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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 30: Assembly at Snow Fish Island (translated by Saima)

Snow Fish Island, a few thousand miles long and covered with ice and snow throughout the year. In the middle of the island, there is a small mountain that is a few miles long and a few hundred meters tall. On top of that mountain is a curved lake. Inside the lake there are many snow white little fish called ‘Snow Fish’. And beside the lake, there is an Ancient Teleportation Formation.

A light shines and Qin Yu appears inside the Ancient Teleportation Formation.

“Master, the scenery on this Snow Fish Island does not look bad at all.” Shi Xin behind Qin Yu says laughingly. “Letting those Ascended Realm Emissaries fight over the Heaven-Sundering Diagram here is already too good for them.”

Since becoming Qin Yu’s holy beast, Shi Xin is always by his master’s side.

Holy beasts can be said to be the most loyal creatures. Firstly, it is not possible to become a holy beast if one does not accept it from the bottom of their heart. Secondly, after the holy beast collar has fused with their soul, any treacherous thoughts will be known to their master, even if the holy beast is on a higher power level.

Hou Fei also laughs evilly, “Even though we don’t know how much top grade elemental ore they have, it shouldn’t be a small sum considering all the top grade Immortal and Demon weapons they showed us.”

“Big brother, with 9 pieces of top grade elemental ore, the Sword Immortal Puppet will reach its peak power right?” Hei Yu starts speaking.

“Yes, 9 pieces.” Qin Yu nods and begins to laugh. “Defeating those Emissaries should not take too many top grade elemental ores. Of course, that is only the case when they do not use any Secret Skills.”

Qin Yu is not an idiot, simply by using his brain a little, he would know. How could the powerful leaders of the factions behind those Emissaries not have given them any super formidable secret weapons?

Like a 1000-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman for example.

With the power of a 1000-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman, even if the user is only Hua Yan, the effects will be terrifying.

“Senior Zong, It’s me, Qin Yu.”

Qin Yu starts to speak with Zong Jue via his communicator. In preparation for the auction, at least a few buildings must be constructed. They definitely cannot let so many experts sit on the cold, snow covered ground. There must also be people to serve the many subordinates from the great factions.

This requires manpower. The servants from the Stellar Tower are too weak to be of use. Furthermore, they can’t even pass through the Ancient Teleportation Formation.

That’s why Qin Yu is asking Zong Jue for manpower.

“So it’s little brother Qin Yu. Last time you mentioned some personal business. It wasn’t the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation, was it?”

Last time, Zong Jue was able to find out that Qin Yu was at the middle stage of Dujie so this is only a simple deduction.

“Yes, it was indeed the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation, its power was just way too unreasonably high.” Qin Yu laments in his transmission.

This causes Zong Jue to remember his own situation when he was facing the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation in the past. “Yes, the power of the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation is really exceedingly high. When I was hit by a lightning strike in the past, my whole mind was in a dazed state. Fortunately, I was able to regain my senses and left my body. Only my Yuanying remained and I had to practice as a loose demon.”

“Right, Qin Yu, so you actually passed the tribulation?” Zong Jue asks.

Listening to Zong Jue, Qin Yu knows that Zong Jue also faced an attack similar to the Soul Hypnosis Art in his own tribulation.

“I did, but only due to luck.” Qin Yu transmits.

“You are a human. Your 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation shouldn’t have been too powerful. Fang Tian and I are both Superior Divine Beasts. The power of our 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation was really astonishing. If you could have seen it…” Zong Jue stops talking there.

However, Zong Jue couldn’t imagine that the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation of a human was many times more terrifying than that of a Superior Divine Beast.

Qin Yu also does not explain himself. “Yes, I was very lucky. If not due to luck I might have become a loose practitioner as well.”

Exactly, without the elemental life force and the Meteoric Tear, Qin Yu would have no choice but to live on as a loose practitioner if his body was destroyed. Fortunately, Qin Yu possesses the Meteoric Tear and has his elemental life force for restoring his body.

“Senior Zong, this time I want to talk about the auction of the Heaven-Sundering Diagram. My Junior Martial Uncle Lan Feng is in need of top grade elemental ore. He will be at Snow Fish Island shortly.” Qin Yu quickly moves on to the main topic.

“Your Junior Martial Uncle will come as well? True, he should come to such an important occasion.” Zong Jue transmits. “That’s right, where is Senior Lan? Will he come this time?”

In Zong Jue’s heart, there is only utmost respect for Senior Lan.

“Uncle Lan is currently doing closed door training. You also know his level, who knows how long it will take this time? Only my Junior Martial Uncle knows the location. We cannot distract his training without reason. But if something happens, I can ask Junior Martial Uncle to go inform him.” Qin Yu speaks of a false, hypothetical situation.

Uncle Lan?

He is already no longer in the Mortal Realm. However, outsiders still do not know this. Due to this, Qin Yu can use his reputation to intimidate the experts.

“Oh, closed door training…. At the level of Senior Lan, it’s normal for a training session to take a hundred or a thousand years. Qin Yu, no matter what happens you cannot disturb him. Come to me if you have a problem. If even I am unable to solve it then it’s still not too late to ask Senior Lan.” Zong Jue transmits.

Zong Jue respectfully addresses ‘Uncle Lan’ as though he was his own senior.

“Thank you very much, Senior Zong.” Qin Yu is very glad, it seems that… Uncle Lan’s position in Zong Jue’s mind is extraordinarily high.

“Senior Zong, we will soon hold the auction of the Heaven-Sundering Diagram on Snow Fish Island. When the time comes, the Ascended Realm Emissaries will be here. Junior Martial Uncle is letting me organizing this matter but I don’t have many subordinates. Acting as an organizer will be difficult.”

Zong Jue fully understands Qin Yu’s intention here. “Haha, alright, I understand. Tomorrow, I shall take a few hundreds experts of the Chaotic Astral Ocean with me to Snow Fish Island. All the welcoming and servicing will be done by my people, you only have to concentrate on the auction.”

Qin Yu is immediately cheerful. “If so I can feel a lot more relaxed now. I’m truly thankful to Senior Zong.”

“What do you mean thankful? You gave me a chance to enter Ni Yang Realm. I should be thankful to you.” Zong Jue says laughingly.

Now Qin Yu is thinking about his Lord of Black Flame’s Ring.

His Lord of Black Flame’s Ring can bring 9 people, including the user, into Ni Yang Realm. His side has 3 people, Zong Jue’s has 2-3 people. How should he use the rest of the spots? They must not be wasted.


Time passes by quickly. Not long after Qin Yu arrived at Snow Fish Island, a few hundred loose practitioners appeared at Snow Fish Island. All these experts are formidable, even the weakest ones have the power of a 6th tribulation loose immortal. There are a few 12th tribulation experts as well, and the leader is the master of the Chaotic Astral Ocean — Zong Jue.

“Senior Zong” Qin Yu leads six people to welcome them.

“Ha ha, Qin Yu, Hou Fei and… Hei Yu, right?” Zong Jue actually shows the face of a friendly elder. He has a very good impression of Qin Yu and his brothers. There is no need to talk about Qin Yu while Hou Fei is a Fiery-Eyed Aquatic Monkey, which Zong Jue regards highly. In regards to Hei Yu, he actually feels some mysterious connection to him.

Zong Jue with his friendly manners greatly shock the loose practitioners behind him. The cold and violent Zong Jue is actually capable of showing such a demeanor.

“Senior Zong” Hei Yu says respectfully.

“Good…” Zong Jue smiles lightly while nodding. “Lian Xiao, you go and organize everything. We just need to build a few simple manors beside Mount Snow Fish, no need to be extravagant.”

“Yes, big brother.” Lian Xiao bows lightly.

At the same time, Lian Xiao looks at Qin Yu and winks with a smile. Qin Yu and this Lian Xiao’s family really do have a friendly relationship after all.

“Brother Qin Yu.” Lian Chong also ran forward.

“It’s you, Lian Chong.” Qin Yu shows a cheerful face, just now he didn’t notice Lian Chong amongst the few hundred people.

“Great uncle, let them prepare for the welcoming. Brother Qin Yu and I will go to have some fun.” Lian Chong says loudly while Zong Jue also nods, having no objections.


During the days after Zong Jue’s people arrived, the whole Snow Fish Island became bustling with activity. As expected of the manpower, in only a few days, they have managed to build five gigantic mansions, four in each direction and one in the center.

The mansion in the center is the biggest.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Zong Jue, Lian Xiao, Hu Yi, Fu Yun Zi and his two brothers, and Shi Bian and his brother are all inside the main hall of the central mansion.

“Of the four North, South, East, West mansions, we have our own people living in the North, East, and West mansions. Only the South mansion is left empty. The South mansion can only fit two to three hundred people at max. When the Dragon Clan, Immortal, Demon and Devil factions come, we will have them live there.” Lian Xiao presents.

Qin Yu furrows his brow. “Two to three hundred people? There’s only the South mansion and we will need to provide each side’s subordinates with housing. Will it be enough?”

The second master of one of the three great islands inside the Chaotic Astral Ocean, Shi Bian of Black Wind Island speaks uncaringly. “Little brother Qin Yu, why should we care about that? It is a big mansion. If only a few of them come, it will suffice. If too many come then it is not our problem.”

“Yes, we have already divided it like this. If there is a problem then they can sort it out amongst themselves.” Black Wind Island’s master Shi Hua also agrees.

Qin Yu smiles and no longer says anything.

Zong Jue begins to speak with a great smile. “The central mansion is also very big. We can let the leaders of the factions stay here and their subordinates can stay in the South Mansion. If that is not enough then they can sleep outside.”

They must treat the leaders well, but why should they care about the followers?

“Senior Zong, there is only half a month until the end of the year. Some people may come a few days earlier. I have to trouble your people with the welcoming then.” Qin Yu smiles lightly.

“Don’t worry, I have brought a hundred people for the welcoming ceremonies.” Zong Jue smiles. “Oh yes, Qin Yu, where is your Junior Martial Uncle? Didn’t you say he will come for the auction?”

Qin Yu nods and says: “Yes, my Junior Martial Uncle should come in two to three days. But Senior Zong, my Junior Martial Uncle has a very strange personality. Normally, he is always undergoing closed door training. Except for important occasions, he never talks to other people at all.”

Sword Immortal Lan Feng is in fact Qin Yu’s own Sword Immortal puppet. If people constantly find him for the sake of talking, would Qin Yu ever have a piece of mind?

Someone talking to Lan Feng means that Qin Yu has to seriously think about his responses.

“Oh, high level experts generally have a temper. No worries, I will not let people disturb him.” Zong Jue nods his head.

Mount Qing Xu, inside the Heavenly Palace.

“This time, I must obtain the Heaven-Sundering Diagram no matter what.” Hua Yan suddenly stands up.

“Ming Liang, prepare the followers, we go immediately.”

Hua Yan’s order was sent out from within the Heavenly Palace.

In only a moment, over six hundred loose immortals depart from Mount Qing Xu. Sword Immortal Hua Yan, Reverend Ming Liang and their subordinates fly towards Snow Fish Island at top speed.


Besides Hua Yan, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun also brings a similar amount of subordinates to Snow Fish Island. They know that before the auction even begins, it is more important to make a show of force first.

That is why all the Emissaries brought a great amount of followers.

Sword Immortal Hua Yan, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun, Purple-Eyed Cow Devil King ‘Man Qian’, the mysterious Dragon Clan Emissary, and the Dragon Clan Leader… all the super experts and their subordinates are heading from all directions towards Snow Fish Island.

The once tranquil Snow Fish Island has become bustling with activities.

At Snow Fish Island.

Standing in the sky, Lan Feng and Zong Jue are at the front, Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Lian Xiao, Hu Yi, and the others are standing behind them. They sensed someone was coming and went out to greet them.

“The Immortal Realm Emissary has arrived!” The voice of a 10th tribulation loose demon resounds.

Lan Feng and Zong Jue immediately look at that direction.

Leading a crowd of loose immortals, a brightly smiling Hua Yan and Reverend Ming Liang, who is behind Hua Yan, are seen flying towards them.

“Haha, it is brother Lan Feng. I did not expect you to auction off the Heaven-Sundering Diagram. This truly surprises me.” Hua Yan can be seen smiling from afar. In Hua Yan’s eyes, Zong Jue may be an expert, but not someone who can be his opponent.

But this mysterious Sword Immortal Lan Feng is someone he recognizes as a great nemesis.

“Brother Hua Yan, please stop talking. I’m also very hesitant in auctioning off the Heaven-Sundering Diagram.” Lan Feng seems very regretful.

Just after they finished speaking, Lan Feng, Zong Jue and Hua Yan all look at the Ancient Teleportation Formation on Snow Fish Island.

The formation shines nonstop with a brilliant light and a stream of people boldly come out.

“The Demon Emissary has arrived!” The voice of the announcer resounds throughout Snow Fish Island.

“Just like Du Zhong Jun said, the Demon Realm actually sent this guy.” There is a light in Hua Yan’s eyes.

“Haha, brother Man Qian. I never actually thought that you would unexpectedly descend as well.” Hua Yan greets him as if he is meeting an old friend.

“Man Qian?” Qin Yu is shaken in his heart while looking at Hou Fei and Hei Yu. The three brothers look in the direction of the Demon Emissary doubtfully.

End of Book 11 Chapter 30

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