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B5C13: Deadly poison

As the blood-red aquatic python pierces through the ocean, his huge body makes the water in his vicinity become turbulent. His 2 red eyes, filled with a sinister iciness, are staring directly at Qin Yu, who is running away extremely fast ahead of him.

The distance between them grows shorter and shorter.

“This python is even a bit faster than Sang Mo.” Qin Yu takes a look backwards. The coldness in his eyes suddenly intensifies. Clenching his teeth, he unexpectedly stops completely in an instant. The blood-red aquatic python seems to never have anticipated that Qin Yu would halt abruptly, but he reacts very quickly and stops before ramming into Qin Yu.

He stares at Qin Yu with his red eyes then turns into a human again with a shake of his body.

“Sang Mo, I’ve found him. Just wait and get that Thunder Hammer ready, ha-ha …” Cha Ge complacently sends a message to Sang Mo through his transmitter. At the moment he is totally confident because by feeling Qin Yu’s aura he knows that Qin Yu’s power level is only around the middle phase of the Jindan stage. This kind of Xiuxianist is definitely no match for him even if they use a high-grade holy weapon.

“Then I’ll wait for your good news, vice master.”

As Cha Ge is staring at Qin Yu before him, a faint cold smile appears on the corners of his mouth.

“How are you, Xiuxianist?” He tauntingly greets Qin Yu. He has never feared anyone within the territory of the Blood-red Cave. At the moment, Qin Yu is slower than him so he even feels like playing a game of cat and mouse.

Qin Yu has known very well since he heard the sentence ‘I’ve been looking for you for a very long time.’ that the Xiuyaoist in front of him has been hunting for him, perhaps also because of Sang Mo’s reward offer.

“Xiuyaoist, I can see that you’re not weaker than Sang Mo. I’m surprised that someone like you wants to hunt me down. You’re doing this for a middle-grade holy weapon or a favor from him?” He says indifferently and calmly while looking at Cha Ge.

For the moment Qin Yu has no intention of using the Meteor Escaping Art to flee either. After all, having experienced the pains caused by the Meteoric Tear after he used it last time, he will not easily rely on it again.

“Ha-ha … Sang Mo, you said that idiot Sang Mo?” Cha Ge laughs out loud loftily. “What’s the use of a middle-grade holy weapon? How can it make me hunt for you?” He disdains a middle-grade holy weapon very much.

“Oh? Looks like you want a favor from Sang Mo.” Qin Yu says laughingly.

Cha Ge says with a shake of his head: “Favor? No.” He looks at Qin Yu with a hint of amusement in his eyes. “Given Sang Mo’s puny power and position, his favor is a worthless piece of crap to me. I can order him directly as I please, so why would I want a favor from him?”

Qin Yu is secretly startled.

The man before him unexpectedly can give Sang Mo orders. At first he only thought that Cha Ge was someone of the same level as Sang Mo, but now it looks like he has underestimated the opponent.

“Then why are you chasing me?” Qin Yu is very calm.

“Oh, my cute Xiuxianist, it seems you still don’t know that in order to hunt you down, Sang Mo has raised the reward.” Cha Ge says laughingly in a casual manner. “However, I’m chasing you not only because of the high-grade holy weapon that Sang Mo has offered as the reward, but also because of the high-grade holy weapon on your body.”

“My high-grade holy weapon?”

Qin Yu looks at Cha Ge. His expression freezes in an instant.

“Ha-ha … Don’t deny it. The flying sword you rode just now must be a high-grade holy weapon. Otherwise, how could you have been so fast? Frankly, I think not even a high-grade holy weapon can help a middle Jindan Xiuxianist like you move so fast. Ah, don’t tell me that your flying sword is a top-grade holy weapon.”

Cha Ge’s eyes immediately blaze.

Even though he cannot believe that a Jindan-stage Xiuxianist can possess a top-grade holy weapon, Qin Yu’s speed just now has greatly shocked him. A blood-red aquatic python is very fast in the ocean and, moreover, he has reached the early Yuanying stage and was using his true form, but he was only able to go a bit faster than Qin Yu.

Could it be … this is really a top-grade holy flying sword?

“Top-grade holy weapon? How about this? I’ll give you my flying sword and you’ll pretend that you’ve never seen me.” Struck by a thought, Qin Yu says smilingly. Concurrently with this, the Flaming Sword appears in his hand then floats up under his control.

Cha Ge is startled. He moves his eyes around then says with a ‘he-he’ laugh: “In fact I only want a holy weapon. Since you’re already so sensible, I won’t trouble myself either. I’ll take the flying sword.”

After saying so, with a movement of his body, Cha Ge makes a grab at the sword.

“This stupid brat, I’ll take his flying sword first and immediately personalize it then kill him.” Even he finds it rather troublesome to have to fight a user of a high-grade holy weapon.

Now that the opponent has offered him that weapon, he is naturally glad to take it.

According to his thinking, the opponent is merely at around the middle Jindan stage so his soul should not be strong either, and therefore it will take him just a little while to forcibly personalize that flying sword.

Suddenly —

Hu hu ~~

Stellar energy rushes forth from inside Qin Yu’s body in the blink of an eye and forms a huge nebular maelstrom. Qin Yu’s eyes flash with coldness. The nebula in his dantian begins to rotate extremely fast too. His entire stellar energy has been unleashed.

The Stellar Field!

“You even dare …” Seeing this scene, Cha Ge knows that the opponent wants to attack. He is also not a fool to grab that flying sword now because the opponent can easily control the sword to attack.


In just a moment, Qin Yu turns into several illusions. However, for some reason, he is not using the Flaming Gloves at all. Qin Yu’s illusions have surrounded Cha Ge. At almost the same time, the illusions launch different attacks at Cha Ge such as punches, finger swords, knife hand strikes and so on.

“Ha-ha …”

Cha Ge turns his face upwards, laughing out loud. The demonic elemental energy in his whole body surges forth and unexpectedly shakes away all of Qin Yu’s strikes.

Qin Yu clenches his teeth. In an instant, he suddenly splits into 6 illusions, which, with a twist of their waists, immediately begin to rotate fiercely. Concurrently with this, they swing their right legs violently like windmill blades and hit Cha Ge’s neck with no mercy.


After hitting Cha Ge’s neck, the 6 illusions disappear, leaving behind only Qin Yu’s real body, whose one leg is currently on Cha Ge’s neck.

“In terms of attack resistance, we blood-red aquatic pythons aren’t weaker than divine dragons.” At this moment, Cha Ge says to Qin Yu. A layer of scales has unexpectedly emerged on his neck, rendering all of Qin Yu’s close-quarters attacks ineffective.

Qin Yu does a backflip then retreats very far.

Close-quarters attacks are fairly effective against humans, whose bodies are relatively weak, but they are much less useful against Xiuyaoists. The reason of this is that the true forms of quite a few Xiuyaoists make them extremely formidable physically, for example, blood-red aquatic pythons, aquatic dragons, horned dragons, and so on.

“Very strong attack resistance indeed.” Qin Yu says in wonderment.

Hearing Qin Yu’s praise, Cha Ge feels even more proud of himself, but he still says: “Though you’re a Xiuxianist, your physical power is really very formidable. In fact your last strike just now forced me to use my protective scaly armor.”

Qin Yu says in admiration: “Such attacks by me couldn’t break your defense, and you haven’t even used your true form yet. It’s true that Xiuyaoists are much more powerful than humans at any given power level. But … I won’t give up.”

“If not for that high-grade holy weapon, I’d really be unwilling to kill you.” Cha Ge says so, but at the same time he moves like a flash. 2 daggers appear in his hands and he thrusts them straight towards Qin Yu. The blades of the daggers radiate a green cold light.

Deadly poison.

“Just die.” Qin Yu says in his mind. The nebula around him starts to spin extremely fast again. The Stellar Field is executed once more, just like how it was used just now. He controls the Flaming Sword to block the daggers and throws 2 punches at Cha Ge using his hands.

Cha Ge cannot help giving a faint smile.

After experiencing Qin Yu’s attacks moments ago, he already knew that Qin Yu’s offensive force at least cannot injure him. In order to be safe, he covers his body in a layer of protective scaly armor, which is formed from his scales.

Of course, his current defense is not as astonishing as when he switches to his true form, but this is still a high level of defense.


Qin Yu clenches his teeth tightly to a point where even his blood gushes out. A frightening, cold beam of light suddenly shoots out from his eyes. While coming at Cha Ge, his fists suddenly open and turn into 2 spear-hand strikes (*), which have the most powerful penetrating offensive forces. At the same time, the Flaming Gloves appear.

Pu! Pu!

The fierce penetrating forces coupled with the high-grade holy weapon Flaming Gloves are simply irresistible. Qin Yu’s spear hand strikes immediately break that layer of scaly armor then pierce through it, aiming to finish this blood-red aquatic python off by smashing his internal organs.

However —

“Growl ~~~”

The moment the scaly armor is penetrated, a series of deep growls rises. In an instant, Cha Ge’s body unexpectedly transforms into a 70 to 80 m long blood-red aquatic python, which immediately attempts to wrap his body around Qin Yu, wanting to strangle him to death.

“Cunning Xiuxianist, I’m going to eat you!”

Cha Ge’s furious voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind. He has really been enraged, because Qin Yu has plotted against him twice.

The 1st time, Qin Yu took the initiative and ran away in the middle of a conversation with him. The 2nd time, Qin Yu did not use the Flaming Gloves when attacking in the beginning to make him miscalculate the difference in power between them.

Therefore, when Qin Yu attacked again, Cha Ge was careless and had to pay a great price for this.

With a shaking movement of his body, Qin Yu avoids the python’s incoming wrapping attack like lightning. He then immediately says via his holy sense: “Blood-red aquatic python, just now you were lucky that I couldn’t kill you in one hit. But … even though I didn’t penetrate your heart, it still got a shock from my penetrating force and was injured pretty bad, right?”

Cha Ge of course has been injured and, even worse, injured very seriously.

Due to the close-quarters strikes Qin Yu had used in his 1st attack attempt, Cha Ge misjudged Qin Yu’s power. He thought that his protective scaly armor was more than sufficient and did not even use his demonic elemental energy to defend himself at all. As a result, in Qin Yu’s 2nd attack attempt, relying on the high-grade holy weapon Flaming Gloves, Qin Yu was able to breach the scaly armor directly with 2 spear hand strikes.

Moreover, the spear hand strikes did not only deal damage through Qin Yu’s physical body, but also through the penetrating forces they carried, which went into Cha Ge’s body through his flesh and injured his heart.

“Yaaaa … You pissed me off!!!”

The blood-red aquatic python swings his body nonstop, completely disturbing the water in his surroundings. However, a mouthful of blood suddenly spurts from his mouth. The heart is a vital part so even though it was only shaken up by Qin Yu’s penetrating forces, he has been severely injured.

With a solemn expression, Qin Yu makes a hand sign then immediately shouts: “Illusion Spreading Sword Art — Starry Starry Night!”

His Flaming Sword flies upwards and creates a blurry area in the blink of an eye. Countless sword silhouettes shoot straight at the blood-red aquatic python from that area. As Qin Yu sees this scene, a faint smile appears on his face.

Xiuxianists, Xiuyaoists and Xiumoists each have their own specialties. Xiuxianists’ various kinds of sword arts are really outstanding. As for Xiumoists, they have many strange yet very powerful holy weapons. Qin Yu has read quite a few Xiuzhen secret books so naturally he has learnt some sword arts.

The Illusion Spreading Sword Art was a sword art that Qin Yu put emphasis on learning.

“Growl ~~~”

The blood-red aquatic python lets out a deep growl then turns his huge head, staring at Qin Yu. His red eyes are radiating an obvious red light. With a movement, the head turns into a blur and arrives at Qin Yu’s face instantly.

In terms of speed, the python’s head is even faster than his body.

Chi, chi, chi, chi …

Many sword silhouettes hit the blood-red aquatic python’s body but they only leave faint bloodstains on his outer scaly armor and fail to inflict any serious wounds on him. Simply ignoring these attacks, the blood-red aquatic python opens his large mouth, which looks like a basin of blood, and bites at Qin Yu.

A stench reaches Qin Yu. He immediately moves his hand sign, thrusting the Flaming Sword straight down at the blood-red aquatic python extremely fast from above. Meanwhile, taking advantage of the forces of the water around him, his body makes a gentle movement and avoids the bite of the blood-red aquatic python.


A red blur flashes across Qin Yu. He vomits blood and is sent flying at once.

“Damn it. This python’s tail is even faster than his head.” Spitting out a mouthful of blood, he can feel that all of his internal organs have been injured. Just now he only saw a red blur before the swing of the tail hit him.

Compared to the python’s head, his tail is 2 to 3 times faster, which is too terrifying. But at this moment, the Flaming Sword, which is heading directly for the python’s head, has already almost reached its target.


The python raises his head and unexpectedly takes a bite at Qin Yu’s Flaming Sword in an absolutely fearless manner. A hint of ruthlessness appears in Qin Yu’s eyes. Through mental control, he makes the Flaming Sword accelerate and thrusts it straight at the python’s wide open mouth.

“If you bite, I’ll pierce through your throat!”

He has become ruthless.


A yellow beam of light shoots out from the python’s mouth and hits the Flaming Sword squarely. Qin Yu then discovers that the sword has unexpectedly got much heavier and its speed has decreased a lot as if it is no longer under his control.

Only now can he see clearly that some yellow liquid is sticking on the Flaming Sword while emitting various yellow wisps of smoke.


(*): In the Chinese text, Qin Yu uses 2 knuckle-protruding punches, which in real life have very weak impact force and are almost totally useless, so I changed them to 2 spear hand strikes.

End of b5c13.

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