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B5C9: Countdown to the killings

At the moment Qin Yu is merely at the middle phase of the Nebula stage while Sang Mo has already reached the early phase of the Yuanying stage and, moreover, his true form is an octopus, which has extremely strong offense. Once Qin Yu encounters Sang Mo, he will definitely be at a disadvantage, and therefore his reaction is —

“The west!”

Disregarding everything else, Qin Yu changes his direction and rushes straight to the west at a terrifyingly fast speed. He is relying on the fact that the range of his holy sense is longer than that of Sang Mo’s by a considerable distance. Thanks to this distance, he can detect Sang Mo before Sang Mo can detect him.

Sang Mo is still rushing south.

In only a moment, the distance between them has reached 100 li.

“Indeed.” Qin Yu’s eyes flash with coldness. His holy sense has discovered clearly that there are 10-odd octopuses lying in wait in the west. Clenching his teeth, he keeps rushing west straight at his fastest speed like a beam of light regardless.

The western area is huge but because the enemies are 10-odd octopuses they have been able to cover a very large area with their holy senses.


A blur flashes through the area covered by an octopus’s holy sense. That member of the Sang clan immediately lets out a strange deep yowl: “The killer, it’s the killer!” Those words, said in the Sang clan’s unique language, make the 10-odd members of the Sang clan around jump.

The leader of this group takes out a transmitter at once.

“Patriarch, the killer is running west.”

In only a short while, the huge octopus has already gone south several hundred li, but then he suddenly feels a message in his transmitter. The color of his face instantly changes. Uttering an extremely furious deep yowl, he makes a course correction again with his body and rushes west.

Sang Mo’s true form is extremely fast, but Qin Yu’s direction changes again at this moment.

“Humph, chase me? Take your time chasing.”

Qin Yu has changed his direction again. He unexpectedly begins to rush south instead of keeping going west. This time, no one informs Sang Mo about Qin Yu’s movements. Even though Sang Mo is fast, because he and Qin Yu are going in 2 different directions, the distance between them only keeps increasing.

Qin Yu hurries south 1000 li extremely fast!

Then he changes his direction again and rushes east 1000 li!

Then he goes southeast very quickly …

Because Sang Mo does not know Qin Yu’s direction, he has not discovered any traces after a half day of chasing. He cannot help grudgingly accepting that this chase has failed and has no choice but to return to his den in rage.

In the palace of the Sang clan,

The man from the Green-eyed fish clan says smilingly: “Please don’t worry, Senior Sang Mo. This time you’ve asked 30 members of my clan to help you. Given our method of searching, that killer definitely won’t be able to lose us.” Obviously he is very confident.

Lifting his red robe, Sang Mo furiously takes the master seat of the main hall.

He went after the enemy in a big way but the enemy has escaped, so how can he possibly not be angry?

At this moment, 3 other men from the Green-eyed fish clan go into the main hall from inside the palace. There are fish scales on their faces too. These 3 men slightly bow respectfully as they see Sang Mo then one of them says: “Senior Sang Mo, our young have been able to trace the killer’s whereabouts.”

“Say.” Sang Mo says very loudly. His entire body’s aura rises.

That man says: “When you were chasing that killer, at first he rushed west then hurried south. We’re not clear about some places he went to in the process, but later he more or less ran southeast. At the moment he is about 7000 li to the southeast of where you first tried to chase him down.”

These men from the Green-eyed fish clan are controlling no fewer than 1000 fish each. Every fish has become one of their eyes. Moreover, they can easily discover Qin Yu’s identity based on his rushing speed and the fact that he does not have a demonic aura.

Perhaps within this area of 100,000 li in radius, only Qin Yu lacks a demonic aura and has such a fast speed.

“Very good.”

Sang Mo suddenly stands up then says to a member of the Sang clan in the main hall with a cold ‘humph’: “Sang Lanpu, I let you all handle a small matter but you were useless. Give the transmitter to the Green-eyed fish clan’s members.” He is obviously very dissatisfied with the members of his own clan.

That member called Sang Lanpu immediately takes out a transmitter then hands it over to a man from the Green-eyed fish clan.

Sang Mo stares at this man and says in an ice-cold voice: “This time, I won’t let that bastard escape again no matter what. The 30 of you from the Green-eyed fish clan must stay in the palace and work together. If there’s any news, tell me about it through the transmitter.”

Last time he failed because he could not receive information from others members of the Green-eyed fish clan. He has learned his lesson and is not going to make the same mistake this time.

Therefore, he has given one of these 30 men a transmitter and told all of them to stay in the palace to message him whenever they have any information.

“Please don’t worry, Senior Sang Mo. The fish controlled by the 30 of us average about one in several hundred li. As soon as that killer makes a move, they will detect him. He won’t be able to escape from the palm of our hand.” The man from the Green-eyed fish clan is very confident.

Sang Mo nods his head in satisfaction.

“Senior, the killer is currently in this area.”

He hands a jade slip over to Sang Mo directly. Giving it a scan with his holy sense, Sang Mo immediately knows the location of that area. A faint savage smile appears on his face: “Xiuxianist bastard, you won’t escape this time no matter what.”

With his robe flapping, Sang Mo flies out of the main hall at once.

Qin Yu is leaning tiredly on the side of an underwater rock. The clothes on his body however can repel water. At the moment he is frowning deeply. It is obvious that he is pondering.

“How was Sang Mo able to find my hiding place?”

Even now Qin Yu cannot understand this. After all, he has always been very careful. To the best of his knowledge, he should not have left any traces. After thinking for a while, he presses his temples. He has not had a moment of peace since arriving in this underwater world of demonic beasts after leaving the Qian Long continent.

He is already too tired.

“Father should be very happy now.” Qin Yu cannot help giving a faint calm smile.

His father is living in peace on the Qian Long continent while Qin Yu is fleeing for his life. Even worse, the enemies can appear anytime.

“Fish in the ocean are really beautiful.” Qin Yu makes a wave of his hand. The several hundred fish of different colors in his vicinity swim away joyously at once. In the ocean, shoals of fish are the most common sight. Sometimes, thousands or even tens of thousands of fish can swim together.

Swimming among fish is also a kind of enjoyment.

However, Qin Yu does not notice that a fish among these several hundred fish is slightly different from the others. The special technique of the Green-eyed fish clan is not something he can detect.

After resting for a while, he moves again.

There are very many Xiuyaoists in the ocean, but in this area of 100,000 li in radius, most Xiuyaoists are only at the Jindan stage. There are very few who have reached the early Yuanying stage but his holy sense discovers them long before they can discover him.

On the way, Qin Yu has to dodge continuously. Despite some scares, he does not encounter any serious dangers.

“Very good, let’s stay here and practice the Northern Darkness again.” He has seen a huge seamount that is formed by layer upon layer of coral. He goes into it through a crack. Then, with a shake of his stellar energy, he creates a cave directly.

Sitting down in this cave, he sorts things out a bit.

In terms of offense, he should be relatively formidable. Not only is he good at close-quarters attacks, he can also control the Flaming Sword to execute long-range attacks. Besides, there are some special techniques from the Stellar Transformations book that he can use.

As for escaping ability, his body is comparable to holy weapons and he does not seem to experience any resistance when going through the water. Once he uses the Body Weapon Unification, his speed will indeed be frighteningly fast.

Moreover, he even knows some fairly unusual special techniques — Xiumo secret techniques!

“Whether to escape or to blend in with the Xiuyao world and experience it, I must learn the Northern Darkness.” Qin Yu immediately sits with legs crossed and begins to practice. Once again, he controls a thread of stellar energy, making it go up into his head.

His spiritual energy is indistinct and immaterial, as if it does not exist.

But stellar energy is a real force. His stellar energy then goes through his spiritual energy. Qin Yu simply does not know how to combine them with each other. Even worse, the practice method of this technique in that Xiumo book only has 1 word — experiment.

He must experiment over and over again. The creator of this technique had to experiment many times before mysteriously succeeding. And so, not even he knew the exact reason for his triumph.

Despite having to try using this technique repeatedly, Qin Yu is not worried at all.

He has already made preparations to undergo a one-month closed-door training session here to experiment with the technique. A month later, because Sang Mo will not have found him, perhaps the hunt for him will be slowed down. However, when Qin Yu has just been practicing for a half day,

“Senior Sang Mo, according to my young’s message, he should be 100 to 200 li to the south of you. But I don’t know more details about his location.” The man from the Green-eyed fish clan sends a message.

There are no fish controlled by the Green-eyed fish clan around the place Qin Yu chose to undergo a closed-door training session, but a fish 100 li away from this location discovered that Qin Yu disappeared after rushing here, so it naturally judged that he is here.

“Well done, very well done.”

Sang Mo sticks out his blood-red tongue, giving a faint ferocious smile. Without turning into an octopus, he quietly approaches Qin Yu’s location in his human form. At the same time, he expands his holy sense to the utmost to search carefully.

Qin Yu is practicing, patiently experimenting with the technique over and over again. Every time he tries using it, he analyzes his errors. He keeps experimenting repeatedly.

“Sang Mo!”

Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly open. Almost at the same time, he stops practicing. Even though he has been practicing, his holy sense has been on high alert, and therefore he has quickly noticed that Sang Mo is approaching. However, at this moment, Sang Mo, who is moving extremely fast, has already passed the distance caused by the difference in range between his and Qin Yu’s holy sense.


Having no time to think about anything else, Qin Yu immediately crashes through the coral reef to rush out. He then rides the Flaming Sword and uses the Body Weapon Unification technique to flee east at his fastest speed. When Sang Mo’s holy sense has just discovered Qin Yu’s aura, Qin Yu is already running away again.

“Don’t even dream about escaping this time.” A faint cold smile appears on Sang Mo’s face. In an instant, his body transforms into a huge red octopus.

Concurrently with this, he gives the 30 members of the Green-eyed fish clan in the Sang clan’s palace an order through his transmitter: “Green-eyed fish clan’s members, watch carefully for me. Always send me info about that Xiuxianist’s location.”

After sending the message using his holy sense, Sang Mo immediately chases in Qin Yu’s direction.

Even though his speed is slightly faster than Qin Yu’s, he notices that his holy sense cannot detect Qin Yu’s aura again. Therefore, he concludes at once that this disgusting Xiuxianist has changed direction once more.

Which direction did Qin Yu run away in? The answer is impossible for Sang Mo to guess.

“Senior Sang Mo, the killer is 150 li to the south of you. He’s rushing south extremely fast.”

Sang Mo is overjoyed to receive this message from the man of the Green-eyed fish clan. He immediately chases towards Qin Yu’s current location at an exceptionally high speed. Even though the distance between them is only 150 li, because they are going in the same direction, only after quite some time can Sang Mo gradually get close to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu, whose holy sense has been spread out, quickly discovers that Sang Mo is several tens li behind him.

“How can Sang Mo know the direction I’m running in?” He knows that this is bad so he immediately changes direction once more. The distance between them grows again in an instant.

After a while, Qin Yu discovers once more signs of Sang Mo’s presence not far behind him. With anger and incomprehension, he changes his direction again, instantly pulling away from Sang Mo.

However, before long, Sang Mo comes near him yet again!

“How can this bastard know my changed directions?” Qin Yu’s eyes glitter with coldness. Obviously he has been infuriated.

But behind him, Sang Mo has become furious because of the chase as well: “Xiuxianist, disgusting Xiuxianist, how can he always know in advance that I’m in pursuit to change his direction beforehand? Could it be his holy sense has an even longer range than mine?” He cannot accept this outcome.

Both the pursued and the pursuer are fuming.

“The east!”

Once again, Qin Yu changes his direction. But this time he is unlucky because there is a fish that is under the control of the Green-eyed fish clan in his new direction.

“Senior Sang Mo, the east, he’s running east!”

This time it seems Sang Mo’s effort is not wasted. He rushes east in an instant and closes on Qin Yu fast. Qin Yu, who at first thought that he had widened the distance between him and Sang Mo again, is so frightened that he breaks into a cold sweat. At the same time, he rages.

“Even a clay statue would get angry if pushed to the wall. Don’t anger me, Sang Mo.”

Killing intent has started to rise in his heart.

At the moment, a dark cave at the bottom of the ocean seems to be a black hole. It is continuously swallowing up all natural kinds of energy in its surroundings. Some underwater demonic beasts which swim past this cave are even sucked in it directly without ever being able to escape.

Soon, the suction of the cave suddenly disappears.

From inside the cave,

2 blue beams of light shoot out. The source of the light is the eyes of a black eagle. Since practicing a forbidden technique in his hereditary memories, Xiao Hei has gone through drastic changes. Now he is much thinner than before and even looks absolutely exhausted.

“Big brother, I’m coming.”

His aura suddenly comes out from his body. It feels like … an ice-cold sharp knife. With a movement of his body, which seems like a thin block of ice, Xiao Hei pierces through the water currents. He disappears in an instant. His current speed is even much faster than his speed when using the Passing Lightning Flashing Nine Times previously.

End of b5c9.

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