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B6C12: Purple Demon Tower

Di Luan, Di Qing and Di Jian all use their eyes to tell Qin Yu that there is only one option for him if he does not want to get killed — go with them.

Qin Yu bursts out laughing. At first he only smiles but then he laughs out loud, as if he has heard a joke or something.

“Ha-ha … you’re really funny, majesties. If you want to investigate the fight that day, isn’t questioning everybody here enough? Why do you want me to go with you to that distant Nine Demons Hall?” He does not care about the 3 majesties’ cold stares at all.

“Go or die!”

Di Jian looks at Qin Yu and says coldly.

Di Qing and Di Luan do not mind Di Jian’s threat at all. In their eyes Qin Yu is very likely to be killer so they would rather kill him wrongly than leave him alone. If Qin Yu gets too arrogant, they will have no misgivings about killing him.

With his face changing color, Qin Yu stares at Di Jian: “Die? 6th majesty, this underwater Xiuyao world is huge and got countless experts. Do you really think you’re so invincible that you can directly sentence someone to death? You should know that even though you’re good, there’s always someone better than you.”

“I’m stronger than you.” Di Jian says very curtly.

Qin Yu suppresses his furious expression in an instant and says smilingly again: “You’re stronger than me indeed. If you 3 don’t want to know about the black jade case and the 8th jade sword, then just kill me.” After saying so, he shuts his eyes.

Di Jian’s, Di Luan’s and Di Qing’s eyes brighten.

Even though their 8th brother’s death must be avenged, they also have a craving for the 8th jade sword.

At this moment, there are slight changes in the expressions of a squad leader and 2 guardians on the lower end of the main hall, but nobody is paying attention to them.

“Those who know the secret, die!”

Di Jian sweeps his eyes across the guardians and squad leaders. He and his brothers want to question Qin Yu immediately but they first have to remove these guardians and squad leaders, who already know about the secret.


Qin Yu shouts at once. “They are my subordinates. You can’t touch them. Also, what are you worried about, majesties? Just now I only mentioned a couple of names. What can they possibly know from this?” He wants to protect these subordinates no matter what.

“Cave master Qin Yu, you really want to protect them?” Di Luan looks at him.

Qin Yu nods: “Of course I do. They are my subordinates. Once they are killed, my Blood-red Cave will exist in name only. If you 3 kill them, you’ll regret this for the rest of your life!” On the outside he appears to be righteous and selfless but in fact he is laughing inwardly: “If I don’t let some fellas with ulterior motives leak this out, how can the waters be muddied?”

Regretting for life!

Hearing what Qin Yu said, the 3 majesties all change color in their faces. They think for a long time and eventually make a decision.

“All of you bugger off!” Di Luan shouts at the Xiuyaoists below him.

Those squad leaders and guardians immediately run out of the main hall in terror, so do Hou Fei and Hei Yu. Actually, Qin Yu has told Hou Fei and Hei Yu to leave via holy sense communication, or else they would not have done this.

“Say it, cave master Qin Yu, how did you know about the black jade case?” Suppressing the anger in his heart, Di Luan asks a question.

Di Qing and Di Jian also become nervous in their hearts. If Qin Yu knows about the black jade case then there is a strong possibility that he knows how their 8th brother died. Compared to their 8th brother’s death, the black jade case can be put aside.

“This is a secret.”

Qin Yu says smilingly in a very assured manner.

“Say or die.” Di Jian’s eyes glitter with coldness.

“If you kill me, you’ll never know who killed that brother of yours.” Qin Yu turns his head without taking even a look at Di Jian. What he said is true. If Di Jian kills him, the Nine Demons Hall will never know who the killer is.

When Di Luan and his brothers hear these words, their eyes brighten.

By saying so, Qin Yu has obviously admitted that he knows the identity of the killer. However, seeing Qin Yu’s very uncompromising manner, the 3 of them have a serious headache.

“So you really don’t want to tell us, cave master Qin Yu? You won’t say anything even if you’re going to die?” Di Luan says in a totally severe tone.

“Yes, I won’t tell you even if you’re going to kill me.”

Qin Yu looks at Di Luan and shows no intention of bowing to pressure.

“7th brother, did you forget that the Nine Demons Hall has a guardian whose true form is a terror jellyfish?!” Di Qing’s voice rises in Di Luan’s mind. Di Luan is immediately delighted. Terror jellyfish are a relatively formidable species of demonic beast with 2 forms of attack. The 1st is poison and the 2nd is absorption!

After absorbing someone completely, they can even obtain the target’s memories. This secret technique is similar to the miraculous absorption technique that Xiao Hei gained after undergoing his forbidden technique in that both can absorb a target’s memories.

“With such a method, there’s no need to forcefully question him. Even if we do, this Qin Yu fella won’t necessarily tell us the truth.”

Di Luan has naturally made a decision in his mind.

“Cave master Qin Yu, you really aren’t going to tell us?” He does not dare to let Qin Yu know the truth because he fears that Qin Yu would rather die than go with them to the Nine Demons Hall.

Qin Yu simply does not answer.

“Humph, looks like you want to learn it the hard way. 2nd brother, 6th brother, take him to the Nine Demons Hall. This brat knows about the 9 Swords and 8th brother. He’s very important so we better discuss with the other brothers before deciding his fate.” Di Luan says to Di Qing and Di Jian.

Di Qing certainly knows that Di Luan is acting so he says in concert with him: “Very well, let’s bring him back first.” Di Jian also nods his head.

“Cave master Qin Yu, you should have already known who is strong and who is weak, right? Seal up his power, 6th brother.” Di Luan says to Di Jian on one side.

With his eyes glittering with coldness, Qin Yu looks at Di Jian: “I can go with you, but if you want to seal up my power, dream on!”

Now he seems to have gone mad and looks as if he will risk his life to fight if Di Jian gets into action.

Seeing Qin Yu behaving like that, Di Luan frowns. Di Jian also stops. They know they have to bring him back with them and let that terror jellyfish guardian absorb him. If Qin Yu dies here, they will not be able to know what happened to their 8th brother and the 8th jade sword.

“Forget it, 7th brother. Even if his power isn’t sealed up, I want to see how he can escape from the palms of our hands.” Di Jian says disdainfully.

In his eyes, Qin Yu is someone he can definitely kill with ease.

“This is how it should be. But … I think you’ll regret taking me to your Nine Demons Hall later.” Qin Yu says smilingly.


Di Luan does not care about Qin Yu’s words. He laughs coldly in his mind instead: “Let’s wait and see who’s going to regret?”

“Xiao Hei, you guard the Blood-red Cave. I’ll take a trip to the Nine Demons Hall with these 3 fellas.” Qin Yu tells Hei Yu through holy sense communication.

“I’ll go with you, big brother.” Xiao Hei slightly cold voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind.

“I’ve reached the late Meteor stage so I’m even faster than that Di Jian fella. You don’t have to worry. If you go with me, you’ll make it difficult for me to handle the situation, do you understand?” Qin Yu says frankly. Hei Yu is reasonable too so in the end he has no choice but to agree with Qin Yu.

“Hou Fei, you quickly take a detour to the Nine Demons Hall. I’ll frequently tell you my location through a transmitter. Keep a distance of several tens thousand li from me. I’m going to call you in when there’s a good chance to play.” Qin Yu has started to make arrangements.

Hou Fei says via his holy sense in a totally excited manner: “Kaka, this is really good. I’m going to go one step ahead, big brother.”

“The cave master’s name is Qin Yu. He knows about the black jade case and the 8th jade sword. Could this jade sword be in his hands?” A cold man dressed in a blood-red robe says to himself while holding a transmitter. There is an ice-cold smile on his face.

“Qin Yu, he must be mine!”

After saying so, this Lord Teng immediately messages the Azure Dragon Palace’s overlord.

“His lordship has complete confidence in me but I’m not really confident in myself.” Lord Teng gives a forced smile. “That Di Jian fella has also reached the late Dongxu stage like I have. My soul is even superior to his, but a Purple Demon aquatic dragon is much stronger than a horned dragon of the same level. It’ll be hard for me to beat him.”

Lord Teng is very frustrated.

His soul has reached the peak of the late Dongxu stage and is definitely superior to Di Jian’s but he knows that in a real fight, he will be no match for Di Jian.

“I can only use my wits to accomplish this mission. Fu Hao, that top-grade crystal I gave you last time isn’t so easy to hold.” Lord Teng immediately summons several guardians under him via holy sense communication.

“That cave master Qin Yu unexpectedly knows about the 8th jade sword!” Lord Lou, who is broader than he is tall and has flabby flesh all over his body, is lying in a chair. He strokes his thin mustache: “Looks like it’s time I got into action.”

He takes out a transmitter at once.

After a while, he wipes the beads of sweat on his forehead: “Alas, Grand Founder is still so hot-tempered. Last time he lost to Azure Dragon of the Azure Dragon Palace in fighting for the 7th jade sword and he has been upset by this ever since.”

Just now Lord Lou messaged the old freak Three-Eyed of the Blue Water Mansion and was given a strict order to get hold of Qin Yu and find the 8th jade sword.

“That Teng Shan fella will probably be fighting over this in secret too.”

Lord Lou’s pupils turn red completely in an instant, looking very strange and evil.

Di Jian, Di Luan, Di Qing and Qin Yu are piercing through the water at the bottom of the ocean, causing turbulence wherever they go.

“Go a bit faster!”

Di Luan shouts at Qin Yu.

“7th majesty, this is my fastest speed already.” Qin Yu replies in a powerless manner.

When the 3 Di brothers were going to the Blood-red Cave, they used Di Luan’s speed because Di Luan is the slowest among them. However, now they are even returning to the Nine Demons Hall at half of that speed because Qin Yu is only half as fast as Di Luan.

“Even a late Yuanying fella can keep up with you!” Di Qing’s facial expression is very unpleasant.

Qin Yu puts on an innocent face: “My speed is slow. What else can I do?”

“You’re deliberately acting this way. As far as we know, you were very fast when you killed that old turtle Qingxuan.” Di Luan stares at him and rebukes angrily. But Qin Yu says powerlessly: “That was my body-maneuvering skill, 7th majesty, whereas now I’m going on my flying sword. My body-maneuvering skill is fast but my sword-riding speed is slow.”

His shamelessness finally angers the 3 majesties.

“Get on my flying sword. I’ll give you a ride.” Di Qing shouts.

“Aren’t you afraid of getting killed by me?” Qin Yu looks at Di Qing with a smile. The latter immediately changes color in the face. He knows that Qin Yu is at least about as powerful as he himself is. If Qin Yu takes advantage of the close distance between them while riding on his flying sword with him to launch a sneak attack, then …

“I’ll give you a ride.”

Di Jian says in an ice-cold voice.

Qin Yu immediately jumps on Di Jian’s flying sword in a happy and relaxed manner. As soon as he gets on the flying sword, a thick defensive layer of demonic elemental energy appears around Di Jian’s body. At the same time, Di Jian’s inborn body-protecting purple armor also appears.

“Looks like you’re also afraid that I’ll use a sneak attack.” Qin Yu says smilingly.

However he does not take any actions.

Because he killed Di Tong last time, he already knew how frighteningly strong the defense of this purple armor is. And Di Jian is much stronger than Di Tong so he is unsure whether he can kill Di Jian in one hit. If he attacked and failed to one shot Di Jian, he would have to suffer Di Jian’s terrifying retaliation.

As soon as Qin Yu gets on Di Jian’s flying sword, the going speed of the 4 of them doubles.

After going for more than a month, they arrive at the Great Shell Cave.

“Ha-ha, my 3 majesties, to be honest, cave master Fu Hao really cares about you. He has even specifically built a Purple Demon Tower to welcome you.” Qin Yu praises highly while looking at the magnificent Purple Demon Tower before him in appreciation.

With jade-like skin and a plump body, Fu Hao looks very loveable.

He moves his childlike lively eyes in a circle and hurriedly says with respect: “My 3 majesties, last time you left urgently so you didn’t have time to take a look at this Purple Demon Tower. All of the tower’s ladies-in-waiting are on the outside because I know that you don’t like to be disturbed by them. If you need something, just order them directly.”

Di Qing, Di Jian and Di Luan look at the small two-story tower in front of them in very obvious satisfaction.

This small 2-story tower cannot be considered luxurious but it looks unusual and has a very unique structure. Obviously Fu Hao gave it a lot of thought.

“Majesties, this Purple Demon Tower is intended for the Nine Demons Hall’s majesties like you so I won’t use any of its rooms. I’m going to casually find another place to stay.” Qin Yu turns around with a smile. “Cave master Fu Hao, can you arrange another place for me?”

Di Luan looks coldly at him, saying: “You can’t go. You’ll stay in my room. My 2nd and 6th brothers will be next door.”

“Your room? Don’t you fear that I’ll kill you?” Qin Yu looks smilingly at Di Luan.

Hearing this, Fu Hao slightly changes color in the face. He hurriedly bows and says with a smile: “Majesties, I have no business here so I’ll take my leave. If you need something, please feel free to order those ladies-in-waiting.”

“6th brother likes quietude. 7th brother, I’ll stay with this fella to keep watch on him,” says Di Qing.

In fact, experts do not like to stay with someone else, but now is not the time for Di Qing to be a stickler so he can only restrain this dislike. Qin Yu slightly considers in his mind. He can kill an unprepared Di Qing with certainty, but how can Di Qing possibly have no preparations?

If he fails to kill Di Qing in one move, Di Jian in a room next door will definitely get into action.

After getting back to his room, Fu Hao wipes the cold sweat on his head: “Damn it, this time there’ll be a big affair. Lord Teng of the Azure Dragon Palace and Lord Lou of the Blue Water Mansion will definitely get into action tonight to snatch that cave master Qin Yu. There are also those 3 majesties.”

He thinks for a while then cannot help frowning: “This is a headache, a real headache. Hopefully this won’t involve me or else I’ll surely die. It seems not easy to get something from the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion.”

In the entire Great Shell Cave, Fu Hao is the only one who knows that tonight is going to be extraordinary.

End of b6c12.

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