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“The Land of Extreme Peril, Abyss of Death,” Man Gan said in a bewildered tone. “So this is the location of Ni Yang’s Realm. The Abyss of Death is mysterious beyond comparison. According to the records found on the Mortal Realm, it seems like no one has yet to discover the secret of this Abyss of Death.”

They had stepped into a world of cold ice. Even more, they had stepped into the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill.

The Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill was a world of ice.

At the same time, the winds of the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill were extremely strong. Although Qin Yu and the other people were at that point of time only at the fringe of the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill, the strength of those winds were already at a frightening stage.

“These winds are still very weak. They will not affect our Teleportation.” Zong Jue smiled and said, “However, the further we head north, the strength of these winds will also get stronger while their volumes become smaller. The strength of their attacks will become sharper, and the resulting winds will possibly become like knives. After we proceed for half a billion kilometers, I estimate that all of us can no longer Teleport. This is because at that point of time, the winds will have already caused the space to enter into a state of instability.”

Qin Yu and the others understood clearly.

No wonder…… The maddening winds at that point of time were only the weakest.

“Why care that much about it? Don’t tell me that we will be obstructed by mere wind? Set off, stop wasting time already.” Man Gan grabbed Hei Yu’s hand, then performed Teleportation and proceeded onwards.

Zong Jue also grabbed each of both Qin Yu and Hou Fei’s hands and performed Teleportation. Yu Liang, Kong Cao, Change Into Stone, and Transform Into Stone too, performed the miraculous Teleportation one by one.

The speed of Teleportation was definitely and shockingly fast.

In merely the time taken to drink a cup of tea, everyone could already feel the threat of the winds. It was obvious that they had all proceeded close to half a billion kilometers.

Zong Jue frowned and said, “We cannot continue to Teleport ahead. The threat from the current winds are already very powerful. I estimate that after we proceed for another five million kilometers, the winds there will be sufficient to make the very space tremble.”

Everyone nodded.

No one at that point of time dared to play the hero. Performing Teleportation within an unstable space was tantamount to suicide.

Promptly, the nine people began to fly northwards at an extremely fast speed.

“Not good!”

Change Into Stone cried out in shock, “Brother Zong, it does not seem like we can replenish our energies in this place. I did not notice this when we were Teleporting earlier, but I can feel it very clearly now.”

Man Gan, Qin Yu, and the others also frowned.

It was obvious that, at that point of time, they had also discovered a special trait of the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill — There was not even a shred of Spiritual Energy from the Heavens and Earth in the entire Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill. What only existed there was Mystical Icy Chill Energy.

Mystical Icy Chill Energy could only be absorbed by people who practised special martial techniques. Typical people were absolutely unable to absorb it.

Take for example Qin Yu. His ‘Stellar Transformations’ technique was extremely special, but instead belonged to the side of extreme heat, at the extreme side of Yang. He was absolutely unable to absorb the Mystical Icy Chill Energy.

[Rylain: From my personal understanding, Yin and Yang are respectively Negative and Positive Energies, and Yin is usually associated with typical women since they are believed to have more Yin Energy than Yang Energy in their bodies, while Yang is usually associated with typical men since they are believed to have more Yang Energy than Yin Energy in their bodies. Negative Energies are also considered to be ‘cold’, while Positive Energies are considered to be ‘hot’. An extreme of either energy within a typical person’s body is not beneficial to that person’s health.]

If someone did not notice a spatial crack appearing beside him, it was estimated that the poor person would be swallowed up, and his soul scattered into nothingness. That person could possibly be someone else, and could also possibly be themselves.

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