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B7C6: Berserk mode

Qin Yu rushes over to the side of Hou Fei like a golden beam of light.

“Let’s join forces, Fei Fei.”

He clenches his fists. The Flaming Gloves are sticking to the surfaces of his fists just like a layer of skin.

When he was being confined in the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation, he could only watch Hou Fei fight alone, so naturally he wanted to come out to help long ago. He was unable to break that large formation, but luckily Old Freak Three-Eyed and Overlord Azure Dragon fought each other and unwittingly destroyed the formation for him.

“Kaka, big brother, if we join forces we’ll be invincible.” Hou Fei wriggles his waist and says complacently.

The faces of the 5 Di brothers, Di Long, Di Jian, Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai, all seem to be covered in a layer of killing intent. They glare at Qin Yu and Hou Fei, who also glare at them with absolutely no fear or evasion.

Di Long and co. versus Qin Yu and Hou Fei, 5 brothers versus 2 brothers,

Members of the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion are just looking on, helping neither side.

“Once the 5 Di brothers fight Qin Yu and Hou Fei, who do you think will have the upper hand, Three-Eyed?” Overlord Azure Dragon is watching Di Long, Qin Yu and the others but he keeps chatting with Old Freak Three-Eyed through holy sense communication.

“The upper hand? Of course it’s going to be the Nine Demons Hall’s brats. Though some of them are dead, the strongest ones like Di Long and Di Jian are still there. You should know that these Purple Demon aquatic dragons are barely inferior to divine beasts. They can only transform into humans after going through the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation. When a late Dongxu aquatic dragon switches back to his true form, his power will increase several times.”

Old Freak Three-Eyed obviously thinks that the 5 Di brothers will have the upper hand.

In the past, Di Jian was able to single-handedly take on Teng Shan and Lou Ke, who both have reached the late Dongxu stage, at the same time and was even able to fight them off. It should be known that Teng Shan is a horned dragon and Lou Ke is a crimson toad, which is also very extraordinary. These facts show how formidable Purple Demon aquatic dragons are.

“Qin Yu! Hou Fei!”

Di Long shouts loudly. Afterwards, the 5 Di brothers charge at Qin Yu and Hou Fei extremely fast together.

Qin Yu and Hou Fei exchange a look then dodge to 2 different sides simultaneously. Qin Yu uses 80 percent of his top speed as before. Despite this, he is still fairly faster than even Di Long. By contrast, Hou Fei executes several strikes with his stick from time to time while dodging nimbly.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Yu gets away several hundred li.

Standing in midair, he slightly closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

“What a wonderful feeling.”

There is an earnest faint smile on Qin Yu’s face. He can feel clearly every muscle in his body, every bone in his body and even every part of any muscle. This feeling of having total control over his body is very wonderful.

Qin Yu does body training so he attaches great importance to toughness and flexibility.

“Qin Yu, die!”

Di Long shouts loudly. His flying sword unexpectedly turns into a broadsword. Holding the broadsword, Di Long slashes it at Qin Yu’s head. However, facing this strike, Qin Yu moves forwards 2 to 3 m in parallel with the sword with a very easy shake of his waist’s muscles.

Chi —

Qin Yu’s body is fast like lightning. At the same time, he forms a finger sword with his index and middle fingers and thrusts it at Di Long. His pure and condensed golden stellar energy is totally focused on the finger sword, making it radiate a dazzling golden light.

Because Qin Yu is too fast, Di Long does not have enough time to make a block with the broadsword in his right hand. Therefore, he can only throw a punch at Qin Yu’s finger sword with his left hand. When Di Long’s fist is coming at the finger sword, a glove appears around it. This glove has 2 colors, silvery and purple, and is none other than a top-grade holy weapon.


Qin Yu’s finger sword and Di Long’s fist collide head-on.

The sharp golden stellar energy bursts forth. Di Long’s powerful demonic elemental energy also bursts forth. Qin Yu’s energy is more concentrated and penetrative whereas Di Long’s energy is more powerful and substantial. This clash unexpectedly ends in a draw.

“Triple Strike!”

A hint of ruthlessness appears in Qin Yu’s eyes. He has started to use the move with which he killed Di Tong in the past. His fingers are straightened up. In an instant, the finger sword becomes a spear hand strike. Then, basically not pausing for a moment, he curls his fingers up and throws a punch!

He has attacked 3 times continuously.

Di Long is very powerful but his left hand’s bones and joints still hurt as if they are about to crack. Luckily his gloves were forged by fusing dragon scales with top-grade crystals so their defense is extremely powerful. Even so, Qin Yu’s 3 continuous strikes still almost made his left hand lose the ability to attack.

“What move is this?” Di Long is in disbelief. He is obviously stronger than Qin Yu but just now his left hand was injured by Qin Yu.

There is a tinge of fierceness in Qin Yu’s eyes: “When I was travelling the Qian Long continent before, I learned an attack technique called Short Force (*). This move is a variant of Short Force.” The move Qin Yu just used was indeed created based on Short Force.

This move is not simply 3 continuous attacks at all.

If it was really so simple, Short Force Continuous Striking would not be so difficult to learn. After all, following the 1st strike, when you perform the 2nd strike, the opponent can also perform their 2nd strike. The secret of this Short Force Continuous Striking move is the word ‘continuous.’

When anybody performs a punch, their fist must at least move a certain distance to generate enough offensive force.

For example, to hit something with a punch, one must smash their fist into it from an adequate distance. If they rely on their internal energy alone without moving their fist, the attack will be very weak.

By attacking nonstop, Short Force Continuous Striking does not give the enemy enough moving distance. After the finger sword strike, the hand will be pulled back a little, creating a short space, but the enemy will not be able to take advantage of this space to counterattack. All of this depends on the user’s skill and experience. The user must learn through experience and also enlightenment to achieve ‘continuousness.’ Even if one knows the principle of the technique, this does not necessarily mean they can execute it.

“Mortals, humph, so you even learned mortals’ stuff?”

Di Long’s words are filled with disdain. “Show me what you’ve got. This time I’m not going to give you any chance.” After saying so, he disregards everything else to launch an onslaught on Qin Yu using his raging demonic elemental energy.


Di Long is absolutely a bully. Relying on the fact that his demonic elemental energy is powerful, he immediately makes his energy roll out under his control to restrain Qin Yu and assaults Qin Yu like crazy.


Qin Yu has no choice but to dodge again using his speed and to occasionally launch a sneak attack or two. An attack that depends on finesse can only be used a couple of times at best. If it is overused, the enemy will naturally figure out a method of dealing with it. At that time, the user will probably be finished.

On the battlefield, Qin Yu keeps moving back and forth between the 5 Di brothers like a golden beam of light, attacking Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai from time to time. Hou Fei is also dodging nimbly. His black stick is being swung at random like a black blur.

For the moment, there is a stalemate on the battlefield.

“Three-Eyed, didn’t you say the Nine Demons Hall would win? Why does it now look like they are neck and neck?” Azure Dragon taunts via holy sense communication.

“Neck and neck? You can’t say so. It’s just that this Qin Yu fella is really too fast. Though he can’t beat the Di brothers, the Di brothers have no way to hurt him either. But you just wait and see. The situation will change very soon.” Old Freak Three-Eyed says very confidently through his holy sense.

“3rd brother, 4th brother, 6th brother, 9th brother, let’s use our true forms right away to kill them.” Di Long gives an order after fighting for a long time without being able to kill Qin Yu and Hou Fei.


Di Jian, Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai all agree with him.

Afterwards, 5 dragon roars are heard and the 5 Di brothers transform into 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons, which are sinuously floating in the sky. Their 100 m long bodies alone give off a hugely oppressive feeling. Those black single horns are flashing with an ice-cold light.

Qin Yu’s face immediately changes color.

He personally saw the fight between Di Tong and Cha Hong, especially Di Tong’s formidability after transforming into a Purple Demon aquatic dragon, so he knows that when the Di brothers switch to their true forms, their power will greatly improve.

“Fei Fei, when they switch to their true forms, they become much stronger.” He immediately says via his holy sense.

“Don’t worry.” Hou Fei is not worried at all. His eyes are blazing with even more fighting spirit.

With a sweep of their tails, the 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons instantly turn into 5 purple blurs, charging at Qin Yu and Hou Fei. They are so fast that even Hou Fei, who was full of fighting spirit a moment ago, is astonished and has to hurriedly perform a stick smash.


Hou Fei’s black stick and Di Long’s single horn collide with each other violently. Di Long is not affected at all but Hou Fei is sent flying away.

“Damn, they’ve really become much stronger. I basically can’t resist this Di Long fella anymore.” Now Hou Fei also has a rather bad feeling.


Qin Yu’s fists and Di Yang’s dragon tail clash. Di Yang is knocked back a bit but Qin Yu’s fists have gone numb. Originally Qin Yu could defeat Di Yang with ease, but now, after Di Yang has changed into his true form, Qin Yu can only fight Di Yang evenly at most.

“When I killed Di Tong that day, if he hadn’t lost one arm before and hadn’t been in his human form, if I hadn’t used a sneak attack and risked losing a hand …” At the moment Qin Yu is secretly shocked.

He knew that he had been lucky at that time, but only now, when he is fighting Di Yang’s true form, does he discover how formidable a middle Dongxu stage Purple Demon aquatic dragon is in its true form.

Di Tong was really very unlucky to die.

Beset on all sides by dangers, Qin Yu finally makes a decision: “Speed, 100 percent!”

Now he does not hide his speed anymore and immediately increases it from 80 percent to 100 percent of his ability. By doing this, his speed is improved by one level, no less. And so, the attacks that at first could threaten him can no longer even touch his body.

On the battlefield, after the 5 Di brothers changed into the true forms, they have become much more powerful. Now Qin Yu is of the same tier as Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai at best. Facing Di Long and Di Jian, he basically cannot ward off the enemies’ attacks. The gap between him and these two is really huge.

Qin Yu has raised his speed to its maximum. His body keeps moving back and forth nonstop like a golden beam of light. Even though the 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons are formidable, they cannot harm him.

Now Hou Fei is only slightly stronger than Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai. He is no longer a match for Di Long and Di Jian, and even worse, for the moment he is even slower than them. As a result, he has already clashed head-on with Di Long and Di Jian several times. His current situation is even more dangerous than Qin Yu’s.

“Azure Dragon, what I said is right, isn’t it? As soon as the 5 Di brothers switched to their true forms, their power was greatly increased and they gained the upper hand over Qin Yu and Hou Fei. But … this Qin Yu fella is really fast, somewhat faster than usual.” Old Freak Three-Eyed says in astonishment.

Azure Dragon also praises: “Just now I was amazed by Qin Yu’s speed. Who could’ve thought he was still holding back? Tut-tut, with his current speed, perhaps only you and I in the underwater Xiuyao world can subdue him with absolute certainty.”

When Qin Yu was using 80% of his capacity, he was already extremely fast. Now he is using 100% of his capacity so he is basically abnormally fast.

Di Long in his true form is also fast.

However, using his top speed, Qin Yu is still faster than Di Long’s true form by about 30 to 40 percent. The 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons on the battlefield can do nothing to him at all. Too bad he cannot do anything to them either.

“Three-Eyed, now when do you think Di Long and his brothers will win?” Azure Dragon asks. To him and Old Freak Three-Eyed, this fight is just like an amusing show. They are not worried by it at all.

Old Freak Three-Eyed thinks for a while then says: “It’s difficult for the Di brothers to kill Qin Yu, but perhaps that Hou Fei fella won’t be able to hang on for long. Though he’s a divine beast and got huge potential, he’s only reached the late Yuanying stage. You see, now he’s already badly injured.”

Azure Dragon nods his head in agreement. Both of them can see the situation on the battlefield clearly.

“Be careful, Fei Fei.”

Like lightning, Qin Yu takes hold of Hou Fei with a grab while flashing past a swing of Di Long’s tail.

However, right after evading this attack, a huge dragon claw comes down from the sky, aiming directly for Qin Yu’s and Hou Fei’s heads. Qin Yu pushes Hou Fei away without delay. He himself flies backwards, once again avoiding another attack.

“When these 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons hadn’t used their true form, Fei Fei still had some advantages, but now he has no advantage at all.” Qin Yu is very anxious. “At this point, why hasn’t he entered berserk mode yet?”

He has urged Hou Fei to enter berserk mode once but Hou Fei did not reply.

“Fei Fei, why are you still hiding your power?” Qin Yu angrily rebukes via holy sense communication.

Hou Fei grimaces at him: “Big brother, after getting out of this berserk mode, my whole body will hurt like hell. Alright, these 5 little worms have got too cocky already.” Hou Fei promptly evades an attack.

“Roar ~~”

He turns his face upwards and lets out a furious roar, sounding like an ancient ferocious beast. Immediately, the water in a large area around the island screams. Hou Fei is then completely covered in the ocean’s water. The muscles in his entire body begin to expand and his bones begin to lengthen and thicken.

His height also increases extremely fast. From being as tall as a normal man at first, he becomes 5 m tall, then 8 m tall, then 10 m tall, then 20 m tall, then 30 m tall …

Everybody is stupefied.

Not only Qin Yu, even the 5 Purple Demon aquatic dragons stop fighting out of fright. In just a while, Hou Fei’s transformation stops. Now his ferocious aura is shockingly powerful and he is nearly 50 m tall.

His entire body has been enlarged by 26 or 27 times. His black stick has also become longer and thicker. At the moment the hair on his head has the color of the ocean’s water, and various streams of water are moving around his body, but his eyes are flaming red, as if they are blazing.

This is a legendary divine beast — a Fiery-eyed Aquatic Monkey!

Finally, Hou Fei has entered berserk mode!


(*) Short Force (aka One-inch punch) is cun jing in Chinese (寸劲). This is a type of attack in Chinese internal martial arts (Taiji, Bagua, Xingyi) and Wing Chun, said to be able to generate a considerable force from a short distance.

End of b7c6.

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