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B7C7: Meteor Strike

Hou Fei has transformed into a terrifying huge monkey that is almost 50 m tall. Various water streams as thick as the Purple Demon aquatic dragons’ bodies are moving around his body and arms nonstop. His flaming red eyes are blazing. Everybody at the scene is temporarily shocked by him.

“This, this …”

The eyes of Teng Shan, Lou Ke and their subordinates pop out of their heads. They never thought that a monkey which seemed mediocre at first could become so frightening. Now, even Teng Shan and Lou Ke do not have the nerve to fight Hou Fei.

Even Overlord Azure Dragon’s and Old Freak Three-Eyed’s faces change color. They exchange a look.

“Fei Fei, this, this is your berserk mode?” Qin Yu’s expression is also full of surprise. Hou Fei told Qin Yu before that he would become much more powerful when entering berserk mode, but Qin Yu never expected Hou Fei to look like this in berserk mode.

The huge monkey turns his face upwards and gives a long roar.

“Big brother, watch me tear them apart.” Hou Fei’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind through holy sense communication.

Qin Yu smiles, thinking he had better get away to let Hou Fei fight at will because if he stays here now, he will hinder Hou Fei’s actions. He can see that moments ago Hou Fei was only somewhat weaker than Di Long and Di Jian, and now that Hou Fei has powered up a lot, dealing with these 5 aquatic dragons is definitely no longer difficult.

“Fei Fei, I’ll leave it to you.”

With a movement of his body, Qin Yu goes away in a curved path like a golden beam of light. In an instant, he has already travelled several tens li. From being a participant, now Qin Yu has become an outsider. However, at the moment the Di brothers do not block him at all.

Their entire attention is being focused on Hou Fei.

Qin Yu is unusually fast but his offense is not a big threat to them. It is very difficult for them to kill Qin Yu but it is also very difficult for him to kill them. Therefore, they temporarily ignore him. Moreover, the pressure that the huge monkey in front of them gives them is really too great.

“Growl growl ~~~”

The 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragon roll into the sky and keep growling at Hou Fei.

The huge monkey suddenly turns his face upwards and hits his own chest with his fists as if he has gone crazy. His howls resound in all directions. At the same time, the water within several thousand li of the island becomes totally chaotic with the waves increasing to 100 m in height. There are countless waterspouts, which are all under the control of this huge monkey.

All of a sudden, the monkey stops howling and glares at the 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons before him with his blazing eyes, which are full of hostility.


Turning into a blur, Hou Fei unexpectedly goes several li away in an instant and makes a grab at the aquatic dragon Di Long transformed into. Unwilling to be put at a disadvantage, Di Long lets out a furious roar and thrusts the black single horn on his head at Hou Fei.

Hou Fei swings his hand —


That huge palm hits the aquatic dragon’s body fiercely. However, Di Long unexpectedly is able to neutralize Hou Fei’s enormous force by vibrating his over 100 m long body for a short time. Concurrently with this, his black single horn is thrust at Hou Fei’s left hand.


The huge monkey suddenly shouts. His voice is powerful and deep. The huge black stick in his right hand is immediately swung down at Di Long. With a shake of that huge body, Di Long rises into the sky at once. When Di Long holds his own body up, he is even much taller than Hou Fei.

Facing Hou Fei’s black stick, the black single horn on Di Long’s head unexpectedly lengthens and moves towards the stick.


The black stick and the black single horn collide with each other.

Di Long’s body gets a shock and is sent flying several tens li. Afterwards, he flies into the sky again with a twist of his body. Hou Fei also takes a few steps backwards continuously. Though he treads on waves, he does not sink one bit.

“Ha-ha, you’re really too weak, little worm, too weak!” He has turned into a huge monkey but his mind has stayed the same. It is just that his voice has become much more powerful.

After the 2 of them clashed head-on a moment ago, Hou Fei only had to take a few steps backwards to neutralize the opponent’s offensive force and was not harmed at all while Di Long was sent flying several tens li and obviously suffered some injuries. The stronger and the weaker of the two of them have been decided instantly.

“Charge together, brothers.”

Di Long uses the secret technique Ventriloquism. His voice resounds through the sky. Without delay, the 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons charge at Hou Fei from different directions while growling. Hou Fei’s expression becomes serious immediately. He is ready to swing the black stick in his hands out anytime.

He is not afraid of fighting Di Long one-on-one and even if Di Long and Di Jian join forces he can still manage to fight them evenly, but the 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons are attacking him together whereas he does not have 3 heads and 6 arms. Moreover, after entering berserk mode, despite the great improvements in offense and defense, his agility has decreased quite a lot.

Hou Fei’s blazing eyes suddenly radiate a light.

“I can’t win one on five. Let’s focus on killing one of them first.”

Facing the joint attack of the 5 aquatic dragons, Hou Fei remains motionless. Everybody else is watching without blinking. Suddenly, a monkey roar is heard. The water within several li of Hou Fei becomes totally chaotic, looking like a tornado. Waves rise to several hundred meters high and Hou Fei’s body disappears in the waves.

Noticing that their vision has been blocked by the waves, the 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons are extremely furious and immediately expand their holy senses. Everybody is immediately thrilled seeing this.

Hou Fei then holds high his black stick and attacks the 3rd brother Di Yang, who is definitely no match for berserk-mode Hou Fei despite having transformed into a Purple Demon aquatic dragon because he has only reached the middle Dongxu stage. He can use sneak attacks, but if he has to face someone so powerful like the current Hou Fei head-on, he will surely die.

Di Yang is both frightened and angry.

He opens his mouth right away and shoots out a green light beam, which immediately lengthens. His originally normal-sized flying sword quickly becomes 10 zhang long. As for Hou Fei’s black stick, its length is the same as his height. The 2 weapons clash with each other, causing a metallic noise.


Hou Fei utters a furious shout. That flying sword is smashed to one side and the black stick keeps coming down. The other Di brothers simply have no time to help. Di Yang has reacted very fast. When he shot that flying sword out, his single horn immediately started to lengthen.


The black stick and the horn, which has become over 10 m long, collide with each other. Afterwards, a very short black blur is seen falling into the ocean clearly.

“3rd brother!”

“3rd brother!”

Di Long, Di Xu, Di Jian and Di Nai are both anxious and angry. That black blur was none other than a piece of Di Yang’s single horn. Just now, Hou Fei’s strike unexpectedly broke off a piece of the horn. However, what terrifies the other 4 brothers the most is that Hou Fei brandishes his stick too fast.

Right after the first strike, the 2nd strike with the stick is already about to arrive.


The stick smashes heavily into Di Yang’s body. Di Yang spits out a large mouthful of blood. His entire body is sent flying west extremely fast. While flying, Di Yang switches to his human form. At the moment, he keeps coughing up blood and his face is very pale.

Seeing this, the other 4 Di brothers all go mad.

They know clearly that Di Yang has been injured very badly to the point where he can no longer maintain his true form and had to transform back into his human form. After all, the human form consumes the least energy whereas the large dragon body consumes a lot of energy.

Extremely furious, the other 4 brothers charge at Hou Fei together. Suddenly —



An anguished cry is heard. Di Long, Di Xu, Di Jian and Di Nai all tremble and unexpectedly stop. They then fly towards Di Yang simultaneously. They only see that Di Yang’s body is lifeless and Qin Yu is clutching a yuanying in his hand.

It is none other than Di Yang’s yuanying.

Noticing that the other 4 Di brothers are focusing their attention on him, Qin Yu makes the golden light in his palm heat up. A sharp, miserable cry rises as Di Yang’s soul is immediately destroyed.

“Don’t …”

Di Long and the other 3 brothers are completely dumbstruck upon seeing this.

Originally Qin Yu was looking on, but then he discovered that Di Yang had been seriously injured and was even flying towards him so, of course, he would not let this chance slip. Relying on his speed, he captured badly injured Di Yang’s yuanying in just a move and shattered Di Yang’s soul without hesitation.

“Di Long, I spent almost a year following 3 majesties from the Blood-red Cave to the Nine Demons Hall. On the way, I never tried to escape or complained. After arriving in the Nine Demons Hall, I answered your every question, but how did you treat me? You just wanted to let that Terror Jellyfish eat me and even bullshitted that I should feel honored to be killed by you. Now I give that sentence back to you, your 3rd brother should feel honored to be killed by me.”

“Three-Eyed.” Azure Dragon’s face becomes solemn when he sees Hou Fei starting to transform into a giant monkey.

“Azure Dragon, you’re worried or … scared, aren’t you?” Old Freak Three-Eyed’s green hair is fluttering nonstop. Anyone familiar with Old Freak Three-Eyed knows that when his hair flutters, this is a sign that he wants to kill someone.

Azure Dragon gives a smile: “Well, aren’t you?”

Old Freak Three-Eyed says with a nod: “Yes, I am. I can tolerate the appearance of one divine beast other than us in the underwater Xiuyao world at most. If Hou Fei was just an ordinary divine beast, I wouldn’t really mind, but … he unexpectedly can transform and become so much more powerful that he can rival my 3rd eye.”

Azure Dragon nods and says: “Yeah, there are differences between divine beasts. Three-Eyed, you’re only at the late Dongxu stage while I’m already at the early Kongming stage. I’m an entire level above you but if we really fight each other, I’ll only narrowly defeat you. And if we fight to the death, perhaps both of us will die.”

“It’s good you know this.”

Old Freak Three-Eyed appears somewhat arrogant: “As far as I know, I’m the only Three-Blue-Eyed toad in history. What divine beast of the same power level can compare with me? However, if this Hou Fei fella was of the same level as me, he definitely wouldn’t be weaker than me.”

“So, why haven’t you got into action, Three-Eyed?” Azure Dragon says smilingly.

Old Freak Three-Eyed gives Azure Dragon a look and says via holy sense communication: “Getting into action? Why should I? Aren’t you the overseas Xiuzhen world’s no. 1 expert? You’re already very unhappy with my existence. Can you possibly tolerate Hou Fei’s appearance?”

Both Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed are unwilling to be surpassed by someone else.

If Hou Fei was an ordinary divine beast, they would not care about him at all. After all, they are also divine beasts and they are much more powerful than Hou Fei. However, Hou Fei belongs to an extremely rare, unusual species of divine beast so it is a different story.

Azure Dragon says in frustration: “There’ll be no end if you keep telling me to act alone and vice versa. How about this? Both of us will tie Hou Fei up so that he can’t move then let those Purple Demon little worms kill him?”

Old Freak Three-Eyed frowns: “Let those little worms kill a divine beast, and even an unusual divine beast?”

A Three-Blue-Eyed toad is no ordinary divine beast. In his eyes, Purple Demon aquatic dragons are not worth mentioning. Even Azure Dragon, who is one power level above him, is only a little bit more powerful than him. Compared to an azure dragon, a Three-Blue-Eyed toad is naturally somewhat more splendid.

“You don’t want Hou Fei to be killed by those Purple Demon aquatic dragons? So you’re willing to get into action?” Azure Dragon has been annoyed.

When Old Freak Three-Eyed has been pondering for just a while, an anguished cry is heard. The 2 of them are still talking to each other, but Qin Yu has already killed Di Yang. Old Freak Three-Eyed finally says with a nod: “All right, I’ll tie his hands and you’ll tie his feet.”

Azure Dragon immediately smiles.

“Qin Yu!”

The 4 remaining Di brothers roar furiously at the same time then charge at Qin Yu. He killed Di Yang so naturally they want to kill him to avenge Di Yang’s death.

Qin Yu immediately flies northwest like a golden beam of light. When Qin Yu has just got closer to Hou Fei a bit, Hou Fei sees the Di brothers surrounding and attacking Qin Yu and explodes with anger at once. He then brandishes his black stick, wanting to charge at them.

All of a sudden —

“Azure Dragon.”

Old Freak Three-Eyed calls aloud and reaches out his hands. 2 green beams of light shoot out extremely fast. Giving Hou Fei basically no time to dodge, they tie Hou Fei’s hands together. Afterwards, Old Freak Three-Eyed pulls his hands back.

Meanwhile, Azure Dragon also sends out 2 azure beams of light, which tie Hou Fei’s feet together in an instant.

With his hands and feet tied together as if they are chained, Hou Fei cannot move anymore.

“Roar roar ~~”

Hou Fei roars furiously. At the same time, his arms’ muscles bulge up, but he basically cannot do anything to the demonic elemental energy that is tying his hands. He cannot make any big movements with his feet at all either.

Seeing this scene, Qin Yu cannot help getting startled.

The 4 Di brothers are also dumbfounded.

“Why are the 4 of you still standing there? Why haven’t you killed Hou Fei?” Azure Dragon says in an indifferent voice which contains compulsion and ruthlessness.

The Di brothers are immediately delighted. Now that Hou Fei’s hands and feet are tied, if they still fail to kill Hou Fei, they should kill themselves instead. Di Long reacts fastest. With a sweep of his tail, he is the first to charge at Hou Fei.

Right after this, his 3 brothers, Di Jian, Di Xu and Di Nai, wake up. They also charge at Hou Fei with a sweep of their tails.

Hou Fei is so worried that he roars continuously, making the water around the island to heave up and down and causing billows. However, all of this cannot make the Di brothers less willing to kill him. Qin Yu, who is not far away, sees everything and the transmitter Uncle Lan gave him appears in his hand.

“Uncle Lan, quickly come to the black rock island over 20,000 li to the southwest of the Nine Demons Hall and save us.”

He immediately sends this message using his holy sense. Then, he fills his entire body with the golden stellar energy without hesitation. Like a burning meteor, he disregards everything to rush at Di Long, who is charging at Hou Fei at the front.

Qin Yu is being enfolded in a golden light. There are no signs of timidity in his eyes. Ahead of him is a huge, over 100 m long Purple Demon aquatic dragon.

End of b7c7.

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