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B3C19: The Green Lotus mountain range (2)

“The Green Lotus mountain range runs continuously for several hundred li and occupies an extremely large area. I’m going to choose a suitable place here to undergo my tribulation.” Qin De looks at the Green Lotus mountain range and says with a loud laugh. After going for such a long time, everyone has finally arrived in the Green Lotus mountain range safely despite some alerts along the way.

Fengyuzi says smilingly: “Mister Ying, allow me to find that location for you.” Fengyuzi’s holy sense has a slightly longer range than Qin Yu’s, reaching 1000 m in radius. In an unfamiliar area like this Green Lotus mountain range, using the holy sense to explore is indeed the best way.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you, brother Feng,” says Qin De with a nod.

Fengyuzi then go first. The other people follow him toward the inside of the Green Lotus mountain range. This is after all a mountain range in the Wilderness so there are a lot of wild beasts here. The density of holy energy in the Wilderness is much higher than in the other areas of the Qian Long continent and therefore the demonic beasts in the Wilderness are very formidable.

Following Fengyuzi, Qin Yu continuously goes forward. At the same time, he looks around.

In the process of finding the place for the tribulation, Qin Yu sees a herd of monkeys, a Xiantian-level single-horned leopard and even a Xiantian level sky-flying white tiger. However, no one in his group fears these demonic beasts. Those demonic beasts also feel that Qin De, Fengyuzi and the other people are formidable so they do not attack them.

After going for nearly a half day, it starts to get dark slowly …

“Found it. I never thought there’d be such a place.” Fengyuzi’s face has a hint of a pleasant surprise. “Everybody follow me.” As he finishes saying, he rushes directly toward a very ordinary cave in the distance in the mountain range. Qin De, Ge Min, Elder Blue-clad and the other people also go after him.

Everyone then enters the dark cave. There is absolutely no light in the cave but, luckily, all the people present can see in the dark. As they continuously go deeper, the cave’s diameter continuously decreases. At its smallest area, the cave even has only enough space for 1 person to enter at a time while stooping down. After they zigzag forward while bending about several tens meters, the cave widens again. Eventually, it can even accommodate several people going abreast. At the same time, there is light ahead of them.

That cave is a tunnel. As everyone comes out of the cave, they see a huge meadow surrounded by stone precipices before them. The meadow is several li in circumference. At first sight, it seems the cave everyone just went through is the only passage to this meadow. Of course, Xiuzhenists can fly into this place from the sky as well.

“There are only clusters of weeds and wild flowers. This place is no good.” Manager Ge Min says with a smile.

Qin Yu takes a look around but he cannot see anything good about this place either. The scenery is ordinary. There is nothing here other than some clusters of weeds and wild flowers on the ground and some wild horses in the distance. But after examining for a while, he suddenly feels giddy.

“There’s something strange about this place.” Qin Yu immediately guesses. The 1st thing that springs to his mind is the art of formation in Qi Men Dun Jia. However, it is too broad and deep while he has spent too little time researching it, so he only has a simple, superficial understanding of it at best.

“A natural illusive formation which secretly contains the 8 Diagrams is really hard to come by. Wait for me to modify it a bit!”

Fengyuzi laughs out loud and says. Then a flaming-red flying sword flies out from his palm. At the same time, the flaming-red flying sword suddenly becomes larger until it is 10 m long. The huge sword then chops fiercely at the stone precipices. As if they are tofu being cut with a knife, the shapes of the stone precipices are immediately altered by the chops.

In a short while, Fengyuzi withdraws the flying sword with satisfaction. By now, the shape of the entire valley has been slightly modified.

“Mister Ying, with the help of this natural 8 Diagrams formation, added to that I’ll set up a Reverse 8 Diagrams formation around you so that the Orthodox and Reverse 8 Diagrams formations will be integrated with each other and absorb the forces of nature in your surroundings to protect you, this time you’ll have a much better chance of overcoming the tribulation,” says Fengyuzi with a ha-ha laugh.

As soon as Qin De hears that, his face has a happy expression at once. He instantly says: “I’ll have to trouble you, brother Feng.” Fengyuzi then starts to set up restrictive spells and the formation with great concentration. To increase Qin De’s chance of success as much as possible, everyone is also confined in the natural formation.

The 2 martial brothers Wu De and Wu Xing have already arrived in the Green Lotus mountain range. Using their art of flying sword, they have brought along 2 old men apiece. These 4 old men who have come here with them are no ordinary people. They are all peak Xiantian experts and are the hidden super experts of the Xiang clan.

For the moment, Wu De, Wu Xing and the other 4 people are staying on a mountain peak of the Green Lotus mountain range.

“Seniors, according to our intelligence, Qin De should have already arrived in the Green Lotus mountain range for several days. Shouldn’t we also investigate at once where they have chosen to undergo the tribulation?” The leader of the 4 old men, a white-haired old man, says to Wu De and Wu Xing.

Wu De, his long hair fluttering, gives a smile. White-browed Wu Xing then says indifferently: “There’s no hurry. The Green Lotus mountain range is only several hundred li long. With the speed of our flying swords, in addition to checking using our holy sense, a night will be enough to find out where they are.”

Wu De says: “Martial younger brother, tonight let’s investigate carefully once to see where Qin De is actually hiding.”

“Okay. You’re far more powerful than Fengyuzi so when you use your holy sense to investigate he won’t feel anything.” There is a hint of arrogance on Wu Xing’s face. He simply does not worry about this mission at all.

Wu De and his martial younger brother consider Fengyuzi the only opponent because a middle phase Jindan stage expert like him will be a bit of a trouble. As for the other people, they simply pay no attention to them. A Xiuzhenist’s body is always protected by elemental energy and therefore those so-called high Xian-grade weapons will not be able to harm them.

Late at night, the bright Moon is hanging in the sky. Qin De and Qin Yu are sitting side by side talking to each other.

“Mister Liu Xing, I’ve always been curious about why you practice so hard,” says Qin De with a smile. Even though they have arrived in the Green Lotus mountain range for several days, this is the 1st time Qin De and the mysterious Mister Liu Xing have talked about this matter.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “Practice hard?” The 1st thing he thinks about is his father, but in the blink of an eye he remembers his current identity, so he says at once: “I practice hard firstly for my relatives and secondly because I want to pursue the limits in practice.”

Qin De does not know his identity anyway so Qin Yu says what he thinks directly.

“Oh? Pursuing the limits in practice?” Qin De becomes curious.

Qin Yu nods: “Yes, I actually long for the Xiuzhen world, in which I’ll be able to fly 10,000 li to the horizon when I make a movement, and kill my enemy from 1000 li away by drawing my sword when I’m angry! Fighting Heaven and Hell; battling demonic beasts.” Qin Yu has become a bit excited. He then shakes his head and says with a sigh. “Too bad, my power is still far from enough.”

“I believe you’ll definitely achieve your goal,” says Qin De smilingly.

“Maybe,” Qin Yu looks at his father before him. His heart slightly warms up.

He moved into Misty Villa when he was 6. For so many years, the journey to this place with his father has unexpectedly been the longest period of time he and his father have spent together. They have been chatting with each other everyday for the last several days like good friends.

A huge 8 Diagrams symbol is naturally formed by the entire valley. Fengyuzi has set up the base of the formation and linked it up with the valley using his elemental energy. Only in this way can he totally activate the power of such a natural 8 Diagrams formation. The natural 8 Diagrams formation absorbs holy energy then channels the energy toward the center of the valley via 8 paths.

In the center of the valley, there is a small Reverse 8 Diagrams formation. Qin De is sitting with legs crossed in the center of this Reverse 8 Diagrams formation.

The huge natural 8 Diagrams continuously absorb holy energy and channel it into the Reverse 8 Diagrams through 8 paths. After absorbing for 3 days, the Reverse 8 Diagrams formation has been filled with energy. At the moment, a terrifying force is moving nonstop in the Reverse 8 Diagrams formation. Qin De now can start this force off to form a protective cover.

“The 13 of you listen.” Fengyuzi says while staring at Qin Yu and the others.

Ge Min and the 5 people from the Secret Arrow, Elder Blue-clad and the 5 people from the Heavenly Net, and Qin Yu, there are 13 people altogether. These 13 people are listening to Fengyuzi’s orders.

“The huge natural 8 Diagrams formation hasn’t been activated yet. Once it’s started off, natural illusions will be created and you all will also be affected. Therefore, first, I’ll set up a small 8 Diagrams formation on the body of each of you. In this way, you won’t be affected by the illusions.” Fengyuzi says to everybody.

Fengyuzi has linked both the huge natural 8 Diagrams and the Reverse 8 Diagrams surrounding Qin De up using his elemental energy so they are totally under his control. As long as Fengyuzi uses his elemental energy to set up an 8 Diagrams formation on everyone, the huge formation will not affect any of them.

“If the enemies come, I’ll activate the huge natural 8 Diagrams formation at once to obstruct them. Once they are affected by the illusions while you aren’t, you must grasp the opportunity to kill them.” Fengyuzi tells everybody clearly what to do while looking at them.

They all understand that, when the enemies are affected by the illusions while they are not, it will exactly be the best chance to kill the enemies.

“Of course, there won’t necessarily be any enemies. I’m just cautioning you. However … you must remember one thing, that is, you mustn’t let anyone approach Mister Ying no matter what,” says Fengyuzi solemnly. Everybody also nods.

Starting from this time, Qin De always practices in the Reverse 8 Diagrams, trying to reach the best condition before the arrival of the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation. Naturally, he no longer chats with Qin Yu.

“Father.” Qin Yu looks at Qin De, who is practicing in the Reverse 8 Diagrams. He is silently hoping in his heart, hoping that his father will succeed. This period of time, during which he has often chatted with Qin De, has been his happiest period of time for the last 10 years.

The days pass. After 3 days of practicing, Qin De finally stops.

“The heavenly tribulation will come tonight.” Qin De says to everyone.

End of b3c19.

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