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B6C4: Old Founder Qingxuan

“Old turtle Qingxuan? Tell me Zhuang Zhong, what is this fella’s background? I can see that this turbulence definitely has to do with him.” Hou Fei suddenly throws his cup on the floor and says furiously. His eyes radiate a golden light.

Hou Fei cannot contain his anger. In any case, he is the Blood-red Cave’s 2nd master so how can he possibly let someone come and seize his position?

Zhuang Zhong says respectfully: “My 3 cave masters, this old turtle Qingxuan is also an outstanding expert. In the past, when the Nine Demons Hall was choosing a manager for this 8 million li radius area, he and Cha Hong had a fight against each other. In the end Cha Hong won a narrow victory, but Qingxuan’s true form is an old turtle so his defense was extremely strong and Cha Hong couldn’t kill him. Now that Cha Hong is dead, Qingxuan must want to stage a comeback.”

Qin Yu slightly nods.

Hou Fei, however, winks a couple of times and says with strange laughter: “Kaka, this old turtle couldn’t even beat Cha Hong yet he still wants to become cave master. Laughable, man! I’ll smash his black turtle shell directly with a blow of my stick, humph, humph.”

The look in Qin Yu’s eyes turns cold too: “Zhuang Zhong, as far as I know, quite a lot of Xiuyaoists in the Blood-red Cave’s territory don’t approve of me occupying this cave master position, right?” He is indeed not well-known in the 8 million li radius territory of the Blood-red Cave so naturally Xiuyaoists here do not revere him.

Zhuang Zhong says respectfully: “Those fellows don’t know about your abilities yet. If they know, they definitely won’t dare to be like that.”

“Don’t know?” Qin Yu says smilingly: “That old turtle Qingxuan doesn’t want to live his worthless life in peace and is even attempting to take my position. Could it be he doesn’t know that in the Xiuzhen world, not having enough power will lead to death? This is good too. I’ll take this chance to showcase my power.”

He then says with a wave of his hand: “All right. There’s no need to report to me when those small fries cause trouble. But when that old turtle Qingxuan appears, tell me about this. You can leave now.”

“Yes, cave master.”

Zhuang Zhong says respectfully at once then leaves.

From beginning to end Hei Yu did not say anything. Because he heard Zhuang Zhong say that Qingxuan is approaching Cha Hong in power, he does not care about this old turtle.

Now, in the eyes of the 3 brothers, Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu, ordinary Xiuyaoists are no longer a threat to them. Their greatest enemies for the moment are the Nine Demons Hall’s 8 remaining Purple Demon aquatic dragons.

“Xiao Hei, you should do closed-door training to refine the yuanying first. Our lives will become much more interesting some time later. If you aren’t strong enough, you won’t be able to take part in that grand meeting.” There is a faint smile on the corners of Qin Yu’s mouth. His eyes flash with fierceness.

The 3 brothers of the Qin clan, whether Marshal Qin Feng, the reigning emperor Qin Zheng or Qin Yu, will show no mercy once they have become ruthless.

Qin Yu has already thought about what can happen in the future and has considered the worse-case scenario. Since he has prepared for the worst, what is there for him to be afraid of? Now he, Xiao Hei and Hou Fei have all become strong. They are no easy meat for anybody.

“Want to touch us 3 brothers? Be careful or your hands will be cut off.” Qin Yu looks outside the room.

Qin Yu is standing in midair above the artificial mountain in the northern part of the Blood-red Cave.

He makes a wave of his hand and a building appears out of thin air. This is none other than Lei Mountain House, created by Lei Wei. He flies straight into this building. As soon as he enters it, he sees a huge pool before his eyes.

Qin Yu goes around the pool and comes into a drawing room.

“Training Hall,” he looks at the Training Hall and gives a faint smile. He is remembering the past. At that time, to protect his father, he risked his life to kill Wu Xing and afterwards he was teleported into this building and regained consciousness in the Training Hall.

Suddenly various beautiful flowers appear in the drawing room. There is a kitten in the middle of the flowers.

“Master,” Starlet says while wagging its tail.

Qin Yu gives a smile: “Starlet, do you feel lonely when I’m not here?” Even though thanks to the book explaining the techno-scientific civilization left behind by Lei Wei he already knew that Starlet is an artificially intelligent being, he is still unconsciously treating it as a living creature.

Starlet blinks its eyes a couple of times and says: “Lonely? What is it?”

Qin Yu is slightly startled. Only now does he remember that Starlet is not a living creature at all and therefore cannot have humanlike feelings. He cannot help giving a smile. Taking a look around, he quickly sees the door of the storeroom and feels frustrated.

The storeroom is comparable to the Training Hall in size. It has such a large area but more than half of it is packed with top-grade crystals.

He walks to the door of the storeroom and gives it a thought. This door then automatically opens. He takes a look inside and sees that more than half of the room is full of various ores of different colors. These ores must be counted by the ten thousand and, moreover, every chunk is a top-grade crystal.

Blue, crimson, green, golden, silvery, black …

The crystals flicker nonstop with attractive glows. Qin Yu can even feel their surging auras. Lei Wei had to roam countless places to be able to gather so many treasures.

Not even superpowers like the Blue Water Mansion and the Azure Dragon Palace have so many top-grade crystals. After all, top-grade crystals are very rare. They can be forged into top-grade holy weapons. There are so many top-grade crystals before Qin Yu but he has no way to take them out.

“Master set up a restrictive spell and said it can only be broken when I’ve reached the early Core stage. Now I’m at the late Meteor stage. I’ll have to overcome the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation to reach the early Core stage.” Qin Yu cannot help giving a faint powerless smile.

After getting out of the storeroom, he goes towards the back of the building.

The Pill Making Chamber and the Weapon Forging Chamber appear in front of him. While he was in the Wilderness, he forged his own holy weapons in the Weapon Forging Chamber. However, when he killed Di Tong, his Flaming Sword was destroyed and one of his Flaming Gloves was badly damaged.

“This time I want to forge top-grade holy weapons.”

Qin Yu makes a wave of his hand. 5 top-grade crystals immediately appear. They come from none other than the spatial ring that Di Tong left behind after getting killed. The Nine Demons Hall’s brothers put their ordinary treasures in Treasure Storing Palace but they all bring highly valuable treasures like top-grade crystals with them.

“The Flaming Gloves need very little top-grade crystal. 2 chunks are enough. As for the Flaming Sword … I can forge it from that long spear.” Because Di Tong’s spear is also a top-grade holy weapon, Qin Yu will not waste it. However, he cannot use it openly. If he did, this would be no different from announcing that he killed Di Tong.

With a stride, he enters the Weapon Forging Chamber. The chamber’s metal door then automatically shuts.

After sitting down with legs crossed on a bulrush mat, he points with a finger. A deep blue flame flies into the Eight Diagrams Furnace in the center of the chamber. The furnace is set ablaze instantly. At the same time, a spear flies to the area just above the furnace. It is none other than Di Tong’s top-grade holy spear.

“Heavenly Gate, 8 Diagrams, Orthodox!”

Qin Yu shouts in a deep voice. Several golden rays of light shoot out from his finger and fly into several holes on the side of the 8 Diagrams Furnace. Their respective written talismans and signs immediately brighten. Even the light inside the furnace also becomes much more dazzling.

The ultra-yang form of the Stellar Flame!

The spear slowly melts. As it is burnt by the Ultra-yang Flame, its many impurities are removed and it also becomes increasingly smaller.

After 7 days, Qin Yu finally succeeds in making his holy weapons. The top-grade holy spear has been re-forged into a short sword, which is still called Flaming Sword. His forging technique is obviously more advanced than that of the Nine Demons Hall.

Compared to the spear, the sword is not even half as large in volume because all of the impurities have been got rid of. Now the Flaming Sword is also a top-grade holy weapon and is even sharper than before. Some written talismans and restrictive spells made of liquid purple gold have been fused with its surface.

The entire short sword is dark blue and there are purplish golden markings on its surface. Liquid purple gold is indeed an extremely good material for making written talismans and seals. The Flaming Sword is now even much more powerful than Qin Yu’s expectations.

The new pair of Flaming Gloves took him 2 top-grade crystals to forge. These Flaming Gloves are exceptionally thin, just like a layer of skin attached to his fingers. However, they are much more powerful than the high-grade holy-class Flaming Gloves in the past.

After forging the holy weapons, Qin Yu quietly reads books on the balcony of the study. He also practices nonstop internally at the same time.

On the balcony of the study on the 2nd floor of Lei Mountain House, Qin Yu is leaning back in a chair reading the secret books that talk about many secrets of the Xiuzhen world left behind by Lei Wei.

He can see patrolling guards in the distance from this balcony.

“Cave master, someone is secretly stirring up trouble in the Blood-red Ridge. Many Xiuyaoists have begun to gossip about you at will. Obviously they have very little respect for you. Quite a few Xiuyaoists even think that old turtle Qingxuan should become the cave master.” Zhuang Zhong says while standing outside Lei Mountain House.

Qin Yu keeps reading the old book in his hands and simply does not look at Zhuang Zhong. He says indifferently: “There’s no need to care about them. You only have to tell me when that old turtle Qingxuan has appeared.”

The guardians are worried but Qin Yu is still as stable as a mountain. He continues to read the old books quietly on the balcony.

Looking at Lei Mountain House before him, Zhuang Zhong exclaims in wonderment inwardly: “Where did cave master get this building from? It appeared all of a sudden. Even though this building’s door is open, nobody can come in except for 2nd master and 3rd master. This is really very fantastic.”

Lei Mountain House certainly can identify arrivers. Therefore, other than Qin Yu and his 2 brothers, no one can enter it.

As the days pass, the several tens thousand Xiuyaoists in the Blood-red Ridge also secretly gossip about Qin Yu. In addition to this, Old Founder Qingxuan has sent subordinates to spread rumors so most Xiuyaoists do not think highly of this new cave master at all.

At this moment, a white-clad man goes up to the entrance of the Blood-red Cave.

“Give this to your cave master.” The white-clad man hands a jade slip to a guard then says arrogantly: “Our Old Founder has said, according to the Nine Demons Hall’s order, the new cave master is our Old Founder. If this Liu Xing or something is sensible, he should quickly abdicate. Otherwise, there’ll be a war and he’ll lose his life.”

After saying this, the white-clad man immediately turns around and leaves like a beam of light.

The guard who is holding the jade slip is still dumbfounded. Only after a while does he wake up with a start.

This guard is greatly shocked: “This is bad. That Old Founder Qingxuan is coming. What those brothers said is right. This Qingxuan must want to come here and seize the cave master position. Now he already intends to get into action. I wonder if cave master can be a match for him.”

The guard has heard that Qin Yu can defeat guardian Teng Bi in one hit, but he has never seen this with his own eyes. Moreover, Old Founder Qingxuan is stronger than guardian Teng Bi.

In just a while, the jade slip is delivered to Qin Yu.

He is leaning back in his chair, holding an old book in one hand and the jade slip in the other. After making a sweep with his holy sense, he laughs.

A challenge letter!

This is the challenge letter that Qingxuan has sent Qin Yu. That Qingxuan thinks that he himself is an expert of the same tier as Cha Hong and that Qin Yu, being a former guardian under Cha Hong, is weaker than Cha Hong so he is confident of killing Qin Yu.

“Junior Liu Xing,

I’m Old Founder Qingxuan. You must have heard that in the past I had some connection with your previous cave master Cha Hong. At that time I was careless for a moment and suffered a narrow defeat. I’ve been training hard for several hundred years, intending to fight Cha Hong again soon. Who could have thought that he would die so suddenly? This can be considered his luck.

But this is also a good thing. Junior, hand over the cave master position to me immediately, I don’t want to argue with a junior like you. If you don’t listen, I’m going to burn you to death with my internal flame, destroying your soul.

Take your time considering this.

I don’t mind telling you that the Nine Demons Hall has appointed me as cave master. I’m not fooling you. Plus, I don’t feel like fooling a junior like you. I’m going to the Blood-red Cave 3 days later. Whether you’ll live or die then depends on your choice!

Old Founder Qingxuan.”

Looking at this jade slip, Qin Yu cannot help bursting out laughing. A deep blue flame comes out from his hand and burns the jade slip to ashes.

“Don’t overrate yourself!”

He remarks indifferently then continues reading the old book in his hand without any anger.

3 days later,

A massive group of several thousand Xiuyaoists comes. Highest among this group is a chair carried by 4 Xiuyaoists. An old man is leaning back in the chair. His long hair is flowing like a bluish flame. Old Founder Qingxuan occasionally holds his long eyebrows between his index fingers and middle fingers. His slightly closed eyes sometimes flash with coldness.

A great number of the Blood-red Ridge’s Xiuyaoists are watching from a distance. The Xiuyaoists who have been living for a long time all know about Qingxuan. They know that he is formidable. Qin Yu was only a guardian under Cha Hong, how can he possibly be a match for Qingxuan, who is on the same level as Cha Hong?

A crowd of Xiuyaoists stands in midair in front of the Blood-red Cave then uniformly turns around and looks at Qingxuan and his large entourage. This crowd of Xiuyaoists is led by none other than the white-clad man Bai Yan.

“Old Founder!” Bai Yan gets down on one knee and says respectfully.

“Old Founder!” The nearly 1000 Xiuyaoists behind him all get down on one knee and say. Quite a few Xiuyaoists in this crowd came to the Blood-red Ridge together with Bai Yan to manipulate other Xiuyaoists here. It is only because of this that today many Xiuyaoists are standing on Qingxuan’s side.

Qingxuan, who is leaning back in the chair, opens his eyes and takes a glance at the Blood-red Cave.

“Junior Liu Xing, quickly come out to welcome your Old Founder!”

His loud and clear voice immediately resounds through the whole Blood-red Cave. The power contained in his voice even causes the faces of the Blood-red Cave’s guards to change color greatly. Seeing this, the Xiuyaoists under Qingxuan become arrogant.

Hearing this voice, Qin Yu, who is quietly reading a book in Lei Mountain House, cannot help but burst out laughing.

“Oh? That old black turtle has come. Let’s play with him a bit.” He puts the book down and disappears from Lei Mountain House with a movement of his body.

End of b6c4.

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