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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 24: A Single Piece of News (translated by James of

“Senior Zong, are you certain that even the Dragon Clan’s Emissary arrived at the Mortal Realm?”

In the Qing Yu Immortal Mansion, Qin Yu is communicating with Zong Jue with a transmitter. The news of the arrival of the Devil Emissary “Blood Devil” Du Zhong Jun was so shocking; it soon traveled throughout the whole Teng Long continent. Of course, it has also reached Qin Yu. Who would’ve thought that in just a couple days even the Dragon Clan’s emissary has arrived in the Mortal Realm.

“Rest assured; this is something that Fang Tian personally told me. Now that Fang Tian has also received a top grade Demon weapon and a top grade Demon armor, he is itching for a rematch against Hua Yan.” Zong Jue said without a bit of envy.

Fang Tian has received treasures from the Dragon Emissary.

However, Zong Jue still believes that the treasure he received from Uncle Lan is just as good.

“Qin Yu, what’s the exact reason that you message me? I highly doubt that you’d message me without something in mind.” Zong Jue messages.

A smile appeared on Qin Yu’s mouth; he immediately replied back. “It’s an important thing. Remember that Sword Immortal Lan Feng said he wanted to have me handle an important thing when he left?”

“What happened, did he go to find you?” It has Zong Jue’s attention.

Qin Yu chuckled inside. Find? That Sword Immortal Lan Feng is essentially his own avatar.

“Yes, he came to find me. I also found out a surprising secret. No wonder he said he knows my master.”

“Stop, let me guess first. See if my guess is correct.” Zong Jue was already certain.
Qin Yu continuously pretended. “Please go ahead, senior Zong.”

“Is this Sword Immortal Lan Feng your martial uncle and Senior Lan’s martial brother?” Zong Jue finally says his speculations.

Qin Yu replies. “Yes.”

“Haha, I guessed right didn’t I. But for a kid of your wisdom, I bet you already deduced something from what Lan Feng had said. Stop pretending to be shocked to coax me into being happy. Say, what did your martial uncle find you for?” Zong Jue immediately inquired.

Qin Yu started speaking of the plan that he had in mind.

“It’s my first time knowing of my martial uncle too. He asked me to help him handle something. However, it’s a bit difficult for me to do so I’m asking senior Zong for assistance.”

“What is it?” Zong Jue asks.

Qin Yu smiles and immediately transmits, “An auction!”

“An auction to auction what?… Could it be the Heaven-Sundering Diagram?” Zong Jue has a sudden thought and immediately continues to inquire.

“Yes. Senior Zong, my martial uncle happened to need top grade elemental holy ore so he’s auctioning off the Heaven-Sundering Diagram to whoever offers the most top grade elemental holy ore. Only top grade elemental holy ore; he doesn’t want anything else.” Qin Yu messages quickly. “In other words, the Heaven-Sundering Diagram will be the property of whoever offers the most top grade elemental holy ore.

Top grade elemental holy ore!

What Qin Yu needs the most is top grade elemental holy ore. Qin Yu already thought that even though the Immortal Emissary will have a lot of treasures with him; he might not have many top grade elemental holy ore. After all, in the views of the Immortals, top grade elemental holy ore isn’t of much use for going to Ni Yang Realm.
Even if it’s not a lot, certainly they would have a couple.

After all, the strength of the Sword Immortal puppet increases with the amount of top grade elemental holy ore. This Sword Immortal puppet, in entering the Ni Yang Realm, is thing Qin Yu can rely on.

Zong Jue begins to doubt.

“Little brother Qin Yu, this Heaven-Sundering Diagram is related to Ni Yang Realm. Even all the Immortal Realm powers have sent messengers for the sake of the Ni Yang Realm. One could conceive that there are extremely important treasures there. How would your martial uncle be willing to auction it off?”

Qin Yu smiles and responds. “Senior Zong, do not worry. Even without the Heaven-Sundering Diagram, my sect still has a method of entering it.”

“How could that be?” Zong Jue could not believe it.

Qin Yu immediately replies. “This method is one that my Uncle Lan personally obtained. However, the amount of people that can enter with this method is limited. If Senior Zong really wants to enter, I most certainly could reserve a spot or two for you… what do you say?”

Qin Yu looked at the transmitter in his hand. Zong Jue still hasn’t sent a response yet.

“Little brother Qin Yu, you really did bring me fortune as Senior Lan said you would. Haha… originally I thought that without having the Heaven-Sundering Diagram, one cannot go into Ni Yang Realm. Who would’ve thought that there really is light at the end of the tunnel!” Zong Jue exclaims.

Qin Yu was startled.

Uncle Lan said he would bring fortune to Zong Jue?

That was too frightening. (TL: It means that Qin Yu finds the fact that Uncle Lan could predict the future to be frightening.)

Qin Yu still remembers what Uncle Lan said when he left. Ni Yang Realm is the first test; only by passing Ni Yang Realm would he know how strong he has to be to see Li’er again.

“Ni Yang Realm.”

In Qin Yu’s mind, he must certainly pass the Ni Yang Realm.

“My Qin clan suffered so many casualties, having burnt down Qing Xu Temple and Yin Yue Palace could be considered as part of the retaliation. Regarding Reverend Ming Liang and Wu Kong Xue, I’ll kill them after getting enough top grade elemental holy ore.”

Qin Yu sentenced the two to death.

“The most important thing for me now is how to successfully pass the Ni Yang Realm. The most important thing is to obtain strong individuals in my party. I managed to get Senior Zong Jue to my side and I also have the Sword Immortal puppet as the trump card. The Lord of Black Flame’s Ring allows me to bring a total of eight individuals. With Fei Fei and Xiao Hei and the two or three people from Senior Zong’s group, I can still get three or four people inside with me.”

Qin Yu quickly calculates.

How to effectively use the quota and obtain some strong, friendly forces.

Ni Yang Realm is most certainly very dangerous, so naturally the more friendly forces the better. Not to mention that he cannot lightly use his trump card. After all, the Immortal Emissary, the Devil Emissary, and the Dragon Emissary are sure to have their own trump cards.

While the Immortal Emissary Hua Yan’s 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talismans are certainly powerful, Qin Yu doubts that this is his final trump card. Seeing as how that Sovereign Yu spent all that strength to get him through the barrier between two realms, Hua Yan most certainly still has some more powerful trump cards.

Let those Emissaries battle against each other in the Ni Yang Realm. It’s not too late for him, the ‘weak’, to join the fight at the last moment.

“Qin Yu.”

The message startles Qin Yu. Turned out it was the second message Zong Jue sent.
“Oh, Senior Zong Jue, I was a bit distracted earlier.” Qin Yu immediately replies. “I never could’ve imagined that my Uncle Lan was so powerful; to even say that I will bring Senior fortune. It really is a bit unbelievable.”

“Senior Lan is really amazing. Seeing that you have told me a secret, let me tell you a secret as well.” Zong Jue laughs.

“Oh?” Qin Yu is surprised.

“Senior Lan gave me a weapon a couple years ago. This weapon is very suitable for me. With it, I even have the confidence of fighting against Hua Yan. It’s just that back at Qing Xu Mountain, I didn’t want to bring this weapon out so early.” Zong Jue says confidently.

Qin Yu saw this message right away and was surprised.

Even now, Qin Yu still cannot discern the weapons that Uncle Lan gave Fei Fei and Xiao Hei.

Cloud Piercing Spear and the black stick. Strange materials. Comparing the toughness, even Qin Yu’s mid-level Immortal sword cannot leave a mark on them.

There’s also the Sword Immortal Puppet. The materials are even stranger. Uncle Lan, during the introduction of the Sword Immortal Puppet, seemed to indicate that it’s indestructible.

Zong Jue continuously messages. “Well, I won’t use the weapon right away. When I enter the Ni Yang Realm, with this weapon and my speed, who am I to fear?”
Qin Yu nodds slightly.

Indeed, with the speed of the Superior Divine Beast Golden-Winged Great Peng’s terrifying speed even the level 1 Golden Immortal Sword Immortal or the Blood Devil cannot compare. Once Zong Jue evades with his speed and attacks with his mysterious weapon, he is most certainly a terrifying opponent.

“The stronger Zong Jue is, the better it is for me.” Qin Yu secretly delights. He messages instantly. “Senior Zong, regarding the reason why I messaged you this time, I suspect you already know that it’s about the auction. Regarding top grade elemental holy ore, there’s not enough in the Mortal Realm. Martial uncle’s goal is most certainly the Emissaries.”

“Emissaries. Right, they most likely have some top grade elemental holy ores.” Zong Jue agrees.

Qin Yu adds. “Senior Zong, I just don’t know how to spread this news…”
“That’s where I come in, right?”

“Qin Yu, you may rest assured. With one word from me, your news will spread across the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Those numerous loose practitioners will naturally know. Those numerous loose practitioners in the Teng Long continent will naturally know too. As long as they’re a expert in the Mortal Realm, they’ll know.” Zong Jue says confidently.

He is very confident.

With his position, making a single piece of news spread across the whole Chaotic Astral Ocean is a simple task. And with the loose immortals, loose devils, and loose demons of the Chaotic Astral Ocean, the news will most certainly reach all the parties.

“Then I must thank Senior Zong. I think… the auction would be held at the last day of the year at Xue Yue (Snow fish) Island located south of the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Qin Yu would be very grateful if Senior Zong sends this news out.” Qin Yu immediately messages.

“The last day of the year? Isn’t there another six or seven months till then?” Zong Jue is puzzled.

“Indeed there are six or seven months. It’s just that I have a certain things I must do during the next couple months.” Qin Yu laughs.

In four months or so, it’ll be time for Qin Yu’s 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation.
9-in-9 heavenly tribulation is such an important matter that even the auction of the Heaven-Sundering Diagram must wait till afterwards.

With the arrival of the Immortal Emissary, Devil Emissary, Dragon Emissary, and even the Demon Emissary from the Mammal Beasts…the whole Mortal Realm is in a period of calmness. This is because all the Emissaries knew that every one of them is in possession of powerful trump cards.

Until the last moment, none of the Emissaries are willing to fight another till the death. After all, their fight will only benefit the other Emissaries.
And so… the Mortal Realm was very peaceful.

However, the conversation between Qin Yu and Zong Jue brought forth a wave of hurricanes in the Mortal Realm.

With a single order from Zong Jue, countless loose practitioners began to spread a single piece of news.

“At the last day of this year, there is an auction for the Heaven-Sundering Diagram at Xue Yue Island. To participate, one must bring top grade elemental holy ore. No other items accepted. This Heaven-Sundering Diagram will be sold to whoever offers the most top grade elemental holy ore.” This message spread like a wildfire throughout the Mortal Realm. (TL: It says whirlwind but I don’t think whirlwind spreads…)

All the Emissaries were informed.

Three Heaven-Sundering Diagrams. One is in the hands of the Dragon Clan. With the arrival of the Dragon Emissary and the strength of the Clan Leader Fang Tian, no one could expect to obtain the Heaven-Sundering Diagram from them.

The second Heaven-Sundering Diagram piece is in the hands of the Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun. A Blood Devil is already very tough, who knows what terrible trump cards he has.

The last one is taken by the Sword Immortal Lan Feng who’s skills are no less stronger than Sword Immortal Hua Yan. This Sword Immortal Lan Feng seemed to appear and disappear like the wind. No one knows where he comes from and where he disappeared to. Even if they wanted to take this one, they don’t know where to get it.

It is suspected that the one being auctioned is the one from the Sword Immortal Lan Feng.


“Last chance. Regardless of how, we must obtain this Heaven-Sundering Diagram.” Within the Heavenly Palace, Hua Yan’s eyes shined. “But this guy only wants top grade elemental holy ores.”

Hua Yan deeply regrets.

If he had known that top grade elemental holy ore is so useful, he would’ve even take with him hundreds of them back when he was in the Immortal Realm. Although valuable, for the powers of the Immortal Realms like Sovereign Yu, not to mention one top grade elemental holy ore, even elemental holy essence could be brought out freely.

Who would’ve thought that Hua Yan had only casually brought with him a couple top grade elemental holy ores.

“With just these few… so little. Would I be able to win the Heaven-Sundering Diagram? No, no, no matter what I must obtain that diagram.” Hua Yan bites his teeth and disappeared onto the air.


In the wilderness.

The ruler of the wilderness Yu Liang and his three subordinates Kong Cao, Xing Shou, and Wu Shan have rushed back to the wilderness.

“Your honor, although we went to Teng Long continent this time, we didn’t really go all out.” Wu Shan mutters.

Yu Liang laughs. “This is the order from the Demon Realm. Regardless if we managed to get the Heaven-Sundering Diagram, it won’t be a problem since the Demon Emissary is most certainly the strongest amongst all emissaries. Once our Demon Emissary descends, we can just snatch the Heaven-Sundering Diagram.”

Yu Liang still remembers the confident tone from the Demon message dispatcher.

In actuality, even Yu Liang ponders. “How could they be so confident that the Demon Emissary is the strongest? No matter what, that strongest Demon Emissary should be arriving in a couple of days.”

End of Book 11 Chapter 24

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