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B5C10: Murderous Qin Yu; crazy Sang Mo

Both Xiao Hei’s body and wings have become much thinner. However, if someone weighed him, they would find out that the current Xiao Hei is even much heavier than before he used that forbidden technique. The reason for this is that he gobbled up the blood essence of quite a few demonic beasts which swam past the mouth of the cave and fused it with his body.

“My current condition is somewhat different from the one in my memories, but my speed and offense have even got a little more formidable than I expected.”

Xiao Hei is very satisfied with his current condition. Suddenly, his holy sense discovers an early Jindan-stage Xiuyaoist. Even though Xiuyaoists can kill each other in this underwater world, those who are subordinate to the same powerhouse generally will not fight each other.

This tiger shark Xiuyaoist is gadding about in a tottering manner, looking very relaxed.

Suddenly a black beam of light pierces through him directly. Only a deep growl (*) is heard. Afterwards the tiger shark is completely absorbed by that black light, including even his blood and flesh. The black light then turns into a black eagle.

“When performing this forbidden technique, I can’t control myself. Even though I’ve eaten up a Jindan demonic beast, his jade identity card has already been destroyed by my energy.” Xiao Hei takes out that tiger shark Xiuyaoist’s jade identity card.

This absorption technique of Xiao Hei’s not only swallows up a target’s entire body’s blood and flesh, but also robs him of his memories. However, Xiao Hei does not dare to absorb the target’s soul, nor can he do so.

Qin Yu keeps changing his direction. Whenever Sang Mo comes near him, his direction is changed. However, because Sang Mo has been informed again and again by the Green-eyed fish clan, he has been unable to pull away from Sang Mo. By now, he has been being chased by Sang Mo for a half day.

“There’s someone again!”

Qin Yu curses inwardly. His holy sense has just discovered members of the Sang clan popping up ahead of him. He immediately changes his direction once more. Now, not only does he have to flee from Sang Mo’s chase, he also has to be careful to avoid the Sang clan members sent by Sang Mo around.

After Qin Yu got away from him again and again, Sang Mo has ordered his clan’s members to start surrounding this area of 100,000 li in radius. With these Sang clan members’ encirclement, the situation obviously has become much worse for Qin Yu. Now, soon after taking a turn to avoid Sang Mo, he will suddenly detect members of the Sang clan not far from him.

“Senior Sang Mo, that killer is about 120 li to the south of you.” Another message from the man of the Green-eyed fish clan arrives.

At the moment, Sang Mo’s eyes are slightly red. It is obvious that he is burning with anger in his chest. Even though he has received this information, he is not as excited as before because he knows that it will be very difficult to capture the killer despite him being informed continuously by the Green-eyed fish clan.

“This Xiuxianist is even more slippery than a loach.” Even now, Sang Mo still does not know Qin Yu’s name.

However, the death of his son must be avenged, so Sang Mo keeps chasing.

After a long time,

This time, no matter how Sang Mo keeps chasing, he cannot detect Qin Yu. The Green-eyed fish clan can no longer detect Qin Yu’s aura either. And none of the Sang clan members can find out where he is. It seems Qin Yu has suddenly disappeared.

When almost every several hundred li is being monitored by a controlled fish and, on top of that, Sang Mo and the Sang clan members are making a sweep of this area with their holy senses, Qin Yu has disappeared just like that.


A group of the Sang clan members looks at Sang Mo, not knowing what to do. Having failed to find the murderer, what can they possibly do?

A great fury has been built up in Sang Mo’s heart. He used such a large formation and even engaged the help of the Green-eyed fish clan and, besides, as the Sang clan’s patriarch, he himself has been chasing for so long, but they have been unable to catch a midget Xiuxianist, so how can Sang Mo possibly not become furious?

“This Xiuxianist, I’ll skin him alive one day eventually then throw him into a fire (**) ant nest to make him suffer the pain of being bitten by 10,000 ants. He’s going wail for 3 days before I let him die.” His eyes are full of enmity.

Sang Mo was enraged long ago by his son’s death and, moreover, he has not been able to catch Qin Yu for such a long time, therefore naturally he is even more furious now.

“Patriarch, can doing so alone vent our anger? We should cut off his johnson. Patriarch, I remember that there’s a group of perverts not far to the south of our palace, isn’t there. We should let them gang bang this brat for 3 days first …” A member of the Sang clan proposes a method of punishment in a flattering manner.

Sang Mo’s eyes immediately brighten. It seems he is very pleased with it.

Another member of the Sang clan hurriedly says: “Patriarch, I’ve heard of a punishment called wooden horse. We’ll bring out a wedge-like block of iron first then make him sit down on it with spread legs. We’ll seal up his jindan to let his johnson and arse get a taste of it. Then …”

One after another, the Sang clan members propose various malicious punishments. These Xiuyaoists have spent most of their time practicing so occasionally some of them became very bored. To relieve the boredom, they researched and came up with some torture methods. At times they even abducted some mortals and experimented on them on some uninhabited islands.

Sang Mo is very satisfied with their suggestions.

Only torturing Qin Yu with these methods will relieve his hatred.

“Very good, but if we can’t catch him, everything will be useless.” As soon as Sang Mo thinks about how hard it is to capture Qin Yu, his face darkens. “All right, let’s stop chasing for now.” At the same time, he gives the Green-eyed fish clan an order through his transmitter.

“Green-eyed fish clan’s members, all of you must watch out carefully. Once that Xiuxianist appears, tell me about it right away.”

After ordering, Sang Mo himself leaves first. His speed is much faster than ordinary octopuses’. He has no patience to go slowly together with these members of his clan. Those members then break up into small groups, some of which return to the palace while the rest go to other places.

An hour after Sang Mo and the others left this place, the dirt on the ground unexpectedly moves. Then a silhouette shoots out from underground. It is none other than Qin Yu.

“Sang clan.” His eyes are filled with iciness.

Half an hour ago, he was in a desperate situation because Sang Mo had been chasing him to the point where he had nowhere to run. So he immediately went into the ground and at the same time withdrew all of his stellar energy. He then stopped using stellar energy and suppressed his entire aura.

He has won the gamble.

Sang Mo was really unable to detect him. Once a person stops using his internal energy and suppresses his aura completely, other people basically will not be able to discover his aura. Unless they can detect his holy sense, they will not find him. However, Qin Yu’s holy sense is superior to Sang Mo’s.


Qin Yu rushes upwards like a speeding arrow. At the moment he is only 4 to 5 km away from the ocean surface. In only a short while, he breaks out of the water and shoots straight up into the air.

“There’s someone.”

He quickly discovers that there are Xiuyaoists, who seem to be searching for something, above the ocean. He notices at once that some of those searching Xiuyaoists look familiar. They are none other than some of the Sang clan members he has seen before.

“It seems Sang Mo hasn’t given up.”

Qin Yu immediately dives into the water, his heart full of anger. Even though he has been fleeing for his life, he has never thought about going up to the ocean surface to fly away because he knows very well that it is even more dangerous there! There are several reasons.

Firstly, Xiuyaoists are also capable of flight. Moreover, generally, Xiuyaoists live between only 4 and 5 km deep in the ocean, but experts have holy senses that are over 10 km in range so, with a sweep of their holy senses, not only can they search the ocean, they can even search the sky.

Secondly, because it is very spacious above the ocean surface, once a silhouette appears in the air, it will soon be noticed whereas, at any rate, there are all kinds of coral, underwater rocks and even underwater mountain ranges at the bottom of the ocean to hide into.

Thirdly, the area of 100,000 in radius Qin Yu is currently in is still comparatively near the coast of the Qian Long continent. The waters near the coast like this area totally belong to Xiuyaoists. While the nearest island of Xiuxianists or Xiumoists from the coast is 100-odd thousand li away, there may be a Xiuyaoist on any uninhabited island in the areas of water near the coast.

Fourthly, there is one more reason, that is, it is definitely impossible for him to fly as high into the sky as he pleases!

Qin Yu knows very well that he will have to face more dangers as he flies higher. At a certain height, he will not be able to ascend anymore. Moreover, according to the descriptions by his master, Lei Wei, there are many terrifying dangers at high altitudes.

When even Lei Wei called them ‘terrifying’, it can be imagined how dangerous it is at extreme heights.

Since he cannot fly too high into the sky and, even worse, sky is spacious, he would have absolutely nowhere to run if spotted. So, what can he do in this situation? The only thing he can do is to stay underwater. After all, down here it is still possible for him to fish in troubled waters.

“Patriarch already said that Xiuxianist would possibly fly on his sword at some point. Brother, we must look out for him.” A Sang clan member reprimands loudly.

Another Sang clan member says in an unconcerned manner: “Why so serious, big brother? Besides our Sang clan, many Xiuyaoists who hanker for that middle-grade holy weapon are also watching for him secretly. Once that Xiuxianist gets careless … ha-ha.” This Sang clan member laughs very maliciously.

Qin Yu is exerting the strength of his arms to swim in the ocean like a fish. Having been trained nonstop, his body now can compare with holy weapons and is frighteningly powerful. Even though he is using only physical power, he is still piercing through the water like a speeding arrow.

“Sang Mo, I can’t let you chase me all the time. The roles will slowly switch from now on.”

He expands his holy sense. With a shake of his arms, his entire body rushes through the water extremely fast like a fish. When using physical strength alone, he is only one tenth as fast as normal, but this is already enough for him.

“Hey, where do you think that Xiuxianist escaped to, bro?”

“What does it matter? Even Patriarch returned with nothing. Let’s just take a rest.”

2 members of the Sang clans are going side by side. During this period of time, the Sang clan’s members have all been troubled by Qin Yu.

“Bro, I didn’t expect to be attacked by a good-for-nothing demonic beast.” A Sang clan member says laughingly. All of a sudden, he turns around and makes a chop with his hand. But the only thing his eyes can see is Qin Yu’s Flaming Sword, which penetrates his throat directly in a blow.

Almost at the same time, Qin Yu’s left hand sticks into the chest of the other Sang clan member.

“Good-for-nothing demonic beast?” Qin Yu gets the 2 jindans then leaves in an instant.

Because he did not use stellar energy to go through the water, these Xiaoyaoists were not able to feel his aura, but when he came near them, they felt the movements of the water that he was causing. A moment ago, that Sang clan member even thought that he was being attacked by just a common shark. After all, he did not feel any energy or auras.

With this act, Qin Yu has finally started to strike back!

Qin Yu was even able to escape when surrounded by Sang Mo and so many other Xiuyaoists, so at the moment it is really very easy for him to avoid the pursuers.

On the 1st day, when he has just killed 2 Xiuyaoist, his traces are discovered by the Green-eyed fish clan, but immediately afterwards, he goes into hiding. This time he lies low for 3 days, during which time he quietly refines the jindans.

When a Xiuyaoist approaches, Qin Yu stops refining them. And after that Xiuyaoist has left, he resumes the refinement. In 3 days, the 2 jindans have been refined and absorbed completely.

He then gets into action again.

However, this time he is unlucky to have to spend several days to find Sang clan members. Even worse, there are 3 of them together. But Qin Yu goes berserk and explosively unleashes his stellar energy. Through close-quarters combat, he kills all of them, a late Jindan-stage Xiuyaoist and 2 middle Jindan-stage ones, at the first attempt.

Afterwards, he goes into hiding once more.

This time, he hides for 10 whole days. When 10 days has passed, he is on the move again …

In 3 entire months, Qin Yu has killed 16 members of the Sang clan. Knowing that one member after another of their clan has died, the rest of the Sang clan seem to be terrified. They then gather in large groups, making it difficult for him to act.

But Qin Yu is very audacious!

Even when members of the Sang clan have formed a group, he still dares to sneakily attack them then runs away using the Body Weapon Unification technique. As his power gradually improves, the speed of the Body Weapon Unification also increases bit by bit, even to a point where it is approaching Sang Mo’s true form’s fastest speed.

Because he attacks sneakily then runs away using the Body Weapon Unification and, moreover, he suppresses his stellar energy to go through the water using his physical power, the enemies basically cannot track him. Even when the Green-eyed fish clan detects him, he can still flee in advance thanks to his holy sense.

Qin Yu has become murderous. This killing spree has made him murderous.

“Sang Mo, you wanted to corner me first, so don’t blame me for wanting to exterminate you clan!”

Sang Mo is holding a jade slip in his hand, which contains that message Qin Yu left him using the holy sense. This jade slip was left behind by Qin Yu right after he had killed the Sang clan’s members for the first time. Sang Mo can feel clearly the murderous intent that the message carries. He has no doubt at all about Qin Yu’s intention of destroying his clan. The fact that 30 members of his clan have died in the last half year is the evidence.

Sang Mo’s hands are shaking and his facial muscles are twitching.

At first, the Sang clan had even fewer than 200 members who have reached the Jindan stage in total, but in the last half year alone, 30 of them have died. At this rate, perhaps the Sang clan will be almost finished in 5 years. But Sang Mo’s current speed is only barely faster than Qin Yu’s. Worse still, Qin Yu seems to have been able to detect him a step earlier every time.

Sang Mo simply has no way to catch Qin Yu. After a half year of unsuccessful chasing, Sang Mo has accepted in his heart that he himself is incapable of capturing the enemy.

“Good, good, good!”

A furious Sang Mo says ‘good’ 3 times in a row. Then, with his eyes flashing with a red light, he takes out from his bosom a transmitter. After considering for a while, he clenches his teeth and immediately sends a voice message using his holy sense: “Vice master, please raise the reward of the offer. It will include not only a middle-grade holy weapon, but also … my Thunder Hammer!”

In Sang Mo’s heart, the Thunder Hammer, a high-grade holy weapon, is even as important as his son.

To Sang Mo, making this decision is just like cutting a chunk of flesh off his heart. A high-grade holy weapon, no less! Even Yuanying-stage experts will be extremely desirous of it. Sang Mo also knows that the Blood-red Cave’s vice master Cha Ge, whose influence is immense, is among the many Yuanying-stage experts coveting this high-grade holy weapon Thunder Hammer.

“Want to destroy my clan? Then let’s see if you can survive those Yuanying-stage experts.” Sang Mo slowly says in a low voice, but his low hoarse voice resounds through the main hall, sounding very horrifying.


(*): In real life, sharks cannot growl.
(**): The words in my Chinese text are 玄气蚁窝, which to my knowledge make no sense, so I took a liberty by translating them into ‘fire ant’ (nest), one of the deadliest types of ants that attack in swarms.

End of b5c10.

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