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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 62: To Endure

Qin Dynasty, within the Imperial Palace.

In the rear botanic gardens, the Qin Dynasty’s Emperor – ‘Qin Zheng’ sat beside a moderately large pond. He wore a golden yellow royal gown, in his hand he held a fishing rod. At close examination, you could notice his hand was very stead, there was the slightest tremble.

After a long time…..

The surface of the pond nearest to the fishing line rippled, and you could see Qin Zheng’s face light up with a small smile. With a precise jerk, the submerged line and fish, all flew up above the water surface. With a finger, Qin Zheng sent a ray of Xiantian internal energy to wrap around the magnificent carp he caught, which sent it into a flax basket by his left side.

With his Xiantian energy, he remove the hook from the carp’s mouth and toss it back into the pond.

Qin Zheng’s personal eunuch stood a fair bit away, he dare not stay too close in case he would disturb the Emperor.

Suddenly –––––––

A call from came from afar, “Your majesty, your majesty.” A mature female palace servant ran over excitedly.

Qin Zheng frowned, but nevertheless, he stood up and retrieve the hook and put the fishing rod beside him.

“God bless your majesty, god bless your majesty. The imperial physician has just gone to see the royal consort Lian, and the physician said…….said that the royal consort is pregnant.” The female palace attendant’s entire body quivered with excitement.

Just a while ago, Qin Zheng was feeling slightly annoyed by the disturbance, but he suddenly became overjoyed by the good news: “Consort Lian is pregnant? Great, that’s great.”

Ever since the great depression caused by Wu Kon Xue and Reverend Ming Shan’s duel, every new-born child within the Qin Royal family was cherished more so. That day, majority of the children of the royal family had perished in the collision of explosive energy, and ever since then the male population of the Qin family took on many more concubines.

“Qin Zheng.”

An unexpected shout from afar startles a nearby palace guard, rousing him from his semi-conscious state, with a snap of his boots, he salutes as the Emperor passes by. Qin Zheng was very relaxed, he turned around to see the approaching figure.

As the figure draws near, one could see that the figure was a young man who also wore a similar gold robe.

The colour gold, symbolizes the royal house, and only its members can wear that colour.

If Qin Yu was here, he would be able to recognise the approaching young man – it was Ao Feng the Dragon Clan’s Emissary. Since, Ao Feng was a Dragon Clan Gold Dragon, he naturally was favoured the colour gold.

“And who might you be?” the Emperor frowned, he could feel an extraordinary depth in the young man’s eyes. Clearly, the young man was of an extraordinary personage.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, especially a mortal like you. All you need to know is that, if you oppose me……he he, then every single person in this entire palace grounds will die.” The young man laughed in a sinister way, clearly he could back up his threat.

Qin Zheng felt frozen where he stood.

The imperial eunuch by his side shouted: “Attend me! Seize this assassin, and escort him to ––––.” But before the attendant could finish, his entire body exploded with a ‘boom’ into powdered flesh.

A fine layer of Spirit from Qin Zheng shielded himself from the post-mortem barrage of fine powder.

“No one outside this garden will hear your cries.” The young man said with a carefree smile. Before the man had arrived in the rear garden, he had already sealed off this region and separated it from the outside world.

Qin Zheng knew, he knew that this man was powerful, incredibly powerful. He pupils had contracted from the pressure the man exert on him.

“All you can do is hope that your youngest brother will cooperate with me.” Ao Feng laughed wickedly, and with a wave, sent a stream of energy into Qin Zheng’s body.

“What have you put into Our body?” the Emperor said steadily.

The young man snickered and said dramatically: “Qin Zheng. Pluh-lease, you should understand what it means to oppose me, just go along with me obediently. As for what was put into your body…..Watch, that young lady over there also had been embedded with my powers, watch as what happens to those who are….heh, are uncoorperative….”

The said young lady was a palace attendant, as the duo watched, her body convulsed then grew still.

Faint yellow smoke rose from her body, scalding and sizzling her skin from the inside. In just a short moment, the girl was reduced into smithereens.

Upon seeing this revolting scene, Qin Zheng’s shuddered

“Don’t worry though, you won’t even feel the slightest amount of pain. Because with this trick, your soul is destroyed first and then……then your body is reduced to powder. By the time your body starts to be destroyed, you would have already lost all your sense of pain.” The man said evilly.

“Now, come with me.”

The man took to the skies while Qin Zheng was forcibly dragged by the spiritual energy wrapped around his body.

The surrounding ladies-in-waiting and guards could only stare at the duo departure. They did not know what to do, but they understood one thing, and that was……the mysterious man was astoundingly powerful and had to be at least a high-immortal being.

What they don’t know was that, their idea of an immortal is limited to early Jindan stage shangxian, whereas the intruder was a Level 1 Demon King. The gap between these two stages is unimaginably wide.

In the capital’s palace courtyard…

Sitting on the on the left side’s high official’s chairs were Qin Zheng, Qin De and Qin Feng, and on their right side, sat four experts: Ao Feng, Du Zhong Jun, Hua Yan and Yu Liang.

“Ao Feng, what you don’t know is that, that brat Qin Feng tried to force his Jindan to explode, when he knew I was going to use him to threaten Qin Yu. He tried to burst his jindan in front of me….in front of me, what a joke!” Du Zhong Jun laughed loudly as if mocking Qin Feng for his bravado.

If a level 1 Devil King did not want him to burst his jindan, how could he prevent that?

“Aye, Qin Yu’d father – Qin De, also tried to burst his jindan in vain, it seems like their family members truly have admirable resolve. No wonder that kid, Qin Yu could have such high accomplishments in less than a century.” Hua Yan exclaimed with resignation.

Yu Liang nodded as well.

Even among the Xiuzhenistsm there aren’t many who do not fear death.

“Huh, I can’t believe there are people like you, who don’t have the guts to face my third brother directly. You resort to such pathetic ploys to threaten him, aren’t you ashamed to call yourself elites?” Qin Feng spat out quietly in disgust.

All the members of the Qin family are resolute and firm, fearing nothing, not even death.

“Feng’er, enough. Be quiet.” Qin De sent his eldest son using Voice Transfer.

Although their Yuanyings within their bodies were sealed, but they could still use Voice Transfer through the Yuanying, because it was an ability of the soul.

“Royal father, I was careless.” Qin Feng realised that his father, his brother and himself was in the enemy’s hands. If they carelessly provoked the enemy, they may die a meaningless death.

To the enemy, one person less was still enough to threaten Qin Yu.

“Brother Ao Feng, have you sent the voice transferred message to Qin Yu yet?” Hua Yan inquired, feeling completely at ease.

Ao Feng slowly took out a voice transmitter, and replied nonchalantly: “Relax, Brother Hua Yan, his family members are already in our hands. And as a safeguard, our spiritual energy has been injected into their bodies, so with a light gesture, his family will die…..even Lan Feng would not be able to harm us.”

With the voice transmitter, Ao Feng started to send the message to Qin Yu.

“Qin Yu. Return to the Qin Dynasty’s Imperial Palace, alone. Brother Hua Yan, Brother Du Zhong Jun, Yu Liang and I was waiting for you. Your father and your two brothers are also waiting with us. Don’t fool around, come immediately to the Imperial Palace.”

In mid-flight, Qin Yu was riding his top grade immortal class sword. He felt quite good since returning from his successful trip to Ni Yang’s Realm. Though he did have a divine sword, he did not want to use it unless the situation was dire.

“My royal father and my brothers will continue to live a peaceful life in the mortal world, but as soon as I return, I want to enter closed-door training. Only from solitude will I be able to quickly ascend. Leaving this mortal realm…..I don’t have any more regrets.” Qin Yu lips parted and formed a serene smile, he was at peace with the world.

But….suddenly –––––––

“Eh?” Qin Yu frowned as he took out his voice transmitter, as quickly as it appeared his facial expressions dropped. A glint of murderous intent burst forth from his eyes as he looked at the transmitter.

“It’s Ao Feng, Du Zhong Jun, Hua Yan and Yu Liang.”

That streak of anger transformed his eyes into deathly orbs, as if his cold gaze could petrify any who saw them.

A while ago during the journey through Ni Yang’s Realm, Qin Yu had not bothered to kill those people because he belittled them. But, how could he have known that these bastards would actually hold his family as hostages.

With his Level 9 Golden Immortal Sword Puppet, the taking puny lives of Ao Feng and them would be as simple as eating or taking a stroll. He always had thought of them as colourfully dress fools.

“To dare take my family hostage, then don’t blame me for being ruthless.” It was the last straw, Qin Yu was filled with murderous intent that even his good nature would not get in the way.

It wasn’t the first time Ao Feng and the others had conspired against him. The last time was to command him to enter the Blue Cloud Road, and now they take his family hostage. He swore to himself that he would kill them for their treachery.

Suddenly, he had an epiphany, he finally understood everything.

“They want me to return alone and do it obediently? I assume they are afraid of Lan Feng. Huh……but you will be disappointed, because the Sword Immortal Lan Feng doesn’t exist, he is just my Immortal Sword Puppet. If I go, it’s the same as Lan Feng going.” Qin Yu could feel the cold and calculating killing intent coiled within his heart.

He understood that given the others situation, they mostly likely have had spellbound his family member’s bodies. So with the slightest careless mistake in his revenge, his loved ones would perish, and that was something Qin Yu would regret a lifetime.

With these thoughts in mind, Qin Yu accelerated his pace.

His body became the lightning that streaked towards Qian Long Continent.

Qin Dynasty. Within the palace courtyard.

Hua Yan and the three other conspirators sat around a marble table, sipping tea. Simultaneously, they all look upwards only to catch sight of the trailing light of an comet that landed directly in the courtyard. From behind that light, a person appeared, it was Qin Yu who had come at break-neck speed.

“Qin Yu.”


Qin De, Qin Feng and Qin Zheng could not help but mouth silently. Qin Yu eyes could see into his royal father, eldest brother and second brother’s bodies, and confirm the presence of a restrictive spell placed within them.

With a small gesture from the enemy, his loved ones would die instantly.

Deep down, his struggle to retain his taciturn while controlling his rising murderous intent. If he could, he wanted so desperately to immediately kill the four captors.

“I must endure, I must endure, I must endure this!” Qin Yu could suppress his facial expression to turn livid.

“Ao Feng, what are the four of you think you are doing?” Qin Yu cast a chilling gaze at the four, in turn from one side to another.

“Yu’er, don’t forsake yourself for us. We are one family, the Qin family, as long as you don’t perish, then our family will live on. Don’t bother with us. Leave now. Do you understand?” Qin De said solemnly.

“Shut the f*ck up.” Du Zhong Jun shouted, a stream of spiritual energy shot out from his body toward Qin De.

Just before that violent stream of energy hit Qin De, Qin Yu had instantly appeared in front, just in time to block the attack. On the surface of Qin Yu’s body was a violet armour, this armour was just a top grade immortal armour.

Normally, Qin Yu would use top grade immortal items, but only in dire circumstances would he use his divine sword – ‘Sky Piercer’ and his divine armour – ‘Black Snow’.

“Du Zhong Jun, if you dare act out again, I can promise you for sure that my Martial Uncle Lan Feng and my Uncle Lan will immediately appear.” Qin Yu seethed and spat out from between his clenched teeth.

Lan Feng? Uncle Lan?

The conspirators’ hearts wavered, they forgot that behind the powerful Lan Feng was an even stronger behemoth – Uncle Lan.

“Du Zhong Jun, restrain yourself.” Ao Feng reprimanded. Du Zhong Jun immediately wore a superficial smile, “Brother Qin Yu, I was just a little to trigger-happy, I promise I will not let it happen again.”

In reality, both parties were afraid of each other; for Qin Yu, he was afraid Hua Yan and the others would kill his family members, and for the conspirators, they were afraid that Qin Yu might go on a rampage and massacre them.

For them, they needed to return to the upper realms, and this required the space to be stable. On the other hand, all Lan Feng needed to do was arrive as soon as possible, while Qin Yu tied them down by disturbing the surrounding space. Once Lan Feng was here, they would have no escape.

“Brother Qin Yu, our demands aren’t that high. You must know that we expended great effort and wealth to descend to the mortal plane, but for what? It was all for a divine item.” Ao Feng sighed exaggeratedly, “But even now we have not gotten one.”

“Oh, so you want some divine equipment?” Qin Yu frowned.

“That’s right, Brother Qin Yu, after all, you went into the ninth floor of the Nine Heavens, right? Where are the divine item you got from there? Could you tell me?” Hua Yan shamelessly asked.

And at this moment, the rest of the Qin family members was stunned by the topic of Qin Yu’s and their captor’s discussion.

Descendants of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms?

Divine equipment?

Qin De and the two brothers, knew about many things of the Xiuzhenists’ world. They knew of immortal equipment, though it was legendarily rare and unattainable. But the so-called divine equipment, these were completely unimaginable to them. And then there was immortals descending to the mortal world?

“And these people are those who descended to this mortal world.” Qin De was absolutely stunned by this information.

“I obtained three divine equipment.” Qin answered, “The first was the divine sword ‘Sky Piercer’.”

“I know of this ‘Sky Piercer’. It was the divine sword Emperor Ni Yang used to sweep across and rule in the upper realms. It was an extremely powerful divine equipment focused on offense.” Hua Yan’s eyes shined with greedy lustre, “That divine sword is most suitable for a Sword Immortal especially that ability called ‘Heaven Sundering Sword Technique’. It harmonizes with a sword immortal well.”

Qin Yu continued: “The second item is ‘Black Snow’, a defensive divine equipment.”

Defensive divine equipment?

Ao Feng and the others’ eyes all were set ablaze.

“As for the last one, which you know: the top treasure across all the upper realms, the ‘Painting of the Lost God’ divine item.” Qin Yu said lightly.

The hearts of the conspirators shook with glee.

“Brother Qin Yu, do you have the divine items on your person?” Hua Yan inquired hastily eager to get it.

Qin Yu shook his head slowly: “No I don’t, I have given it all to my martial uncle Feng. After all, I’m about to ascend soon, so keeping such valuables on me would only bring me trouble.”

“Lies.” Du Zhong Jun snapped, “You’d be willing to give up all your divine items to your martial uncle?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask Man Gan and Zong Jue. They witnessed my exchange. Oh wait, Man Gan used some mystic art to return to the upper realms. He should have returned already.” Qin Yu said in the most natural way.

“Man Gan has gone back?”

Ao Feng, Hua Yan and Du Zhong Jun could not help but admire their fellow emissary, who had returned with a hard-won divine item. While they have to resort to petty crimes.

It’s just that they know, in the upper realms a level 1 golden immortal is nothing. Only with a divine item, will they be able to climb up in status and position.

Qin Yu observe the four people in front of his eyes, his heart quivering in anticipation.

But for now, he must endure.

Only when Hua Yan and the others have let go of their hostages and only then would he act. Until then, he must endure this ridicule and abide his time. In Qin Yu’s heart, these few people were just ‘dead men walking’, he had already decided on their death.

~End of Chapter 62~

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