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B4C11: Enter the Great Ancestor

Even though Shangguan Hong is dead, there are no signs of hatred on his face. After all, to an ambitious person like him, the most important thing is his ideals rather than his life. Having lost, he gained an understanding of life — in a fight for ruling power, losing means death.

The green-eyed man is still staring at Zhuang Jun. His killing intent has enfolded Zhuang Jun. He knows Zhuang Jun is a very formidable opponent and therefore wants to deliver a fatal blow from the beginning.

Suddenly —

“Assassin! Assassin!”

Zhuang Jun shouts all of a sudden. At the same time he hits himself in the left arm with a palm strike. His entire body is immediately sent flying through the door of the room, smashing it. Seeming to understand everything clearly, the personal bodyguard outside the room shoots 2 arrows at the green-eyed man.

This personal bodyguard was selected by Zhuang Jun and is also one of the Qin clan’s men.

Even though Qin De could kill Shangguan Hong anytime, he has waited until today to have him killed. How could he possibly not know early on that Shangguan Hong and the Xiang clan had set a trap for him to jump into? And Qin De has turned their trick against them. When the Qin clan’s army went into the 2 Northern region counties, Shangguan Hong naturally had to announce to his own troops that the Shangguan clan supported the Qin clan.

Even though that was made known to every soldier, some people in the highest echelons still secretly knew that the Shangguan clan was on the Xiang clan’s side. However, in order to prepare for this plan, they have not dared to tell middle-level officers this information beforehand, nor have they been able to tell it to ordinary soldiers.

Except for several high-ranking people, it seems the entire army of the 2 Northern region counties has been thinking that the Shangguan clan is on the Qin clan’s side. In this situation, it has become possible for the important Flying Eagle plan to be started. The goal of the plan is — to seize complete control of the 2 Northern region counties at one stroke.


The green-eyed man continuously makes swaying movements. At the same time he waves the weapon that looks like a dagger or a short knife in his hand a couple of times, parrying the 2 arrows. His entire body then charges directly at Zhuang Jun like a meteorite. Even if he has to die, he will still want to kill Zhuang Jun.

This green-eyed man is a death warrior of the Xiang clan. He has been hiding around Shangguan Hong for a very long time. He knows Zhuang Jun is an important chess piece in the Qin clan’s plan to take over the control of the 2 Northern region counties so naturally he wants to kill him.

“There’s an assassin. Give the signal!”

There are also some guards around this secret place. They have been attracted to the house by Zhuang Jun’s first shout. As soon as they enter the house, they see the dead body of Shangguan Hong in that room and instantly give the signal. A whistling arrow is shot into the sky.

When Zhuang Jun sees this scene, a faint smile appears on the corners of his mouth. He then says mournfully and shrilly: “Gentlemen, this assassin killed His Highness. Let’s kill him together with me to avenge His Highness’s death.” At the same time, he raises a battle knife from his waist with a grab and immediately charges forwards.

The eyes of the green-eyed man flash. His whole body also charges at Zhuang Jun.

“Kill him! Avenge His Highness’s death!”

All of the guards rush at him. These guards are the experts who protected Shangguan Hong. They have been surrounding this courtyard house to prevent outsiders from going inside so now when they see that green-eyed man, who has appeared mysteriously, they naturally think that he is the assassin.

It will be difficult for these guards to avoid responsibility for the death of their Lord so they all come at the assassin like crazy.


Zhuang Jun and the green-eyed man are extremely fast in their movements. They create various glints and flashes with their weapons. In a very short time they have already exchanged several tens blows. Those guards all are good fighters too and they sneakily shoot arrows at the green-eyed man to adversely affect him. Following the signal just now, there are more and more people coming into the house.

“Humph!” The green-eyed man utters a cold humph. At the moment his back has been pierced by a flying knife. Even his body-protecting energy cover was unable to block it so the shooter of the flying knife must be an expert.

Zhuang Jun’s eyes immediately brighten.


A flying knife shoots out from Zhuang Jun’s hand. Because the distance between them is too short, and the green-eyed man’s attention has been slightly distracted by his injury just now, his stomach is instantly penetrated by this knife. At the same time, another flying knife comes at him from behind —

There is a middle-aged man at the back of the green-eyed man. This middle-aged man and Zhuang Jun seem to burst forth simultaneously.

With a swaying movement, their bodies flash by the green-eyed man.

When this middle-aged man and Zhuang Jun stop, the light in that green-eyed man’s eyes has already started to dim. He then falls on the floor powerlessly. At the same time, his body’s upper half and lower half unexpectedly come apart.

Rip ~~~

Zhuang Jun tears off the sleeves of the dead green-eyed man’s clothes. When he sees a dragon mark on this man’s left arm, a faint cold smile appears on the corners of his mouth. He instantly says like crazy: “Argh, this is a death warrior of the Dominant Dragon Corps, the Xiang clan’s Dominant Dragon Corps.”

As time passes, some important figures have also arrived. Seeing the scene of the fight, they are all dumbfounded.

“This time His Highness supported the Qin clan so the Xiang clan must’ve had a grudge against him. It must’ve been so.” An old man says furiously.

Zhuang Jun suddenly runs up to the side of Shangguan Hong’s corpse and kneels down with a thud, saying: “Your Highness, Zhuang Jun has been following you for so many years but you have unexpectedly been assassinated by the enemy. Zhuang Jun swears right here and right now that I’ll definitely lead the 2 Northern region counties to avenge your death by destroying the Xiang clan!!!”

After saying, Zhuang Jun continuously knocks his head on the floor 3 times.

Suddenly —

“This is bad. 1st Prince was just assassinated at Yan Xun Tower!” A man rushes in from outside. He immediately reports to Zhuang Jun. After all, in many matters of the 2 Northern region counties, Shangguan Hong used to be the giver of orders and Zhuang Jun was his executive.

After Zhuang Jun hears this news, his eyes suddenly become very red: “Argh ~~~ Xiang clan! That damned Xiang clan! The Xiang clan is retaliating madly so I’ll take his Highness’s remains back to the princely mansion. Some of you follow me. The other people quickly go protect the other princes.” Zhuang Jun shouts.

“Yes, sir!”

The personal guards at the scene immediately kneel down and say.

The 2 Northern region counties have become totally chaotic. Assassinations continuously happen, killing quite a few important figures of the Shangguan clan. Even Zhuang Jun has been severely injured. At the same time, despite his injuries, Zhuang Jun still leads troops to destroy the secret branch of the Dominant Dragon Corps in the 2 Northern region counties.


The 2 Northern region counties are now in a totally crazy state. Everyone related to the Xiang clan is killed. Some very important persons are even discovered to actually be the Xiang clan’s fifth columnists. Even though these people all deny this, secret letters they have exchanged in the dark are found out and become incontestable evidence against them.

Of the 4 marshals of the 2 Northern region counties, one is assassinated and another has to give up his post to a different person due to ill-health. The other 2 marshals are still the same, but Zhuang Jun is one of them.

A good few of the Shangguan clan’s very important people such as the princes are killed. The only thing left of the Shangguan bloodline is a 3 year-old child. The Shangguan clan has totally collapsed. From now on, all the matters of the Northern region are under Zhuang Jun’s control.

Afterwards, in the name of vengeance, he orders the 400,000 troops of the 2 Northern region counties to prepare for a joint attack on the Xiang clan with the 300,000 troops of the Qin clan.

Xiang Guang is sitting motionlessly and powerlessly in a chair. His mind is in chaos.

“How could this happen? How could this happen? What’s actually going on? Can somebody tell me what’s going on? For the last few days, the situation has been still very good, but now it’s …” Xiang Guang only feels a pain in his head, a splitting headache.

His original plan was so perfect.

However, despite its perfection, it was merely a plan. Only after a plan has been carried out can its practical value be verified. Without execution, it is nothing but a castle in the sky.

“Dominant Dragon Corps, ha-ha … Yi Yan, tell me, is it possible that a Dominant Dragon Corps death warrior killed Shangguan Hong? Is it possible?” Xiang Guang looks at Yi Yan, who is bowing on one side, and asks nervously.

Yi Yan says resolutely: “It’s impossible. Green-eyed was the most successful and outstanding death warrior of our Dominant Dragon Corps. It’s definitely impossible that he could have killed Shangguan Hong. Also, Green-eyed has been around Shangguan Hong for so many years, if he had wanted to kill Shangguan Hong, he would have done it earlier, why would he have waited until now?”

Xiang Guang looks at the several people before him. He is not even in the mood to vent his anger.

“Scram, scram for me!”

Xiang Guang says with a wan wave of his hand. At the moment his mind is totally confused. He only knows that his throne is in danger, as is his little life.

Yi Yan and the others leave the imperial study one after another. Afterwards, the personal guards outside close its entrance. Xiang Guang then sits down in a chair. No one knows what he is thinking about while sitting quietly and motionlessly in the chair. After a long, long time …


The entrance of the imperial study automatically opens without being pushed by anyone. Gusts of wind come into the study, causing Xiang Guang to open his eyes uncontrollably.

“Shut the door. Shut the door for me …” Before he can finish his sentence, he does not dare to say anymore.

He sees a swift and fierce old man coming in from outside the entrance. This old man has black long flowing hair and is wearing a wide-sleeved robe, which is fluttering in the wind like a dust coat. The old man’s eyes are sharp and ice-cold like arrows.

There are 4 people behind the old man, who are going abreast in 2 lines. Each of these 4 people has an extremely strange air about them. That Mister Lan is one of the 4 people. They also have expressionless faces. These 5 people successively come into the the imperial study. The guards of the imperial study seem to be scared stiff by them.

“Great … Great Ancestor!”

Seeing the old man before him, Xiang Guang is totally stupefied. Great Ancestor has not left Eternal House for so many years. Even if he had come out, perhaps Xiang Guang would not have known about that. At least Great Ancestor has never gone out of Eternal House to meet him before.

Xiang Guang suddenly wakes up with a start. He gets up and kneels down at once, saying: “Great Ancestor!”

“Good, our Xiang clan’s kingdom has been passed down for nearly 1000 years but in just several months half of it has been lost. What kind of emperor have you been?” Great Ancestor coldly reprimands Xiang Guang. He is basically showing no mercy.

Xiang Guang immediately breaks into a cold sweat. He knows very well that the old man only needs to give an order and the throne will no longer be his. In the Xiang clan, this Great Ancestor is like a god in the heart of every clan member!

“Great Ancestor, I can’t be blamed for that. You also know how powerful the Qin clan is. Moreover, judging by the Black Water bandits affair, obviously it’s been preparing for several hundred years. Also, this time, I’m not sure if that death warrior had gone insane, but he unexpectedly assassinated Shangguan Hong …” Xiang Guang says hurriedly. Now his mind has become totally confused. He only knows he has to avoid responsibility.

“Shut up!” Great Ancestor’s eyes flash with coldness. The entire atmosphere in the imperial study seems to chill. Xiang Guang’s heart begins to tremble at once. He does not dare to say anymore.

“You can’t be blamed? You think I don’t know what you did in the East Vanquishing Prince mansion? If the Qin clan’s princess hadn’t died in that incident, how would things have come to this pass?” says the old man angrily.

Even though Xiang Guang is frightened in his heart, his mouth still says: “But hasn’t the Qin clan been preparing for several hundred years?”

“With several hundred years of preparation, if it had wanted to rebel it would’ve acted earlier. Why would it have waited until now? Humph, the Qin clan lived a peaceful life for so many years. After several hundred years, it no longer thought about rebelling. If not for you, why would it have wanted to rebel again?”

Great Ancestor coldly rebukes him.

Xiang Guang does not dare to keep saying.

“Forget about this. The Qin clan has had a disloyal heart. The incident you caused was only a trigger. But to have chosen you as the emperor, your father was really short-sighted. You think that death warrior killed Shangguan Hong? Humph, now the 2 Northern region counties are controlled by Zhuang Jun. He’s even let the Qin clan command these counties’ troops. Obviously the Qin clan planned all of these things. Zhuang Jun is also one of its men! If you can’t even see through this small plan, you being the emperor will only harm the Xiang clan’s kingdom,” says the old man with anger.

Xiang Guang is as speechless as a stone.

“From now on, every decision about the war will be made by me personally. This period of time you’ll have to reflect on your failures. Go back to your resting place and do it now.” With just an order, the old man has directly stripped Xiang Guang of his imperial power.

Xiang Guang is shocked because Great Ancestor has not personally supervised the affairs of the royal clan for so many years now. However, given the current situation, obviously he can no longer sit around.

Afterwards Xiang Guang’s heart is filled with happiness. The whole situation is currently a mess so he is in no mood to deal with it. If Great Ancestor manages everything, he himself will be delighted. He immediately says: “Then I will go back to reflect upon myself.”

After saying, Xiang Guang leaves the imperial study at once. From now on, he is going to be just a titular emperor.

The old man turns around and looks outside the room. His look seems to be piercing through the air.

“Qin clan, I want to see what tricks you have. Don’t force me to use the last resort. If I have to use it, even though I’ll win, there’ll be no fun.” A faint cold smile appears on the corners of the old man’s mouth. With his hair flowing and his robe fluttering, his entire body is shrouded in an air of supremacy.

Mister Lan and the other 3 experts are standing on one side behind the Great Ancestor, not daring to disturb him.

Regardless of how chaotic the current situation in the Chu kingdom is, Qin Yu and Xiao Hei are practicing wholeheartedly in the Wilderness. To Qin Yu’s knowledge, there are still 2 years until the Qin clan goes to war so naturally he is in no hurry. Therefore, on the way back, he also spends time training hard.

At the moment, Qin Yu and Xiao Hei are going through a seemingly boundless jungle.

Qin Yu is wearing a pair of pants on the lower half of his body and a sleeveless undershirt on the upper half of his body, which makes his upper body’s muscles stand out. These clothes came from the bedroom on the 2nd floor of Lei Mountain House. When Qin Yu just came to Lei Mountain House, all of his clothes had been badly damaged. Later he found quite a few clothes in the bedroom. The Qian Long continent also has articles of clothing that look like this pair of pants and this sleeveless undershirt.

It is just that these clothes are made from very strange materials. They unexpectedly can be personalized by blood like holy weapons and their defense is very strong too. After personalizing them by blood, Qin Yu felt that they were very comfortable to wear. Not wanting to be naked or dressed in hides all the time, he has been wearing them ever since.

Qin Yu’s feet seem not to be touching the ground. He is flashing through the forest like lightning. Suddenly, Qin Yu, who is moving forward extremely fast, comes to a halt. Xiao Hei instantly stops as well.

“There’s a demonic beast aura. It’s Jindan stage.”

A man and an eagle look straight ahead. They simply have no intention of avoiding it. A purple-clad sexy woman then appears in their fields of vision. Seemingly amazed to see them, the purple-clad woman covers her small cherry mouth with her delicate hand.

End of b4c11.

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