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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 43: Ni Yang’s Realm

This chapter was translated by Rylain at Nightbreeze translations. For various reasons, Rylain’s translations for Stellar Transformations are on an indefinite hiatus. Refer to his blog for more information. You can find his blog here here! Please note that some terms might be different from the past!

Man Gan coldly gave a shout. Wu Hei, who had just looked at Qin Yu’s party of people, was frightened to the point that he felt his heart leap.

At that moment, those two groups of people had already converged into a single group. However, during the time that they were rushing along at a fast pace, the people at the side of the Dragon Clan, Loose Devils, and Loose Immortals unintentionally got closer together, while the people at the side of the Chaotic Astral Sea, wilderness, as well as Qin Yu also unintentionally got closer together, thus forming two smaller groups.

There were a total of thirteen people in the smaller group led by the Dragon Clan. It consisted of five people from the side of the Dragon Clan, five people from the side of the Loose Immortals, as well as three people from the side of the Loose Devils. The side of the Loose Devils originally had four people, nonetheless, Lady Lian Yue died.

Qin Yu’s smaller group had a total of nine people.

No words were spoken on that journey……

Meanwhile, Qin Yu completely immersed himself in his practise as well as rushing along the journey.

Within Qin Yu’s Dantian.

Almost ninety-five percent of that green coloured planet’s interior had changed into the sun’s nucleus. It could be said that, the entire green coloured planet also had a layer of green for its surface, while its interior was instead a large fiery ball. Meanwhile, the volume of that large fiery ball was slowly increasing.

The amount of energy consumed during the time when his martial powers were changing, was extremely shocking.

The Elemental Life Force within Qin Yu’s body could instead replenish all exhausted energy in the blink of an eye.


On that day, the two smaller groups that consisted a total of twenty-two people were silently advancing forward. As they continued moving forward, the density of those wind blades between the Heavens and Earth became stronger, and the frequency of spatial cracks appearing also increased by a fair bit. Everyone was also forced to carefully observe those dangers; Every single person performed their own methods to dodge those various dangers.

The presence of Qin Yu’s blazing Stellar Field made Qin Yu’s entire person radiate a golden light.

Suddenly —

The external range of Qin Yu’s Stellar Field greatly increased. Within a short moment, the diameter of that Stellar Field had actually increased by two to three times, while the intensity of its blaze had risen significantly. That made quite a number of people who were hurrying on the journey to unintentionally take a look at Qin Yu.

“My congratulations to Brother Qin Yu for having a breakthrough in your martial powers.” Man Gan said with a chuckle.

Zong Jue also gave a slight smile and nodded.

There was also a hint of joy on Qin Yu’s face.

At that moment, like a sun, a huge ball of fire was suspended within Qin Yu’s Dantian, while particles of blazing energy spiralled around inside the Dantian.

Without the obstruction from the green planet, the energy from the sun’s nucleus was incomparably pure, and within a short moment, the amount of energy from the sun’s nucleus had increased quite a number of times. With the martial powers that he had at that time, Qin Yu believed that if he were to activate the abilities of the Ring of the Black Flame Lord, the strength of both the abilities’ areas would also have been increased significantly.

“Stellar stage. Master, he had never achieved this stage, but instead, I finally have.”

Momentarily, Qin Yu felt a slight sense of loss.

Of the six domain levels of the Stellar Transformations, the final domain level was the Stellar stage!

“I have finally achieved this Stellar stage, but it also represents that from now on, the experiences that Master had left behind for me are already no longer of any use. I will need to rely on myself for the creation of breakthroughs in martial powers and domain levels from now on.” Secretly, Qin Yu also did not know if he should be happy or worried.

The succeeding domain levels would have to be created by himself.

The thought of creating a martial cultivation technique made Qin Yu feel excited. However, if he were to fail in the creation and walked on the wrong path, it would be very possible for his soul to become destroyed and scattered into nothingness.

“Big Brother, you achieved a breakthrough?” Hei Yu looked at Qin Yu. Hou Fei also looked at Qin Yu.

Other people did not know of the several disadvantages of the Stellar Transformations’ martial cultivation techniques, but the two closest brothers of Qin Yu instead knew. The Stellar Transformations was an incomplete set of martial cultivation techniques, and the martial cultivation techniques created from the evolution of the universe was completely different from other martial cultivation techniques, and could absolutely not be transferred over to other martial cultivation techniques.

“Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, do not worry.” Qin Yu said as he gave a light smile.

“Careful, Xiao Hei.” Qin Yu suddenly saw a wind blade hacking towards Hei Yu’s direction. As if he was swaying with the wind, Hei Yu easily floated to one side and avoided it.

“Big Brother, the transformation of the energies within the bodies of the monkey and I are more or less completed, and it is hard to say when we will Ascend. It might be half a year, or a year, or even three years. It is very hard to say.” Hei Yu helplessly said using Sound Transfer at that moment.

Qin Yu was secretly startled momentarily.

With the exception of his parents as well as Li Er, the people that Qin Yu felt closest to were those two brothers. Moreover, Xiao Hei and him were like relatives.

When he was young, he did not have his Royal Father to care for him. He did not have a mother. He was always alone, carrying Xiao Hei to the mountain peak of Donglan Mountain to look at the stars during the night. The lonely boy, the lonely black eagle, with the passing of time, both had practised and arrived at the peak of the Mortal Realm.

Ascension, will force them to separate.

Xiao Hei and Fei Fei would go to the Demon Realm, while he instead, would be plagued by the creation of a new martial cultivation technique. Meanwhile, it was absolutely hard for him to imagine where he would Ascend to.

“Xiao Hei, Fei Fei, both of you be at ease. I will definitely succeed in creating a martial cultivation technique, and when the time of Ascension comes, I will definitely go find the both of you!” Qin Yu used Spiritual Awareness and Sound Transfer, and said resolutely. “Moreover, it’s not simply just finding the both of you. Ah, I still have to find Li Er, which is why I will not fail.”

“Mmm, Big Brother, you will not fail.”

Both Hou Fei and Hei Yu also said as such.

It was just that, no matter if it was Qin Yu, or Hou Fei and Xiao Hei, all of them knew what they had said at that moment were only meant to reassure themselves. Whether creating a martial cultivation technique would be successful or not, was not simply a matter of just saying that it would succeed.


A wind blade had sheared off a large piece of flesh from Xiao Hei’s shoulder.

“All right, concentrate on hurrying along the road.” Qin Yu said busily using Sound Transfer.

The three brothers did not speak any further, but instead hurried along the road in silence. It was just that those three brothers instead unintentionally flew side by side of each other, the three of them enjoying the final period of time that they were able to spend together in the Mortal Realm.

While one elegantly dodge, the other avoided.

Occasionally, the brothers would smile faintly amongst themselves, or had humorous expressions on their faces after being wounded by wind blades.


After they had stepped into the final fifty million kilometers of the journey, close to three years had already passed. According to reason, everyone should have arrived at the Abyss of Death. However, until that moment, they still did not see the Abyss of Death, which was why they could only continue to move forward!

However, the situation along the way revealed that the distance to the Abyss of Death was definitely very close from their location.

That was because the wind blades had became denser, while the spatial cracks’ frequency of appearance had increased even more.


There were far too many wind blades. With the exception of Zong Jue, Hei Yu, Hua Yan, as well as Yu Liang who could barely dodge, the other people were absolutely unable to dodge, and could only use various methods to forcibly block.

Looking at Hei Yu, who was constantly drifting up and down erratically like a mirage, Qin Yu felt very relieved.

“Xiao Hei’s body techniques are impressive. My body’s degree of toughness is already comparable to a common Low Grade Immortal Equipment, and cannot be harmed by common wind blades that are weak. Even if I am injured by wind blades that are strong, I will also be fully restored by the Elemental Life Force. Now, only Hou Fei is facing a little danger.”

Qin Yu diverted part of his attention onto Hou Fei.

At that moment, Hou Fei was wielding the Black Stick.

Through use of the flowing water emanated by his body, as well as the careful observation of his Fiery Eyes, Hou Fei could discover danger in advance. Whilst avoiding, at the same time, Hou Fei used his Black Stick to directly hit wind blades that were unavoidable to the opposite side.

Hou Fei’s techniques with the stick were very exquisite. Qin Yu had never thought that the usually stubborn and rash Hou Fei would actually know how to use such fleeting stick techniques.

The Black Stick could only be seen gently moving to strike, and the direction of the wind blade actually changed.

“It looks like Fei Fei also do not have that great of a danger. Both Fei Fei and Xiao Hei also have a bottle of Natural Elixir of Rebirth each, so I believe they will not have any great danger.” Qin Yu secretly felt slightly more at ease. If Xiao Hei and Fei Fei were in any real danger, Qin Yu would directly pull them into Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

Even if doing that would make the other people suspicious, Qin Yu would also not take that into consideration.

“Haha, we will soon arrive at the Abyss of Death!” Man Gan’s loud laughter resounded forth.

Immediately, everyone looked towards the far distance.

It was only that the boundless Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill was still in the far distance, and there was nothing else that could be seen. However, after Qin Yu and the others had flown for another five hundred kilometers, they finally could not help but be amazed by the powerfulness of Man Gan’s ‘Purple Pupils’.

At the far distance —

Beyond an unknown number of tens of thousands of kilometers, those purple coloured flames were endlessly leaping towards the Heavens. That scene made everyone shiver.

Purple coloured flames!

Wasn’t that Heavenly Flames huh? Moreover, those purple coloured Heavenly Flames were boundless without end.

“Those are the flames that belong to the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Flames. The Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill might be a little dangerous, but most of the Chilling Fog are gathered within these pieces of ice. The attack power of the Chilling Fog that are outside are not exactly great, but the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Flames is different. Those flames burn at absolutely every space, and it will be impossible to dodge.” Zong Jue said while smiling.

Qin Yu and the others secretly understood.

It was no wonder that Zong Jue had initially chosen to proceed through the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill, and not through the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Flames.

Everyone knew that the distance to the Abyss of Death was close.

That was because the Abyss of Death was right between the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill and the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Flames. Immediately, everyone was filled with motivation, and their speed had actually once again begun to pick up. Everybody swiftly advanced forward; Each and every single person could feel that they were close to Ni Yang’s Realm.


“This is the Abyss of Death huh?”

Hou Fei looked at the scene before him, and unintentionally sucked in a breath of cold air.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and the others, including Man Gan and the other Ascendant Reams’ Emissaries, had expressions of astonishment on their faces.

Regarding the length of the Abyss of Death, its end could not be seen with a single look, while its width was also half of several thousands of kilometers.

The Abyss of Death was unfathomable, and at the same time, countless wind blades were shot out from within the Abyss of Death. Simultaneously, the space was also occasionally filled with the eruptions of purple coloured Heavenly Flames. Moreover, there was also the jade-green coloured Chilling Fog that constantly diffused out…… The Abyss of Death, was simply hell.

“What brought about miraculous places such as the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill and the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Flames? Why were such peculiar winds generated?” Qin Yu looked at everything before his eyes, and he more or less understood.

Those wind blades were generated due to the airflow between extreme cold and extreme heat.

“These winds turn out to be whirlwinds of two extremes, no wonder they had such strength. The Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill and the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Flames, one of extreme cold, the other of extreme heat. However, the source for this extreme cold and this extreme heat…… should be within this Abyss of Death.” Sword Immortal Hua Yan said, while giving a faint smile.

Everyone agreed.

That was because…… everyone saw the countless wind blades that shot out from within the Abyss of Death. The strength of those wind blades were ridiculously powerful, and spatial cracks successively appeared.

“There are Blue Mystical Heavenly Flames within those Heavenly Flames!” Du Zhong Jun’s facial expression changed.

Man Gan, Hua Yan, Ao Feng and the others carefully looked, and their facial expressions also changed drastically. Indeed, within the endless Heavenly Flames that came out from the Abyss of Death, there were blue coloured Heavenly Flames that looked like flowers. Those blue coloured flames were extremely few.

The strength of Heavenly Flames might be great, but to Man Gan and the others, they instead posed not much of a threat.

Blue Mystical Heavenly Flames, those would be different. Even Golden Immortals (Demon Kings, Devil Kings) would also not dare to easily come into contact with Blue Mystical Heavenly Flames.

“It is not solely Blue Mystical Heavenly Flames. Look over there, that is the Jade-Green Smoke Chilling Fog that is as famous as the Heavenly Flames. However, contained within the Jade-Green Smoke Chilling Fog is an extremely small amount of Weeping Gold Chilling Fog. The strength of that Weeping Gold Chilling Fog is absolutely not beneath that of the Blue Mystical Heavenly Flames.” The tone of Man Gan’s voice was low.

Forcibly charge in?

Looking at those spatial cracks that frequently appeared, and the mysterious Blue Mystical Heavenly Flames that were mixed within the Heavenly Flames, as well as the Weeping Gold Chilling Fog that was mixed within the Jade-Green Smoke Chilling Fog, all those explained everything. To forcibly charge in — undoubtedly would result in death.

“Ni Yang’s Realm is within that Abyss of Death. Looking at such an environment, if we are to think of safely arriving at Ni Yang’s Realm, directly going down like this will undoubtedly would result in death. We can only rely on the map and follow it.” Hua Yan looked at Qin Yu’s group of people and said, “Although all of you said that you have the map, entering the Abyss of Death is the final and most important part of the map. That is why all of you had better not follow us.”

Man Gan, Zong Jue and the others immediately frowned.

It was very obvious that Hua Yan and the others still suspected the truth of Qin Yu’s map.

“Follow all of you? Senior Hua Yan would be looking down on us far too much. Senior Hua Yan, Senior Ao Feng, the people on our side will first set off. That should be all right huh?” Qin Yu said while giving a faint smile. Promptly, they directly began walking towards the left direction.

Man Gan and Zong Jue gave a cold snort, then immediately led their men and followed after Qin Yu, walking towards the left direction. After only a mere moment, Qin Yu’s small group of nine people had entered into the Abyss of Death.

“That direction? Why is the direction of our map pointing at this direction?”

Hua Yan, Ao Feng, Du Zhong Jun, and Fang Tian dumbfoundedly exchanged looks.

The route shown on their map was completely different from that of Qin Yu’s.

“Humph, I estimate that, that Qin Yu had gotten a wrong map from an unknown place. Our map was formed by combining the three pieces of Sundering The Heavens Diagrams, and everyone was present when it was initially formed. It absolutely cannot be wrong. It’s best if that Man Gan is to die on that route because of that mistake!”

Du Zhong Jun said with a cold smile, then promptly took the lead and moved forward towards the right side.

Ao Feng, Hua Yan and the others also followed behind.

Since then, the two small groups each followed their various maps and entered into the Abyss of Death from two different directions.


“Haha, ah, Qin Yu, this route of yours is still really safe. Following along this path, there are heavy flames at the outside, and endless wind blades, as well as boundless Chilling Fog, but instead all of us are not even in the slightest bit harmed.” Man Gan said while giving a hearty laugh.

Qin Yu’s party of nine people had followed their route accordingly, and directly went deep into the Abyss of Death, continuously flying downwards at a swift pace. However, they were actually not even in the slightest bit hurt along the way.

“According to what the map indicates, we should proceed towards the right side after seeing this pillar. However, the right side is instead filled with endless wind blades.” Qin Yu stopped in the middle of the air, beside a pillar. When Man Gan and the other people behind saw that Qin Yu had stopped, one by one, they also began to stop.

“These wind blades also do not form spatial cracks. Even if I am hit, I will also not die due to the Elemental Life Force.” Qin Yu gritted his teeth, then took a step over.

“Big Brother.”

Hou Fei and Hei Yu immediately cried out in shock. The facial expressions of Man Gan, Zhong Jue, and the others also changed.

“Haha, this is an illusion. Everyone can just come in.” The sound of Qin Yu’s laughter relayed over from the other side.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu relaxed a breath, then took the lead and followed inside, and the other people also followed inside.

Following Qin Yu’s map to advance, everyone was spooked by several illusions along the way, but in actual fact, not even a single person suffered any injury. Just like that, everyone had entirely flown downwards for about three days, and had also covered a distance of at least five hundred thousand kilometers.

A large piece of open land appeared before Qin Yu’s party.

The ends of that large piece of open land could not be seen from a single glance. There were only three towering stone pillars on that boundless piece of open land. A single character was carved on each of those stone pillars in sequence, separated into — “Ni” “Yang’s” “Realm”!

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