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B3C22: The battle of the tribulation (3)

Seeing 2 enemies coming at him, Qin Yu slightly narrows his eyes, which then glitter with coldness. Suddenly, he slightly raises the corners of his mouth and, simultaneously, like the wind … he runs directly to another place extremely fast. Who would have thought that at this moment Qin Yu would flee from the battle and, moreover, he would run extremely fast toward the end of the valley? East Xiang and North Xiang become infuriated at once.

“Don’t run!”

2 brothers of theirs have been killed so East Xiang and North Xiang hate Qin Yu’s guts. Uttering 2 furious shouts, the 2 of them chase after Qin Yu.

“Father, you must succeed!” The reason Qin Yu is fleeing from the battle is that at the moment he simply cannot fight with his entire concentration. Because the 3rd thunderbolt has struck down, he is moving extremely fast while paying close attention to Qin De using his holy sense.

A dragon-shaped mass of energy is revolving around the outside of Qin De’s body. His hand is holding a middle-grade holy-class dark red long sword. A middle-grade holy weapon is extremely powerful. In the past Fengyuzi was able to overcome his 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation using just a low-grade holy weapon. Of course, at that time he achieved this with the help of his school of Xiuzhen.

Qin De raises his head and looks at the purple thunderbolt. The dark red long sword in his hand radiates various dazzling rays of light.

“Boom!” The thunderbolt strikes down at his head!

“Hah!” Qin De lifts the dark red long sword to resist it. At the same time, he channels one Xiantian energy stream after another into the dark red long sword.

The purple thunderbolt strikes upon the long sword. The dark red long sword trembles continuously but, because a middle-grade holy weapon is extremely hard, not even the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation’s 3rd thunderbolt can break it. In just a short while, the purple thunderbolt disappears, leaving only several serpentine electrical sparks running along the dark red long sword.

Qin De’s face has turned slightly pale.

“Ha-ha … with this middle-grade holy weapon, it’s really much easier to go through the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation.” At this moment, Qin De starts to feel very confident. He is totally certain that he will also withstand the last thunderbolt. The energy inside Qin De’s body then surges forth and the energy on his sword unexpectedly becomes even more dazzlingly incandescent.

Qin Yu’s tense heart feels relieved.

His father has finally overcome the 3rd thunderbolt safely.

“Bastard, don’t run if you’ve got skills!” East Xiang and North Xiang feel as if their eyes’ corners are about to crack. They have been chasing after Qin Yu nonstop, but in terms of body-maneuvering skills, Qin Yu, who has taken off the weights on his body, has already outstripped peak Xiantian experts.

“Ha-ha … Taste my fists, 2 clowns!” Qin Yu, who has been running extremely fast, unexpectedly turns around all of a sudden and throws 2 punches at the 2 of them with both fists, which seem as if they are 2 swimming dragons coming out of water.

East Xiang’s and North Xiang’s internal energy has already surged to their utmost early on. Seeing Qin Yu unexpectedly stop running, they rejoice at once. Each of them concentrates his internal energy and throws a punch at Qin Yu. As they both have been practicing for over 100 years, how powerful will their offense be when they join forces?

Qin Yu’s 2 fists collide with East Xiang’s and North Xiang’s fists respectively.


The violent collisions even create a faint, visible shock wave in the air.

Qin Yu’s body immediately flies up. At the same time, his whole body’s muscles vibrate for a short while. Thanks to his great control of the body alone, Qin Yu can already neutralize more than half of East Xiang and North Xiang’s fierce offensive force. Given Qin Yu’s body, the remainder of the force simply can do nothing to him.

East Xiang and North Xiang exchange a look. Their eyes are filled with a bloodthirsty excitement.

They can feel that the enemy before them is powerful. However, judging from the exchange of blows just now, they know the enemy can only deal with one of them at a time, and once they join forces, he will not be a match for them.


East Xiang and North Xiang charge at Qin Yu like lightning with immense savagery.

Qin Yu, however, gives a cold laugh. Having practiced the 3rd Trans-Heaven diagram, not only does he possess the purple Xiantian energy now, the purple Xiantian energy has also transformed his body once again. His body’s defense has already reached a level where he is unafraid of black iron weapons in general. During the exchange of blows just now, he only used his physical power.

Qin Yu’s body makes a swaying movement and bypasses the 2 of them easily like a clear wind.

“Grand elder, all of you handle that Xiuzhenist. I can deal with these 2 geezers myself.” His voice resounds through the entire valley.

Hearing that, Elder Blue-clad immediately says with a ha-ha laugh: “Mister Liu Xing, those Four Directions Death Gods are very famous but you’ve killed 2 of them. If you’re interested in the remaining 2 then we’ll leave them to you. Boys, form the Double Illusive 5 Elements formation.”

After Elder Blue-clad shouts loudly, the 5 assassins of the Heavenly Net and the 5 experts of the Secret Arrow unexpectedly pair up with 2 people of a pair staying close to each other.

The 5 Secret Arrow experts have middle-grade holy weapons but the 5 Heavenly Net assassins do not. However, this so-called Double Illusive 5 Elements formation was created by improving the bases of the 5 Elements formation, and therefore, even though 10 people are surrounding Wu Xing, only 5 of them will exchange blows with him at a time.

The 5 Heavenly Net assassins and the 5 Secret Arrow experts attack in turn, alternating 3 Secret Arrow experts and 2 Heavenly Net assassins attacking at the same time with 2 Secret Arrow experts and 3 Heavenly Net assassins attacking at the same time.

In short, there are always 5 people attacking at any time.

“Ah ~~~ so many middle-grade holy weapons!” Wu Xing is extremely furious. He can only rely on his holy sense and his extremely fast body-maneuvering skill to flash around nonstop. What infuriates him the most is that these 10 people simply do not fear death. Even if they get killed, they will still try to stab him in vital points with their middle-grade holy weapons.


The battle in the valley has been divided into 3 fights. One is Qin Yu versus East Xiang and North Xiang.

Another is Xiuzhenist Wu Xing versus 5 Secret Arrow experts in addition to 5 Heavenly Net experts.

The last one is between middle-grade-holy-weapon-wielding Fengyuzi and low-grade-holy-weapon-wielding Wu De. This 3rd fight, however, is the most devastating one. As Fengyuzi and Wu De battles each other, they cause loud explosions continuously, smash rocks and break down the rocky cliffs.

At the moment, Elder Blue-clad and Ge Min are not far from Xiuzhenist Wu Xing and are ready for a sneak attack.

“2 old geezers, prepare … to die!” says Qin Yu with a cold laugh.

“Shameless blowhard!” East Xiang gives a cold laugh. He and North Xiang charge at Qin Yu side by side like 2 beams of light.

Suddenly someone shouts loudly —

“Mister Liu Xing, I’m helping you now!” Ge Min rushes directly towards North Xiang like lightning. To avoid getting attacked from behind, East Xiang and North Xiang instantly split up. Holding his weapon in his hand North Xiang faces Ge Min off directly while East Xiang continues to come at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu slightly frowns. Is Ge Min not being too meddlesome? However, he has come to help so Qin Yu cannot say anything.

Qin Yu reaches out his hand, forms a claw and channels his purple Xiantian energy. All of a sudden, Qin Yu’s right hand, which has become lustrous and transparent like jade, tears through the air, grabbing at East Xiang. Seeing Qin Yu’s jade-like right hand, East Xiang immediately knows that he is in trouble.

“This brat was hiding his power just now!” East Xiang’s eyes pop out of his head.

But it is already too late.

Like a flash, Qin Yu’s right hand comes close to East Xiang’s front in an instant. It follows a changing indeterminate path of movement but causes no wind sounds.

“Clack!” A series of noises of bones shattering is heard. Qin Yu’s right hand, whose path of movement is changing and indeterminate, has unexpectedly gone around East Xiang’s right hand and directly grabbed his right wrist to pieces. East Xiang only sees a purple illusion before he feels an acute pain in his wrist. At the same time —

His consciousness gradually vanishes away.

Just now, in only a moment, not only did Qin Yu continuously break East Xiang’s right wrist to pieces, he also pierced a hole in East Xiang’s throat directly using a finger strike. His speed was extremely fast so even East Xiang could only see a purple illusion.

“Indeed, this purple Xiantian energy is very profound. Not only can it leave my body to attack like the ordinary Xiantian energy, it can also fuse with my muscles and body parts, increasing my speed once again.” At this moment, there is a hint of excitement on Qin Yu’s face.


There are a miserable cry and a strangled groan.

North Xiang has fallen on the ground with a miserable cry whereas Ge Min has been seriously injured and sent flying powerlessly. Ge Min’s body shoots up in the air uncontrollably then falls down. Very coincidentally, he falls precisely towards Qin De’s location. However, at this moment Qin De is preparing to take on the last thunderbolt.

The tribulation cloud is rolling violently, looking shockingly powerful and causing an area of astonishingly high pressure under it. Obviously the 4th thunderbolt will strike down soon.

“Manager Ge!” Seeing that Ge Min has been seriously injured, Qin De cannot help getting concerned. He reaches out his hands to pull Ge Min’s fallen body up.

“Your Highness, I’m … alright.” Ge Min says to Qin De with a shake of the head. At the moment, his face is very pale and his breathing is weak.

Suddenly —


Qin De’s face suddenly turns very pale. He spits out a mouthful of blood as if it is worthless water. The other people are all shocked by this scene.

It turns out Ge Min has hit Qin De in the stomach with a heavy palm strike.

“Ha-ha … Qin De, how are you going to escape death this time?!” Ge Min’s body gets away like a flash. His face is full of excitement. At the same moment, North Xiang, who fell on the ground with a miserable cry earlier, also stands up. Now he is extremely excited as well.

“Ha-ha, after 100 years of infiltration, today you’ve really done a great work.” North Xiang says with a loud ha-ha laugh.

Seeing this scene, Qin Yu becomes utterly nervous: “Father!” He wants to shout out but cannot so he has no choice but to worry about his father in his heart. At the same time he looks at Ge Min and North Xiang. His eyes are filled with killing intent.

“Ge Min, you dirty dog!” Elder Blue-clad also yells furiously.

Qin De looks at Ge Min but he only gives a disappointed smile: “Ge Min, only a few people know that I chose the Green Lotus mountain range to undergo my tribulation this time but Xiang Guang still got wind of this and even sent 2 Shangxian to this place. At that time I already suspected treachery.”

“However, the people who know about this — you, Blue-clad, Xu Yuan and the other — were the people I trust the most. I couldn’t believe any of you was a traitor. But …” Qin De heaves a sigh.

Suddenly, there are various series of explosions in the tribulation cloud in the dark red sky. The atmospheric pressure in the valley instantly increases to a whole new level as if the air is being pressed on by something. Everyone present knows that the 4th thunderbolt is about to strike down.

However, now … Qin De has already been badly injured.

End of b3c22.

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