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B2C11: Forging grandmaster (1)

“What is this thing actually?” Frowning, Qin Yu examines the flaming red crystal in his hands carefully. “This crystal is unusually heavy and even radiates flaming red rays of light. The crystal itself is also warm.”

Qin Yu has seen quite a lot of treasures in the princely mansion and has also read many books at Misty Villa so there are only few treasures on the Qian Long continent he still does not know about. However, when it comes to this flaming red crystal, he has absolutely no idea what it is.

Qin Yu drops the flaming red crystal. It causes a bang as it falls on the ground. Obviously it is shockingly heavy.

“Let’s test its hardness first. This crystal is so heavy, moreover, that rock-shattering palm strike of mine couldn’t break it, so it should be very hard.” Qin Yu forms a claw with his hand then executes the Eagle Claw Art technique. He fiercely grabs at the flaming red crystal.

A loud metallic noise rises. The flaming red crystal does not get even a scratch.

“Ss ~~” Qin Yu takes a deep cold breath. He feels the 5 attacking fingers tingling. That claw strike was executed with his entire power yet he could not even scratch the crystal therefore it is easy to imagine how great its hardness is. Qin Yu frowns and thinks. Suddenly he turns around and says: “Xiao Hei, you come and test how hard this crystal is.”

Xiao Hei shakes its head a couple of times in excitement. With a wave of the wings, it flies up then dives down. Using those sharp claws it grabs at the crystal ruthlessly.

A loud metallic clatter rises again but the crystal still does not get even a scratch. Xiao Hei lands on the ground and gives Qin Yu a wink, looking very disheartened as if it feels aggrieved because its claws have been defeated.

Qin Yu is dumbstruck. Only after a long time do his eyes glitter with excitement: “Ha-ha, I struck it rich. I struck it rich. Xiao Hei’s claws can even tear black iron easily like paper. Their hardness can match Xian-grade weapons’. Since even his claws can’t break the crystal, it’s at least a precious forging material. Well, let’s test again with the Yuchang sword.”


Qin Yu makes a wave with a hand. A shaft of black light flashes by, hacking fiercely at the flaming red crystal. A clang is heard. Holding the Yuchang sword in his hand, Qin Yu looks at the flaming red crystal before him in excitement: “Such a huge piece of first-class ore is definitely a priceless treasure. Perhaps it can even be forged into high-Xian-grade weapons.”

The Yuchang sword is a low-Xian-grade weapon.

Ores have to undergo many complex processes to be finally forged into weapons. But weapons are much harder than the ores they are made from. For example, the meteorites from which the Yuchang sword was forged would definitely not be able to withstand the chops made with the sword. Even the Yuchang sword cannot leave a mark on this flaming red crystal therefore its hardness must be at a shocking level.

Not even middle-Xian-grade ores can remain unblemished after being chopped at with the Yuchang sword, then how can this flaming red crystal?

“This is high-Xian-grade ore or perhaps … even better.” Qin Yu’s eyes shine. It is simply impossible for normal people to imagine how much a martial art expert craves for a first-rate weapon. Qin Yu, of course, has been dreaming about an absolutely excellent weapon.

The crystal itself is already so much harder than the Yuchang sword, if it is forged into weapons, then…

“Xiao Hei, let’s return to the villa.” Qin Yu takes off his coat and covers the flaming red crystal with it. Then he lifts the crystal up in a hug. He also knows that he cannot let everyone know about such a treasure as this crystal. Even though he does not mind, he knows the rules of the princely mansion. In the mansion, even weapons of the Yuchang sword’s caliber are kept in secret, not to mention this much more precious flaming red crystal.

Hugging the 2000 jin crystal, Qin Yu immediately runs back to Misty Villa. Perhaps only he, who is so extraordinary, can carry this crystal.

At Misty Villa, Qin Yu walks out from an underground secret room in a relaxed manner.

“Carrying 2000 jin back from the depths of the forest was really a bit tiring.” With a smiling expression on his face, he moves his arms about. Having obtained such a treasure, Qin Yu is in high spirits: “If father hears about this, he’ll definitely be delighted.”

With a smile, Qin Yu goes toward Lian Yan’s habitation. Suddenly 2 people are approaching him from behind. One of them is a young man who is a bit taller than Qin Yu. The other is a delicately pretty young girl dressed in green. The young man is very robust while the young girl has dainty facial features. The most attractive thing about her is that air of delicacy.

“Brother Yu.” Seeing Qin Yu, the green-clad young girl’s eyes immediately brighten. She quickly runs up to him. “Brother Yu, this time you’ve already gone out for almost several days. Why don’t you see me for a while?” The young girl mutters.

“Xiao Lu, wait until I’m free, I’ll definitely spend more time with you.” Qin Yu tenderly strokes Xiao Lu’s head.

This green-clad young girl is none other than Xiao Lu and the young man beside her is Tie Shan. The brother and sister have asked to become Lian Yan’s disciples. Xiao Lu does not like fighting or killing so she has only been practicing her internal technique and usually spends her time piping. The jade pipe on her waist was given to her as a present by Qin Yu.

“You’re always saying when you have free time, but you’re always busy. Brother Yu, why can’t you take a break?” Xiao Lu looks a bit discontented. Her brother Yu usually says he will spend time with her when he is free, but heaven only knows when he will have free time.

“Take a break?” Qin Yu is slightly startled. From age 8 to age 18, the number of breaks Qin Yu really took can be counted on the fingers of one hand. He has always had a single-minded determination to train hard so that he can help his father as soon as possible and become a capable assistant to his father.

“Xiao Lu, don’t fool around.” Tie Shan reproves her then turns to Qin Yu and says with a smile: “Xiao Yu, you’re looking for Master, right? He’s taking a rest in the courtyard.”

“Good, then I’ll go find Grandpa Lian first.” Qin Yu bids them a farewell then goes toward Lian Yan’s place.

Xiao Lu, however, follows his back with her eyes. She slightly wrinkles her nose and says: “Brother Yu has always been busy. When will he ever have a rest?” Xiao Lu has been staying at Misty Villa for nearly 5 years so she naturally knows how hard Qin Yu trains.

“Xiao Lu, don’t say that. Xiao Yu is different from us. Even though he’s East Vanquishing Prince’s 3rd son, he chose external practice, the most painful path in martial arts. I remember when I first came here I saw him shoving his hands into iron grains!” Tie Shan seems to be recalling that scene he saw. Shoveling iron grains could only be used as a form of training after Qin Yu’s finger strength had reached a very high level. If he had used iron grains from the beginning, his fingers would have been finished.

Tie Shan’s eyes are full of wonderment: “Shoveling iron grains, his fingers must’ve hurt as if pierced by needles. The nerves of the fingertips are linked with the heart. Xiao Lu, you simply can’t imagine the pain he had to endure. However, finger strength training was only one of the numerous forms of limit training he underwent every day. From dawn till dusk, every form of training he did challenged the human body’s limits. His body has always been enduring the torment of defying limits. And he’s been training like this … since he was 8.”

Following Qin Yu’s back with his eyes, Tie Shan has nothing but admiration for him.

Following Qin Yu’s back with her eyes, Xiao Lu’s eyes glisten.

In her heart, brother Yu is always carefree, big-hearted, and warm like the Sun. However, this brother Yu, despite being East Vanquishing Prince’s son, has been experiencing those utmost tortures to the body since 8 years old.

Despite having the Meteoric Tear, if Qin Yu wants to make use of its positive effects, he also has to train until reaching a physical limit. He has to train his fingers until they hurt as if broken off. He has to do deep squats until his legs have muscle cramps and his head is pounding … Only when he reaches a physical limit will the Meteoric Tear release its fantastic power.

If he wants to get something, he has to pay first.

In order to reach his current level, Qin Yu has paid a lot, an awful lot.

In Lian Yan’s courtyard, Lian Yan is lying in a deck chair, drinking tea and enjoying the tranquility of the moment.

“Grandpa Lian.”

As soon as he hears Qin Yu’s familiar voice, Lian Yan smiles to the point where his eyes start to narrow. He turns to Qin Yu and says with a smile: “Xiao Yu, it’s so hard to see you. It’s still light now, yet you already returned from training.” Lian Yan is always unable to suppress his delight when he sees Qin Yu, just like how a grandpa can never help rejoicing at seeing his grandson.

Qin Yu goes up to him through the door of the courtyard. He wants to find a forging expert to handle that flaming red crystal. Naturally, when he wants to find a forging expert, the 1st thing he thinks about is to ask Lian Yan.

End of b2c11.

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