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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 63: Beyond Heaven

“Are you saying that the three divine equipment you got from Ni Yang’s Realm, aren’t with you?” Ao Feng asked again.

“I said already, I don’t have them. If you do not believe me, then try inspect me.” Qin Yu repeated slightly annoyed at their repetitive questions.

Ao Feng nodded and smile, he had come to a decision: “Well, since you said that you don’t…..then don’t mind me probing you a little. If I find that you lied, then I will kill one of your three loved ones.”

As soon as he finished, he took out a Voice Transmitter.

“Who do you wish to contact for your inspection?” Qin Yu spoke in a carefree tone.

Despite his outward behaviour, Qin Yu was actually quite worried. Although he let Man Gan and Zong Jue play the witnesses, where he handed over all his divine items to Lan Feng. The only miscalculation was that Zong Jue may or may not answer truthfully, and if Zong Jue doesn’t, he would suffer the consequences of it.

“That will be none of your business….I have my own way to do My investigation.” Ao Feng snorted.

Qin Yu watched helplessly as Ao Feng started to communicate with his voice transmitter. He knew Zong Jue and Ao Feng weren’t on the friendliest terms, which meant Zong Jue may not necessarily tell the truth if Ao Feng messaged him.

With a flip of his hand, Qin Yu withdrew his own voice transmitter…

Just as he was about to send a greeting to Zong Jue –––––

“Qin Yu, what are you doing!?” Hua Yan glared at Qin Yu, his lips twisted into a nasty grimace, showing unusually white teeth. “Why are you sending voice transferred messages at this time?” From the beginning since he noticed Qin Yu’s peculiar actions, he had spread out his immortal spirit sense to cover all the surroundings.

Qin Yu looked at Hua Yan in the eye, while the latter smiled faintly for a moment. The latter intent was obvious, Qin Yu withdrew his voice transmitter with reluctance.

“I advise you behave yourself, Qin Yu. If I even catch a whiff of you trying to contact your martial uncle Lan Feng, or that whatya-ma-call-it –––––– Uncle Lan. Then don’t blame us for being merciless.” Du Zhong Jun gave Qin Yu a rotten smile.

They thought that Qin Yu was secretly exchanging messages with Lan Feng for reinforcements.

Who were they most afraid of? Oh, they fear Lan Feng, but their fear for the most terrible – Uncle Lan. Lan Feng’s prowess was widely known, so they know when Lan Feng decides to act, they will have no chance of survival.

“Ao Feng, have you finished your investigation?” Qin Yu was feeling a little anxious as he urged Ao Feng to finish up.

“A few more moments.” Ao Feng expertly brushed off Qin Yu’s attempt to rush him, then he waited quietly with his voice transmitter.

‘Crackle’ –––––

Ao Feng’s voice transmitter starts with energy, and soon Ao Feng nodded at Qin Yu, “Looks like you are telling the truth. Alright, we believe you ––––“

“Just a minute!” Before Ao Feng could finish, Yu Liang interjected.

The three emissaries turned to Yu Liang, and waited.

Under their watchful looks, Yu Liang wore a self-deprecating smile, “I’m not a foolish nor do I desire a divine item, I believe Qin Yu’s current armour is a top grade immortal equipment, right? Brother Ao Feng, do you still remember our agreement?”

The three emissaries felt quite awkward and uncomfortable that they had forgotten all about Yu Liang.

The three first felt annoyed at Yu Liang for asking, since they are taking the risks but they haven’t gotten anything yet. Whereas, Yu Liang wants to grab a top grade immortal armour and leave, just like that. But they felt awkward since they’d promised that equipment, so they cannot void it now.

Ao Feng turned to face Qin Yu.

“Top grade immortal battle armour?” Qin Yu smiled coldly at the four people, “Are you asking for the top grade immortal armour, I am wearing right now? But you all should at least show some sincerity in this exchange, how else would I give you this combat armour?”

It was just a piece of top grade immortal armour. Since Qin Yu gained all the great treasures in Nine Heavens’ ninth floor, a single piece was nothing much.

But…..he wanted to gain an advantage over this ordeal to help him later.

“Our sincerity? Simple, we’ll let one person go, that should be sincere enough right?” Du Zhong Jun laughed dryly, then with a flourish and withdrew the restrictive spell from Qin Zheng’s body. He continued to laugh loudly as if impressed by his own magnanimous gesture.

He wasn’t a bit shy, after all, even the shockwaves from releasing his spiritual power would be enough to kill Qin Zheng.


Qin Yu shifted his gaze to the four, “I know you want to get your hands on the divine items from my marital uncle, and you want to use me to threaten my martial uncle. I’ll agree to …….be obedient and listen to your demands, but you must promise to release my father, my eldest brother and my older brother. This is my ultimatum.”

Hua Yan shouted back, “No. If you were to go back on your word, we would……”

“If you do not allow my family to go and I allow you to keep me as your captive, and at that time……..will you actually let my family go? Hah, Hua Yan, Ao Feng, Du Zhong Jun and Yu Liang, you have two options. One, you let my family go in exchange for me. Two, we fight to the death and throw caution to the wind.”

With that being said, Qin Yu immediately drew out a voice transmitter.

“I will count to three, if you don’t make your choice by then, I will send for my School’s martial elder, and with their ability, they can come here in instant. By then……..”

Qin Yu stared daggers at the four, his face hard and cold.

“Royal father, eldest brother, second brother, please forgive me.” Qin Yu glanced at his family members.

Instead of a look of despair, his father Qin De’s eyes shone of resolution and praise, “Yu’er, you are really a son of mine. What does death mean to us, eh?” His two brothers, Qin Zheng and Qin Feng, both looked equally resolute as their father. As if laughing at death himself, they looked disdainfully at Ao Feng and the others, and smiled to ridicule them.

The four conspirators stared blankly back.

Given their current status as fellow conspirators, they had already begun to discuss using voice transfer.

As they continued their discussion, Qin Yu was search, with his spiritual sense, for the Ink Qilin and Shi Xin – two Divine Beast. These two had been left to his family to take care of them. These two are usually found living in the palace itself.

When Ao Feng and the three came to the palace, their auras had struck fear into the two divine beasts that they went into hiding.

“Master, you can’t blame us. They are too strong. Even if we tried, it would be in vain. We would still want to able to send you voice transferred messages to aid your intelligence.” The Ink Qilin mumbled hurriedly like a scolded child over voice transfer.

Shi Xin hurriedly added his two-cents worth, “Master, we don’t fear death, it’s just that this time it will be in vain.”

Between master and beast exists a soul-link, and that was how Qin Yu and the two divine beasts were using.

“Enough, let us forget about this ordeal for now.” Qin Yu could understand their difficulties in this case.

“Have you discussed enough? I will start counting, One!” Qin Yu said firmly.

Ao Feng and the others were momentarily stunned.

“Two!” Qin Yu sent each of them a murderous look.

“Stop. We’ve come to a decision.” Hua Yan hurriedly interrupted.

They’ve realised that with Qin Yu’s relatives, they can control Qin Yu, but it would be counter-productive to use his relatives to threaten Lan Feng. So they still have a need for their hostages to control Qin Yu.

“Good, you better release my royal father and my brothers. And I’ll lay myself down and await my captivity.” Qin Yu stored his voice transmitter back into his interspatial ring.

As his family watched Qin Yu lay himself down for his captivity, and become a captive, his family looked uneasy.

“Brother Hua Yan, Brother Ao Feng, Brother Du Zhong, it’s time I left, farewell.” Yu Liang grinned since he’s already gotten what he came for – a piece of top grade immortal equipment.

“Then we won’t extend your stay. Go on.” Ao Feng waved his hand lightly, while Hua Yan and Du Zhong Jun just nodded, their expressions showed some annoyance.

But Yu Liang just pretend not to notice, and transformed into a blur, flying east towards the Wilderness.

“Qin Yu, I warn you, you better not resist. Otherwise, I will kill you immediately.” Du Zhong Jun spread his Blood Devil spiritual energy around Qin Yu’s body, completely covering it. Any resistance would be cut off at the root by instantly killing Qin Yu.

“Motherf*cker, this brat actually follows a weird path of practice. I can’t actually perceive his true strength with my sealing spell.” Du Zhong Jun cursed and muttered to Hua Yan beside him.

Hua Yan was also mystified by this and nodded, “His body’s internal structure is very peculiar. Seems we must use the most old-fashioned and simplest way to imprison him.”

Qin Yu laughed sarcastically to himself.

Obviously there wouldn’t be any effect to use a restrictive spell on his Yuangying, when in reality that spell was applied to his ‘Star’ at the place where his Yuanying should be.

The most old-fashioned method Hua Yan spoke of was actually the most idiotic method to imprison someone. It required the captors to use powerful energy to form a shroud around the body, in this case, Qin Yu’s body. The shroud has two purposes, one unintended and one on purpose: the first, applies a protective shield around the body, and the second suppresses any energy from being released.

“We’re still at the imperial palace, so for the time being, I won’t act. Once we’re outside, I will grant your three your deaths.” Qin Yu thought to himself, his pupils reddened with bloodlust.

For now he needed to abide his time, waiting for the moment to strike.

The battle ground has to be far from the palace, since killing three level one golden immortals would send waves of energy to the surroundings. It could very well injury any within the palace.

“Brother Ao Feng, should we go directly to the Star Yellowstone?” Hua Yan inquired as he turned to Ao Feng.

Ao Feng nodded and thought aloud: “People of Lan Feng’s calibre should be very familiar with the star systems, the Star Yellowstone would be a good choice. There isn’t any signs of human habitation with minimal disturbance, and we can prepare everything to invite Senior Lan Feng to come.”

Qin Yu felt a tinge of unease from his captors’ conversation.

“Where is this Star Yellowstone?” He hadn’t heard of such a place before.

Ao Feng gave Qin Yu an odd look: “Brother Qin Yu, you’ve grown this big and yet you haven’t even left your home world yet? Ha ha, in the Mortal Plane, there a numerous planets that are much larger than the one you live on. Star Yellowstone is one close by with no human presence on it.”

Qin Yu had known about other planets, other solar systems and the universe from his master – Lei Wei, so he wasn’t too shocked by Ao Feng’s reply.

He knew that planets with no human presence number far more than one with human presence, and the planet he lived on was super large sized planet.

“Your planet may be big, but the distance between planets are enormously larger. The distance from your planet to Star Yellowstone is no less enormous, but with the three of us supporting you, this task couldn’t be easier.” Ao Feng couldn’t suppress a trace of a smile from touching his lips, “With such a long distance, even Lan Feng’s immortal sense shouldn’t be able to find it immediately.”

“That’s obvious with this distance. Unless Lan Feng has reached the Mystic stage.” Hua Yan chimed in.

“Let’s not waste more time. Depart now.” Du Zhong Jun roared silencing any further idle chatter.

Powered by curiosity, Qin Yu had decided to withdraw his attack temporarily until after flying out of his home world, he had never left his planet to date. Once outside will he let loose and attack mercilessly.


In a spear-head formation with Ao Feng at vanguard, and Du Zhong Jun and Hua Yan in the rear points, with Qin Yu between them. But, Qin Yu paid no mind to this, he was quite excited to see the world beyond the heavens, and it was the first time he had directly flew upwards toward the sky….

His brothers, Qin Feng and Qin Zheng watched the group effortlessly sail upwards and towards the highest sky overhead.

“Royal father.” Qin Zheng mumbled, barely a whisper.

“Zheng’er.” His father, Qin De had just started to come back to himself after that incredulous scene, “From today onwards, I decree that any 3 children of the main bloodline in every generation must stay and live in the capital. Only after a period of time, let the other children come back to live in the capital. So that even if we die, our Qin house, our Qin bloodline continues. Having tasted being blackmailed…..I find it is really hard to stomach.”

“Yes, my royal father.”

As soon as his father decreed, Qin Zheng sent the order, while Qin Feng kept gazing at the endless sky.

By now, Qin Yu had already become part of the skyline.

Meanwhile, Ao Feng, Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun and Qin Yu – the captive, had flown to the highest point of the sky. Ahead was a region, blocked by arcing lightning like serpents of pure energy midst violent gales.

“Ha, how could this lightning storm even try to block me, how laughable?” Ao Feng uttered a dry laugh, and an expanding column of light pushed out from his body.

The storms parted like the Dead Sea, in between was a perfectly formed tunnel free of any disturbances. The group continued flying through this tunnel for six hours.


In front of Qin Yu was an endless void. In this dark void, the darkness was swept away from a nearby star – its size was inexplicably large, whose dazzling radiance lit up the surrounding space. Qin Yu understood instantly, this star was epicentre of many satellite planets, it was what many people knew and called. It was the sun.

“Brother Qin Yu, your first time in space, the feeling is not too bad, eh?” Ao Feng idly chatted to Qin Yu in a jovial tone.

Stunned by the view, Qin Yu could only nod.

, Qin could feel a weight off of his shoulders. The group had long left Qian Long continent behind, to outer space. Here he could kill the three men around him with ease.

His curiosity hadn’t been satiated, he still wanted to go see the Yellowstone star. Secretly, he waited so that he could piggyback with these immortal to go there, else in what year or decade would he take to get there by himself?

Hua Yan didn’t forgo Qin Yu’s stunned expression, he wanted to show some superiority by introducing the world around them. “You see that star that is constantly releasing countless solar flares. That star should have been at least ten million years old. The outer flares are already horrifyingly powerful, but the closer to the core the purer the heavenly fire becomes. That means the bluer the fires are. As for the very core…….not even Mystic Emperors dare to go in there.”

Qin Yu was somewhat surprised by Hua Yan’s knowledge.

The cause was that Immortals of the immortal plane knowledge of the star systems by the same title as his master Lei Wei.

The slightly ahead Ao Feng continued on, “There are many grave dangers in outer space such as, cosmic meteor showers, spatial black holes, comet trails and cosmic streamers… flying in out space is very dangerous.”

Naturally, Qin Yu already understood the dangers of the universe, but nevertheless listened quietly.

Qin Yu’s real master – Lei Wei, had left a priceless treasure. It was a journal documenting the knowledge of many things about the universe. In terms of knowledge, Qin Yu may have a better understanding than Ao Feng and the others.

Qin Yu looked down at his own planet. “Ah, it’s really beautiful.”

“Brother Qin Yu, your home world is called the ‘Mysterious Purple Planet’. Your planet appears beautiful and full of boundless waters. But from another perspective, your planet truly has one side purple and the other white.” Hua Yan said, while Qin Yu nodded in reply. The purple side was the Region of Extreme Heat, and the white was the Region of Extreme Chill.

“Mysterious Purple Planet.” Qin Yu engraved this name into his memory. It was his home planet.

“Brother Ao Feng and Brother Du, let the three of us quickly use ‘Mass Teleportation’ directly to the Yellowstone Star.” As level one golden immortals, the three could barely support the ‘Mass Teleportation’ art.

Only with the three of them, could this be possible despite the Yellowstone star being the closest to their starting point.
~End of Chapter 63~

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