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B7C9: Whose fault?

Uncle Lan frowns when he sees that powerful demonic elemental energy restraining Hou Fei, his eyes radiating a tinge of coldness.

That cold light makes the hearts of Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed skip a beat like a thunderbolt from the 9th Heaven.

“Get lost!”

With a wave of his sleeve, Uncle Lan sends out a soft yet extremely enormous force. Even though Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed are acknowledged as the 2 top experts of this overseas Xiuzhen world, this force sends them flying several hundred li without giving them any chances to resist at all. They can do absolutely nothing!

Everybody’s eyes pop out of their head!

The 4 Di brothers look at this middle-aged man, who just appeared all of a sudden, in stupefaction. This man is too strong, simply too strong. With just a wave of his sleeve, he has sent the absolute no. 1 and no. 2 super experts of the overseas Xiuzhen world flying several hundred li.

Teng Shan, Lou Ke and everybody else are so frightened that they do not dare to say anything. The fact that their bosses were sent flying has terrified them horribly.

“Master.” Hou Fei says laughingly.

Qin Yu cannot suppress the astonishment on his face. Even though he knew that Uncle Lan was very powerful, he did not expect Uncle Lan to be super-powerful like this! Who is Overlord Azure Dragon? He is an early Kongming stage divine beast, which is comparable to Dujie stage Xiuxianists, no less!

Someone as strong as Dujie stage Xiuxianists was sent flying several hundred li helplessly with a wave of Uncle Lan’s sleeve. What level of power is this? Perhaps even immortals are only this powerful.

“What’s the matter, Xiao Yu?” Uncle Lan looks smilingly at Qin Yu.

Hou Fei says laughingly: “Big brother must be amazed by your power, master. Humph, humph, those 2 fellas are pretty strong but I was still able to exchange a couple moves with them. They can bully me, but do they dare to be cocky in front of you?”

At the moment Hou Fei is holding his head high and looking around like a complacent rooster.

On one side, the 4 Di brothers do not dare to utter a word. In fact, they are talking to each other urgently via holy sense communication.

“Big brother, didn’t you say what Qin Yu had said about his school was false? But now Hou Fei calls that expert master and Qin Yu also calls him uncle. It seems they belong to some school.” Di Xu is about to cry.

Di Long is also feeling a bitter taste in his mouth.

“Well, don’t blame me. How could I have known? Who could’ve thought that what Qin Yu said was true? If he really got such strong backing, why did he still follow 6th brother obediently to the Nine Demons Hall?” Now his anger is all gone.

The no. 1 and no. 2 experts of the overseas Xiuzhen world were sent flying several hundred li with just a wave of a sleeve. What power level is this?

They are totally powerless against someone so strong and can only accept whatever will be done to them.

Originally they wanted to seek revenge but now they are in no mood for that. After all, the difference in power is too great, so great that it is insurmountable. If the enemy wants to kill the 4 of them, just a wave of his hand will suffice.

“Now we can only hope that this super expert spares our lives.” Even haughty Di Jian does not have any arrogance for the moment.

To be haughty, one must be powerful.

A kid who behaves arrogantly in front of a big man is a stupid kid.

The Di brothers have no choice but to hope that the opponent spares their lives this time. But just now they were very determined to kill Qin Yu and Hou Fei, so will he really do so? At least they cannot be sure if they will be spared or not, because this is totally up to the opponent.

The moment Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed are sent flying, they both know that they have run into an iron panel.

They are sent flying several hundred li without being able to put up any resistance. Afterwards, that enormous force disappears instantly. Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed regain balance at once, but they do not run away hurriedly at all.

Run away?

How could they dare to? Judging from that move alone, they can already know that the opponent is an extremely powerful expert. Given his power, it is completely useless for them to run away. Only by facing the opponent and having him spare their lives will they be able to live in safety later.

“Azure Dragon, you know a lot so what power level do you think he has reached?” Old Freak Three-Eyed swallows nervously and says with fright. Now there is not one bit of arrogance left in him. The fact that the opponent is too strong has scared the life out of him.

Azure Dragon ponders frowningly for a while then says: “Dacheng stage experts can send us flying but they can’t send us flying several hundred li. This man did this to us with such an easy wave of his sleeve, giving us absolutely no chance to resist and not harming us in the least, so he can only be …”

“An immortal?”

Old Freak Three-Eyed says uncertainly.

Azure Dragon says with a nod: “Yes, he’s got an immortal’s power.”

“Don’t immortals all ascend to a higher world? How can he …?” Even though Old Freak Three-Eyed is fairly powerful, he is far less knowledgeable than Azure Dragon. After all, Azure Dragon is a member of the legendary dragon clan so he was taught by his seniors.

Azure Dragon says: “Today I’m going to tell you something. Immortals ascend to a higher world but there are still loose immortals. A loose immortal has to go through 12 tribulations. They become much stronger every time they overcome a tribulation. Those who have overcome the 4th tribulation are comparable to level-1 immortals in power.”

“Level-1 immortals?” Old Freak Three-Eyed frowns.

Azure Dragon says disdainfully: “Of course you don’t know this. Let me tell you something. There are 9 levels for immortals while loose immortals have to undergo 12 tribulations. A 12th tribulation loose immortal is as powerful as a level-9 immortal. A 4th tribulation loose immortal is as powerful as a level-1 immortal. This world’s got no immortals, but it’s got loose immortals. According to legend, the power of 12th tribulation loose immortals is basically …”

Azure Dragon only continues after thinking for a long time: “Well, they can kill you like squashing an ant. They can also kill Dacheng experts like squashing ants.”

Only now does Old Freak Three-Eyed understands that no matter how good he is, there is always someone better than him.

He and Azure Dragon are considered super experts in this overseas Xiuzhen world, but they are simply not in the same league as those loose immortals.

“How many loose immortal tribulations do you think that mysterious expert has gone through?” Old Freak Three-Eyed asks doubtfully.

Azure Dragon thinks for a while, recalling the occasions on which he saw the true power of some seniors in his clan, and says slowly: “This mysterious expert is too powerful for me to give an exact estimation. But … I feel that he must at least be a 6th tribulation loose immortal!”

“At least a 6th tribulation loose immortal? Then that means he’s at least comparable to a level-3 immortal?” Old Freak Three-Eyed swallows his saliva. Now he finally understands how powerful the opponent is.

Azure Dragon says with a nod: “Let’s go. Even if I went back to my clan, the experts in my clan wouldn’t allow me to offend such an expert. Also … 6th tribulation loose immortal is only my lowest estimation. It’s simply impossible for me to tell exactly how powerful he is.”

Old Freak Three-Eyed also understands this. When someone is far too stronger than you, you really cannot judge their power.

Azure Dragon had to base his estimation on the manner of his senior experts in the dragon clan and so on. He himself is too weak. With his status and position, the strongest experts he has met in the dragon clan were merely 6th tribulation loose demons. And he feels that in terms of manner, those seniors are inferior to the mysterious man just now.

However, to those like Azure Dragon, there are basically no differences between 6th tribulation loose immortals and 12th tribulation ones because they stand absolutely no chance against any of these loose immortals.

“Let’s go back and wait for his decisions.” Azure Dragon hurriedly urges.

He knows that if he shows an expert like that his respect and willingness to be punished, given their superior status, they will probably do nothing to him, but if he acts arrogantly to them, it is easy to imagine how he will end up.

“All right.”

Not daring to say much, Old Freak Three-Eyed immediately flies back together with Azure Dragon.

“I always feel that you are very powerful, Uncle Lan, but I never expected you to be …” Qin Yu says smilingly. However, before he can finish his sentence, he is interrupted by Hou Fei.

“Ha-ha, you didn’t expect my master to be so powerful, right? That’s easy to understand. How can Hou Fei’s master be ordinary?” Hou Fei says proudly with loud laughs, as if just now it was he who sent Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed flying several hundred li. Hearing his loud laughter, Qin Yu can only smile.

Uncle Lan says in an unconcerned manner: “That little azure dragon and little toad are pretty strong in the overseas Xiuzhen world, but the real Xiuzhen world is limitless. You simply can’t imagine its magnitude.”

“Besides, there is also what is called the immortal world above the Xiuzhen world. Xiao Yu, you must look far ahead a bit. Your technique is very unique. I think … it’s got huge potential. If you keep practicing it, even I can’t predict your future accomplishments.”

Uncle Lan’s words make Qin Yu’s heart excited for a while.

He certainly knows that these are words of encouragement but he is extremely confident in the Stellar Transformations technique that he has been practicing. The Xiuyao way, the Xiumo way and the Xiuxian way all require a practitioner to form a jindan then a yuanying whereas he imitates the boundless cosmos.

“I’ll try my best.” Qin Yu says with a nod.

Uncle Lan nods then says smilingly: “That little azure dragon and little toad are coming.” Qin Yu and Hou Fei immediately look back. They see Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed flying extremely fast towards them with very respectful expressions, just like the expression of child when meeting his teacher.

“It is an honor to meet you, senior. I am Yan Lang of the dragon clan.” Azure Dragon bows and says.

The eyes of Teng Shan, Lou Ke, their subordinates, and even the Di brothers all brighten. They have never known Azure Dragon’s real name and have always called him Overlord Azure Dragon. Now they have heard his real name.

“It is an honor to meet you, senior. I am Three-Eyed.” Old Freak Three-Eyed says respectfully. He does not have an impressive background because he is the only Three-Blue-Eyed toad. He gave himself the name Three-Eyed to show his uniqueness.

Uncle Lan nods his head.

“Dragon clan? The Yan family is a fairly powerful family in the dragon clan.” Uncle Lan is totally unconcerned. Hearing what he said, Yan Lang is even more respectful because experts who know well about the situation inside the dragon clan are exceptionally rare, and they do not include ordinary loose immortals.

Uncle Lan gives Old Freak Three-Eyed a look and says smilingly: “Three-Blue-Eyed toad, perhaps you’re one of a kind in this Xiuzhen world.”

Hearing this, Old Freak Three-Eyed is immediately delighted and beams proudly.

Uncle Lan suddenly says with a frown: “This time, my disciple and nephew are going on a journey in the overseas Xiuzhen world north of the Chaotic Astral Ocean, why did you want to kill my disciple and why did you injure Xiao Yu badly? Give me a clear explanation.”

Even though these words are said very indifferently and do not contain even a hint of anger, Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed are both terrified.

They know well that the answers they give now can even determine their little lives.

“Senior, this, this was because those Nine Demons Hall little worms were too excessive. They even wanted to let a terror jellyfish absorb Qin Yu …”

“Let a terror jellyfish absorb him?” Uncle Lan raises his eyebrows, showing his killing intent. The Di brothers, who are observing him constantly in the distance, are terrified at once. Ignoring serious injuries, Di Long hurriedly comes over, bows and says: “Senior, I am Di Long of the Nine Demons Hall. What Overlord Azure Dragon said is not the truth …”

“Shut up.” Uncle Lan says gently.

Immediately, Di Long dares to say no more. Uncle Lan looks at Azure Dragon, saying: “You can continue.” He then casts a glance at Di Long and brothers: “Later do not interrupt when someone is talking. Take turns to tell me. There’ll be a chance for you to talk so there’s no need to be anxious.” The 4 Di brothers are even more terrified but they do not dare to say anything and can only listen.

Azure Dragon says with a nod: “The Nine Demons Hall’s 8th majesty was killed so they sent 3 brothers to capture Qin Yu and bring him in for interrogation.”

Now Uncle Lan gives Qin Yu a look and smiles. Qin Yu can only pretend that he is focusing on something else. Uncle Lan knew that he killed 8th majesty long ago, but Uncle Lan is not a moralist.

“Brother Qin Yu is very nice so he followed the 3 majesties to the Nine Demons Hall and never tried to escape on the way. But when he arrived in the Nine Demons Hall, he was met with the prospect of getting absorbed by a terror jellyfish. Three-Eyed and I couldn’t stand watching this so we secretly sent subordinates to rescue him.”

When Azure Dragon talks to this point, Old Freak Three-Eyed nods in agreement.

“Xiao Yu, is this what happened?” Uncle Lan looks at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu immediately nods and says smilingly: “Uncle Lan, at that time I was being locked up in a prison and couldn’t escape. Senior Overlord Azure Dragon’s and senior Three-Eyed’s subordinates really helped me get out of it.”

“Brother Qin Yu, don’t call us seniors or something. When your uncle is such an expert, how can we be qualified to be your seniors? Just calling us by our names is enough.” Old Freak Three-Eyed tells Qin Yu in a friendly manner.

Uncle Lan nods and says: “All right, you can continue.”

Azure Dragon says with a nod: “Knowing that he had nearly got eaten, brother Qin Yu was furious and took the Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace away directly to vent his anger. The Nine Demons Hall was ruthless to him so his retaliation is perfectly normal. However, the Nine Demons Hall’s brothers then got into action, determined to kill him, which led to this fight on this black rock island.”

Old Freak Three-Eyed says without delay: “Senior, on this black rock island, brother Qin Yu was confined in the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation of the Nine Demons Hall’s brothers. It is I who destroyed that formation with my 3rd eye, releasing him.”

Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed talk in concert with each other, claiming only credit for what they did and trying to put all the blame on the ‘heinously guilty’ Nine Demons Hall.

The 4 Di brothers feel miserable but they are not allowed to cut in and can only get worried on the side.

Qin Yu stands quietly beside Uncle Lan and does not interrupt either. However, Hou Fei is very complacent. After listening for a long time, Uncle Lan is still very calm and not angry with the Nine Demons Hall’s brothers, but the 4 Di brothers’ thoughts are in turmoil.

End of b7c9.

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