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B6C5: A sword through the throat

Followed by a large entourage, Old Founder Qingxuan is indeed in a very great position. Even though by now all of the Blood-red Cave’s guardians have appeared, he is still leaning back in his chair without looking straight at them, which makes him appear all high and mighty.

“Qingxuan, being so arrogant at the Blood-red Cave, you’re really a bit much.” Teng Bi says coldly.

Qingxuan gives Teng Bi a sideways glance then says with an evil laugh that sounds like the cry of an owl: “So it’s you, Horned Dragon Teng Bi. If you join me, I’ll make you my deputy. What do you think?” He certainly wants to recruit a subordinate like Teng Bi because he also knows that Teng Bi is powerful.

“Oh my, old turtle Qingxuan, you’re even tempting boss Teng in front of the Blood-red Cave’s main entrance, isn’t this a bit too disrespectful to our cave master? This is simply …” Yan Qing curls her lips, looking very disdainful.

Qingxuan’s face darkens. His eyes flash repeatedly with coldness.

Yan Qing hurriedly hugs Teng Bi’s arm, saying: “Boss Teng, that old black turtle scares me. I’m really frightened. You have to protect me.” She looks very terrified but actually there is a hint of derision in her eyes.

Seeing Yan Qing acting like that, Teng Bi cannot help giving a faint smile.

“You strumpet, I’ll definitely take your yuanying and peel your snake skin off, making you die in a world of pain.” Qingxuan says in furious anger.

This Old Founder Qingxuan hates being called old turtle Qingxuan or old black turtle the most and likes being called Old Founder. However, Yan Qing has insulted him more than once by calling him what he hates so how can he possibly not become furious?

“Oh my, I’m so scared.” Yan Qing says again in a flirtatious voice.

Qingxuan is so angry that his eyebrows tremble.

“Don’t waste your time here, old black turtle. You want to seize the cave master position with your puny power? Don’t overrate yourself so shamelessly.” Wu Feng and Wu Tong laugh coldly while looking at Qingxuan. They are not afraid of him in the least.

The 3 black turtle brothers, however, say nothing.

Their true forms belong to a relatively rare species of black turtle whereas Qingxuan is just a common old black turtle. He has reached his current level only because he has been practicing for a very long time. Therefore, the 3 black turtle brothers actually look down on him.

“All of you prepare to be burnt to death and have your souls destroyed by my internal flame!”

Qingxuan points at the 9 guardians and angrily rebukes. Now he has become really angry. Coming here with a large entourage, originally he imagined how the Blood-red Cave’s guardians would get terrified when they see him.

But his imagination has proven to be wrong. These guardians do not care about him at all.

Teng Bi, Yan Qing, Xi Yan, Ba Ming and his 2 brothers, Wu Feng and his brother, and Zhuang Zhong, the 9 guardians, are not afraid of him in the least after they saw him. Other Xiuyaoists do not know about Qin Yu’s real power, but these guardians do.

Moreover, both 2nd master Hou Fei and 3rd master Hei Yu are already terrifyingly powerful, not to mention Qin Yu.

“Oh, if you want to burn my guardians to death, you’ll have to ask me, the cave master, if I like that first. You’re really a bit much, Old Founder Qingxuan.” Qin Yu’s voice resounds through an area of several hundred li in radius in which all the Blood-red Ridge’s 50,000 to 60,000 Xiuyaoists have gathered to wait and see.

Countless Xiuyaoists all turn their heads looking at the Blood-red Cave.

They only see black-robed Qin Yu get in front of the 9 guardians in just 2 steps and face Old Founder Qingxuan directly. He is now different from when he was a still a guardian. There is a faint smile on his face at the moment, making him look very calm and collected.

He is standing straight like a javelin. His black robe is fluttering gracefully even though there is no wind.

As soon as Qingxuan sees Qin Yu, he slightly frowns: “Looks like this brat is no ordinary at all. It won’t be simple to beat him.” After seeing Qin Yu, Qingxuan is no longer completely confident.

But he changes his mind again, thinking: “Humph, this brat was only a guardian under Cha Hong so he must be weaker than Cha Hong. Even if Cha Hong himself were here, he wouldn’t be able to harm me, let alone this brat, who is inferior to him.”

When Qingxuan thinks about this, he becomes much more relaxed at once.

“Brat, have you read the jade slip I prepared and sent to you? What’s your choice? Obediently stepping down and giving the Blood-red Cave to me? Or stubbornly resisting till the end so that I’ll have to personally get into action, kill you and destroy your soul.”

Qingxuan looks very arrogant.

Qin Yu frowns.

“Qingxuan, you’ve overrated yourself a bit,” says he. Now he already feels that Old Founder Qingxuan has overestimated his own abilities too much.


Qingxuan suddenly utters a cold humph. With a movement of his body, he flies out of the chair and stands in midair. His long blue hair straightens like sharp arrows and flaps wantonly. He looks coldly at Qin Yu. His eyes are radiating a strong green light.

“Brat, I’ve given you a few chances to save face but you still think that you’re cave master and have been very arrogant in front of me. Good, then don’t blame me for being merciless.” Qingxuan says with evil laughter. His words are containing killing intent.

However, Qin Yu gives a laugh and looks at him.

Qingxuan is enraged by Qin Yu’s look: “Brat, could it be you don’t know that real power is the most important thing in this underwater Xiuyao world? You think you’re cave master just because those guardians and guards have accepted you as cave master? Alright, I’m going to let you know what real power is!”

Qin Yu frowns.

“Oh, Qingxuan, so you’re finally ready to get into action?” He looks disdainfully at the Xiuyaoists in Qingxuan’s entourage below him then looks at Qingxuan.

“Could it be you’re scared?” A hint of satisfaction suddenly appears in Old Founder Qingxuan’s heart.

What he has been hoping for is that the current cave master willingly bows his head and subordinates himself to him. This will make him feel even prouder than killing Qin Yu to seize the cave master position.

“No, I’ve already been waiting for your attacks. It’s just that you’ve been too noisy.” Qin Yu clenches his fists. A series of cracking noises is unexpectedly heard. The faces of some Yuanying stage Xiuyaoists and above change color greatly at once, including Old Founder Qingxuan.

The reason for this is that these experts know those noises are simply not caused by the bones in his fists but by the explosions of the air in his palms when he suddenly clenches his fists. Those noises show how extremely powerful and fast his hands are.

One should know that in general when ordinary experts clench their fists, they cannot make the air in their palms explode because it flows out too fast. Only when the clenching speed of the hands surpasses the escaping speed of the air can such a phenomenon occur.

“Very well, you’ve got some power indeed. Too bad, you still won’t be able to take one hit from me.” Qingxuan’s long eyebrows flutter. A large octagonal hammer immediately appears in his hand. It is a high-grade holy-class heavy hammer. A black suit of armor then appears on his body.

A great cheer goes up from below at once.

Those Xiuyaoists under Qingxuan seem to have already seen him kill Qin Yu.

“Big brother, it’s time to get rid of this old black turtle.” A strange voice comes out from inside the Blood-red Cave. A monkey that is carrying a black stick on his shoulder then walks out while shaking his head. His body naturally gives off an extremely ferocious aura.

Old Founder Qingxuan’s face immediately changes color.

“Qingxuan, don’t you want to burn me to death with your internal flame?” Qin Yu suddenly gives a laugh.

Everybody at the scene can only see that he turns into a golden beam of light in an instant. Qingxuan opens his eyes wide in terror and hurriedly swings his large hammer out. However, his movement suddenly comes to a halt.

Qin Yu’s body appears again right in front of Qingxuan. He reaches out his right hand. A dark blue short sword in his right hand then penetrates Qingxuan’s throat.

“Old Founder! Old Founder!” Bai Yan cries in a terrified voice.

Bai Yan knows that Old Founder has reached the early Dongxu stage and therefore, in theory, his soul can merge with his yuanying to escape. However, Bai Yan simply does not know that when Qin Yu’s Flaming Sword pierced Qingxuan’s throat, a portion of the Stellar Flame immediately entered his body.

Before Qingxuan’s yuanying can flee, that portion of the Stellar Flame enfolds it.

“Spare me, please spare me.”

Qingxuan’s yuanying cries in terror.

“Don’t you want to burn me to death with your flame? I’m going to give you a taste of your own medicine.” Qin Yu says through his holy sense. He has excellent control of his own flame so even though part of his flame is currently inside Qingxuan’s body, it does not damage Qingxuan’s body.

With an anguished cry, Qingxuan’s soul is finally shattered. Qin Yu sucks that yuanying into his spatial ring directly. He cannot help giving a faint smile because he has just obtained another early Dongxu stage yuanying so easily.


He pulls his sword out. Blood immediately spurts from Old Founder Qingxuan’s throat. However, Qin Yu has already moved away several meters instantly as if he has used teleportation.


Qingxuan’s corpse falls down powerlessly then drifts nonstop in the ocean’s water.


The several thousand Xiuyaoists under Qingxuan are stupefied by this scene, so are the Blood-red Cave’s 5000 guards, the 9 guardians and the 50,000 to 60,000 Xiuyaoists in the Blood-red Ridge as well.

“How is this possible?” Bai Yan says to himself in disbelief.

The other Xiuyaoists, however, are so shocked that they are speechless.

Qingxuan was an early Dongxu stage expert but he was unable to survive just one move executed by Qin Yu and got his throat penetrated. The most shocking thing is Qin Yu’s speed. Except for Hou Fei, all of the experts at the scene were not able to see how Qin Yu moved at all.

Previously, they all thought that energy and strength were the most important things to an expert. But now they have realized that an extreme speed is also a terrifying weapon.


Qin Yu’s voice rises. All of those Xiuyaoists no longer dare to make a noise. They focus their attention to listen to what he is going to say. They revere strong individuals the most so who among them would not respect Qin Yu after he has shown that he is so powerful?

“Today Qingxuan wanted to seize my cave master position, but,” his voice turns cold, “to do this, you must have enough power! If you attempt to fight for this position with insufficient power like Qingxuan, you’ll only get yourself killed!”

He coldly sweeps his eyes across everyone at the scene.

“I don’t want to see another place like the Qingxuan Ridge in the Blood-red Cave’s territory. I want everybody in this 8 million li radius area to be clear that there is only one ruler, that is, the Blood-red Cave. Anyone who defies me shall be reduced to nothing and have their soul destroyed!”


No resistance is allowed!

“There are nearly 100 Yuanying stage experts in the Blood-red Cave’s territory. 40 to 50 of them live in the Blood-red Ridge even though they’re not guardians. They will also listen to the Blood-red Cave’s orders in serious situations. It seems the Qingxuan Ridge has 20 to 30 Yuanying stage experts.”

Qin Yu suddenly goes up to Bai Yan.

“I ask you all. Do you want to continue following Qingxuan’s old path? You should know that you will suffer the same fate as him walking this path.” Right after saying this, he turns around and returns to the Blood-red Cave.

Bai Yan is smart so he understands what Qin Yu said.

In the beginning Qin Yu said he did not want to see another rebellious place like the Qingxuan Ridge and if such a place appeared, it would be destroyed completely. So, now, judging from what Qin Yu just personally said to him, the leader of the Qingxuan Ridge, he knows that he has been given 2 paths.

Obeying Qin Yu, he will live!

Defying Qin Yu, he will die!

Bai Yan clenches his teeth. He has made a decision.

After entering the Blood-red Cave, Qin Yu and Hou Fei walk back to Lei Mountain House side by side.

“Ha-ha, it was awesome, big brother, really awesome. A sword through the throat.” Hou Fei is very excited. He is violent and bloodthirsty so if someone annoys him, he will only want to smash them to death with his stick. If in the beginning Qin Yu had not told him not to get involved, he would have killed someone so arrogant like Qingxuan early on.

Hearing Hou Fei’s words, Qin Yu does not know what to say.

This time he has behaved in such an overbearing manner but actually he did not want to do so. He is the type who only cares about those who are on his side, so why would he want to control those strangers? However, this is the Xiuzhen world and Qin Yu knows that if he appears to be soft and harmless, those Xiuyaoists will look down on him.

It is a rule in the Xiuzhen world that only strong individuals are respected. Therefore he had to subdue everyone with such imperiousness to make them understand that he is the ruler of this 8 million li radius area. Now no one here will dare to revolt against him because any rebel will be utterly destroyed.

He can only gain total control of this 8 million li radius territory by doing this.

As time passes, the results confirm that Qin Yu’s method is correct.

The population of the Blood-red Ridge quickly increases. Not only do the Qingxuan Ridge’s Xiuyaoists immigrate to the Blood-red Ridge, some other Yuanying stage Xiuyaoists also move over here because they are scared of Qin Yu. Some Yuanying stage Xiuyaoists even ask to become guardians.

In just a month, the whole Blood-red Ridge has become stable like an iron panel with every Xiuyaoist here listening to the Blood-red Cave’s orders. It can be said that the Blood-red Cave’s persuasiveness is now much stronger than it was during Cha Hong’s time. The reason for this is that cave master Qin Yu is even more powerful than Cha Hong!

However, this news spreads very fast and the Great Shell Cave, which is near the Blood-red Cave, quickly hears it.

End of b6c5.

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