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B8C11: Xun Feng, Situ Xue

Qin Yu and Li’er go into the main hall successively.

“Xiao Lu, Tie Shan, what’s going on here? Is the gentleman behind you your husband, Xiao Lu?” Qin Yu says with an indifferent smile.

Xiao Lu looks at Qin Yu. In just a while, she becomes misty-eyed.

After Qin Yu left the Qian Long continent to enter the boundless ocean, nobody knew when he would be able to return or even whether he would return. Xiao Lu was also grieved by Qin Yu’s departure and therefore she has been putting her effort into training since then.

“Brother Yu.” Xiao Lu suddenly walks up 2 steps and hugs Qin Yu. She can no longer hold back her tears.

Tie Shan’s eyes also slightly redden. At the moment this iron man is also extremely excited.

“All right, don’t act like a child. Now you’re already a wife so you got to be virtuous a bit. Do you understand?” Qin Yu strokes Xiao Lu’s shoulders and wipes her tears off. Afterwards he looks at Tang Yuan, asking: “You’re Tang Yuan, right? Are you my younger sister’s husband?”

Tang Yuan is basically someone who fears nothing, but now he becomes somewhat cautious.

This is because the man before him is Prince Yu of the Qin dynasty, the unprecedented Xiantian external expert of the Qian Long continent, who even became a Xiuzhenist at the age of 20 and who was the winner of that legendary battle on the river Wu.

“Brother-in-law, I am Tang Yuan, courtesy name Qinglan. I am exactly Xiao Lu’s husband.” Tang Yuan calms down in a short while and says courteously. However, he calls Qin Yu ‘brother-in-law’ so the distance between them is immediately shortened.

Qin Yu secretly approves of his behavior.

“Xiao Yu, there wasn’t even a tiny piece of news about you in 10 years. Today we must drink until we’re drunk. Qinglan, I’ll suspend these military lashes for the time being today. You quickly go prepare a nice feast with fine wine. This time I and my brother got to drink to our hearts’ content.” Tie Shan is now very high-spirited.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “Da Shan, today I’ll drink with you until you can’t take it anymore, okay?”

At Qin Yu’s current level, he can drink as much wine as he likes so how can he possibly flinch from drinking?

“Awesome. Tang Qinglan, what are you standing there for? Why don’t you go make preparations?” Tie Shan suddenly stares at Tang Yuan.

Tang Yuan’s facial expression stiffens. He forces a smile: “This, brother-in-law, just now you said you would suspend the military lashes for the time being, didn’t you? But today is such a day of great happiness because of Prince Yu’s arrival, so could you exempt me from these lashes?”

“Nonsense, quickly go prepare the feast.” Tie Shan says angrily.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “Da Shan, did you become a fool? He doesn’t necessarily have to go prepare the feast himself. Just now that housekeeper went out right after hearing what you had said. Perhaps he went to prepare the feast. Qinglan is playing a trick on you.”

Tang Yuan looks at Qin Yu with a little shock: “Brother-in-law, just now the housekeeper was at the door and your back was facing him, how could you know what he was doing?”

He does not know martial arts and does not even know about the existence of the holy sense.

“Hubby, how can you possibly imagine my brother Yu’s magic power?” Xiao Lu helps Qin Yu answer.

“Magic power?” Qin Yu says with a smile. “When it comes to magic powers, I’m far inferior to my junior sister. Let me introduce a bit, this lady is my junior sister Li’er.” He pulls Li’er’s hand then introduces her to everybody. She gives him a look but does not pull her hand back.

After Qin Yu pulled Li’er’s hand for the first time, she has not resisted too much when he has pulled her hand again. There is a hint of satisfaction at the bottom of Qin Yu’s eyes because his ‘plot has succeeded’ but too bad … she does not see it.

Li’er nods to everybody with an indifferent smile.

“Sister Li’er, are you really my brother Yu’s junior sister?” Xiao Lu looks doubtfully at Qin Yu and Li’er.

“Yan’er.” She suddenly says.

A little head sticks out from a corner of the main hall. Those shiny black eyes are extremely cute.

“Yan’er, come here. Quickly greet your uncle.” Xiao Lu calls that little boy. This boy is none other than her son Tang Yan, looking just about 3 years old. His hair is combed into an upright bunch and his cheeks are ruddy.

Tang Yan walks towards Qin Yu then looks at Li’er. He turns his little face upwards and asks doubtfully: “Uncle, you just said she had some magic power, didn’t you? What is it?”

“Right, what is sister Li’er’s magic power?” Xiao Lu also becomes doubtful.

“She can heal your severed arm.” Qin Yu looks Xiao Lu in the eye and says slowly.

Xiao Lu, Tang Yuan, lady Tang and Tie Shan are all dumbfounded.

3 days later, Qin Yu, Li’er, Xiao Lu, Tang Yuan and Tie Shan are walking on the streets of Su Yan City.

“Da Shan, how do you feel about being the commander of this Su Yan City?” Qin Yu asks smilingly.

Tie Shan thinks for a while and says: “I feel so-so. It’s just that dealing with the children of some officials is a little troublesome. But it feels pretty good when I eat and drink with those brothers of mine. Xiao Yu, you’ve seen my robust, good-natured son, he’s very strong, right?”

“Yeah, he’s unusually strong. He’s so young but he can already drink wine.” Qin Yu cannot help giving a smile.

Suddenly his face changes color. Then he gives a faint smile.

“Tie Shan, this Su Yan City has a young man who is fond of holding a folding fan, about 25 or 26 years old and quite cute and handsome, right? There’s a small plait at the back of his head.” Qin Yu asks Tie Shan.

The latter says with a ‘humph’: “Yeah, it certainly does. This is our Su Yan City’s governor’s son, who belongs to the same gang as this Tang Qinglan fella.”

“Brother Ziyou?” Tang Yuan looks doubtfully at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu says with a nod: “Tang Yuan, this friend of yours will most likely lose his little life because … he’s annoyed someone he shouldn’t annoy.”

Xun Feng, son of Su Yan City’s governor, likes to have many romantic relationships with women so he and Tang Yuan are compatible. He occasionally dallies with women of good families, but he does this for harmless fun only and has never really exploited them.

Today, Xun Feng and several male servants are taking a stroll on the main streets.

“Wow, what a beauty, what a beauty. I’ve fallen in love with her.” He looks at a nearby woman, feeling his heart pounding in his chest.

The woman ahead of him is dressed entirely in purple with no traces of a smile on her face. There is an extremely grim air about her, but because her facial features can be considered perfect, people will think that she is an ice queen. Her purple lips even add to her lordly, frosty air.

“Young lady, I am Xun Feng, Xun Ziyou.” Xun Feng goes forwards and says with a smiling expression he considers the friendliest.

“Get lost.”

The purple-clad woman says with an expressionless face. Her eyes flash with coldness.

Xun Feng is startled. He cannot help feeling somewhat embarrassed. But he has an unusually thick skin so he continues to say with a smile: “Young lady, I am very familiar with Su Yan City and its every corner. If you want to go somewhere for a stroll, I will definitely be the best tour guide.”

The purple-clad woman’s eyes suddenly turn eerily grim.

“Oh my, brother Ziyou, since when have you become so polite in chasing a beauty? Beautiful lady … I am Wang Shan of Su Yan City’s Wang clan. Why don’t you follow me to the Wang clan to look around a bit?” A slightly sharp voice rises.

At the same time, 2 henchmen go towards this purple-clad woman to grab her.

Wang Shan is different from Xun Feng. Xun Feng play jokes on women at the most, but Wang Shan even abducts them.

“All of you … die!”

The purple-clad woman’s eyes radiate coldness. All of a sudden, her body shoots various rays of light into her vicinity. The 2 henchmen of the Wang clan closest to her are broken into pieces in the blink of an eye. Xun Feng cannot help secretly getting shocked by this. Given his puny power, he simply cannot dodge at all.

“Miss Situ, if you want to kill someone in my Qin dynasty, at least you have to tell me about it first.”

Qin Yu appears in front of Xun Feng immediately as if using teleportation. The rays of light the purple-clad woman shoots towards the place where Qin Yu is standing are easily blocked by him.

“Ah!” As for Wang Shan in another direction, just like his servants, he is reduced to pieces. His blood is all over the ground.

Xun Feng’s face turns very white and is full of disbelief. He never thought that this frosty beauty was such a deadly god.

The purple-clad beautiful woman gives Qin Yu a look. The corners of her mouth slightly curve upwards, which is a rare sight. It is possible that she considers this action smiling.

“Tower master Qin Yu.” The woman’s manner is fairly polite.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “Miss Situ, why are you taking a stroll on the streets of Su Yan City alone instead of staying with brother Yi Da? This brat has some connections with my younger sister’s husband so I certainly can’t watch him die.”

This purple-clad beautiful woman is none other than Situ Xue, one of the 3 leaders of the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon.

“Since tower master Qin Yu has got into action, I’ll spare this brat this time.” Situ Xue casts a glance at Xun Feng then looks at Qin Yu, saying: “Tower master Qin Yu, both Yi Da and Jiao Jiu are in Su Yan City. Perhaps they are in a certain place of the city now.”

Qin Yu nods his head.

“Brother Ziyou.” Tang Yuan has finally run to the scene from the distance.

Just now, Qin Yu, Tang Yuan and the others were 1 km away from Xun Feng. However, to Qin Yu, this distance can be covered in one step and in an instant, so naturally he was able to save Xun Feng’s life in the nick of time.

“Qinglan, they, they and Wang Shan have all been reduced to pieces.” At the moment, Xun Feng’s heart is still pounding.

Seeing this scene and noticing the acquaintanceship between Qin Yu and that purple-clad beautiful woman, Tang Yuan concludes that she is probably also a Xiuzhenist. He immediately tells Xun Feng: “Brother Ziyou, you must have a death wish. Why did you provoke her?”

Xun Feng takes a deep breath then looks at Situ Xue and says in a low voice: “Qinglan, I think … I’m in love with her.” He thinks that nobody can hear him when he talks in such a low voice, but right after he said so —

Qin Yu suddenly turns around and looks at Xun Feng with amazement. Situ Xue also looks at Xun Feng. At the same time, her expression becomes very strange.

“This brat …” Qin Yu does not know what to say for the moment.

Situ Xue is the no. 1 she-devil in the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon and an early Kongming-stage Xiumoist, no less! Even Qin Yu is only about as powerful as she is, yet now an ordinary brat has fallen for such a top expert of the Xiumo path …

“What a madcap.” A faint smile appears on the corners of Qin Yu’s mouth.

Seeing Qin Yu and Situ Xue looking at him in such a manner, Xun Feng thinks about their magic powers just now and figures out that his words have most likely been heard by them. His thinking is already known to them, but he unexpectedly raises his head and looks straight at Situ Xue.

“Are you Miss Situ?” Xun Feng says smilingly. He still remembers what Qin Yu and Situ Xue just said to each other.

Situ Xue, however, says nothing, her eyes still ice-cold.

“I am Xun Feng, Xun Ziyou. Miss Situ, I sincerely like you. But … love must come from both sides. I definitely will not bother you. As long as you remember that Su Yan City has a man called Xun Ziyou who likes you, it is enough for me.”

There is a calm, amiable smile on Xun Feng’s face.

“Ha-ha … Situ Xue, someone even likes you? Good Heavens! Did the sun rise in the west today?” A muscular man comes rushing then looks at Xun Feng and says: “Brat, do you want me to tell you how old this Miss Situ is? Ha-ha …”

“Jiao Jiu.” Situ Xue makes a wave of her hand. A purple electric spark shoots out.

Jiao Jiu makes a wave of his hand. A crescent-moon-shaped light shoots out and collides with that purple electric spark. They then both dissipate.

“Situ, we’ve been friends for so many years, today someone openly said he loved you so I’m also happy for you.” Jiao Jiu then says laughingly to Xun Feng: “Brat, let me tell you something. This year, your Miss Situ is already — ah, Situ Xue, can you let me finish what I’m saying?”

Jiao Jiu and Situ Xue exchange a blow.

Situ Xue looks at Jiao Jiu with grim eyes: “Shut your mouth a bit, or … today I’ll fight you to the death.”

Jiao Jiu is startled. He immediately stops talking.

“Situ, you and Jiao Jiu have fought each other for so many years, but you’ve never said you would fight him to the death before. Now … you say so because of a mortal. Could it be …” A purple-haired man appears with a hint of mockery.

He looks handsomely evil and strange!

Situ Xue frowns but says nothing. After all, this man is Dungeon King Yi Da, a late Kongming stage expert for whom she is definitely no match.

“Tower master Qin Yu.” Yi Da looks at Qin Yu and slightly nods.

“Brother Yi Da.” Qin Yu also nods. At this moment, various groups of city guards rush to the scene. Qin Yu immediately tells Tie Shan on one side: “Da Shan, casually handle these dead people a bit. You don’t have to care much about this matter.”

Tie Shan also knows that the people in front of him are no ordinary. He nods without delay then orders the guards to deal with the shattered corpses in the surroundings.

“Brother Yi Da, let’s go to that restaurant for a nice chat.” Qin Yu says enthusiastically.

“After you.” Yi Da nods.

Immediately, Qin Yu, Yi Da, Situ Xue, Jiao Jiu and Li’er all head for that restaurant.

“Get a grip, Ziyou. That Situ Xue is no ordinary person. Quit dreaming, will you?” Tang Yuan says solemnly at once. Because of her relationship with Qin Yu, Xiao Lu knows about Xiuzhenist-related matters, and naturally Tang Yuan has learned about some of them from her. As a result, he can guess Situ Xue’s identity.

Xun Feng, however, says resolutely with a shake of his head: “No, Qinglan, at that time Xiao Lu was a Xiantian expert, but you chased her in the same way, didn’t you?”

“I was different, definitely different.” When Tang Yuan has just said these words, suddenly —

A fierce wind appears on the calm street. This strange fierce wind stops in an instant. In the end, Xun Feng, Tang Yuan and the others see a scene that stupefies them. Not far ahead of them, more than 10 have appeared out of thin air during the short period between the appearance and disappearance of the wind.

“All of you stay here. I’ll go meet with Dungeon King.” One of these people tells the others.

End of b8c11.

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