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B4C12: Jindan refinement

“Xiao Hei, foxes … seem to be a cunning species of demonic beasts, right?” The corners of Qin Yu’s mouth slightly curve upward. He says to Xiao Hei via the holy sense while looking at the purple-clad woman. His holy sense has discovered what her true form is in an instant.

Xiao Hei focuses his eagle eyes, which are sharp like arrows, on this purple-clad woman, who is actually a demonic beast. He also says to Qin Yu via the holy sense: “Humph, an early Jindan stage fox, it’ll be easy to kill her.” Having been travelling through the Wilderness for so long, Qin Yu and Xiao Hei have also adapted themselves to its cruelty.

In the Wilderness, all of the demonic beasts are fierce and ruthless and only the strongest ones can survive. One should not be fooled by this woman’s outward appearance. After all, when a demonic beast transforms into a human, it can determine how it will look.

“Are you a human, sir?” Blinking her beautiful large eyes, that purple-clad woman asks in a seemingly timid manner.

Qin Yu’s face suddenly relaxes into a smiling expression: “Miss, I’m human. You can call me Mister Qin. May I ask your name?” His interest has been aroused. He wants to play with this little fox a bit to see what she is actually up to.

The purple-clad woman gives a bashful smile, saying: “I’m Yan Xue. This is the 1st time I’ve ever seen a human like you, Mister Qin. May I have the honor of inviting you to my place of residence for a rest?” As she is saying, she stares at Qin Yu with her large beautiful eyes.

“I’m very happy to be invited by you, miss. Xiao Hei, let’s go for some fun.” Qin Yu says immediately.

Xiao Hei nods his eagle head. At the same time he says to Qin Yu using his holy sense: “Big brother, this little fox may have some trick up her sleeve. Be careful a bit.” Xiao Hei is a demonic beast with hereditary memories so even though he is currently at the early phase of the Jindan stage he can already rival an ordinary middle Jindan demonic beast in power. And once he uses the various fantastic techniques in his hereditary memories, he will even be able to put up a good fight against an ordinary late Jindan demonic beast, not to mention this insignificant early Jindan fox.

“Very good, please follow me, Mister Qin.”

After saying, Yan Xue turns around and goes as if floating. Her speed is fast but her flying movements are really graceful, which makes her look like a faery. Qin Yu and Xiao Hei easily keep up with Yan Xue. After going several tens li, they get to the intended place.

During this period of time Qin Yu has always been fighting and has not been able to relax. Now he sees a very beautiful multiple-storied building which is made of peach trunks. This building is surrounded by a beautiful flowery peach forest.

“Mister Qin, this is my home. Perhaps my big sister and 2nd sister are still inside.” Yan Xue’s gentle voice rises in Qin Yu’s ears.

Qin Yu slightly raises his eyebrows. His holy sense has already discovered that there are 2 other foxes in this building, who should be Yan Xue’s big sister and 2nd sister. However, in terms of power, only one of the 2 foxes in the building has reached the middle phase of the Jindan stage.

“Big sister, 2nd sister, I’ve brought a guest back!” Yan Xue slightly raises her voice, calling to the building.

“Mister Qin, let’s come in.” She says smilingly. At the same time, 2 other very beautiful women walk out from the building. One of them is wearing black clothes and looks like a 30 year-old woman. Her entire body is enfolded in an air of maturity. The other looks like a woman in her twenties. She also has an air of seductiveness.

Members of the demonic fox clan are really extremely seductive.

“How do you do, sir? I’m Yan Zi. Here is my 2nd sister Yan Lan. This is my 3rd sister Yan Xue, who you must already know. My Peach Blossom Building is rarely visited by humans. I’m delighted that you have come here. Quickly come on in.”

After saying, Yan Zi reaches out her hand and pulls Qin Yu. He does not resist, letting her pull as she wishes. Her hand is like warm jade and has a wonderful feel but Qin Yu is not affected at all.

“What trick is this demonic fox going to use?” Qin Yu smiles inwardly.

Yan Zi suddenly takes a look at Xiao Hei. Her eyes flash. She then says with a smile: “Mister Qin, this eagle is so fierce. Is it a bird that you tamed?” Yan Zi says while slightly leaning her entire body against Qin Yu’s arm.

“Tamed bird? No, he is my brother.” Qin Yu is extremely tough-minded so this demonic fox’s aura cannot sway his heart.

Because he underwent 10 years of limit training from age 8, his mind has far surpassed those of ordinary people. Moreover, when he was carrying out assassination missions under the name Liu Xing and wandering the mortal world, quite a few women attempted to seduce him too, so, handling this fox’s tricks is merely child’s play to him.

Yan Zi gives a smile: “2nd sister, 3rd sister, quickly prepare some water and cakes.”

“Yes.” Yan Xue’s and Yan Lan’s gentle, flirtatious voices rise. Then the 2 of them go into the building like a gust of wind. Qin Yu also follows Yan Zi into the living room of the building and sits down on a chair in this room.

In a short while, Yan Xue and Yan Lan bring out some cakes and tea.

“I personally made these cakes. Please have a taste of them, Mister Qin.” Yan Xue gets one and puts it next to Qin Yu’s mouth as if she is feeding him. Qin Yu, however, receives it with his hand and takes a bite directly. At the same time, a stream of stellar energy flows into his mouth and covers that piece of cake. It completely turns the piece of cake to ashes like a blazing flame.

A faint smile appears on the corners of his mouth.

“Narcotic scent?” Qin Yu stares at the 3 Yan sisters and says smilingly.

The 3 sisters’ faces immediately change color.

Concurrently with that, a pink scented air is emitted from their bodies and spreads through the entire living room. Qin Yu makes a wave of a hand. A gust of wind blows, but this scented air still remains in the living room. It is obviously not affected by the wind.

“Mister Qin, your jindan can shorten our time of practice by more than 100 years.” Yan Zi gives a flirtatious smile. At the same time, a while beam of light shoots out from her body and turns into a huge white net. This net comes down directly at Qin Yu and Xiao Hei from the air.

“Sisters, get ready for a big meal.” Yan Zi and her 2 sisters stare at Qin Yu with blazing eyes.

“Xiao Hei, let me fight this time!” Qin Yu’s voice rises in Xiao Hei’s mind. This narcotic scent is easy to deal with as long as it does not enter the body. However, once it enters the body, it will have disastrous effects. Earlier, Qin Yu was prepared so he certainly could not fall prey to it.

“Alright, get it done quickly.” Xiao Hei says unwillingly.


A dark golden beam of light pierces through the space in the living room like a thunderbolt and penetrates that white net directly. With a bang, the white net is cut in half. Yan Zi’s face immediately turns very white. At the same time, she says through her holy sense: “It’s a middle-grade holy weapon. Sisters, join forces.”

Yan Zi is wrong. A weapon that can break a low-grade holy weapon does not necessarily have to be a middle-grade holy weapon. It can also be a high-grade holy weapon, or even a top-grade holy weapon. However, she basically does not think that a Xiuzhenist around the Jindan stage can have a high-grade holy weapon.

Hearing Yan Zi’s words, Yan Xue and Yan Lan immediately charges at Qin Yu. But he simply does not attack these 2 people.

Instead —

The dark golden flying sword is shot at Yan Zi like an embroidery needle. Yan Zi immediately pulls out her belt. Her loose gown falls down. The astonishing thing is that there are no other clothes under the gown. Her seductive body thus appears naked before Qin Yu’s eyes.

The belt that she pulled out then unexpectedly turns into a flexible sword and is shot directly at Qin Yu.

“I never thought you would use this vulgar move.”

With a cold smile, Qin Yu reaches out a hand, grabbing the flexible sword directly. He exerts the power of his fingers and the sword is unexpectedly broken. After becoming a high-grade holy weapon, the power of the Flaming Gloves is really extraordinary. At this moment, Yan Xue and Yan Lan, one on the left and one on the right, are attacking him from behind.

“Eagle Claw Art!”

Qin Yu’s hands form 2 eagle claws and grab Yan Xue’s and Yan Lan’s wrists directly, disregarding the weapons in their hands. The power of his fingers instantly destroys their wrists. He then changes the eagle claws into spear hands and stabs Yan Xue and Yan Lan squarely in the midpoints between their eyebrows.

Yan Xue and Yan Lan fall on the floor at once then turn into 2 foxes.

“3rd sister, 2nd sister!” Yan Zi shrieks and charges at Qin Yu like crazy. However, while charging at him, she suddenly changes direction, which surprises him. Now she is unexpectedly running away extremely fast in another direction.

“Running away? You want to race against me?”

Seeming to cause no wind sounds, Qin Yu comes up to the side of Yan Zi in just about a moment. While fleeing, Yan Zi also looks back and secretly lets out a sigh of relief: “That brat hasn’t caught up yet.” But when she turns her head forward, she sees Qin Yu standing smilingly in front of her.


Yan Zi immediately utters the loudest yell she is capable of. Hearing it, Qin Yu cannot help frowning. Yan Zi’s eyes instantly flash. She forms an eagle claw with a hand and attacks Qin Yu with it. Qin Yu, however, shatters her sharp claw directly with a punch then smashes it on her stomach. Her entire body gets a violent shock. She then falls powerlessly on the floor and changes into a fox as well.

“3 foxes.” Qin Yu gives a faint unconcerned smile.

“Xiao Hei, regardless of their species, most demonic beasts in the Wilderness want to kill their opponents to eat the jindans. These 3 foxes wanted to kill us to take our jindans too.” He makes a wave of a hand. A flame shoots out and burns that fox’s corpse up in an instant. A jindan then appears before him.

With a wave of a hand, he sucks it in his spatial ring. He then flies back into Peach Blossom Building.

Xiao Hei looks at Qin Yu and says to him via his holy sense: “Big brother, we’re less than halfway through this return journey but we’ve already killed a good few Jindan demonic beasts. We didn’t want to kill them for no reason at all, but these demonic beasts were just too ferocious. All of them wanted to eat our jindans, but they were too weak.”

“It’s not that they were too weak but that they were too short-sighted. Xiao Hei, the other 2 jindans are yours. Let’s find a secluded place to refine them.” Qin Yu says with a smile.

Xiao Hei opens his mouth. 2 bolts of lightning shoot out and hit the 2 foxes’ bodies directly. 2 jindans fly up at once, which are swallowed into Xiao Hei’s stomach at a gulp. He then says: “Big brother, these 2 jindans will probably take me 3 days to refine. Let’s go find a place first.”

Qin Yu and Xiao Hei leave this Peach Blossom Building extremely fast.

In the Wilderness, demonic beasts usually kill each other to eat the opponents’ jindans or yuanyings to improve their own power. Of course, to be able to eat other demonic beasts’ jindans, they must be strong enough. That Yan Xue felt that both Qin Yu and Xiao Hei were around the early phase of the Jindan stage so she decided to prey on them.

Unluckily for her, the true power of either of them cannot be judged by appearance. On this journey, quite a few demonic beasts have lost their jindans because they looked down on Qin Yu and Xiao Hei.

The night is chilling. At night, the winds in the Wilderness become stronger. In a nameless mountain range of the Wilderness, Qin Yu and Xiao Hei are staying in a cave. A simple illusive formation has been set up at the mouth of the cave.

Qin Yu is sitting with legs crossed. The jindan he took is floating before him. He suddenly opens his eyes.

He then points with a hand. A light blue flame comes out from his fingertip and covers the jindan. With ‘chi-chi’ sounds, the jindan is continuously burnt. Afterwards, it turns into various streams of a golden liquid. This golden liquid also moves around Qin Yu’s body nonstop.


The air in Qin Yu’s vicinity vibrates. Suddenly many indistinct light silvery streams of stellar energy come out from his body. They then form a huge nebular maelstrom. Qin Yu is sitting at the center of the maelstrom. Those streams of the golden liquid are enveloped in the nebular maelstrom.

The light silvery stellar energy forms a cycle, pulling the golden energy into his dantian. In the dantian, another nebula is rotating nonstop. However, at the moment the Stellar Flame in the center of the nebula is blazing.

Chi-chi ~~~

When the golden energy goes into the dantian, it is first refined again by the Stellar Flame.


Ordinary demonic beasts will eat a jindan directly then absorb its energy to use. Qin Yu, however, does not do this. He always refines a jindan again and again to get rid of its foreign, strange energy completely, leaving only its life essence, which is the most important thing to a practitioner.

Only this most essential energy is absorbed by Qin Yu. Even though 90% of the jindan’s energy is lost when refined by the Stellar Flame, Qin Yu will never forget that one point emphasized by Senior Lei Wei in the Stellar Transformations book — purity!

The energy must be pure and the foundation must be solid!

The nebula inside Qin Yu’s dantian is rotating nonstop like a maelstrom. As the nebula spins, it causes various silvery grains in it to spin as well. Each of these silvery grains contains a powerful amount of energy. That purest energy which is left after refinement is absorbed by these silvery grains.

90% of a jindan’s energy is removed during the refining process. Only the purest energy left is the life essence of the Xiuzhenist.

Qin Yu refines only a small amount of the golden liquid that is floating outside his body at a time. He is in no hurry and must not hurry. After nearly 3 whole days, Qin Yu has finally refined and absorbed all of the jindan’s energy.

He opens his eyes and sees that on one side Xiao Hei has already finished practicing.

“Big brother, you’ve completed the refinement? I finished refining just now too.” Xiao Hei says to him using holy sense communication.

Qin Yu nods with a smile.

“Big brother, everytime we absorb a jindan we have to spend some time. Those demonic beasts eat a jindan very fast but they swallow it whole without thinking. They seem to believe the more energy the better.” Xiao Hei’s voice has a hint of disdain.

Ordinary demonic beasts only have access to the most basic practice techniques so they know very little. How can they compare to Xiao Hei? After all, there are many mysterious practice techniques in Xiao Hei’s memories.

“Xiao Hei, let’s get going.”

With a swaying movement of his body, Qin Yu rushes out of the cave instantly. That illusive formation has been broken apart by him with a wave of a hand. Xiao Hei also rushes out with a beat of his wings. One man and one eagle then continue their practicing journey through the Wilderness.

NOTE: Yan Xue in this chapter and last chapter’s Yan Xue are 2 different characters.

End of b4c12.

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