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B3C7: Buried with the dead (2)

Qin Yu’s eyes are cold and radiating killing intent. He stares at the 3 people in front of him.

Lian Yan’s death has filled his heart with bitterness and unwillingness. And now the 3 people people in front of him have obviously become the targets for him to give vent to his feelings on. Moreover, these 3 people are also on the same side as Yi Qing Yu, the murderer of his Grandpa Lian.

“Phew, he’s merely a brat. Just now Shorty was too careless. Don’t be scared by him.” Yi Feng suddenly tosses his head then stares firmly at Qin Yu like a viper. “Thinny, Ugly, the 3 of us must charge together and kill this brat directly.”

Hearing Yi Feng’s order, his 2 subordinates also coldly nod at once. Just now they were shocked by the fact that Qin Yu had killed their comrade with 1 blow. Now, only by joining forces can they have enough courage. Yi Feng and his 2 comrades all stare firmly at Qin Yu. The Xiantian energy in their entire bodies starts to be activated.

The auras of the 3 of them all expand and engulf Qin Yu, who at the moment is like a turtle trapped in a jar.

Thud! Thud!

The black iron arm guards and leg guards have been taken off and tossed casually to one side. As they fall on the courtyard they produce heavy sounds. The faces of Yi Feng and the other 2 changes color. Just now Qin Yu’s speed was already so fast, yet he was even carrying weights.

“Grandpa Lian, please wait for a while. After killing them all, Xiao Yu will take you home,” says Qin Yu sadly.

Qin Yu’s mind cannot help remembering the occasions when he was with Lian Yan from his childhood to his adulthood. When he was a little child, he stayed by Lian Yan’s side all day long, asking Lian Yan to tell him stories. Time after time Qin Yu entered his dreamland while listening to Lian Yan’s stories.

“Once upon a time, there was a gifted scholar. He studied very hard for 10 years …”

Every time Lian Yan told a story, he always started with “once upon a time, there was a …” Even with his eyes closed, Qin Yu can still remember the scenes of Lian Yan telling stories beside his bed until he fell asleep. Those scenes are so warm and sweet, but from today onwards, he will never see that kind Grandpa Lian again.

Qin Yu’s eyes cannot help becoming somewhat moist.


With a shake of his body, Qin Yu disappears without any sounds of wind.


Qin Yu clenches his teeth and smashes a punch on Thinny’s stomach with all his power. Currently Qin Yu can lift 2000 to 3000 jin with one arm but this punch thrown by him carries a force equal to the weight of over 10,000 jin, which is a terrifyingly strong offensive force. “Bang!” Thinny’s stomach gets a violent shake but unexpectedly does not burst. However, his eyes protrude and blood starts to flow out from his ears, eyes, mouth and nostrils. In fact, his internal organs have been completely pulverized by the impact force of this 10,000-jin punch from Qin Yu.

Under the attack of a near 10,000-jin impact force, not even Thinny’s Xiantian energy could resist.

With a punch, a middle-phase Xiantian expert has been killed.

Qin Yu’s mind, however, cannot help remembering those warm, sweet and familiar scenes one after another. From now on, he will never forget them in his lifetime.

“‘Grandpa Lian, hurry up and open the door. I’m Xiao Yu. I have something to talk to you about. Quickly open the door,’ shouts Qin Yu hurriedly. After a short while, there is lamplight in the room. ‘Xiao Yu, your grandpa fell into sleep just a moment ago, but you already woke him up,’ says a benign voice. Then the door opens.

A kind old man in his sixties wrapped in a coat appears before Qin Yu.”

That night, his Grandpa Lian talked to him carefully about the difference between internal practice and external practice, and between Houtian experts, Xiantian experts and Shangxian. That night, Grandpa Lian’s kind words revealed to Qin Yu the world of practice.

A hint of a smile appears on Qin Yu’s face. He looks as if he has travelled back to that night in the cabin wherein there is kind Grandpa Lian.

“Be careful, Ugly!”

Yi Feng shouts loudly. A cold shaft of light shoots at Qin Yu directly from his hand. Qin Yu simply does not avoid it. He throws a punch and, with a metallic clash, that embroidery needle is shattered. Then his body arrives at Ugly’s side like a gust of wind.


Ugly fiercely slashes his knife at Qin Yu.

“Ah!” Ugly suddenly utters a miserable cry. Just now Qin Yu executed a straight kick, whose terrifying force snapped Ugly’s knee violently. He then formed a claw with a hand and grabbed a vital point of Ugly’s backbone directly. The force of his fingers went through the Flaming Glove and affected that vital point squarely.

Ugly, with a miserable shrill cry, falls on the ground powerlessly. His entire body convulses nonstop and many streams of blood ooze out of his mouth.

The scenes of the times Qin Yu was with Lian Yan from his childhood to his adulthood keep flashing through his mind one after another. He cannot help giving a smile which looks like that of a child meeting an elderly close relative. It is a smile from the bottom of his heart.

Qin Yu raises his head and looks at Yi Feng with that smile: “You’re the only one left.”

Seeing Qin Yu’s heartfelt smile, Yi Feng, however, gets a chill down his spine. In mere moments, 2 middle-phase Xiantian experts have been killed with such ease, but Yi Feng himself is no more than a middle-phase Xiantian expert as well. Therefore, Yi Feng’s reaction is —

To run!

Before long, the mental image in Qin Yu’s mind suddenly changes. He now remembers that scene a short while ago in which, from the black of the black eagle, he saw the 10 terrifying holes on Lian Yan’s chest. His face immediately changes color. He then stares at Yi Feng before him.

With a movement of his body, Qin Yu creates several afterimages.

“Die! Don’t chase me! Die!” shrieks Yi Feng in terror. At the same time he shoots one embroidery needle after another at Qin Yu.

Looking at the cold-light-radiating embroidery needles which are coming at him, Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly glitter with coldness, as if he is seeing how his grandpa Lian Yan was pierced so many holes in the body by needles.

“Ah ~~~”

A hoarse yowl rises. Yi Feng, however, instantly quivers because he can feel clearly that the yowl is approaching him extremely fast. Even if he activates more Xiantian energy in his body, his will still be far slower than the person who is chasing to kill him.

Because Yi Feng cannot run, he ferociously utters a piercing cry then suddenly turns around and thrusts the embroidery needles in his hands at Qin Yu.

Bang! Bang! Bang! ……

The needles are shattered!

The arms are smashed!

There are also those two eyes which are wide opened with disbelief!

A continuous series of bams can be heard along with Yi Feng’s miserable cry.

After destroying the embroidery needles, Qin Yu’s fists smashed Yi Feng’s 2 arms. Qin Yu then slightly opens his right hand, forms a spear hand, and hits Yi Feng directly in the midpoint between the eyebrows. The powerful penetrating force goes inside the head immediately.

He then withdraws the hands, turns around and goes to Lian Yan without looking at Yi Feng.

“Thud!” Yi Feng falls down with a loud sound. Various streams of blood slowly come out from his mouth and nose. He is already dead.

In mere moments, 4 middle-phase Xiantian experts have been annihilated by Qin Yu.

Since he started to practice the 1st Trans-Heaven diagram Qin Yu has improved a lot in power, but even with his middle-grade holy weapons, he is only equal to Zhen Xu at most. Because there were 4 middle-phase Xiantian-level opponents, theoretically he should not have won so easily.

However, Qin Yu’s strongest point is … fighting multiple opponents. He is simply unafraid of being outnumbered by the enemies. Even though there were 4 opponents, thanks to Qin Yu’s body maneuvering skill, every time he really attacked, he faced only 1 of them.

“Grandpa Lian, I’m taking you home now.” Qin Yu goes to Lian Yan’s side and says tenderly. The way he talks is just like how he usually talked to Lian Yan. It looks as if he still thinks that Lian Yan is alive.

End of b3c7.

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