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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 22: Two Sword Immortals Meet! (translated by Glitchy)

“Sword Immortal Lan Feng!”

Ming Liang and the other loose immortals are shocked. They did not think that the mysterious Sword Immortal, at the moment of the Immortal Realm Emissary’s arrival, would unexpectedly return.

“Sword Immortal Lan Feng!”

Fang Tian and Zong Jue both felt shocked in their hearts. The Chaotic Astral Ocean’s Hu Yi and Fu Yun Zi and the Dragon Clan’s Ao Xu and Yan Shan, all of them were shocked.

Only, Qin Yu secretly laughed.

“Big brother, what’s the matter with that Sword Immortal Lan Feng? Does he possibly have the means to deal with Hua Yan? But that 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman thing even left the Dragon Clan Leader Fang Tian injured, even more so, Sword Immortal Hua Yan definitely has quite a few of those 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman.” Hou Fei says through his holy sense.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu knew that Qin Yu had the Sword Immortal puppet, but they did not know that this Lan Feng was in fact that puppet.

“Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, do you still remember that Uncle Lan once gave me a Sword Immortal puppet?” Qin Yu speaks using his holy sense.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu stared at the Sword Immortal puppet. Mysteriously, the puppet glances back at Hou Fei and Hei Yu, its expression was almost exactly the same as Qin Yu’s.

“Big brother, he couldn’t possibly be…” If Hou Fei and Hei Yu did not understand by now, then they are truly idiots.

Qin Yu showed a faint smile, even without replying, Hou Fei and Hei Yu completely understood what was going on right now.

“Lan Feng, Sword Immortal Lan Feng? You are that Lan Feng who took the Heaven-Sundering Diagram that belonged to Sovereign Yu?” Hua Yan says as he looks towards Lan Feng.

After stealing your treasure, no enemy would ever come back to happily flaunt it in front of you.

“Sovereign Yu’s?” Lan Feng smiles lightly and continues speaking, “My friend Hua Yan, you should be careful about what you say. As far as I know this Heaven-Sundering Diagram originally belonged to Ni Yang Immortal Emperor, and then in the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, the three pieces of the Heaven-Sundering Diagram were split between Yin Yue Palace’s Yan Ji, the Dragon Clan’s Yan Mo, and Stellar Tower’s Qin Yu. And the Heaven-Sundering Diagram piece that I have obtained today originally belonged to Qin Yu. It was Ming Liang who went to Qian Long continent and forcefully took it, and in doing so, tens of thousands of mortals perished. You guys took it away, so I come to take it from you. Based on what reasoning do you say this Heaven-Sundering Diagram belongs to Sovereign Yu?”

Zong Jue guesses that Lan Feng is from Uncle Lan’s sect. It is only natural his heart sides with Lan Feng.

“What Brother Feng says is reasonable, they stole from junior brother Qin Yu. Now that Lan Feng has taken it, in this counts as being returned to its rightful owner.” Zong Jue says with a smile.

“Returning it to its rightful owner?”

Hua Yan, Reverend Ming Liang, as well as the other loose immortals all have doubts in their minds. How is Lan Feng the rightful owner of the Heavenly Sundering Diagram.

Lan Feng turns his hand and from it emerges an ink wash painting, smiling he says, “Qin Yu’s master and I have some past connections. Saying that this is being returned to the rightful owner is acceptable.” After saying this Lan Feng smiles and looks towards Qin Yu, Qin Yu expresses a very “timely” expression of astonishment.

Qin Yu and Lan Feng’s eyes meet.

“Bro, is that is your sword immortal puppet? How come it acts like real person?” said Hou Fei with extreme surprise. He knows that the sword immortal puppet does not have a soul. How can it act so life like?

Qin Yu says through his holy sense, “The mysteries behind the sword immortal puppet from Uncle Lan are not things that someone of my capabilities can fathom. Not only can I divide my attention between myself and the puppet, I even feel that the Sword Immortal puppet is a part of my body.” Qin Yu’s heart laments

The Sword Immortal puppet is truly mystical, much like an additional corporeal body.

“Returning it to its rightful owner, ha. If you speak of returning it to its rightful owner, then shouldn’t it be delivered to me? The Ni Yang Immortal Emperor is one of our Immortal Realm’s powerful emperors. This Heaven-Sundering Diagram was left behind by Ni Yang Immortal Emperor, ultimately, it should be left to the Immortal Realm. I serve as the Immortal Realm Emissary, the Heaven-Sundering Diagram should go to me!” Hua Yan calmly smiled.

On the surface Hua Yan had a smile on his face, but in reality, he was slightly worried.

“Really, Ming Liang was correct. This Sword Immortal Lan Feng should be a level 1 Golden Immortal or even higher.” Hua Yan could not sense how powerful Lan Feng was with his holy sense. This indicated that Lan Feng’s strength was not lower than his.

An enemy sword immortal whose strength was not lower than his.

Hua Yan believed that the Mortal Realm absolutely did not have any Golden Immortals… that is unless he descended from the Immortal Realm.

“Which Immortal Emperor’s Emissary is he? There are few who dare contest with Sovereign Yu.” Hua Yan quickly pondered.

“You are a person from the Immortal Realm. Do you believe I am not?” Lan Feng says while smiling.

Hua Yan stared blankly at Lan Feng. Lan Feng was certainly someone who had descended from the Immortal Realm to the Mortal Realm. He could not waste his time thinking about whether or not that was true. He should first look at his strength, and if Lan Feng’s was indeed strong, then he would have to take more time to consider how he would proceed into the future.

Hua Yan emitted his viciousness.

“You are from the Immortal Realm? Haha, I came out from the channel between two realms, everyone here saw it. No matter where you are from, this Heaven-Sundering Diagram was obtained by Ming Liang and offered to Sovereign Yu. You still dare steal a treasure offered to Sovereign Yu, no matter who your backer is, they will not be able to protect you.” Hua Yan slowly reached his right hand towards his back.

Qin Yu, who watching this from below, had a faint smile on his face.

However, Sword Immortal Lan Feng’s complexion is cold. “Hmph. Hua Yan, do you wish to court disaster and humiliate yourself?”

“Court disaster and humiliate myself?” Hua Yan also coldly smiles, “It is too early to say who will be defeated.”

But at this time—

Energy surged forth from Zong Jue covering the Astral Chaotic Ocean’s fifty experts as well as Qin Yu and his brothers. Fang Tian also released a wave of energy to protect the Dragon Clan experts and the troops from the Loose Immortals rapidly retreated back into the Heavenly Palace.

A sword immortal condenses energy into his strike.

Once a sword immortal’s sword comes into contact with a typical loose practitioner expert, even a ten or eleventh tribulation loose immortal would be vaporized.

A confrontation between two powerful sword immortals.

Heavenly Emissary Hua Yan and the Mysterious Sword Immortal Lan Feng.

“Since you dare not back down, it would be rude of me not to keep you company.” The right hand of Lan Feng lazily extends to the back of his sword hilt.

The two sword immortals manners are swift and fierce!

At the same time they draw their swords!

Two sword auras shot through the sky. Apart from Fang Tian, Zong Jue, and Qin Yu nobody else at the scene could clearly see what just happened. Fang Tian and Zong Jue were able to follow because of their individual strengths had reached a high enough level. Qin Yu was able to follow because Lan Feng could be considered his external avatar.

The two sword auras clashed.

The two silhouettes barely clashed once causing a horizontal slash and a vertical slash to land onto Qing Xu Mountain creating a two immense chasms. The chasm was so deep to the extent that it reached deep into the underground area that lie beneath Qing Xu Mountain.

One exchange and more than half of Qing Xu Mountain was already destroyed.

At this moment, the Sword Immortals Hua Yan and Lan Feng both stood in the sky, a strong wind blows, both of their Immortal Swords were returned to their scabbards. At the moment, Hua Yan is filled with astonishment and also finds it difficult to believe what just happened.

“Heaven-Sundering Sword. You practice the Heaven-Sundering Sword?” Hua Yan simply could not believe it.

Lan Feng faintly smiles: “The Heaven-Sundering Sword altogether has nine moves. Just now, that was the fourth move. We will have many opportunities to experience the might of the five moves that follow. Next, I will really let you feel the might of the Heaven-Sundering Sword Art.”

Hua Yan’s heart felt extreme astonishment, “Heaven-Sundering Sword Art? Ever since the time Ni Yang Immortal Emperor perished, it has been thought that the Heaven-Sundering Sword Art was lost. Reputed as the strongest offensive Sword Immortal Art, could it possibly be that it was imparted to someone? That can’t be. That absolutely can’t be.

Hua Yan’s Big Dipper Sword Art was also considered an upper-level Sword Immortal technique, but nevertheless it was far inferior when compared to the Heaven-Sundering Sword Art.

From below, Qin Yu secretly sighed to himself, “The fourth move… merely the fourth move and 10% of the energy of his top grade elemental holy ore was consumed, truly a large loss. But still, it’s a manageable loss because the remaining energy was still enough to use the ninth move. Today was a deep investment, after a period of time, I must recuperate my expenses.”

He personally only had one piece of top grade elemental holy ore.

“Heaven-Sundering Sword,” altogether has nine moves. The last move required 80% of the energy from a top grade elemental holy ore. The fourth move was definitely not weak, but the gap in power between it and the ninth move was large, as it only used 10% of the ore energy. After adding the energy he spent seizing the Heaven-Sundering Diagram, he had only 80% of the energy left.

“It’s now time to let this Hua Yan understand that even though he has high-grade immortal items. He will still not be able to match my Sword Immortal Puppet.” Qin Yu says with a smile on his face.

Qin Yu still remembered Uncle Lan’s instructions for using the Sword Immortal puppet.

The Sword Immortal is manufactured from special materials.

In Uncle Lan’s words, the Sword Immortal puppet could be called indestructible, even if a Mystic Immortal were to descend and try to destroy it, it’s estimated that this Mystic Immortal will still be unable to destroy the Sword Immortal puppet.

Of course, all of this must have its energy supplied by a top grade elemental holy ore. If there is no top grade elemental holy ore to power it, no matter how tough the Sword Immortal puppet is, it would be nothing more than a piece of scrap iron.

“Ahem, Lan Feng. So what if you practice the Heaven-Sundering Sword Art? The offense is terrifying, but how is your defense?” Hua Yan sneers.

Meanwhile, in Hua Yan palm is the terrifying 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman.

Fang Tian and Zong Jue’s complexion changes. Just a moment ago, the 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman severely wounded Fang Tian. It did not need to be said that the 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman had considerable might. For the experts on the loose immortal side this is a welcomed sight.

“The 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman is nothing special.” Lan Feng said with a pale smile.

Hua Yan’s complexion changes.

A bright ray of light illuminates Hua Yan palm as he sends the 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman flying towards Lan Feng.

At this moment —

From below, the unrivaled experts, Chaotic Astral Ocean, Dragon Clan, loose immortal, and other Xiuzhenists at the Qing Xu mountain stood and turned towards the sky to watch the confrontation between the two Sword Immortals. Naturally, they kept their eyes on the 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman.

*Crack!* The 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman broke apart. From within the talisman, thunder and lightning shot forth and saturated the air.

The target – Lan Feng.

Each lighting bolt shoots towards Lan Feng, but Lan Feng does not even attempt to dodge.

Lightning splashed over Lan Feng’s body, bathing him in cloud of purple sparks, immersed in this cloud of electrical sparks, Lan Feng was still smiling. Though some lightning flew towards Lan Feng’s head, his robe would fly up and obstruct the bolts of malicious lightning, blocking each one.

A hundred lightning bolts have struck, but Lan Feng remained unharmed.

Hua Yan’s face turned pale.

It wasn’t because Lan Feng was strong, but because Hua Yan discovered Lan Feng also had high-grade immortal items.

“Is your immortal sword a top grade immortal item?” Hua Yan said, astonishly.

Qin Yu, who was listening to this from below, couldn’t help but smile when he heard this. In reality, even he did not know what materials were used to manufacture the Sword Immortal puppet, he only knew that even he had never seen those materials before, yet they were still extremely tough and durable

“Top grade immortal item? You could say that.” Lan Feng said with a smile.

Hua Yan also inquired. “Is your robe also a high-grade defensive immortal item?”

“You could also say that,” Lan Feng nodded.

The words that Lan Feng spoke were in fact the words of which Qin Yu spoke. The robes made from special materials passes as a top grade immortal item.

“Who taught you the Heaven-Sundering Sword Art?” Hua Yan says while furrowing his brows.

“Who taught me?” Lan Feng pondered for a moment, “To speak the truth, I have never met my master before. This Heaven-Sundering Sword Art was taught to me by my martial brother. On behalf of his master, he accepted disciples. Martial brother Lan is in fact my martial brother, in reality he could actually be called my master.”

Hua Yan’s complexion changes. “You have a martial brother?”

To Hua Yan, a Sword Immortal practitioner of the Heaven-Sundering Sword Art is already a big threat to him, for there to be one of these Heaven-Sundering Sword Art practicing Sword Immortals was already hard enough to accept. Now he says he also has a martial brother, how could Hua Yan not feel enraged?

“Correct. Furthermore, my martial brother Lan is also in the Mortal Realm.” Lan Feng’s smiles brightly.

“He is also in the Mortal Realm!?” Hua Yan’s heart trembles.

Just this Lan Feng was already enough to leave him with no idea of what was going on.

Lan Feng’s offensive weapons, defensive weapons, and personal strength were all not weaker that his. Moreover, Lan Feng’s Sword Art is better than his. Hua Yan had no understanding of this Lan Feng. But all of a sudden there is now Lan Feng’s martial brother, who is in fact also his master.

“You must be deceiving me right?” Hua Yan smiles, “Allowing a level 1 Golden Immortal to pass the barrier between realms is already extremely difficult. Other than the Demon Realm, Devil Realm, and Immortal Realm, I can’t imagine anyone who is capable of letting an even more powerful expert through the barrier between two realms to come to this realm.”

Lan Feng calmly smile: “Believe what you like.”

But below Zong Jue is pondering with Fang Tian.

This Lan Feng calls his own martial brother ‘martial brother Lan’, could it possibly be that Senior Lan is this Lan Feng’s martial brother?

Qin Yu cannot help but smile.

What Lan Feng, Zong Jue, and Qin Yu have said all helped construct a false background story.

A sect with a strong backing, this sect’s young generation is comprised of Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu. The older generation is comprised of the experts Uncle Lan and Lan Feng. Fang Tian and Zong Jue began to believe that this false sect existed.

“Hua Yan, just now you used the 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman to attack. Is it my turn to attack now?” Lan Feng suddenly says.

In one moment, Hua Yan suddenly mustered his strength to the maximum.

Lan Feng saw Hua Yan’s expression of ‘just about to fight a powerful enemy’, and began laughing out loud: “I’m just playing with you, no need to be so tense.” Lan Feng looking immediately to Qin Yu, “Qin Yu, my little friend, I must depart for now, but after a period of time I may have a matter I need you to help me handle.”

“What matter?” Qin Yu said, putting the appearance of doubt.

Fang Tian, Zong Jue, and Hua Yan also looked towards Qin Yu. What matter did the Sword Immortal possibly need Qin Yu’s help in order to handle?

“Haha, when the time comes, you’ll know.” Lan Feng suddenly moves and vanishes.

“Little brother Qin Yu what matter do you think that Lan Feng wants you to handle?” Fang Tian says aloud. Simultaneously, Zong Jue, Sword Immortal Hua Yan, the innumerable loose immortals, the Chaotic Astral Ocean experts, and the Dragon Clan experts all looked towards Qin Yu.

Everyone wants to know exactly what Lan Feng wants Qin Yu to do.

Qin Yu says with an innocent face. “I also do not know.”

But from the bottom of his heart, Qin Yu was bursting with laughter.

End of Book 11 Chapter 22

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