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B5C24: Revolt

As the 5 guardians keep going, the distance between them and the black eagle grows shorter and shorter. The 4 in Bai Yin’s group can only estimate this distance based on messages sent by the green-eyed fish clan. They are simply unable to know exactly what it is.

But Qin Yu can feel Xiao Hei’s location clearly.

“My holy sense has a longer range than theirs. Now I can only rely on it to tell Xiao Hei in advance.” Qin Yu expands his holy sense. After 3 years of practice in the ravine, during which time his soul was nourished continuously by the Meteoric Tear, by now his soul has reached peak of the late Yuanying stage.

Strangely enough, when he was staying in the ravine, the heat current sent out by the Meteoric Tear was 2 to 3 times larger than when he had been outside. Now that Qin Yu has left the ravine, the speed at which the Meteoric Tear releases the heat current has also slowed down. No matter how he has tried, he has been unable to figure out the cause of this.

At the bottom of the ocean, there are various fast flowing currents and shoals of fish. The 5 guardians are piercing through them extremely fast like 5 light beams of different colors.

“According to the green-eyed fish clan’s messages, that black eagle is only 2000 li away from us. We can run into it anytime from now on. Everybody, let’s stop. We’re going to wait at ease here and get ready to strike that black eagle a crushing blow.”

Bai Yin’s voice rises. In an instant, the other 4 guardians stop.

They are currently in a vast area of nothing but water. There are no obstacles in this area. One should know that the distances from the surface to the bottom of this boundless ocean are normally greater than 10 km. Xiuyaoists generally build their palaces on some underwater mountain ranges because constructing at extreme depths is difficult.

However, a depth of 10 km is nothing.

In this ocean, the depths of some abysses even reach several tens km, or maybe more. The water pressures at those depths are terrifying. Qin Yu is still not strong enough to go down to such depths.

Of course, there are also many treasures at those depths, but one must be very powerful to be able to gather them.

“Guardian Liu Xing, Ran Lan and Mu Xu, the 3 of you should be well prepared. You three are going to fight the black eagle head-on. I’m going to be ready to use sneak attacks and deal the finishing blow.” Bai Yin tells Qin Yu and the others directly.

Qin Yu however is pondering his own sneak attacks in his mind.

“Bai Yin is the strongest among these 4 guys so it’s best to kill him first. Ran Lan is cruel and cunning. Mu Xu is arrogant, but there’s no need to worry about him. As for Zhuang Zhong …” Qin Yu takes a look at Zhuang Zhong. In fact he has been on alert for this seemingly gullible guardian all along.

Zhuang Zhong has only reached the late Jindan stage in power but he was able to become a guardian. In terms of offense, Ran Lan and Mu Xu are not necessarily superior to him.

“Bai Yin is middle Yuanying while Ran Lan and Mu Xu are only early Yuanying. I must sneakily attack Bai Yin, the stronger. After eliminating this formidable fella, it’ll be a bit easier to join forces with Xiao Hei.” Qin Yu gives Bai Yin a look then goes straight towards him.

Seeing Qin Yu coming, Bai Yin immediately becomes alert in his mind.

A light flashes and a shiny silvery suit of armor appears on his body. At the same time, various streams of demonic elemental energy start to move around him. He says loudly: “Even though it’s going to be 5 against 1, we’ve got to be cautious. Protect yourself carefully first, everybody.”

He then looks at Qin Yu and says smilingly: “Guardian Liu Xing, could you be so confident that you don’t want to protect your body?”

Hatred rises in Qin Yu’s heart.

He does not know if Bai Yin’s action was deliberate or not, but following this, it has become much more difficult to kill Bai Yin through sneak attacks.

“Could Bai Yin be suspecting me?” Qin Yu’s heart skips a beat. If this is true, the situation will be very bad for him. At least Bai Yin will always be on guard against him so it will be much harder to eliminate Bai Yin with sneak attacks.

Qin Yu considers in his mind. In the end he says coldly: “Protect my body? You don’t have to worry about this, guardian Bai Yin.”

His eyes sweep over the other 3.

Zhuang Zhong is also wearing a large suit of armor, but Ran Lan and Mu Xu are not. After thinking for a while, Qin Yu understands the reason for this. Zhuang Zhong’s true form is a large-clawed crab and Bai Yin’s is a silvery-shelled lobster so naturally their bodies are protected by armor.

One should know that it requires many kinds of ores in large quantities to forge defensive holy items, and it is also difficult to forge them. Therefore, to Xiuyaoists, armor forging is very difficult. In general, most of the Xiuyaoists who have armor were born with it.

Ran Lan is a black-circle aquatic python and Mu Xu is an octopus. They both do not have innate armor and therefore the best they can do now is to protect their bodies with demonic elemental energy.

“Good, let’s kill Ran Lan and Mu Xu first. Once the 2 of them are eliminated, even though Bai Yin is tough, when I join forces with Xiao Hei, it shouldn’t be a problem to handle the remaining 2.” Qin Yu secretly calculates. At the same time, he pretends to make preparations with Ran Lan and Mu Xu.

He, Ran Lan and Mu Xu are currently side by side. According to the plan, as soon as they see the black eagle, they will come forwards together and attack simultaneously.

“Bai Yin, we’re going to let that Mu Xu fella die?” Ran Lan asks Bai Yin through his holy sense.

With his expression unchanged, Bai Yin replies through holy sense communication: “Mu Xu is an aggressive, simple-minded fella. If we told him about this, he’d definitely leak it. You’re different, Ran Lan. You are very cunning and ruthless and don’t have a good ‘tude towards anybody. So, even if you’re hostile to Liu Xing, he won’t suspect you.”

Hearing Bai Yin say that he is “cunning and ruthless”, Ran Lan even feels happy in his heart.

“Humph, humph, let’s see if Liu Xing is the Xiuxianist or not, but I feel sorry for Mu Xu.” Ran Lan says via his holy sense. Even though he said so, he actually does not care about Mu Xu’s life at all.

Xiao Hei is rushing northwest extremely fast. He has not seen Qin Yu for a long time. At the moment he can feel Qin Yu’s existence very clearly. There are even only several hundred li left between them. While Xiao Hei’s heart is being filled is excitement,

“Xiao Hei, stop.”

Qin Yu’s voice rises in Xiao Hei’s mind. Hearing that familiar voice, Xiao Hei immediately stops with no hesitation. The current distance between them is nearly 100 li so Qin Yu can say to Xiao Hei using his holy sense but Xiao Hei cannot do the same thing to him.

“Xiao Hei, there are 4 guardians of the Blood-red Cave with me now. They’re ready to kill you and I’m among them. You must remember to rush to the place 10 m west of me with all your power right now. When you see a fella in white armor, kill him for me. Remember to charge with all your power. We must catch them unprepared.”

When Qin Yu finishes saying, Xiao Hei totally understands.

The energy in his body immediately surges. Electric sparks then begin to zigzag on his wings. With a shake of his wings, he disappears straight towards the northwest like a blood-red flash in an instant. His speed is simply shockingly fast.

The 5 guardians have expanded their holy senses, ready to spring into action at any time.

Qin Yu, Ran Lan and Mu Xu are furthest ahead. Bai Yin is more than 10 m to the west of the 3 of them and Zhuang Zhong is at the back. None of the 5 guardians says to each other a word because they all know that the black eagle can appear anytime!

“It’s come!”

Bai Yin’s voice rises in the minds of the other. As he has reached the middle phase of the Yuanying stage, his holy sense is theoretically somewhat superior to theirs. However, Bai Yin simply does not know how formidable Qin Yu’s holy sense is.

When Bai Yin’s voice has just risen in the others’ minds, their holy senses detect a blood-red beam of light coming straight at them at an extreme speed. Its speed is simply so fast that they are secretly shocked. In one respect, speed also represents power.

Qin Yu, Ran Lan and Mu Xu charge at that blood-red beam of light almost simultaneously.

As Bai Yin sees this scene, a faint smile appears on the corners of his mouth. But his smile freezes in just a moment because while the 3 silhouettes are rushing at the blood-red beam of light, it suddenly makes a turn extremely fast and shoots at Bai Yin.

“Attack together!”

By the time Bai Yin’s voice rises in everybody else’s mind, the blood-red light beam has already pulled away from Ran Lan, Mu Xu and Qin Yu, who were rushing at it. The black eagle was too fast so Qin Yu and the other 2 basically could not stop him. The 3 of them immediately make a turn and charge at him again.

At this moment!

Qin Yu, Mu Xu and Ran Lan are rushing at the black eagle side by side while the eagle is rushing at Bai Yin and Zhuang Zhong is still behind Bai Yin’s back. In theory, given the current situation, what happens next should be 5 guardians surrounding and attacking the black eagle together.

However, at this moment, the situation changes because Qin Yu finally takes action!


In just about an instant, the Flaming Gloves appear on Qin Yu’s hands. His left hand penetrates Mu Xu’s chest directly then crushes Mu Xu’s heart with a grab. As Mu Xu was totally unprepared for this blow, the little amount of demonic elemental energy protecting his body was insufficient to withstand Qin Yu’s Flaming Glove.

Qin Yu then thrusts his right hand at Ran Lan’s back like a sharp arrow.


Seeming to have foreseen this strike, Ran Lan blocks it with his hand. But the combination of Qin Yu’s terrifying power and a Flaming Glove is beyond his imagination. With a clack noise, his hand is ruptured immediately, but he is able to make use of the impact force to back away.

“What bad luck!” Qin Yu’s face changes color.

Mu Xu, whose heart has been shattered, looks at Qin Yu in stupefaction. His face is full of disbelief: “You, you, you …” He cannot even say a sentence. His soul then enters the cycle of reincarnation. Too bad Mu Xu has yet to reach the Dongxu stage. Otherwise he would have been able to merge his soul with his Yuanying.

“Liu Xing is the Xiuxianist!”

Ran Lan, whose one hand has been broken, shouts shrilly. At the moment his eyes are filled hostility and hatred because one of his hands has been crushed. Even its bones have been shattered completely so it will never recover unless he can overcome the 9-From-9th Heaven Tribulation and ascend to a higher world.

Bai Yin has been ready to strike an all-out blow for a long time. Originally he wanted to sneakily give the black eagle a killing blow but now, facing the black eagle’s assault, he can only attack openly. The black eagle’s sharp claws and his 2 daggers clash head-on.


After the violent collision, the black eagle unexpectedly is not injured in the slightest, but Bai Yin is forced to retreat.

“Kill Liu Xing!”

Bai Yin screams loudly. Zhuang Zhong behind him shouts angrily: “Liu Xing, so you’re the Xiuxianist! Guardian Ran Lan, let’s join forces to kill him. Guardian Bai Yin, hold off that black eagle.”

Bai Yin knows Qin Yu’s power and also knows Ran Lan’s and Zhuang Zhong’s power so he immediately agrees with this suggestion. However, at this moment, a transmitter appears in the hand that Bai Yin has put behind his back. The transmitter disappears almost instantly.

“That Sang Mo fella hates this Xiuxianist the most. Let’s leave it to him.” A faint cold smile appears on Bai Yin’s face. Because Bai Yin is very fast and is hiding this hand behind his back, Qin Yu and the black eagle do not notice this, but Zhuang Zhong sees everything.

A light flashes on Bai Yin’s body. In an instant, he turns into a huge silvery lobster that is more than 10 m long and whose shell looks like rock. A terrifying aura is coming out from his body. With a shake of his tail, the silvery lobster arrives at Xiao Hei’s side instantly.

He then thrusts his 2 large claws at Xiao Hei extremely fast.

While Bai Yin attacks Xiao Hei, Zhuang Zhong and Ran Lan charge at Qin Yu simultaneously in just about an instant. The Flaming Sword appears in Qin Yu’s hand at once. He makes a hand sign, wanting to execute the Illusion Spreading Sword Art, but at this moment, 2 scenes that make his eyes pop out of his head take place almost at the same time.

The first scene!


A loud noise is heard as Zhuang Zhong unexpectedly smashes his right fist into the head of Ran Lan beside him. The head is immediately shattered like a watermelon, splattering red blood around. Zhuang Zhong then says smilingly to Qin Yu: “Guardian Liu Xing, this is my surrender present for you.”

The second scene!

The 2 claws of the middle Yuanying stage silvery-shelled lobster are very powerful, as well as extremely fast. But, facing the lobster’s attack, Xiao Hei suddenly dodges away with a shake of his wings. The lobster immediately charges at him again.

However –

A piercing cry comes out from Xiao Hei’s mouth. Concurrently with this, Qin Yu can feel clearly that Xiao Hei’s aura suddenly rises.

Seeing the silvery-shelled lobster’s 2 large claws coming at him, Xiao Hei unexpectedly rushes straight at the lobster like a black beam of light. At the same time, his ice-cold black sharp claws suddenly enlarge tenfold in the blink of an eye, becoming a blood-red pair of eagle claws.

Pu! Pu!

The middle Yuanying stage silvery-shelled lobster gets his head crushed directly by Xiao Hei’s claws like tofu and he dies on the spot.

These 2 scenes happen almost simultaneously and they both amaze Qin Yu.

“Xiao Hei, since when have you become so formidable?” He looks at Xiao Hei in disbelief. Just now, those blood-red claws that were ten times larger than normal gave off a terrifyingly strong killing intent and their sharpness was also at a frightening level. They were able to tear apart the defense of a middle Yuanying stage silvery-shelled lobster directly in an instant.

Only when Qin Yu makes a sweep with his holy sense does he discover that Xiao Hei has already reached the early phase of the Yuanying stage.

“I was already at the late Jindan stage 3 years ago. When I returned to the ravine last time, I had already reached the peak of the Jindan stage. And I’ve made a breakthrough recently. Plus, there are many secret techniques that I can learn in my memories. The move I executed just now is a technique I just learned.” Xiao Hei says laughingly.

He possesses hereditary memories and has experienced a forbidden technique so even though he is only at the early Yuanying stage, his actual offense is very terrifying.

End of b5c24.

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