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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 51: White Profound Lord

This chapter was translated by Rylain at Nightbreeze translations. For various reasons, Rylain’s translations for Stellar Transformations are on an indefinite hiatus. Refer to his blog for more information. You can find his blog here! Please note that some terms might be different from the past!

That was Qin Yu’s feelings at that very moment.

“I had never thought that this white jade sculpture would actually be similar to the sculpture before the door of the treasure tower at the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, and also have a ring,” Qin Yu was secretly, completely excited. At both sides of the Blue Clouds Road’s end which was connected to the white jade plaza, one side had a white jade sculpture, while the other side had a stone tablet.

At the beginning, Qin Yu also did not discover anything special about that white jade sculpture. However, from the position where Qin Yu had just sat at the corner of the white jade plaza, during the process of standing up earlier, his eyesight had momentarily glanced upon the ring worn on the sculpture’s right hand, hidden within the sleeve while it rested behind the sculpture’s back.

That ring appeared to be white in colour while being as clear as crystal, and it was exactly identical to the white jade sculpture. For typical people, even if they were to carefully observe the sculpture, they would also be unable to notice the ring. Firstly, it was because the ring’s colour was exactly identical to the sculpture’s colour. Secondly, the right hand which bore the ring was resting behind the sculpture’s back. Hidden within the sleeve, that right hand was absolutely inside the blind spot of everyone’s vision. Only Qin Yu, at the very moment when he had stood up from that location earlier, was possible to see it. The ring could not be seen from any other positions.

“Previously, it was the Ring of the Black Flame Lord. This time, I definitely think that it will also not be anything less right? What is the matter with this Immortal Emperor Ni Yang? Why did he insist on keeping this ring hidden on the sculpture?” Qin Yu secretly became puzzled.

There was a treasure hidden in such a concealed place.

If Qin Yu was not at that corner of the white jade plaza, if he had not earlier stood up and casually glanced at that direction during that time, he would absolutely not have discovered that ring.

Qin Yu also did not think, that using the same set up, that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang would actually have arranged for it twice.

“No matter what, I cannot look towards the direction of the sculpture from now on. If Du Zhong Jun, Ao Feng and the others are to suspect something, and they are to also discover this ring, then it will be a little troublesome,” Qin Yu’s face pretended to be as indifferent as it had been since the beginning.

Even if he had the Sword Immortal Puppet, he estimated that taking it out and using it at that moment would result in having all the Emissaries join forces to go against him.

Moreover, Qin Yu had also felt the shock wave from Hua Yan’s earlier battle on the Blue Clouds Road. The strength of that power had simply reached a shocking stage. From what Qin Yu had secretly thought, he estimated that the power of the Ninth Tier Golden Immortal Sword Immortal Puppet was also at that level.

That was the strength of Hua Yan’s hidden measure. Meanwhile, Man Gan, Ao Feng, Du Zhong Jun and the others similarly had hidden measures, and their strengths were also estimated to be not that much weaker.

That was still not the suitable time to take out his Sword Immortal Puppet.

Only during a surprising and unexpected situation, only during the most important moment, would he then obtain the best effects from using his Sword Immortal Puppet.

“Qin Yu, what happened to you?” Having seen that there was something not quite right with Qin Yu, Man Gan began walking over.

Qin Yu was momentarily started.

“Orh, nothing,” Qin Yu smiled and said, “It is just that…… having seen that many people die on the Blue Clouds Road earlier, I, myself, am also a little worried on whether I will be able to survive and pass through the Blue Clouds Road.”

Having heard what Qin Yu had just said, Man Gan, who was initially suspicious, also became relieved.

Even the Dragon Clan’s Elders and the large group of other experts had their souls scattered into nothingness after their failures. Qin Yu was only a Dacheng stage Xiuzhen Practitioner, and it was also an extremely normal matter for him to secretly feel restless and uneasy.

“Brother Qin Yu,” Man Gan patted Qin Yu’s shoulder reassuringly and said, “This Blue Clouds Road is definitely extremely dangerous. I can see that you are now already at the Dacheng stage, why not…… you can immediately remain here, and continue to wait until the moment of your Ascension. When that time comes, directly Ascending will solve the problem.”

Man Gan also had good intentions. He also did not carry much confidence towards Qin Yu rushing through the Blue Clouds Road.

“Mmm…… I will consider it,” Qin Yu said and nodded.

However, at that moment, Qin Yu was instead secretly worried. That was because, at that moment, Qin Yu was standing exactly at the corner of the white jade plaza, while Man Gan stood beside him. If Man Gan had walked over to that special position, then looked towards the direction of the white jade sculpture, it would be very possible for him to discover the ring on the white jade sculpture.

“Move. You have already finished speaking so why are you still not moving,” Qin Yu secretly urged.

“Ai, Brother Qin Yu, I really cannot figure out why that Martial Senior of yours is willing to let you enter Ni Yang’s Realm. Isn’t having you take this test sending you to your death huh?” At that moment, Man Gan also did not have anything, and instead began to chat with Qin Yu.

Without making a sound, Qin Yu swiftly took a step and occupied the earlier special position where it was possible to see the ring, and then promptly began to cope with Man Gan.

…… Meanwhile, at that moment, the Dragon Clan’s Patriarch ‘Fang Tian’ also stepped into the Blue Clouds Road.

“Brother Man Gan, now that there are two super experts on the side of the Dragon Clan, one of which is Fang Tian, while the other is Ao Feng, who do you say is stronger huh?” Qin Yu casually began asking a question. With regard to that question, Qin Yu had also considered it before.

Man Gan was momentarily surprised. “This…… from my point of view, it should be Fang Tian right?”

“Fang Tian?” Qin Yu was puzzled and said, “Isn’t that Ao Feng the Dragon Clan’s Emissary from the Ascendant Realms huh? How is it that he is instead still not up to par with Fang Tian?”

Man Gan replied with certainty, “Does this still need to be said? He, Ao Feng, is merely a First Tier Demon King. Although Fang Tian is only lower than him by one level, due to the fact that he has the blood of the Super Divine Beast Five-Clawed Gold Dragon in his veins, his own capabilities are absolutely not weaker than Ao Feng. At the same time…… as the ‘Five-Clawed Gold Dragon’, Fang Tian’s potential as well as status in the eyes of the Ascendant Realm’s Dragon Clan, are all a lot higher and more important than Ao Feng. I think…… the strongest hidden measure that the Dragon Clan had allowed Ao Feng to bring down with him, is estimated to already be in Fang Tian’s hands.”

“So it is like this.”

Qin Yu nodded and answered.

Having not entered the Demon Realm before, it was definitely hard to imagine how high the statuses of Super Divine Beasts were within the Demon Realm. That was absolutely the most important of the important matters within the Demon Realm. That was also the reason why, when Du Zhong Jun and the others had initially seen Man Gan descend to the Mortal Realm, all of them felt shocked.

“Huh, Fang Tian passed through already?” When Man Gan saw the news from the Transmission Talisman, he was greatly shocked.

Qin Yu was also shocked. Ah, that was the time taken to drink a cup of tea, and it was still shorter than the time taken by Yu Liang initially to surmount the Blue Clouds Road.

“This time it’s my turn right?” Du Zhong Jun voiced out.

“It is Brother Du’s turn. Brother Du, please,” said Ao Feng with a smile.

Du Zhong Jun was actually in very low spirits and feeling unbearable. According to the rules, the sequence of turns should be rotated from the side of the Loose Immortals, to the side of the Loose Devils, to the Dragon Clan, to the wilderness Demon Clan, and then to the Chaotic Astral Sea. Hua Yan was the first to have made a move, and the second person should be him.

However, the side of the Dragon Clan had two experts, and that was why everyone had discussed and decided to let Ao Feng be at the back. As compensation, Fang Tian was made the second person to set off. It was also because of the fact that everyone had made an oath, so there was no need to worry about anyone seizing the treasures in advance, that Du Zhong Jun had also agreed. It was just that Du Zhong Jun still secretly felt quite depressed and unbearable.

After taking a single step onto the Blue Clouds Road, Du Zhong Jun also took off and moved ahead at his fastest speed.

“Brother Qin Yu, this Blue Clouds Road is only just the second trial, and there will only be one person obtaining the final treasure. That is why, at the end, above the Nine Heavens, there will still be an even more dangerous trial,” Man Gan said and smiled while looking at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu’s facial expression showed that he was slightly worried.

“Haha, all right already, you also do not have to think about that trial. It already seems impossible for you to even think about surmounting this Blue Clouds Road,” Man Gan said teasingly.

Qin Yu revealed the hint of a worried expression on his face in a timely manner.

“All right, it was just a joke. Brother Qin Yu, although you are just at the Dacheng stage, if we are to compare actual attacks, I am afraid that typical Second Tier or Third Tier Heavenly Immortals will not be a match for you right? Adding that Finest Grade Immortal Sword which Zong Jue had given you, even Fifth or Sixth Tier Heavenly Immortals will also not dare to belittle you. Ah, your foundations are very firm, and your future accomplishments are limitless,” Man Gan praised.

Qin Yu only smiled humbly.

Qin Yu did not exactly know that, at that very moment, Man Gan was communicating with Ao Feng using their Transmission Talismans.

“Man Gan, Fang Tian has already successfully arrived at the Nine Heavens, so it will also not be hard for me to enter and survive. When the time comes, Fang Tian and I will combine our strength. I want to see just how will you compete with us…… Fang Tian might be slightly weaker than you, but when equipped with the treasures bestowed by the Dragon Emperor, ah, you might not be able to definitely win against him,” Ao Feng’s transmission message stated.

“Do not be conceited. Both of you are indeed two people, but there is only a single scroll. Even if the both of you are to obtain that scroll, how will the both of you distribute it?”

…… With regard to using sharp words, Man Gan was not a match for Ao Feng. Moreover, Man Gan’s tolerance was also not on par with Ao Feng. Ao Feng would be able to remain smiling while being insulted and scolded, but Man Gan would instead become furious and fly into a rage.


Man Gan took a look at Ao Feng from afar. That look contained a hint of viciousness.

“Orh, this Man Gan and Ao Feng seems to be quite at odds with other,” Qin Yu took notice of that one gaze.

Meanwhile, at that moment — “Du Zhong Jun has also passed through the Blue Clouds Road already,” Ao Feng, Man Gan and Zong Jue seemed to have received that news at the same time.

Compared to that one time for Hua Yan.

When Fang Tian and Du Zhong Jun had passed through the Blue Clouds Road, there wasn’t exactly any tremors that were too great. It was obvious that they did not exactly encounter those kind of dangers similar to Hua Yan.

“Brother Qin Yu, ah, take care. Do not attempt the trial if you do not have confidence. After all, you are already at the Dacheng stage, so it will be safer to remain here and wait for Ascension,” Before Man Gan left, he said that and entrusted Qin Yu. Promptly, he then took a large step and walked towards the Blue Clouds Road.

That was because, that was Man Gan’s turn to enter the Blue Clouds Road.

“Zong Jue, Ao Feng, I will make a move first, haha,” Man Gan did not seem to be worried, and just like that, he stepped into the Blue Clouds Road.

Merely a moment after he had entered the Blue Clouds Road.

“Brother Ao Feng, Brother Man Gan has already arrived. I am also about to set off,” Zong Jue said and smiled. Promptly, he nodded as a gesture to Qin Yu, who was not far away. After that, he also directly stepped into the Blue Clouds Road.

When Qin Yu saw how relaxed the six great leaders were, he was secretly overcome with emotion.

Reverend Ming Shan and the others, one by one, they had entered and died.

With so many of them dead, only a single Yu Liang had fortunately succeeded.

Meanwhile, what about the six great leaders huh? With the exclusion of the unfortunate Hua Yan, because he had received Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s ‘special care’, the difficulty of him passing through had been extremely hard. However, he still passed through in the end.

In the meantime, the others instead had been very relaxed. It was as if every single person had passed through the Blue Clouds Road within the time needed to drink a cup of tea.

Merely after a moment — “Little Brother Qin Yu, I am also about to set off. When I have arrived at the other side, I will send a transmission message to tell you,” Ao Feng called out to Qin Yu. It was evident that Zong Jue had already successfully arrived at the Nine Heavens. With regard to the speed of passing through the Blue Clouds Road, it seemed as if Zong Jue was the fastest person.

With a faint smile, Qin Yu saw Ao Feng off with his gaze, as Ao Feng stepped onto the Blue Clouds Road. After that, Qin Yu then let out a long breath.


Qin Yu let out a long breath, and the smile on his face became brilliant. “That was still really a torture to people. When every single person had stepped onto the Blue Clouds Road, I was earlier worried that they will take notice of the white jade sculpture, worried that someone will carefully inspect that white jade sculpture. Luckily…… everybody’s focus was on the Nine Heavens.”

Qin Yu walked towards the white jade sculpture in a relaxed manner and stood at its side. After that, he reached inside the long sleeve and removed the ring from the right hand that was within the sleeve.

“It won’t have that whatever secret technique right?”

Qin Yu’s heart suddenly thumped. Immediately, he gave a self-deprecating smile. “I was too sensitive. Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had earlier said that, with the exception treasures in the Scattered Treasures Cliff having the secret technique applied on them at the beginning, all the other treasures do not have it. Moreover, it was hidden this secretly, having that secret technique applied on it will be going too far.”

Qin Yu promptly dripped a few drops of blood onto that white jade ring.

The white jade ring directly absorbed those drops of blood, and Qin Yu wore that ring on his hand. However, at the very moment that he wore that ring — the original Ring of the Black Flame Lord actually appeared by itself and emanated rays of black coloured light, while that white coloured ring similarly emanated rays of white coloured light. Both completely opposing lights actually began to twine together.

“What kind of plaything is this?” Qin Yu’s heart momentarily thumped. “I have already performed the Blood Contracts on both of these rings. Having this weird change happening should not have a great harm on me. It is only…… the Gravity Field and Domain of Heavenly Flames had better not be damaged.”

Qin Yu was still extremely fond of the two great area abilities of the Ring of the Black Flame Lord.

After close to the time needed for ten breaths, rays of both coloured lights had completely merged together. At the same time, a single ring was worn on Qin Yu’s finger. That ring had the appearance of ‘black and white’ encircling together, similar to the mark of ‘Tai-Chi’.

At the same time, the figure of a person actually appeared within Qin Yu’s mental consciousness.

It was a vague and aloof figure.

That figure very much resembled the white jade sculpture. It was just that no matter how careful Qin Yu observed, he was also unable to clearly see the appearance of that human silhouette.

“Lucky kid, to be able to obtain the Ring of the Black Flame Lord from the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, you are already fortunate enough. To be able to obtain the Ring of the White Profound Lord from within Ni Yang’s Realm is also an extremely rare occurrence. You have already obtained both rings, and even I am envious of your luck.”

That indifferent voice contained the hint of a sense of loss.

Qin Yu secretly understood. That should be Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.

“Ring of the Black Flame Lord and Ring of the White Profound Lord, were both respectively refined by the Black Flame Lord and the White Profound Lord, and those were their gifts to me. Having the both of them combined would then form the Finest Grade Immortal Equipment — Ring of Mystical Flames! The Ring of the Black Flame Lord possessed ‘Domain of Heavenly Flames‘ as well as ‘Gravity Field‘, while the Ring of the White Profound Lord possessed ‘Domain of Jade-Green Smoke‘ as well as ‘Gravity Field‘. With the both combined, there will then be three area abilities, ‘Domain of Heavenly Flames‘, ‘Domain of Jade-Green Smoke‘ as well as ‘Double Gravity Field‘.

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang explained.

“Ring of Mystical Flames. When the Domain of Heavenly Flames and Domain of Jade-Green Smoke are used simultaneously, the resulting power will be extremely great. Meanwhile, the Double Gravity Field, is equivalent to the Gravity Field that you can produce, with its power doubled. Of course, these are all secondary.”

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s words made Qin Yu’s heart thumped.

If those powers of the Ring of Mystical Flames were secondary, then what was the most important use for it huh?

“Lucky kid, if you are the Emissary from the Immortal, Devil, or Demon Realm, I definitely think that you should know the meaning behind the Ring of Mystical Flames. If you are a person from the Mortal Realm, I estimate that you still do not know. Ring of Mystical Flames…… I can only tell you, that if you have not attained the domain level of Mystic Immortal, it is best not to let others know that you possess the Ring of Mystical Flames.”

Qin Yu had some understanding.

That Ring of Mystical Flames seemed to be an extremely exceptional piece of treasure. Qin Yu still understood the saying ‘the common man’s only crime is to carry a piece of jade’.

[Rylain: ‘怀璧之罪’ translates to ‘the common man’s only crime is to carry a piece of jade’. The equivalent phrase to that idiom is ‘the precious stone lands its innocent possessor in jail’, which means that ‘A person will get into trouble simply for possessing something precious due to other people’s greed’.]

Qin Yu turned over a hand and retrieved a Transmission Talisman. “Qin Yu, I have already arrived at the Nine Heavens. You can set off already,” Ao Feng’s transmission message had already arrived.

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