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B7C11: Spatial collapse

Most inhabitants of the Qian Long continents are mortals. Next to the southern boundary of the Qian Long continent, there is a seemingly boundless area of water, which has a number of immortal islands. Several hundred proximate islands hundreds of millions of li to the south of the Qian Long continent form a region — the Penglai Immortal Region. This is the center for overseas Xiuxianists.

The Penglai Immortal Region has a great number of schools and its several hundred islands are all extremely large. In general, each island has millions of mortal humans and over 1000 Xiuxianists. Therefore, Xiuxianists in the Penglai Immortal Region are counted by the hundred thousand.

Even though there are very many schools in the Penglai Immortal Region, the Qingxu Temple is the leading one.

This Qingxu Temple does not have many students. Compared to the other schools in the Penglai Immortal Region, it has an average number of members. However, it has a grand elder called Reverend Yan Xu, who has reached the late Kongming stage and is only one step away from the Dujie stage. This person is none other than the top figure of the Penglai Immortal Region.

On the Qingxu Island in the Penglai Immortal Region,

Thanks to the several tens holy-energy-gathering formations that have been set up on the island, the density of holy energy on the island is 10 times higher than that of a normal area of water. The closer it is to the center of the Qingxu Island, the thicker holy energy is. Beyond certain points, holy energy is even so thick that it looks like mists. Various Xiuxianists are flying on their swords, or on air currents, or on clouds, or using photic escaping arts.

In an ancient pavilion, there is a silver-haired old man whose face is ruddy like a child’s. Sitting beside this silver-haired old man is the abbot of the Qingxu Temple, Reverend Yan Lan. And that silver-haired old man is none other than the grand elder of the Qingxu Temple, Reverend Yan Xu.

“Senior brother, only the Ziyang school has this Hundred Dewdrops Tea and they often give it to you only. If not for you, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this kind of tea every day.” Reverend Yan Lan savors a sip of tea with great enjoyment.

Reverend Yan Xu, however, gives an indifferent smile: “That Ziyang school is very ambitious. They want to become the no. 1 in all respects. Our Qingxu Temple isn’t ambitious but we’ve got real power so it’s no wonder they’ve been toadying to me like that.”

Reverend Yan Xu is the most powerful and the no. 1 figure in the Penglai Immortal Region.

“Senior brother, the Ziyang school has several tens thousand disciples in this Penglai Immortal Region while we only have several thousand. In fact, if not for the instructions given by our school’s founder in the past, the Qingxu Temple’s disciples would have greatly outnumbered theirs long ago. Though we have a small number of disciples, our experts are stronger than theirs both at this place and on the Teng Long continent.” Reverend Yan Lan appears somewhat haughty when talking to this point.

“Junior brother, our Qingxu Temple’s practice techniques attach great importance to states of mind. To achieve great success, you have to be calm and stay away from fame and wealth. If we took in a lot of disciples and participated in factional conflicts, there’d be a foul atmosphere in the entire Qingxu Temple and our disciples wouldn’t be able to achieve great things.” Reverend Yan Xu says smilingly.

Reverend Yan Lan nods his head.

“If not for my dislike of the fact that the Teng Long continent is much more chaotic than this place because its schools have too many experts and its Xiuzhenists fight each other all the time for treasures, why would I have stayed here instead of going there?”

After saying so, Reverend Yan Lan lets out a sigh.

Suddenly, Reverend Yan Xu turns his hand over, taking out a transmitter. After making a sweep with his holy sense, he says smilingly: “Junior brother, I never thought that azure dragon of the Azure Dragon Palace would send me a message.”

“Azure Dragon? The one who also hasn’t returned to the dragon clan?” Reverend Yan Lan asks smilingly.

Reverend Yan Xu says with a nod: “Why would he want to return to the dragon clan? He’s only a junior so it’s better for him to stay here, where he can do what he wants without being controlled. Oh, the Stellar Tower …” He stops abruptly and focuses on talking with Azure Dragon through his transmitter.

In a short while —

Reverend Yan Xu puts away the transmitter with a somewhat serious expression. He is frowning deeply. It is obvious he is pondering.

“What makes you ponder so deeply, senior brother? Could it be the 8th jade sword has appeared, or the 9th jade sword has appeared?” Reverend Yan Lan says with a smile. In the overseas Xiuzhen world, the only thing worthy of the 5 superpowers’ close attention is the 9 Swords Immortal Mansion.

Reverend Yan Xu says with a nod: “Yes, the 8th jade sword has appeared.”

“Oh, where?” Reverend Yan Lan’s eyes brighten. “Senior brother, the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon has 2 jade swords, the Azure Dragon Palace has 2 as well, but our Penglai Immortal Region has only 1 … so either this 8th jade sword or the 9th sword should go to us, right?”

Reverend Yan Xu shakes his head and says: “You can forget it. This 8th jade sword has already been taken. Besides, its owner even has a very notable background. Now the overseas Xiuzhen world’s 5 superpowers should be changed to 6 superpowers.”

“6 superpowers? Another superpower other than the Azure Dragon Palace, the Blue Water Mansion and the Nine Demons Hall has appeared in the underwater Xiuyao world?” Reverend Yan Lan quickly makes a judgment. This 6th superpower must have appeared in the underwater Xiuyao world.

The reason for this is that Xiuxianists and Xiumoists totally concentrate in the Penglai Immortal Region and the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon respectively, making it absolutely impossible for another major power to emerge on the surface of the ocean.

Reverend Yan Xu says with a nod: “Yes, it’s called Stellar Tower.”

“Stellar Tower? Who’s the tower master?” Reverend Yan Lan asks immediately. Unlike Reverend Yan Xu, who does not care about fame and wealth, he is the abbot of the Qingxu Temple so there are many things he must know.

“His name is Qin Yu. But his background is no ordinary. His brother is a divine beast, and an extremely formidable divine beast at that. His uncle is that divine beast’s master and a loose immortal!” When Reverend Yan Xu talks to this point, his tone becomes somewhat solemn.

Reverend Yan Lan’s heart skips a beat.

“A loose immortal?” He thinks extremely fast for a while. “Why would a loose immortal run north of the Chaotic Astral Ocean? Is this place even worth visiting to him?”

“Senior brother, did Azure Dragon mention the power level of that loose immortal?” Reverend Yan Lan asks without delay. Although this Qingxu Temple does not have many experts in the Penglai Immortal Region, it has a great number of experts on the Teng Long continent.

If this is a 3rd tribulation loose immortal or lower, he can still rely on his school’s reputation to deal with him.

“He’s at least a 6th tribulation loose immortal. The thing is, Azure Dragon can’t be sure. This is his most conservative estimate.” When Reverend Yan Xu said the words ‘6th tribulation loose immortal’, even he felt oppressed.

“6th tribulation loose immortal?”

Reverend Yan Lan’s face changes color greatly.

He understands the implications of a 6th tribulation loose immortal. A figure like that will be influential even on the Teng Long continent. The Qingxu Temple has been in existence for a million years, but it still has no intention of offending such an expert.

Moreover, a 6th tribulation loose immortal is just a guess, a most conservative guess. It is impossible to judge this loose immortal’s real power.

“This matter must be reported to our school on the Teng Long continent. Senior brother, generally not many loose immortals who have overcome the 4th tribulation stay on the Teng Long continent so we must treat such an expert with prudence and must not offend him.” Reverend Yan Lan hurriedly says.

Reverend Yan Xu says with a smile: “Don’t worry, junior brother. How can’t I know the implications of such an expert? The official opening ceremony of the Stellar Tower will take place this day 3 years later. I have to pass this information to the other schools in the Penglai Immortal Region. Our region must send a delegation to attend it with a big gift.”

“That’s right, a big gift.”

Reverend Yan Lan says with a nod then advises: “Senior brother, for the moment let’s not tell the other schools that the Stellar Tower is at least backed by a 6th tribulation loose immortal. Just tell them that it’s got a loose immortal and don’t mention the other things.”

Even though the Qingxu Temple is a school which ‘seeks tranquility and stays away from fame and wealth’, facing a super expert who is a 6th tribulation loose immortal at a minimum, they still have to do some thinking.

Reverend Yan Xu nods his head.

In the Penglai Immortal Region, the Qingxu Temple is the leader and the Ziyang school and the Lanyang school are the assistants. Below them there are 12 sects and a great number of small schools and the like.

The Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon is also hundreds of millions of li away from the Qian Long continent in the ocean. It is formed from over 100 proximate islands. However, the top figure of the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon is an expert who does not belong to a school or faction. He is called Purple-haired Dungeon King Yi Da and is extremely powerful, having reached the late phase of the Kongming stage.

There are very few people on the Dungeon King Island, Yi Da’s dwelling place, only several hundred. This island is obviously very much smaller than the other islands, each of which has several million mortals and several thousand Xiumoists.

There is a lone mountain peak in the center of the Dungeon King Island. One side of this mountain peak is completely vertical, looking like the edge of a sword.

A handsome man is sitting quietly with legs crossed and eyes closed on the lone mountain peak. Far from him on one side, 2 servants are respectfully awaiting for his orders. This man has long purple hair, which has flowed down on the ground. The strange thing is that there is not a speck of dust on it. This man is none other than Purple-haired Dungeon King Yi Da.

Yi Da suddenly opens his eyes, which flash with a seemingly invisible purple light. A transmitter then appears in his hand.

“Azure Dragon?”

He immediately begins to communicate carefully with Azure Dragon. After a while, he puts away the transmitter and says towards his back expressionlessly: “Send for the chiefs of the Yanmo school and the Yinyue Palace. I’ve got something important to discuss with them.”


The 2 servants behind him bow and say. Right afterwards, they disappear on the mountain peak.

“At least a 6th tribulation loose immortal.” Yi Da bites his lip, causing drops of blood to ooze out. With an act of sticking out his tongue, he licks all of them off. Then he sits with legs crossed and eyes closed again, as if nothing ever happened.

Qin Yu and Hou Fei take a look ahead.

It is none other than the Blood-red Cave in front of them. They both feel their heart palpitate for a while. Goodness, there is a distance of 80 million li from the black rock island to the Blood-red Cave. It is such a long distance yet they have returned in an instant.

“Teleportation, a legendary technique they say only immortals can use.”

Qin Yu still remembers what is recorded in those Xiuzhen books. But Uncle Lan is really a bit too abnormal already because he has teleported back here directly carrying 2 others with him. At least now Qin Yu simply cannot imagine how he did that.

“Why are you stupefied, brats? It’s time to go back.” Uncle Lan says smilingly.

Hou Fei immediately wakes up from astonishment and says: “Master, I’ve never experienced teleportation before. It’s too awesome. Do you know how long it took me to follow big brother to that black rock island? One year, no less! But now I’ve come back in an instant. Have you still got any unused magic powers, master? Please let me have a taste of them.”

Hou Fei’s eyes glitter.

“I still have many magic powers, but I’m afraid you don’t have the nerve to experience them.” Uncle Lan strokes his beard and says smilingly.

Hou Fei says in a totally unconcerned manner: “I don’t have the nerve? Master, could it be you don’t know how formidable your disciple is? There’s nothing that I’m afraid of doing. If you’ve got any unused magic powers, just let me have a taste of them.”

“Fine, then I’ll let you have a taste of my … Wind-controlling Art.” Uncle Lan says smilingly to Hou Fei.

Qin Yu’s eyes brighten. He immediately watches carefully from one side. Since he met Uncle Lan, he has only seen Uncle Lan in action once. In general, chances to see this kind of great expert in action are extremely hard to come by.

“Come at me. Feel free to come at me. Let me have a taste of that Wind-controlling Art or something.” Hou Fei is so excited that his eyes keep flashing with a red light.

“Make yourself ready.”

Uncle Lan warns him. At the same time, he sets up a restrictive spell with a range of several hundred meters around them. He does not want anybody else to see his techniques.

Hou Fei clenches his fists. The power in his entire body is activated. Now he has become fully prepared.

Uncle Lan makes a move with his hands.

“So fast!” Qin Yu’s heart gets a huge shock. Just now, he felt that it seemed Uncle Lan made several hundred or several thousand hand signs in an instant. But because this speed is too fast, he simply cannot tell exactly how many hand signs Uncle Lan made.

Uncle Lan gives a smile then points at Hou Fei in an indifferent manner: “Spin!”

A blue whirlwind enfolds Hou Fei in the blink of an eye. That blue whirlwind is about 5 to 6 m high and its diameter is small so it does not have a very large range at all, just enough to completely cover Hou Fei. It does not even affect Qin Yu, who is not far from it on one side.

Spin, spin extremely fast.

The whirlwind turns into a blue blur. Its spinning speed immediately reaches a frightening level. Concurrently with this, Hou Fei also begins to spin extremely fast and utter strange quacking noises.

Chi chi ~~~

Because the whirlwind spins too fast, the space in the immediately vicinity of it unexpectedly cannot endure the pressure caused by it and starts to collapse. After a moment, Qin Yu can see the spatial collapse clearly. The range of the collapse is a bit greater than the range of the whirlwind.

“No good.” His face changes color.

He has heard about spatial rifts like this one. Even loose immortals will probably die once falling into spatial rifts. Therefore, he cannot help worrying about Hou Fei.

However, Uncle Lan is still smiling indifferently without worries and this calms Qin Yu down a little. Now Hou Fei is being enfolded in the whirlwind and spinning nonstop extremely fast. The body of a normal man would have been twisted into pieces by such an extreme speed long ago.

The blue whirlwind is surrounded by the spatial rift but it unexpectedly is not affected by the rift’s strong consuming power at all. Qin Yu can see clearly that various streams of energy are moving chaotically in all directions inside the rift. Each of those energy streams is so powerful that it terrifies him. But when those energy streams come into contact with the blue whirlwind, they disappear immediately and therefore they do not harm Hou Fei in the least.


Uncle Lan points again. The spinning speed of that blue whirlwind then gradually decreases and that spatial rift also automatically vanishes away. The ocean water fills that area of space again, as if the spatial collapse never happened.

When the blue whirlwind totally disappears, Hou Fei falls down powerlessly, his vision blurred. He murmurs: “So … dizzy …”


Teng Long continent = Rising Dragon continent

Ziyang school = Purple Sun school

Yanmo school = Flaming Devil school
Yinyue Palace = Negative Moon Palace

End of b7c11.

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