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B6C13: A drop of blood

The Purple Demon Tower’s structure is really unusual. There is a hexagonal hall connecting to the main entrance. Each side of the hexagon has a corridor. Except for the one that connects the hall with the entrance, the other 5 corridors have several rooms each.

That is the first floor. Standing in the hall of this floor, one can see the endless ocean by looking up because the corresponding part of the hall on the 2nd floor is empty.

“This tower looks pretty good from the outside and its interior is even more pleasing to the eye and the mind.” Qin Yu stands in the hall and observes the tower’s combination of various colors. He really wants to find out who designed this Purple Demon Tower because not only is its structure new and unique, its interior coloration is also extremely outstanding.

Even the 3 Di brothers cannot help but give rare smiles.

“All right, let’s go upstairs through the north corridor.” Di Jian orders directly.

Di Qing and Di Luan also nod. As for Qin Yu … he simply has no right to disagree. Of course, he cannot be bothered to disagree either. Even though he is being escorted by the 3 majesties, there is an indifferent smile on his face all the time.

It seems he does not worry about himself at all.

“Smile? Let’s see if you can still smile after arriving in the Nine Demons Hall.” Di Luan laughs coldly in his mind. He is already imagining Qin Yu getting absorbed by the terror jellyfish guardian.

After getting on the 2nd floor, they go along the north corridor directly. There are rooms on either side of this corridor. Di Luan observes carefully then says to Di Jian and Di Qing: “2nd brother, 6th brother, I’ll stay in this room on the left. 6th brother will stay in this room on the right. 2nd brother and Qin Yu will stay in the room in the middle.”


Di Jian nods then immediately enters that room on the right. By contrast, Di Qing shouts at Qin Yu: “Go inside with me, Qin Yu.”

“Why so hot-tempered? Relax, relax!” Qin Yu says smilingly then comes into the room in the middle in a relaxed manner at once.

Di Luan warns from behind: “Be careful, 2nd brother, this Qin Yu fella is no good and he is comparable to a middle Dongxu expert. You definitely can’t let your guard down.” Hearing Di Luan’s warning, Di Qing can only nod his head. But the look he gives Qin Yu becomes even fiercer.

He cannot relax his concentration at any time.

The 3 majesties know well that both the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion probably do not want to let them return to the Nine Demons Hall safely. Therefore, even though they are currently inside the Great Shell Cave, they do not dare to treat anything lightly.

After all, the Great Shell Cave is basically defenseless in the eyes of the Azure Dragon Palace’s and the Blue Water Mansion’s experts.

In the middle room, Di Qing is sitting with legs crossed and eyes closed, but his holy sense has surrounded Qin Yu completely as he cannot afford to let Qin Yu make any surreptitious moves. Qin Yu, however, has been well-behaved by sitting with legs crossed and eyes closed very quietly all along.

Suddenly, Qin Yu opens his eyes and looks smilingly at Di Qing.

“Hey, 2nd majesty,” calls he. Seeing Di Qing have no reactions, he immediately calls a bit louder: “Di Qing!” Even though Qin Yu cannot tell the Nine Demons Hall’s 9 majesties apart by appearances, he knows their names. Thus he knows that he is staying in the same room with Di Qing, the 2nd majesty.

Di Qing frowns then opens his eyes and casts a glance at Qin Yu: “Shut up!”

“2nd majesty, you’re a little bored, aren’t you? Let’s have a chat with each other.” Qin Yu stands up and walks towards Di Qing as if he wants to approach Di Qing, whose face changes color instantly. The defensive demonic elemental energy around Di Qing’s body becomes stronger. His purple armor, however, already covered his body long ago.


Di Qing shouts at Qin Yu. He is confident that he can defeat Qin Yu, but he thinks that the gap in power between them is not very big and, therefore, if Qin Yu uses a sneak attack when they are very near each other, he will either be killed or be badly injured.

“Why so jumpy?” Even though Qin Yu says so, he stops upon seeing Di Qing’s careful behavior.

Di Qing says coldly: “Sit down on your own place, otherwise …”

Before Di Qing can finish his sentence, Qin Yu hurriedly says: “Alright, don’t worry. I’m going to go back and stop disturbing you.” He is still smiling, seeming not angered at all. He then immediately returns to the place he was sitting on just now.

“Why so fussy?”

He talks to himself and sits down with legs crossed and eyes closed to quietly practice.

Seeing this, Di Qing also shuts his eyes. But he does not dare to relax his holy sense one bit. Watching over Qin Yu is really not an easy job.

Time flies. In the blink of an eye, 4 to 6 hours has passed.

Qin Yu opens his eyes and takes a look at the room’s door before shutting them again immediately. But he thinks to himself: “Given the Blue Water Mansion’s and the Azure Dragon Palace’s influences, what I said last time in the main hall must’ve been leaked out. They should come here tonight.”

Even if the 3 Di brothers had eliminated all the witnesses in the main hall that day, the same secret information would have still been leaked out because before the arrival of the 3 majesties Qin Yu had already made arrangements for it to be spread.

His expectation is correct. The Azure Dragon Palace’s and the Blue Water Mansion’s forces have both arrived.

Thanks to a message from Fu Hao, Lord Lou knows that 3 majesties of the Nine Demons Hall are staying in the Purple Demon Tower with Qin Yu. He is currently hiding in an artificial mountain far from the tower and has suppressed his aura completely. Even if Lord Teng, whose power is comparable to his, were here, perhaps he would still not be detected.

Lord Lou’s eyes have reverted to their normal green color.

He strokes his thin moustache with a hint of relaxation on his face.

“This time even Di Jian has come here. In a real fight, I won’t necessarily be a match for this Purple Demon aquatic dragon. Even if I can snatch that Qin Yu fella, it’ll be very hard to escape. I better hide here and wait for Teng Shan to get into action first. Maybe I’ll be able to take advantage of the muddied waters.”

Lord Lou stays there watching the Purple Demon Tower alone with his entire attention. He does not dare to relax in the least.

While Lord Lou has been in hiding for a long time, Lord Teng of the Azure Dragon Palace is different.

“Those fellas just entered the Purple Demon Tower so they must be tense. When they have rested for 6 hours and become totally relaxed, I’ll secretly snatch that Qin Yu fella.” Lord Teng is standing on a mountain peak of an underwater mountain range and looking at the Great Shell Cave in the distance.

There are 5 guardians standing behind him.

Time passes but his face is always solemn as if it is carved out of rock.

“It’s about time.”

Lord Teng’s eyes suddenly brighten. Concurrently with this, he says to the 5 guardians behind him through holy sense communication: “All of you get ready. After I snatch Qin Yu and come back, you’ll have to obstruct that Di Jian fella.”

“Yes sir!”

The 5 guardians bow and answer via their holy senses.

They do not dare to say anything aloud for the moment even though the Great Shell Cave is very far from them because they cannot afford to take any chances. After all, Di Jian is a late Dongxu stage expert so his holy sense is incredibly formidable.

Lord Teng pulls off his blood-red robe and sucks it into his spatial ring with a grab. He has to do this because a blood-red robe is fairly noticeable at the bottom of the ocean. Dressed completely in black, he then begins to rush towards the Great Shell Cave using only his physical power.

Horned dragons are also demonic beasts with extremely strong bodies. Lord Teng therefore easily enters the Great Shell Cave then approaches the Purple Demon Tower directly.

Lord Teng’s body is indistinct so none of the Great Shell Cave’s members sees him. However, Lord Lou, who has been watching the surroundings of the Purple Demon Tower and waiting for him impatiently, has noticed him.

“Teng Shan has finally appeared. It’s been such a long time.”

Lord Lou becomes totally excited. He stays still in hiding in the artificial mountain and focuses his entire attention on the Purple Demon Tower, waiting for the situation that will arise after Lord Teng comes into the tower.

“In a real fight, I’m probably no match for Di Jian, but his holy sense is definitely inferior to mine.” Lord Teng is completely sure about this because his soul has reached the peak of the late Dongxu stage. To be exact, it has touched the doorsill of the early Kongming stage.

Therefore, it is no nonsense to say that his holy sense is stronger than Di Jian’s.

Like a ghost, Lord Teng quietly enters the Purple Demon Tower through the secret door that Fu Hao told him about before. He then expands his holy sense until it covers the whole tower. He quickly discovers his target’s location, that is, Qin Yu and Di Qing’s room.

In the room next to Qin Yu’s room on the right, Di Jian suddenly opens his eyes.

Just now, a tinge of fear appeared in his heart, but it vanished quickly. Di Jian does not know what is going on, but he becomes even more cautious and does not dare to loosen up anymore.

Lord Teng goes into the north corridor of the 2nd floor like a gust of wind. His movements do not cause any sounds at all. He does not dare to even use one bit of his elemental energy either.

Suddenly he stops.

“It’s this room.” His eyes brighten as he looks at Qin Yu and Di Qing’s room.

“I must hit in one move and badly injure that Di Qing fella right away. But … I definitely can’t kill him. Otherwise, given the tempers of those Nine Demons Hall’s brothers, they’ll surely cause my Azure Dragon Palace trouble.” Lord Teng has made up his mind. His eyes flash with fierceness.


The door opens. Winds blow. A black light beam shoots into the room.

Di Qing suddenly opens his eyes. Before he can utter a word, the opponent has already thrown a punch at him. He only has enough time to block it with an arm. A deep bang is heard, followed by the sounds of bones getting shattered. Di Qing’s right arm has been smashed and 2 of his breastbones have been broken.

One was intentional while the other was unprepared.

One is at the late Dongxu stage while the other is only at the middle Dongxu stage.

One attacked with full power, aiming to hit and seriously injure the opponent in one strike, while the other hurriedly made a block.

Therefore, it is impossible for Di Qing not to be badly injured!


There is immediately a shout in the room next door on the right. Afterwards, an explosion is heard as a silhouette goes into Qin Yu’s room by breaking through the wall between the 2 rooms directly. However, by now, Lord Teng has already rushed up to Qin Yu’s side.

He makes a grab at Qin Yu while saying via holy sense communication: “Don’t resist. I’m here to save you.”

Qin Yu gives a faint smile and laughs inwardly: “You’ve finally come.”

Not resist?

Can Qin Yu possibly not resist? He certainly cannot, because this is the chance he has been waiting for.

Even though Lord Teng said so to Qin Yu using his holy sense, he does not think that Qin Yu is willing to be grabbed by him. Therefore, he executes this grab with all his might. Qin Yu reaches out his hands, which turn golden instantly.

He then draws a circle in the air with his hands. His golden stellar energy forms a Tai Chi symbol.


Qin Yu’s stellar energy and Lord Teng’s grab collide with each other. That golden Tai Chi symbol can only last for a moment before falling apart. Afterwards —


Qin Yu immediately utters a miserable cry and is sent flying powerlessly towards Di Qing. At this moment, with a furious expression, a maddened Di Jian shouts coldly: “Teng Shan!!!” He then charges at Teng Shan like a pouncing fierce tiger.

Teng Shan knows at once that the situation is bad for him because he is no match for Di Jian. However, it will not be easy for Di Jian to defeat him either.

“Teng Shan!”

Compared to Di Jian, Di Luan has reacted even faster. He has broken into this room from the other side and blocked Teng Shan’s way directly. When Teng Shan sees Di Luan in front of him, a hint of disdain appears on his face. He immediately knocks Di Luan out of the Purple Demon Tower with a wave of his hand.

He then rushes out through a window.

Di Qing and Di Luan have been badly injured in quick succession.

At this moment, Di Jian basically has no time to check on Di Qing and Di Luan. His first choice is to fight off Teng Shan immediately.

Qin Yu is falling down helplessly. Judging by his trajectory, he should land beside Di Qing.

However, when Qin Yu is about to touch the floor, his body accelerates strangely in an instant and shoots straight at Di Qing. The initial distance between them is too short while Qin Yu reaches his top speed in the blink of an eye.

In addition to that, Di Qing is severely injured.


Qin Yu’s voice rises in Di Qing’s mind through holy sense communication. Badly-injured Di Qing is immediately terrified. At this moment, a short sword appears in Qin Yu’s palm. It is none other than the Flaming Sword. He thrusts it straight at the place hit by Teng Shan just now on Di Qing’s body.

The purple armor at this place was already shattered by Teng Shan’s attack while Qin Yu’s sword is a top-grade holy weapon and a large amount of golden stellar energy has been channeled into the tip of the sword. In terms of offensive power, this sword strike even surpasses Teng Shan’s attack just now.


A very soft sound is heard as Qin Yu’s Flaming Sword pierces into Di Qing’s chest and punctures his lung.

Because the Flaming Sword is extremely thin like a cicada’s wing, the wound is almost invisible.

Seeing the ruthless look in Qin Yu’s eyes, Di Qing is horrified. He wants to flee at once using his yuanying but a stream of golden stellar energy comes out from the Flaming Sword and coils around his yuanying directly like a golden rope.

“Spare my life, Qin Yu. Spare my life. If you spare me, my brothers definitely won’t harm you. Spare my life.” As his life is hanging by a thread, Di Qing says in terror using his holy sense.

“It’s too late!”

In an instant, the golden rope’s far end, which is sharp like a needle, penetrates the yuanying. Di Qing’s soul is immediately destroyed. Qin Yu then falls to the floor beside Di Qing as if he is severely injured.

As for Di Qing’s yuanying, he does not take it.

The reason for this is that he wants to put the blame on Teng Shan. He makes his internal energy surge up, causing blood to come out of his mouth. After all, he has to fake his serious injuries convincingly. Qin Yu then lies powerlessly on the floor. His whole face is very pale.

Suddenly, a silhouette rushes into the room. This is none other than Di Luan, who is holding a jade bottle in his hand.

“Why haven’t you taken a Jade Dawn Pill, 2nd brother?”

Now Di Luan’s injuries have mostly healed. However, as soon as he pulls Di Qing up, he is stupefied. His entire body freezes. In an instant, he lets out an anguished cry: “2nd brother!!!”

Only at this moment does a drop of blood begin to slowly come out from the wound that the Flaming Sword left on Di Qing’s body.

End of b6c13.

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