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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 28: 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation (translated by James of

No one knows what Qin Yu is thinking about right now. However, Hou Fei and Hei Yu’s thoughts are completely visible on their faces.

“Masters can rest assured, although this 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation is powerful, based on what masters have said before and our own experiences; I suspect… regardless of anything, the first six tribulation lightning bolts aren’t going to be too powerful and will have a long delay in between them. They should be pretty safe.” Shi Bing says in a low voice.

Hearing that, Hou Fei and Hei Yu couldn’t help but smile.

“We are a bit too worried. Having experienced the 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation and knowing how powerful it is, we naturally worried for big brother. However, we totally forgot that the first six tribulation lightning bolts aren’t that powerful.” Hou Fei slightly relaxes.

Nine heavenly bolts. They all require a bit of time to prepare. As the strength of the tribulation lightning bolts increases, naturally, so does the time to prepare them increases too.


A sound as if the world is collapsing resounds. A strong aura comes crashing down from the sky. All the seawater within an area of a couple thousand li around sinks down by tens of meters. At this moment, the surrounding space seems to have solidified.

In the sky, there is a cloud that has finally stopped spinning after having absorbed all the lightning and all kinds of light rays. It is the heavenly tribulation cloud.

Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Shi Xin, Shi Bing and Shi Zhan are all standing far away, holding their breaths.

“The first tribulation lightning bolt should be coming right?” Qin Yu frowns while standing.

For this 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation how come even the first tribulation lightning bolt is taking so long? Logically, as it is the first tribulation lightning bolt, it should strike quickly.

However, contrary to expectations, Qin Yu stands beneath the tribulation cloud for a long time but the first lightning bolt, still, has yet to strike.

Hou Fei, Hei Yu and the others also start getting anxious.
“Why hasn’t the first lightning bolt struck yet?! Back when I was taking my 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation the time it took for the cloud to form the first lightning bolt strike was only ten breaths worth. But it has already been almost fifty breaths worth of time now.” Hou Fei begins to worry.

The whole space in an area of thousands of li is completely soundless like a deathly domain. Even the water in the area seems to be silenced; not a single wave is seen.

Abruptly –

Very abruptly, a blue lightning flashes from tribulation cloud striking Qin Yu’s head. There isn’t even a sign signaling the arrival of the tribulation lightning bolt. Even Qin Yu is surprised. Fortunately, he was prepared to take on the first tribulation lightning bolt with his body to begin with.

Being able to use his body to take on Dacheng level divine beasts, one could imagine just how tough Qin Yu’s body is.

Qin Yu feels only a little shock and a tingling sensation from the first lightning strike.

At the same time as the first lightning strikes, the repression in the thousand li worth of area disappears. The ocean that wasn’t even giving off a single wave earlier starts giving off waves measuring tens of meters. The waves are crashing on the nameless island. Along with the waves are heavy winds. Some trees on the nameless island are blown and bent by the wind. Instantly, sand and rocks are being thrown around.

“This first tribulation lightning bolt is about as strong as I expected it to be. The second tribulation lightning bolt should take a while.” Qin Yu knows that there’s a delay between every lightning bolt.

Additionally, the first tribulation lightning bolt took quite a while to appear. Thus, he didn’t know how long it would take for the second tribulation lightning bolt to come.

Right after Qin Yu finished thinking about it…


Another lightning bolt strikes him. Like the last lightning bolt, this one also came without a sign. Qin Yu’s whole body trembles. His meridians and muscles even turn numb.

“So fast!” Qin Yu is surprised.

The second tribulation lightning and the first tribulation lightning arrived within a breath’s time! They also gave off no signs before they struck, leaving no time for preparation.

Shortly after the second tribulation lightning struck –

A flash of light appears in the sky, a tribulation lightning possessing a much greater power than the last strikes Qin Yu. Only after striking did the rumbling noise come. This is the third tribulation lightning bolt.

However, in just a breath’s time, a tribulation lightning bolt that looked like a purple dragon strikes down from the tribulation cloud.


Once the heavenly tribulation lightning bolts started striking, they strike down continuously like a hurricane.

“How did this happen?! Why is this Heavenly Tribulation acting like this?!” Hou Fei is getting mad. “When did the Heavenly Tribulation start becoming like this?! For it to initially not strike for so long and then once it starts striking, it strikes continuously, not even allowing one to have time to recover.”

Hei Yu is also angry. However, they can’t do anything about it.

This 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation is really too strange.

Logically, one lightning bolt should strike and then, after a period of time, the next lightning bolt would strike. However, with Qin Yu’s tribulation, there aren’t any lightning bolts for a long time and then multiple lightning bolts strike down continuously.

The oldest Extreme-Ice Lion Shi Xin is also frowning. “Very strange indeed. Generally, before a tribulation lightning bolt strikes, there will always be a sign. It usually will consolidate in the middle of the tribulation cloud before striking, allowing for the person taking the tribulation to prepare. But… master’s heavenly tribulation is without signs, one strike following the other.”

To be treated differently…

Why did heaven increase the difficulty for Qin Yu?

Hei Yu face also appears very cold. “A series of heavenly tribulation bolts striking not even allowing one to recover… regardless of everything else, just the six consecutive tribulation lightning bolts will be as powerful as the ninth tribulation lightning bolts.”

Hou Fei and company are very aggrieved and worried.

However, Qin Yu didn’t mind at all. Instead, he is nonchalantly pondering why heaven is treating him this way.

Being struck by six consecutive tribulation lightning bolts within, at most, a breath’s time between each of them. While it might be a disaster for other people who undergo the tribulation, but for Qin Yu, right after taking a tribulation lightning bolt, all his injuries would be recovered by his elemental life force right away.

“To strike continuously like this… Indeed, it has a lot of destructive power. If I didn’t have this elemental life force, taking on these six tribulation strikes, even if I survive I’ll be heavily injured. But… why does this 9-in-9 tribulation act like this? I have never heard of such a tribulation before.”

Qin Yu ponders.

Although the tribulation lightning bolts are very powerful, Qin Yu’s resistance is much more terrifying.

Having been changed by the Meteoric Tear, Qin Yu’s resistance has already reached alarming new heights. Along with his elemental life force, the six tribulation lightning bolts didn’t damage him at all.


The tribulation stopped for a moment. After the sixth lightning bolt struck, the tribulation clouds started swirling again. Gradually, the cloud became smaller.

“Seems that although my 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation is very powerful, compared to Fei Fei and Xiao Hei’s it might only be slightly more powerful. The six tribulation lightning strikes earlier aren’t that powerful, it’s just that they struck down continuously. This seventh tribulation lightning, if I’m not mistaken, should contain heavenly fires.”

Qin Yu ponders.

Lord of Black Flame’s Ring – Heavenly Flame Field!

Right away, Qin Yu uses the Heavenly Flame Field from the Lord of Black Flame’s Ring.

“The earlier six tribulation lightning bolts struck me without any warning. If this seventh tribulation lightning is like that too, I might not make it even if I try to use the Heavenly Flame Field at the last moment. Better use it right away.”

After Qin Yu used the Heavenly Flame Field, he quietly waited for the seventh tribulation lightning bolt to arrive.


“Monkey.” Hei Yu frowns. “I have a very bad feeling after seeing the six consecutive tribulation lightning bolts. With the first six tribulation lightning bolts being like this, how would the last three be easy?”

Hou Fei also sullenly nods.

That’s right. Could it be simple?

However, when taking a tribulation, others cannot help. Qin Yu can only rely on himself.

“Hairy-mixed bird. What I thought to be the worst situation didn’t appear. What I was afraid of the most is that the sixth tribulation lightning bolt would already contain some special attack. It seems that big brother’s tribulation is quite similar to ours. The first six tribulation is all just regular ones, only the ones afterward will contain special attacks.” Hou Fei comforts.

Although Qin Yu’s 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation is more dangerous than theirs, it isn’t by a huge margin.



This time, the whole tribulation cloud shakes. Purple flames swirling within the clouds. Soon a purple fire dragon comes down from the sky rushing towards Qin Yu.

This is the seventh heavenly tribulation lightning bolt.

Qin Yu’s eyes flash. This purple fire dragon; its exterior is purple flames but the interior is a tribulation lightning bolt.


Appearing in Qin Yu’s hands is the medium grade Immortal sword. At the same time, the purple fire dragon comes within the Heavenly Flame Field and had its Heavenly Flame absorbed by the field. Only the tribulation lightning bolt manages to pass through the Heavenly Flame Field and strikes Qin Yu.

The weakened tribulation lightning bolt strikes Qin Yu’s body like an electric snake. Soon, all the blue lightning dissipates.

“Oh? This seventh tribulation lightning bolt is so weak?” Qin Yu starts to doubt.

Although its power was reduced by the Heavenly Flame Field, this is still the seventh tribulation lightning bolt. Even if it is weakened, it should still be as strong as the sixth tribulation lightning bolt. However, Qin Yu felt that this weakened tribulation lightning bolt is much weaker than the sixth.

Qin Yu starts wondering.

He thinks back on his 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation.

That time, his first five tribulation lightning bolts were so very weak. All the power was gathered in the last lightning bolt. That tribulation lightning bolt almost burned Qin Yu directly into ash. Had he not had his Meteoric Tear, he might even be a loose practitioner now.

“Don’t tell me… that it’s going to be like that again. The seventh tribulation lightning bolt wasn’t powerful. The eighth tribulation lightning bolt might be weak too, saving all the energy for the ninth tribulation lightning bolt.” Qin Yu is startled.

Even under normal circumstances the ninth tribulation lightning bolt is ridiculously powerful. If heaven is playing such a trick on him, Qin Yu could only place his life on the line and use the Sword Immortal puppet. After all, if he tries to take the tribulation lightning on himself, he most likely will die.

At this time, the eighth tribulation lightning bolt is being accumulated in the sky.

“Weng…” tribulation lightning swirls around in the tribulation cloud.

Qin Yu feels dizzy for a moment. In front of him is no longer an island or an ocean. Instead, he finds himself inside the Misty Villa. In the main halls of the Misty Villa, Qin Yu sees his father Qin De.

“Yu’er, your big brother offended a loose immortal and was killed.” Qin De’s says with a bleak face.

“Big brother died?” Qin Yu’s face changes color right away.

Suddenly –

At this moment, Qin Yu’s mind can’t help but be startled. He remembers everything.

“Wrong, I’m currently undergoing the heavenly tribulation!” Qin Yu shakes his head powerfully. Qin Yu finally manages to regain consciousness, dissipating the illusion. However, what he sees in his eyes is the lightning bolt that has already struck his body. Unprepared, Qin Yu is struck directly on his head by the eighth tribulation lightning bolt.

Even when taking on the tribulation lightning bolt head on, Qin Yu never dared to do that with his head.


Qin Yu starts feeling dizzy. During the moment when he was about to be struck on the head, what Qin Yu thought is that the soul is located in the head. If his soul is to be struck by the tribulation lightning bolt, Qin Yu could not imagine the outcome.

The eighth tribulation struck Qin Yu’s head hard, causing his skull to crack. However –

The skull just started cracking but right away it was healed by his elemental life force only to be cracked again by the lightning and repaired again…


Using the elemental force to defend against the eight tribulation is enough! Qin Yu immediately moved his soul into his dantian.

Soon, the eighth tribulation lightning bolt dissipates. This eighth tribulation lightning bolt wasn’t that strong. It is just a bit stronger than the sixth. However, after defending against the eighth tribulation lightning bolt, Qin Yu isn’t happy. Instead, he is very worried.

“Sure enough, the eighth tribulation lightning bolt wasn’t very powerful.”

Qin Yu looks at the tribulation cloud in the sky.

“What exactly is happening? Why would the tribulation cloud be so strange? The seventh and eighth tribulation lightning strikes weren’t powerful. Is the tribulation cloud going to accumulate all its energy in a single tribulation lightning strike, giving the person undergoing the tribulation its most powerful strike?” Qin Yu really didn’t understand. He had never heard such a thing before.

It was like this back when he is taking the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation. And now, when he is taking on the 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, it happens again.

When he took on the 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, he had the help of Li’er. However, Qin Yu was still broken apart by the tribulation lightning bolt. He only managed to recover with the help from the Meteoric Tear. But now… how is he going to take on this 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation?

“Mind attacks. Even when I knew it is an illusion, I was still affected. This ninth tribulation lightning… Heavenly Flame, mind attacks, lightning bolts and other special attacks…” Qin Yu looks at the tribulation cloud. His heart feeling heavy.

Suddenly, Qin Yu’s face has a hint of cool. “Saving energy to accumulate for the last heavenly lightning bolt… You want me to die, but will I really die that easily?”

“Sword Immortal puppet!”

With that thought from Qin Yu, a cold man with an Immortal sword appears on top of Qin Yu.

End of Book 11 Chapter 28

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