From now on, Qin Yu no longer uses a simple flying sword. His weapon is … an ever-changing black weapon.

After the Black Origin has undergone various forging procedures, it finally can be changed at will. It can turn into a flying sword, a pair of gloves, a long spear, a broadax or any other kind of weapon.

This Black Origin’s sharpness is the same as that of an ordinary top-grade holy weapon, but it was forged from over 100 top-grade crystals whereas other top-grade holy weapons only take a top-grade crystal or two to make. The only reason behind this is its ability to change.

When there is a half year left until the gathering on the Golden Tree Island,

Today, with the blessings of Hou Fei, Hei Yu, his father, big brother, 2nd brother and Uncle Lan, Qin Yu leaves the Qian Long continent with Li’er, flying south extremely fast. The destination this time is the Chaotic Astral Ocean, which is an exceptionally long distance away.

Li’er is riding on the air with ease. Her long hair is flowing in the wind. By contrast, Qin Yu is standing on a black cloud, flying at a very high speed.

“Big brother Qin Yu, your black cloud is really strange.” Li’er praises.

Qin Yu gives it a thought. The black cloud immediately turns into a black flying sword. He keeps flying riding the sword.

“Oh, big brother Qin Yu, so this is the weapon you forged in Lei Mountain House at that time? It’s indeed a rare sight. I’ve never seen another Xiuzhenist use this kind of weapon. How did you forge it?” Li’er is surprised.

Qin Yu says smilingly: “This is a secret method of my school. I had to use 100 top-grade crystals to successfully make it. But after its forging succeeded, it can change into various kinds of weapons.”

“100 top-grade crystals?”

Li’er says with a shake of her head: “You spent so many top-grade crystals to forge this weapon. It seems not worth it.”

“You’re wrong, Li’er. It can turn into various kinds of weapons. How could you say it’s not worth it?” Qin Yu says with a smile. At the bottom of his heart, he likes this new weapon very much.

Li’er says with a brilliant smile: “Big brother Qin Yu, a good several tens top-grade holy weapons can be forged from nearly 100 top-grade crystals. With so many top-grade holy weapons, you could’ve forge knives, spears, sticks and the other kinds of holy weapons, right?”

“If you personalized all of those many holy weapons by blood, later you could choose to use any kind of holy weapon you like, right? And you wouldn’t have to bother with changing the form of the weapon.”

Qin Yu is stunned.

That seems true too. If he personalized several tens top-grade holy weapons by blood, he would be able to choose to use any weapon he likes. After all, personalization by blood is nothing.

“But this Black Origin can change into any kind of weapon so if later you see some strange weapons, you can still turn it into one of them. Well, I should say that you didn’t waste too much by making this Black Origin.” Li’er says to Qin Yu comfortingly.

Qin Yu does not mind either. In fact, he does not like to personalize so many holy weapons by blood.

Having one holy weapon is enough.

“Too bad, this Black Origin is only so sharp and strong. If only it could reach the level of immortal-class weapons.” Qin Yu is daydreaming. It is really too difficult to make a weapon that is capable of changing, tough, and extremely sharp.

The Black Origin being able to reach the level of top-grade holy weapons is already something hard to come by.

Having reached the early Core stage, Qin Yu is quite a lot faster than he was at the late Meteor stage. Therefore, despite a distance of 200 million li between the Qian Long continent and the Golden Tree Island, he and Li’er fly in a relaxed manner on the way instead of hurrying.

Their calculation was nicely done as they reach the Golden Tree Island in exactly a half year.

From the distance, the whole Golden Tree Island is a golden area, looking like a chunk of gold in the ocean. When they have come near it, they can see that there is a strange kind of old tree all over the island. These old trees are very short, generally less than 10 m tall, but they are very thick, roughly 8 to 9 m in diameter.

These trees’ trunks are golden and their leaves are also golden so they are called golden trees.

This kind of tree can be seen everywhere on the Golden Tree Island, but its ground is covered with green grass. Only that if one looks at the island from the sky, they will not see the green grass on the ground because most of the island’s surface will be kept out of sight by the golden trees’ dense branches and leaves.

By now, the representatives of the Penglai Immortal Region, the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon, the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion have already arrived in the vicinity of the ancient teleport formation in the center of the Golden Tree Island.

Azure Dragon Yan Lang is sitting with legs crossed on the grass. There are 3 yellow-clad men behind him. However, Teng Shan is not here. Old Freak Three-Eyed is also sitting with legs crossed. His long green hair has fallen on the ground. Behind him is only a green-clad girl.

The Penglai Immortal Region unexpectedly has only 1 participant — Reverend Yan Xu. 4 members of the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon have come here, consisting of Yi Da, Situ Xue, Jiao Jiu and a black-haired old man.

“Brother Qin Yu, I didn’t expect that you wouldn’t arrive until now.” Azure Dragon welcomes Qin Yu laughingly as soon as he sees Qin Yu come flying.

Qin Yu and Li’er land on the green grass: “Big brother Azure Dragon, it seems I’m not late, right? Looks like Yan Mo hasn’t come yet.” Qin Yu takes a look at the other participants. Suddenly a faint smile appears on the corners of his mouth because he has noticed some ‘interesting’ things.

“I’m right behind you.”

Yan Mo’s voice rises. Everybody looks into the sky.

They see Yan Mo riding a black cloud. There are 2 girls behind him, one white and the other red. One girl is wrapped in white fur and the other is wrapped in red fur. They are both hiding their animal heads with illusion techniques.

“Yan Mo, I remember you saying at that time 4 of you would come. Why are there only 3 of you now?” Yi Da stands up and says.

Yan Mo says smilingly: “At first I thought I would let both Hong Luan and Dragon Rocky come with me. Too bad Dragon Rocky hasn’t sensed his 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation yet. So … I could only tell him to stay in the Wilderness.”

Old Freak Three-Eyed suddenly stands up.

“Since everybody has come, let’s not waste time. Let’s enter the Chaotic Astral Ocean according to that map and head for that Nine Swords Immortal Mansion at the bottom of the ocean.” He sweeps his eyes on everyone and says coldly.

“There’s no hurry. There’s no hurry.” Yan Mo says smilingly. “Before starting off, we’ve got to be clear about some things. Firstly, even though we’re only going to go 10,000 li into the Chaotic Astral Ocean, if we encounter any ferobeasts, everybody must not run away in the face of a battle.”

“That goes without saying.” Old Freak Three-Eyed is the first to agree. The others also nod.

Yan Mo continues: “The 2nd matter is about the treasures in the immortal mansion. According to the rules at that time, if there are 9 treasures, they’ll be distributed based on the numbers of jade swords. If they can’t be distributed this way, for example if there is only 1 treasure, then …”

“Humph, no need to talk much. We’ll decide it with personal abilities.” Yi Da says with a cold humph.

Nobody disagrees with him. The Xiuzhen world is where the strong thrives. If the treasures cannot be distributed, naturally they will have to fight for them when the time comes using their own skills.

“Very good, then let’s get going.” Yan Mo is very satisfied with everybody’s response. Afterwards, he takes the lead in flying up. The other leaders such as Reverend Yan Xu, Yi Da and Old Freak Three-Eyed also fly away from the Golden Tree Island with their respective subordinates.

They fly in the direction Yan Mo is going in the front.

Situ Xue and Jiao Jiu exchange a look then give a cold humph. Flying on one side, Reverend Yan Xu takes a look at them. His eyes, however, flash with coldness. This journey to open the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion is definitely not so simple as some of them think.

End of b9c12.

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