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B6C9: The arrival of the 3 demons

Outside the entrance of the ravine, Uncle Lan, Li’er and all the Xiuyaoists in the ravine such as Yan Zi have gathered to bid farewell to Qin Yu. This time, he has been staying in the ravine for more than a half year. Once again, Qin Yu has felt that the heat current sent out by his Meteoric Tear has become stronger by 2 to 3 times during this period.

It was also like this when he was here last time and only went back to normal after he had left the ravine. In the last half year, he has often listened to Li’er’s music so his mental state has improved quite a lot and his soul has become even more materialized. Now his soul level has already reached the peak of the early Dongxu stage and can experience another breakthrough anytime.

“There’s no need to keep seeing me off, everybody. And don’t worry about the Blood-red Cave’s affairs. Once I’ve dealt with them, I’m going to return to visit you. After all, the distance between the ravine and the Blood-red Cave is fairly short.” Qin Yu says smilingly to everyone.

Only at his current level does he dare to say that a nearly 1 million li distance is not far.

“It’s not far indeed. When I have free time, I’ll also come to visit you. You’ll have to improve your chess skill intensively and don’t let me defeat you so easily next time.” Li’er says with a smile. Given her marvelous travelling technique, she really can cover a million li very easily.

Hearing the words ‘chess skill’, Qin Yu cannot help having a headache. But he still says with a big smile on his face: “Of course I will, Li’er. In fact, my chess skill isn’t too weak. It’s just that your skill is somewhat too … abnormal.”

Li’er is a little annoyed at once. But this is just because of her shyness. During this period of time, Qin Yu has often kidded her and she has never become very angry. However, he likes how she looks when she is both embarrassed and annoyed very much.

“Xiao Yu.”

Uncle Lan says.

When Qin Yu just returned to the ravine more than a half year ago, he had a talk with Uncle Lan. Afterwards, Uncle Lan somehow changed his mind and had a completely different attitude towards Qin Yu. He also began to call Qin Yu ‘Xiao Yu’ just like how a senior would call his junior instead of ‘Qin Yu.’ Of course, Qin Yu did not mind this.

“Remember the transmitter I gave you and that advice.” Uncle Lan says this sentence with a fairly serious expression. He then says smilingly: “Don’t think too much. Just try to temper yourself outside. This ravine is calm and quiet but it’s unsuitable for someone young and inexperienced like you.”

Qin Yu nods resolutely: “I already remembered, Uncle Lan.”

“Big brother Qin Yu, next time you’ll have to give me and sis Jin presents. Most importantly, you’ll have to give sis Li’er a present.” Yan Zi says playfully on one side.

Qin Yu nods at her then looks at the other residents of the ravine. His eyes stop on Li’er a bit longer.

“There’s no need to keep seeing me off, everybody, goodbye.”

After saying this, he immediately stands on the Flaming Sword and rushes towards the Blood-red Cave like a beam of light. The Xiuyaoists then go back into the ravine one by one, but Li’er is still looking in Qin Yu’s direction. There is a hint of disappointment in her eyes at the moment.

“Sis Li’er, you don’t like to be separated from him, do you?” Yan Zi says laughingly on one side of her. On the other side, Xiao Jin also begins to kid her.

Li’er regains her normal composure in an instant.

“Humph, the 2 of you even dare to poke fun at me. Now Qin Yu has gone, I need someone else to play chess with. All right, then I’m going to play with you two.” She makes a wave of her hand. Yan Zi and Xiao Jin are unexpectedly immobilized at once. Li’er returns to the ravine right afterwards. Surprisingly, Yan Zi and Xiao Jin automatically float after her.

If Qin Yu were to see this move, he would be dumbfounded.

This is really the power of a Jindan stage Xiuzhenist?

“Sis Li’er, you’re very merciful so please forgive us. We already know that we were wrong. We can’t play chess. It’s too complicated and headachy for us.” Yan Zi cannot move her limbs so she can only use her mouth to say nonstop. Xiao Jin, who is suffering the same fate, is also begging unceasingly.

“If you can’t play chess then I’ll teach you. Qin Yu taught it to me but now I’m even better at it than him.”

Li’er giggles and totally ignores Yan Zi’s and Xiao Jin’s appeals.

At the entrance of the ravine,

Uncle Lan is standing here. Li’er and the others have come back into the ravine. Hearing the conversation between Li’er, Yan Zi and Xiao Jin, he gives a faint smile.

He then looks in the direction of Qin Yu’s departure and says to himself: “Am I right or wrong to let Li’er and Xiao Yu be together? Just like when I didn’t die with her at that time to live out this worthless life, was I right or wrong?”

“If I had another chance …”

He sighs quietly: “Perhaps I’d choose the other path even if it would lead to death.”

“Everyone chooses their own path. I can’t force Xiao Yu to follow a certain path.” He turns into nothingness after saying this and enters the bamboo house in an instant. This is the legendary Teleportation.

Inside the Blood-red Cave,


Qin Yu is standing outside the entrance leading to the underground secret floor in the artificial mountain. His face slightly changes color. He immediately says to the guards on patrol nearby: “All of you come here.”

Hearing the order, that patrolling guard squad runs up to him extremely fast at once. The guards in the squad then get down on one knee, saying: “Cave master.”

“Say, when was this secret floor rebuilt into this state?” Qin Yu shouts a question at the squad leader. There is even a note of anger in his tone.

That squad leader immediately says in terror: “About a half year ago, 2nd master said that this secret floor had been reduced to a mess by that fierce battle and ordered guards to rebuild it.”

When Qin Yu hears this, his face darkens. The squad leader continues: “Cave master, this underground secret floor was such a mess. Perhaps 2nd master also thought that it was graceless so he ordered us subordinates to rebuild it.”

Qin Yu is very frustrated in his heart.

An expert could look at the marks left on the battlefield where Cha Hong and Di Tong fought and figure out something. Qin Yu originally wanted to slightly alter those marks to lead the Nine Demons Hall’s members into making erroneous judgments favorable to him.

However, the underground rubble was tamped and flattened and new secret rooms were built during the reconstruction so now there is absolutely none of those marks left.

“Forget it. You can go now.”

Qin Yu says with a wave of his hand in frustration.

“I take my leave.”

Those guards hurriedly leave in a respectful manner. Qin Yu feels that the situation is fairly bad because the marks of the battle are all gone. If the Nine Demons Hall’s members come here to investigate, they will definitely get angry upon seeing no marks on the battlefield, which will make it more difficult for him to deal with them.

Without the marks of the fighting, those Nine Demons Hall’s members will surely interrogate the guardians and guards of the Blood-red Cave and they may find out something disadvantageous to him.

“Those guardians and guards should know what to say and what not to, right?” Qin Yu has no choice but to hope for the best because he does not dare to tell those guardians and guards directly what they should say. After all, doing so would be the same as leaving behind a piece of evidence.

He suddenly gives a smile.

“It’s no use thinking too much. Let’s hope that the Nine Demons Hall won’t be too unreasonable. If they really cause me trouble, we 3 brothers will have no choice but to go on a killing spree.” He turns around and leaves the artificial mountain to go back to his Lei Mountain House.

When there is nothing to do, it is not bad to read books in Lei Mountain House.

In the Great Shell Cave,

Fu Hao, who is fat and has smooth white skin, bows and says with a pleasant smile: “My 3 majesties, I have already prepared the rooms for you. May I ask if you want to stay the night here or keep going? The Blood-red Cave is very close to my Great Shell Cave.”

Di Luan frowns.

Di Qing immediately says smilingly to Fu Hao: “Fu Hao, we’re very satisfied with your answers. All right, we acknowledge your good intentions but we’ve got something to do so we won’t take a rest here.”

Right after saying this, he leaves the Great Shell Cave together with Di Luan and Di Jian.

As Fu Hao watches those 3 majesties leaving, a transmitter appears in his hand. After arranging in his mind a bit, he sends the contents of the talk between him and the 3 majesties into his transmitter using his holy sense then messages them to both Lord Teng and Lord Lou.

“Ha, it’s pretty good to benefit twice from one job. But … who’s that Liu Xing fella actually? His appearance is so mysterious. Plus, both 8th majesty and Cha Hong are already dead. If their deaths have something to do with him then he’s dangerous. I mustn’t provoke him. I definitely mustn’t provoke him.”

Fu Hao sighs quietly then strolls back to his dwelling place.

Since the 3 majesties are not in his cave anymore, he can now enjoy himself at will without restraint.

At the Blood-red Cave,

3 men who are all dressed in purple robes appear outside the main entrance. They are none other than Di Jian, Di Qing and Di Luan. They have suddenly arrived at the Blood-red Cave’s entrance without any notice.

As the 3 of them look at the entrance of the cave, faint cold smiles appear on the corners of their mouths and their killing intent rises to a frightening level.

“Who are you?”

The guards at the entrance are no longer lordly as they usually are because they have been terrified by the killing intent these 3 men are giving off. The way they talk shows obviously that they fear the 3 men.

“Call your cave master Liu Xing out to see me.” Di Qing shouts coldly.

The faces of those guards change color. One of them says: “Sirs, the 3 of you should be experts but our Blood-red Cave’s master isn’t someone who you can meet with just a word. Moreover, you even want our cave master to personally come out to meet you, which is a bit much.”

Di Luan looks at that guard. If this had been said in the past, he would have secretly praised the guard for being loyal to the cave master. But now, after arriving at the Blood-red Cave, the 3 majesties have only pain and hatred in their hearts because they believe that there is a connection between their brother’s death and this place.

“Sod off!”

Di Luan gives a cold shout and throws a kick.

That guard wants to dodge but he immediately sees stars and is sent flying.

“Ha-ha … this 8 million li radius area is the territory of my Blood-red Cave but the 3 of you even dare to behave so arrogantly at the entrance of my place. You’re really a bit much!” Black-robed Qin Yu appears outside the entrance of the Blood-red Cave.

As soon as those guards see him, they hurriedly bow and say: “Cave master.”

Di Luan and his brothers immediately look at Qin Yu with glittering eyes.

“You’re the cave master?” Di Luan asks.

Qin Yu says with a nod: “Correct. I’m the Blood-red Cave’s master. Sirs, the 3 of you look distinguished and are very powerful but you’re a bit much to be so arrogant at the entrance of the Blood-red Cave. You should know that the Blood-red Cave is subordinate to the Nine Demons Hall. You may bully the Blood-red Cave easily but the Nine Demons Hall is a different matter.”

Hearing this, even Di Jian has a faint smile on his face.

3 majesties of the Nine Demons Hall are in front of this Liu Xing fellow but he does not recognize them so how can they not find this funny?

“How can’t I know that you’re 3 majesties from the Nine Demons Hall? These purple robes are a distinguishing characteristic of you.” Qin Yu says inwardly. He is only pretending that he does not know who they are. He then shouts loudly: “Sirs, if you’ve got something to say then say it, I don’t have time to waste on you.”

Di Luan takes out from his bosom an authority card.

A Nine Demons black card!

Qin Yu’s face changes color. He slightly stammers: “You, you are …”

Di Qing says with a cold expression: “That’s right! We’re 3 majesties from the Nine Demons Hall. You want to make the Nine Demons Hall cause us trouble, don’t you?” Di Qing, Di Luan and Di Jian all look at Qin Yu, wanting to see his embarrassment.

Qin Yu says with an awkward expression: “My 3 majesties, I am Qin Yu, also known as Liu Xing. I’ve been holding this cave master position for just a short time so I’m still unfamiliar with the 9 majesties. I earnestly hope that you would forgive me.”

For the moment, he does not want to fight the Nine Demons Hall’s members head-on so naturally he is being slightly respectful to them.

Seeing his terrified and embarrassed manner, Di Luan says with a cold laugh: “Alright, don’t talk nonsense. Gather all your guardians, squad leaders and vice masters into the main hall. I’ve got something to ask you all.”

Qin Yu’s heart skips a beat.

These 3 majesties from the Nine Demons Hall unexpectedly want to gather everyone right after their arrival. It looks like they do not have friendly intentions.

“Please wait in the main hall for a while, my 3 majesties. All guardians, squad leaders and my 2nd and 3rd brothers will come immediately.” After saying this, Qin Yu shouts an order to the guards around him: “Listen up, my guards. Inform the guardians, squad leaders, 2nd master and 3rd master that they have to quickly gather in the main hall.”

“Yes!” The several hundred guards around get down on one knee and take the order in unison.

Afterwards, they immediately run away to spread the order.

“2nd master? 3rd master?” Di Luan frowns.

Qin Yu explains smilingly: “Majesty, they are my 2nd and 3rd brother. There’s a very good brotherhood between us so we consider ourselves equal. We followed the example of the Nine Demons Hall’s 9 majesties and established the 2nd master and 3rd master positions instead of the vice master ones.”

Hearing what Qin Yu just said, Di Jian and his brothers secretly change their attitudes towards him a bit.

They and their brothers have a very deep affection for each other so after knowing that Qin Yu also values brotherhood, they think a little better of him. But as soon as they remember that their 8thbrother’s death is very likely to have something to do with the guy before them, this newly formed tinge of good impression vanishes.

Di Luan says casually: “Cave master Qin Yu, what techniques have you practiced? Why aren’t you giving off any energy and why are you absorbing all of the energies around you instead? Why don’t you stop your technique and let us see what level you’ve reached?”

Qin Yu says in a powerless manner: “My 3 majesties, once this technique of mine is practiced, it will be planted deeply into the dantian and never stop working. Unless I’m killed, it won’t ever stop.”

His meaning is very clear, that is, there is no way he will stop this Northern Darkness technique to let them see his power level!

Di Luan says with a nod: “Oh, is that so? Right, I heard you killed that old turtle Qingxuan with just a sword move, didn’t you, cave master Qin Yu? Qingxuan was at the early Dongxu stage and was approaching Cha Hong in power. Looks like you surpassed Cha Hong long ago, but why were you willing to be a guardian under him before?”

Di Luan looks Qin Yu in the eye and waits for his answer.

Qin Yu is stupefied.

Di Luan’s eyes flash with coldness. The air between the 3 majesties and Qin Yu seems to have solidified.

End of b6c9.

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