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B7C3: Hou Fei’s entrance

Various energy streams of different colors intertwine with each other and surround an area of several hundred li in radius. This formation’s area of effect is huge to mortals but it is just like a small training ground to experts of Qin Yu’s and Di Long’s caliber.


When Qin Yu sees the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation before him, a chapter on formations in a Xiuzhen book he read previously springs to his mind.

“It’s the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation. This is a bit troublesome.” Qin Yu talks to himself. At the same time, he flies straight up into the sky. The Flaming Sword suddenly appears in his hand and he thrusts it directly at that barrier of light.

As if Qin Yu has hit a very slippery and tough cloth, his sword unexpectedly just slides along the surface of that energy barrier.

“It’s indeed the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation.” Now he is totally sure.

The Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation belongs to the besieging type of formation and not to the others such as the illusive type and so on. But this formation blocks off every direction. In the formation, it is not possible to fly out through the sky, nor is it possible to go out through the ground. Qin Yu, therefore, can only move within its area of effect.

“Qin Yu, isn’t your speed very fast?” Di Long’s voice resounds through the whole formation. At the moment Di Long is standing in midair within the formation looking at Qin Yu like a cat playing with a rat. The other majesties are standing behind him.

The 7 Di brothers look down at Qin Yu as if they have got everything in the palms of their hands.

“Ha-ha ~~~” Di Long suddenly bursts into loud laughter with a savage facial expression. He then looks at Qin Yu angrily: “Qin Yu, now you can’t fly into the sky or go into the ground. I want to see how you are going to escape.”

“Let’s roll, brothers!”

Di Long shouts loudly. The majesties all dive down at once and charge at Qin Yu, except for Di Luan, who comes out of the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation because his arms are badly injured.

“I’ll leave everything to you, brothers.”

Di Luan’s heart is full of hatred. He wants an opportunity to torment Qin Yu very much too, but after the bones in his arms were broken by Qin Yu’s heavy punch, his offense has been greatly reduced. He knows his own power and therefore he has exited the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation without delay.

This formation is really fantastic because the ones who set it up can easily come into and get out of it whereas anybody else cannot.

“Don’t worry, 7th brother. Just leave everything to us.”

The other 6 majesties promise him almost simultaneously. All of them are charging at Qin Yu while boiling with killing intent. This formation’s area of effect is only several hundred li in radius. The 6 majesties keep moving back and forth extremely fast attacking Qin Yu nonstop.

Now Qin Yu uses his body-maneuvering skill to the fullest. He does not dare to face Di Jian or Di Long head-on and can only sneakily attack them a little, but he dares to fight the other majesties directly.

“Ha-ha …”

Qin Yu suddenly appears right in front of Di Feng, which terrifies Di Feng.

He throws a punch, immediately causing a sonic boom. The Flaming Gloves fit his fingers perfectly. Qin Yu’s fist pierces through the air, coming at Di Feng’s face with a frightening force.

A world-shaking punch!

Even though Di Feng is terrified, he still understands that, at this moment, if he tries to dodge, he will have absolutely no chance of surviving.

He has to go all out!

With reddening eyes, Di Feng immediately makes a block using his 2 arms. At the same time, his purple armor totally appears on the surface of his body. His powerful protective demonic elemental energy is also moving continuously around his body. That world-shaking punch by Qin Yu then smashes into Di Feng’s arms.

A series of noises of bones getting shattered is heard. Di Feng’s arms are unexpectedly broken into pieces and their bones are smashed. Flesh fragments and blood are scattered around.

“5th brother!”

Di Long shouts loudly. However, because Qin Yu is too fast, it is simply impossible for the other Di brothers to save Di Feng, whose eyes suddenly flash with a hint of madness. When his arms are smashed, he makes use of the force of Qin Yu’s punch to back away very quickly.

His retreating speed is fast but Qin Yu’s fist is even faster.


After destroying Di Feng’s arms, Qin Yu’s punch proceeds to smash into Di Feng’s chest with a bang.

Di Feng now retreats even faster than he did just now. In only a moment, the other 5 majesties, Di Jian, Di Long, Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai, charge at Qin Yu almost simultaneously. Facing these 5 furious brothers, Qin Yu has no choice but to fly backwards.

“5th brother.”

Di Long helps Di Feng get up, his face full of nervousness.

Di Feng clenches his teeth, saying: “I’m okay, big brother. It’s just that my arms have been destroyed. Later I can only rely on my legs and holy weapon to attack. This Qin Yu bloke’s punch was formidable but my arms neutralized part of its offensive force and I was backing away and wearing the purple armor so my body wasn’t seriously injured.”

His arms have been destroyed but at the moment Di Feng does not care about this in the least.

“Big brother, you have to avenge 8th brother’s death, and take revenge for my destroyed arms as well. You must kill Qin Yu. I’m getting out of the formation first.” After saying so, Di Feng immediately flies out of the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation, not dejected at all.

However, because of the destruction of his arms, his heart is filled with hatred for Qin Yu.

Now Di Long detests Qin Yu even more.

The 5 Di brothers in the formation surround and attack Qin Yu but Qin Yu does not mind this and keeps evading them.

“Di Long.”

While dodging, Qin Yu says: “You already knew those 2 early Dongxu little worms are basically no match for me. That Di Luan fella is smart so he left right from the beginning. But Di Feng didn’t. He must’ve had a death wish! As their big brother, you’re also a silly worm.”

Di Long’s rage rises to the sky.

Right after successfully setting up the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation, the Di brothers all considered Qin Yu a turtle in a jar and wanted to kill him quickly. Di Luan had to exit the formation only because he had been seriously injured by Qin Yu before.

Boiling with rage, the majesties simply did not remember that even though Qin Yu had been confined in the formation, he was not so easy for them to kill either.


Di Long, who is so furious that his eyes have reddened, growls through his teeth then charges at Qin Yu. The other 4 majesties also execute their techniques to attack Qin Yu. Their holy weapons, long-distance attacks and close-quarters attacks can be seen everywhere within the formation.

Outside the black rock island, Teng Shan and Lou Ke are standing side by side. Their guardians are standing in midair silently behind them.

All of them are watching Qin Yu single-handedly taking on 5 majesties in the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation. Qin Yu is moving very fast like a golden beam of light, but the 5 majesties have wised up and the 3 middle Dongxu stage majesties are now working together as a team.

Di Long is one prong of the attack, Di Jian is another prong and the other 3, Di Xu, Di Yang and Di Nai, form yet another prong. Qin Yu cannot resist any of the 3 prongs of their attack.

“Lou Ke, you’re very smart, aren’t you? How long do you think Qin Yu can hang on for?” Teng Shan asks smilingly. At the moment he basically does not think that Qin Yu will be able to escape alive.

Even though Qin Yu is extremely fast, to move so fast nonstop, he has to consume quite a lot of stellar energy.

“How long? If those 5 majesties of the Nine Demons Hall keep chasing him so foolishly, I think perhaps they won’t be able to catch or kill Qin Yu.” Lou Ke looks very confident.

Teng Shan, however, does not agree with him.

“Lou Ke, could it be you don’t know this Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation? It completely isolates everything inside it from the outside. Not even the holy energy in nature can go into this formation. That Qin Yu fella is fast but he must be using a lot of energy to be fighting so fiercely. After some time, when all of the holy energy within the formation has been absorbed, they’ll have no choice but to use the energy inside their bodies.”

Teng Shan says very confidently: “If they use their internal energy, Qin Yu will probably run out of energy within 3 days, but how about the 5 majesties? Firstly, they got pills so they can take pills to replenish their demonic elemental energy. And secondly, they set up the formation so they can come out to recover whereas Qin Yu can’t. Though they have always been unable to catch Qin Yu, in the end Qin Yu will be captured when his energy is used up.”


Lou Ke says smilingly.

Teng Shan says with a frown: “Why? I can’t see how Qin Yu can escape alive.”

Lou Ke laughs out loud: “Has your mind become rigid, Teng Shan? Yes, in a normal situation, Qin Yu would be dead. But don’t forget that both my Grand Founder and your overlord are rushing to this place. 3 days? My Grand Founder already made preparations long ago. Perhaps he’ll arrive in less than a day …”

“Ha-ha, I got it.”

Teng Shan suddenly understands: “Once my Overlord Azure Dragon and your Grand Founder Three-Eyed come here, if Qin Yu is still living, his life will no longer be decided by those Nine Demons Hall’s majesties. This Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation’s defense is formidable and to break it your offense must be stronger than the combined defense of the 6 who set it up. But if my overlord wants to break the formation, this’ll be a piece of cake.”

Qin Yu is the key to the 8th jade sword and Treasure Storing Palace.

Once Overlord Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed have rushed to this place, how can they possibly let him get killed by those 5 majesties? They will definitely break the formation and seize Qin Yu directly.

Qin Yu is faster than Di Long and Di Jian, but he is still fairly slower than a divine beast azure dragon at the early Kongming stage and a divine beast Three-Blue-Eyed toad at the late Dongxu stage.

Even though that Three-Blue-Eyed toad has only reached the late Dongxu stage, he is a divine beast. If he really goes mad and is willing to risk serious injuries, he can single-handedly defeat the Nine Demons Hall’s brothers. Yes, he will defeat them rather than be merely a match for them. Three-Blue-Eyed toads are really no ordinary divine beasts.

That 3rd eye has terrifyingly strong offense. Azure Dragon has reached the early Kongming stage but he still does not dare to block the attack of the toad’s 3rd eye head-on. It is because of this that Overlord Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed are considered experts of the same tier by everybody.

Azure Dragon is a divine beast and has reached the early Kongming stage so he can absolutely rival Dujie stage Xiuxianists in power.

The overseas Xiuzhen world has no Dujie stage Xiuxianists so it is normal that Azure Dragon is called the no. 1 expert here.

“That Qin Yu fella is pretty strong, but … he’s still ineligible to compete with the 3 superpowers. He lacks power but he has obtained Treasure Storing Palace and even knows information about the 8th jade sword. Oh, he also got a spatial ring that can contain Treasure Storing Palace. These are enough to cost him his life.” Teng Shan says with a sigh.

Lou Ke nods his head.

The owner of a treasure should also have enough power to deter potential robbers. Otherwise, the treasure will only cause the owner to be robbed by strong individuals.

Given his power, Qin Yu can be regarded as an expert in the overseas Xiuzhen world, but he is not even a match for Di Jian or Di Long of the Nine Demons Hall and is only a bit stronger than Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai, let alone Overlord Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed. Therefore, naturally he has been and will be bullied by the superpowers.

For example, when he demanded to know why Di Long had wanted to kill him, Di Long answered that he should feel grateful to be killed by Di Long!

The Xiuzhen world is a survival-of-the-fittest world. Di Long’s reply was provocative and arrogant, but it also reflects some rules of the Xiuzhen world.

Take, for example, Teng Shan. Even though he is not a super expert and the Nine Demons Hall’s brothers think that he killed Di Qing, they have only reproached the Azure Dragon Palace and do not dare to kill him before getting permission from the Azure Dragon Palace’s overlord.

The reason for this is that Teng Shan is backed by the overseas Xiuzhen world’s no. 1 expert, Overlord Azure Dragon!

If they were to kill Teng Shan, Overlord Azure Dragon would probably be enraged and destroy the Nine Demons Hall directly.

When Lou Ke and Teng Shan are chatting with each other, suddenly —

“Illusion Spreading Sword Art — Dawn Breaking!”

Qin Yu’s loud shouts echo nonstop. At this moment, a sword shape dazzling like the sun is already piercing through the air, shooting at Di Yang.

Di Yang hurriedly controls his sword to defend. Di Xu and Di Nai beside him also help him defend.

However, after this Dawn Breaking move is executed, the 3 of them can only feel as if there is a dazzling sun before their eyes. At the same time, that sword shape is also vague and impossible for them to lock onto. They basically cannot find out exactly where the sword shape is aiming for.

Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai cannot help getting nervous.

“Protect your vital points!”

Di Long immediately tells these 3 brothers of his through holy sense communication.

Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai come to their senses at once. No matter how evasive Qin Yu’s sword art is, its purpose is to injure his opponents, which requires it to hit the opponents’ bodies. Therefore, the 3 of them will be all right as long as they protect their vital points.

Under the dazzling sunlight, it seems that extremely fast incoming sword shape sometimes moves up 20 to 30 cm, sometimes moves down 20 to 30 cm, sometimes moves left 20 to 30 cm and sometimes moves right 20 to 30 cm.

There is only one sword but it looks as if there are several swords.


Qin Yu’s sword strike hits Di Xu’s long stick. Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai are frightened when they think about what has just happened.

“Be careful, everybody. Don’t be reckless. This Qin Yu fella is good at using Xiuxianists’ flying sword arts.” Di Long hurriedly warns his brothers.

However Qin Yu starts dodging nonstop again. He will not easily attack once more. That sword strike just now is a formidable move of the Illusion Spreading Sword Art and it also uses a great amount of energy. Qin Yu, therefore, immediately absorbs natural holy energy to replenish his own energy.

“Fei Fei, when will you arrive?” He asks, holding a transmitter in his hand.

“Soon, big brother, just wait for a while.” Hou Fei is also rushing to this island.

When Qin Yu is absorbing the holy energy in nature, he suddenly notices that … its density is shockingly low.

“What’s going on?” Qin Yu expands his holy sense and is amazed to discover that the holy energy outside the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation cannot go inside because it is blocked by the formation. Moreover, the 5 majesties are also absorbing holy energy as fast as they can. Obviously they want to quickly exhaust the holy energy within the formation’s barrier.

Qin Yu immediately has a bad feeling.

Judging by the fact that Di Feng and Di Luan came out easily, he knows that those who set up the formation can leave with no difficulties, which also means that the enemies can come out to recharge their energy whereas he cannot. There are still the yuanyings of some Blood-red Cave guardians left in his spatial ring, but refining a yuanying is not as simple as absorbing natural holy energy.

“I’ve come, big brother!”

Hou Fei suddenly sends a message to Qin Yu. In just a short time —

A rumbling is heard. A monkey then appears in front of Di Feng. At the same time, he swings a black stick at Di Feng with a tremendous force. Because the stick cuts through the air so fast, there is not even a sonic boom.

Di Feng looks at that black stick, which arrives at his face in an instant, with popping eyes. He simply has no time to react.


It smashes down on his head. Di Feng’s head is immediately shattered. The black stick’s terrifying force even breaks Di Feng’s body and bones into pieces. His blood and flesh fragments are scattered all over the air. Not far from Di Feng, Di Luan has been scared stiff.

The 5 majesties in the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation also watch this scene in stupefaction.

Teng Shan, Lou Ke and the guardians behind them are all startled. For the moment, their minds still have not reacted to this. Even Qin Yu in the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation is scared stiff by the performance Hou Fei put in upon making his entrance.

End of b7c3.

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