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B6C14: Nine Demons Hall

Outside the Purple Demon Tower,

“This Di Jian fella is a real psycho. I haven’t snatched Qin Yu but he keeps chasing me.” Teng Shan curses in his mind. He simply does not care about suppressing his aura anymore and runs away extremely fast like a black bolt of lightning. Di Jian is furious. He wants to teach Teng Shan a lesson no matter what.

In the artificial mountain, Lord Lou sees 2 silhouettes flash by in the blink of an eye.

“This is excellent.”

Lord Lou’s plan has succeeded. He immediately rushes straight to the Purple Demon Tower like a flash. However, at this moment, Di Luan’s anguished cry rises:

“2nd brother!!!”

Hearing this cry, Di Jian, who is chasing after Teng Shan, suddenly stops. His face turns pale instantly. His entire body’s energy surges forth and he rushes back to the Purple Demon Tower even faster than he chased Teng Shan.

“Impossible. That Teng Shan fella couldn’t have …”

Di Jian consoles himself in his mind but when he has just rushed through that window of the Purple Demon Tower’s 2nd floor, he sees at a glance Di Qing lying in a corner of the room. At this moment, a silhouette grabs a pale-faced Qin Yu and breaks out of the tower from another room instantly.

“Quickly chase, 6th brother!”

Di Luan, who has just been badly injured again, shouts loudly.

If Di Qing is already dead, it is pointless to grieve over him. Now, the most important thing to Di Jian is to snatch Qin Yu back.

Qin Yu has been snatched and Di Qing has been killed.

At the moment, Di Jian’s heart is filled with fury and hatred. He rushes towards that silhouette extremely fast. Di Jian quickly sees clearly that Qin Yu’s captor ahead of him is a fat man. In the whole underwater Xiuyao world, the only fat Xiuyaoist with such a high level of power is …

“Lou Ke, stop or I’ll kill you!”

Di Jian yells madly. At the same time, his speed is obviously faster than that of Lord Lou Ke. After all, Lou Ke is going while carrying someone else so naturally his speed has decreased quite a lot. In just a while, Di Jian is already about to catch up with Lou Ke.

“Crimson Toad, let’s join forces and share Qin Yu, all right?” A voice rises in Lou Ke’s mind through holy sense communication. It is none other than Teng Shan’s.

Lou Ke is furious in his heart but seeing a maddened Di Jian, he reacts very quickly by saying through his holy sense: “Alright, Horned Dragon. I accept your suggestion. Let’s join forces to beat Di Jian first. And we’ll share the secret about the jade sword that Qin Yu knows.”

Di Jian’s eyes have reddened.

Di Qing, his 2nd brother, is already dead. In the previous several thousand years, no accidents happened to the 9 of them. Who could have thought that his 8th brother and 2nd brother would be killed successively during such a short period of time as the last couple of years?

“Di Jian, get the hell back, otherwise prepare to collect your 2nd brother’s corpse.”

Teng Shan appears beside Lou Ke with a grim expression. Now Lou Ke has also stopped running. He casually puts a restrictive spell on Qin Yu’s body to render Qin Yu immovable then float side by side with Teng Shan in the water. Di Jian is facing them.

“Ha, Teng Shan, I didn’t think you’d dare to really get into action and kill Di Qing. You’re admirable, really admirable!”

Lou Ke says to Teng Shan.

The latter says doubtfully: “What are you saying? I dealt him a heavy blow but I’m certain that I only badly injured him at most. You also know that the Nine Demons Hall’s pill-making art is famous in the overseas Xiuzhen world. As long as Di Qing isn’t dead, he can definitely recover with ease.”

“You didn’t kill him? Just now I saw that he was dead already. You should admit it.” Lou Ke says smilingly. “But don’t you worry, with the Azure Dragon Palace’s overlord behind you, even though you killed Di Qing, what will that Nine Demons Hall dare do to you?”

“Shut up!”

Di Jian shouts coldly all of a sudden. Meanwhile, Di Luan also rushes out and gives Teng Shan a look of hatred: “Lord Teng, vice overlord Teng, you’re someone of high status but my 2nd brother was also one of the Nine Demons Hall’s majesties. By killing my brother, you’ve become the enemy of the entire Nine Demons Hall.”

“Teng Shan, prepare to die.”

Di Jian’s voice has become even colder.

At this moment, Qin Yu, whose body has been imposed upon with a restrictive spell, is sitting on a coral reef. He raises his head to watch this scene.

“Come on, cause turbulence for me.”

Unlike the Qian Long continent, the overseas Xiuzhen world has very many experts. Jindan stage Xiuzhenists basically do not mean anything here. Yuanying stage Xiuzhenists can still be considered experts locally, but in the eyes of the major powers such as the Nine Demons Hall, only experts at the Dongxu stage or above have the right to take part in important issues.

The 5 superpowers of the overseas Xiuzhen world are the Penglai Immortal Region, the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon, the Azure Dragon Palace, the Nine Demons Hall and the Blue Water Mansion.

Among them, 3 belong to underwater Xiuyaoists. The Azure Dragon Palace, the Nine Demons Hall and the Blue Water Mansion have been maintaining a state of balance for so many years, but now Qin Yu wants to make these 3 powers fight each other.

His Blood-red Cave’s status must be improved. After all, he has had enough of the Nine Demons Hall’s oppression recently. Therefore, he wants to cause fighting between the Nine Demons Hall, the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion first so that he can benefit from this as an onlooker.

As Qin Yu watches from below, the argument between the parties above him heats up.

“The Azure Dragon Palace is strong and its overlord is the no. 1 overseas expert, but … Teng Shan, you’ve killed my 2nd brother so you must die.” Di Jian has made a resolution to kill Teng Shan. His entire aura becomes violent.

Di Luan quickly moves back. He knows that if he stays, he will only make it difficult for his 6th brother.

“Did I really hit too hard?” Teng Shan finds it somewhat unbelievable.

Even though that punch broke some of Di Qing’s breastbones, Di Qing was a middle Dongxu stage expert, so how could he be killed so easily? But judging by Di Jian’s current expression, this is obviously real.

“Crimson Toad, this Di Jian fella really wants to fight already. Don’t think too much. Let’s fight him together. Humph, so what if I killed one of the Nine Demons Hall’s majesties? Why can’t a vice overlord of the Azure Dragon Palace like me kill a Nine Demons Hall’s majesty?!”

Teng Shan’s manner has become obviously lordly.

“All right, Teng Shan, I’m going to fight this Purple Demon aquatic dragon with you.” Lou Ke also sends out killing intent from his body.

In the eyes of the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion, the Nine Demons Hall is the weakest of the 3 superpowers. The Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion are sustained by a top-class expert each. The Nine Demons Hall’s 9 majesties cannot compare with Overlord Azure Dragon or Old Freak Three-Eyed individually, but they have a few more middle Dongxu stage and late Dongxu stage experts and all of them are Purple Demon aquatic dragons.

“Growl ~~~”

Di Jian suddenly growls then transforms into a huge aquatic dragon that is nearly 100 m long and purple from head to toe. The row of purple spikes on the dragon’s back radiates a cold light. It immediately takes a swipe at Teng Shan and Lou Ke with its 2 front claws.

“Using true form from the beginning?!”

Teng Shan has also become angry. He raises his head and lets out a growl. A horned dragon that is also about 100 m long appears. This horned dragon is a bit thinner than the aquatic dragon but it is still much thicker than a water tank and the alternately blue and white markings on its body look extremely frightening.

“Croak croak ~~”

With strange croaks, Lou Ke’s whole body turns into a huge blood-red toad in an instant. This toad is 7 to 8 m tall and has a pair of staring eyes that look like balls. There is an indistinct blood-red light moving in the eyes.

The Purple Demon aquatic dragon keeps growling and attacking by taking swipes with its claws, shooting its flying sword from its mouth, thrusting its single horn, swinging its tail and even sending out restrictive spells. This late Dongxu stage Purple Demon aquatic dragon is not only one level above Di Tong in power.

How can Teng Shan and Lou Ke possibly flinch from facing Di Jian’s madness?

The horned dragon has claw attacks that are not weaker than the Purple Demon aquatic dragon’s at all. Its body can even move a bit faster than that of the aquatic dragon, but it is inferior to the aquatic dragon in strength. And that crimson toad is very terrifyingly formidable because its entire body is covered in a blood-red mist.

It is a poison, a deadly poison.

“Croak, croak.”

The crimson toad utters 2 strange croaks. Its cheeks become even larger than big drums. Afterwards, it opens its mouth and shoots out a blood-red flying sword. This flying sword is different from other flying swords because it is a poisoned sword.

The Purple Demon aquatic dragon thus is up against 2 opponents, one being the horned dragon, which uses close-quarters attacks, and the other being the crimson toad, which attacks using its poisonous mist and poisoned sword.

Their fight is so fierce that the battlefield becomes extremely murky.

The whole Great Shell Cave has been alarmed but nobody dares to approach the battlefield. Even though that crimson toad is fighting so fiercely, he unexpectedly still remembers to set up a protective air shield around Qin Yu below him. It will be terrible if someone important like Qin Yu gets killed by the aftereffects of the fight between the 3 super experts.

“Growl ~~”

With a long, mad growl, a purple stream of energy charges at the horned dragon and the crimson toad like a storm. Both the horned dragon and the toad cannot help retreating. In an instant, they transform into their human forms.

Teng Shan looks a bit of a mess. He says grudgingly: “I never thought Di Jian would be so strong. Let’s go, Crimson Toad. This time we’ve lost.”

He then immediately runs for his life, disregarding everything.

The crimson toad is even more resolute. He flees at once without even caring about Qin Yu.

“6th brother.” Di Luan has now rushed over. Di Jian has switched back to his human form, but he looks obviously disheveled. Demonic elemental energy is still vibrating around his whole body and his face is purple. Only after a while does his condition stabilize.

“I’m all right.” Di Jian lets out a breath.

Afterwards, he breaks the restrictive spell on Qin Yu’s body with a wave of his hand.

Di Luan looks at Qin Yu with his eyes full of detestation: “It’s only because of you. If not for you, how could my 2nd brother have died?” When he finishes, he throws a palm strike. Because Qin Yu is pretending to be seriously injured, he can only move his head a bit to dodge.


That palm strike, which originally was about to hit Qin Yu’s face, hits Qin Yu’s head.

“Don’t be excessive, Di Luan. Otherwise, I won’t go with you to the Nine Demons Hall even if you kill me.” Qin Yu says while staring at Di Luan.

“Give him a Jade Dawn Pill, 7th brother, so that he can recover a bit faster.”

Di Luan is also sensible so he gives Qin Yu a pill. Qin Yu swallows it smilingly. That pill immediately turns into various clear streams which flow through his entire body. In an instant, the internal injuries that Qin Yu intentionally inflicted upon himself are healed. His power has even been improved a little.

“It’s said that the Nine Demons Hall’s pills are famous in the overseas Xiuzhen world. You really live up to your reputation.” Qin Yu praises highly.

Di Luan, however, does not even take a look at him. If he did not know information about the 8th jade sword, Di Luan would probably torture him to death right away.

Di Jian looks at the Great Shell Cave with a grim expression: “Humph, 7th brother, we’ve been staying in the Great Shell Cave for just one night but those fellas from the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion have already come here. There must be a spy in this cave. It’s this spy who caused 2nd brother’s death.”

There is a hint of madness in Di Luan’s eyes. He looks at the Great Shell Cave: “What do you mean, 6th brother?”

“Kill them all, from the cave master to the guards and servants. We’ll let none survive!” Di Jian’s voice is exceptionally grim.

Hearing that, Qin Yu is secretly startled.

Kill them all?

The Di brothers killed at will in his Blood-red Cave so he has been harboring a grudge against them for a long time. Therefore, this time he seized the opportunity to kill Di Qing and put the blame on someone else so determinedly. These members of the Nine Demons Hall are really too cruel.

Now they want to slaughter the entire Great Shell Cave.

“Di Luan, Di Jian, there are more than 1000 Xiuyaoists in a cave. Only a very few of them are spies. You …” Even though he is ruthless, he finds this somewhat unacceptable.

“Shut up.”

Di Jian gives him a cold look.

Bloody night,

The whole Great Shell Cave is covered in blood. Di Jian and Di Luan’s massacre was really too terrifying. They transformed into 2 Purple Demon aquatic dragons and ran amok. Nobody in the Great Shell Cave was able to resist them.

Qin Yu still remembers Fu Hao’s anguished dying cry.

“Go. From now on, we’re going straight back to the Nine Demons Hall without entering any caves.” Di Luan has made a decision.

Both Qin Yu and Di Luan get on Di Jian’s huge flying sword. The 3 of them are riding one flying sword together so their current speed is much faster than when they just left the Blood-red Cave. They thus head extremely fast for the Nine Demons Hall.

After this fight, the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion have both come out from behind the curtain. At the same time, the amity between the 3 superpowers has cracked. The 8th jade sword is the cause of this breakdown in relations between them.

Because Di Jian and Di Luan massacred the Great Shell Cave, the other caves are all terrified.

Luckily, afterwards they go straight back to the Nine Demons Hall without stopping at any caves. Otherwise, perhaps some cave masters would have become prostrate with fear.

Di Qing is dead.

The Nine Demons Hall immediately tries to call the Azure Dragon Palace to account, demanding to know why vice overlord Teng Shan killed Di Qing.

Teng Shan does not admit killing Di Qing. He only admits that he badly injured Di Qing.

However, that day, right after seriously injuring Di Qing with a punch, he tried to grab Qin Yu without checking carefully so he is uncertain whether he did not kill Di Qing. He thinks that there is a possibility his demonic elemental energy shook the yuanying and shattered the soul after damaging Di Qing’s chest.

To sum up, in just about a year, the entire underwater Xiuyao world is shaken. At the same time, Qin Yu’s name and his connection with the 8th jade sword become known by everyone here.

Outside the Nine Demons Hall,

Di Long, Di Xu, Di Yang, Di Feng and Di Nai are standing side by side. Through their transmitters, they already know that Di Jian and Di Luan are about to return. In just a while, the 5 of them can see Di Jian, Di Luan and Qin Yu coming back on a flying sword in the distance.

When Di Jian and Di Luan rush up to their 5 brothers, there is only pain on their faces.

“6th brother, 7th brother.”

Di Long and the other 4 brothers look at the 2 of them.

“2nd brother is dead.”

Di Jian slowly says. The eyes of the Di brothers all redden. Di Qing’s death is obviously a heavy blow to the remaining 7 brothers of the Nine Demons Hall. They only recover from their mournfulness after a long time. Di Luan then looks at Qin Yu, his eyes glittering with coldness: “Brothers, this is Qin Yu.”

Di Long and the other 4 brothers all look at Qin Yu.

To the Di brothers, both Di Tong’s death and Di Qing’s death have to do with this Qin Yu fellow. Except for Di Long, who is still somewhat calm, all of them want to kill Qin Yu immediately to vent the hatred in their hearts.

End of b6c14.

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