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Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 15: Fang Tian and Zong Jue

No matter how chaotic the outside world is, the Qing Yu Immortal Mansion remains awfully quiet.

Filled with spiritual aura, Qin Yu sits cross-legged on a bed quietly meditating.

So suddenly?

Qin Yu blinks as he opens his eyes, during that blink he saw a swirling bright halo. (TL: Not sure if halos are circulating him or if they were only existing in his blink.)

“Five months, the 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation will come after five months. When the time comes I simply don’t know just how powerful this 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation’s force will be.” Qin Yu’s eyes can’t help but emit traces of excitement, according to legend the 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation is the most difficult to survive and it will be coming after five months.

In these days of quiet cultivation, Qin Yu made big improvements.

Originally his soul had achieved the late stage peak of the Dujie stage, now he has reached the Dacheng stage. Additionally, he even sensed the coming of his 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation.

While slowly walking to the house, he stared at the distant boundless sky of the Immortal Mansion.

“Right now in Teng Long Continent it must be the season of wind and rain, it’s about time I went out. What are the people of the Chaotic Astral Ocean doing right now?” Qin Yu briefly ponders as he turns and walks towards his brothers’ residence.


Chaotic Astral Ocean Devil Peng Island

JinYu Hall was hosting a banquet, even the weakest members of these guests today were 10th tribulation loose practitioners, there was a total of fifty guests in Jin Yu Hall, simply by seeing that the weakest of these experts were 10th tribulation practitioners, one could see the astonishing strength of the Chaotic Astral Ocean.

To these experts, even if the loose devils and loose immortals combined forces, those combined forces would not be a match for the Chaotic Astral Ocean.

Chaotic Astral Ocean’s number one expert is an invincible existence? Zong Jue was sitting at the end of JinYu Hall with a faint smile on his face.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. A while ago on Teng Long Continent armies from the loose immortals and loose devils fought and killed each other, the reason for this is the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams. Surprisingly this was worth them engaging in bloody combat, this Heaven-Sundering Diagram is quite the treasure, even I, the island master, have interest in the Heaven-Sundering diagram. I believe we should also participate in trying to get the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams.”

Zong Jue did not want too many people to know of matters relating to Ni Yang, after all, that type of information could collectively plunge their Chaotic Astral Ocean into chaos.

“Fu Yun Zi, Shi Hua, what do you two island masters think?” Zong Jue did not need to ask anyone else other than the other two island masters of the Chaotic Astral Ocean.

Fu Yun Zi, 12th tribulation loose immortal, master of the Flowing Cloud Island which is one of the three main islands.

Shi Hua, the elder of the two brothers who are Black Wind Island’s masters. 11th tribulation divine beast, Shi Hua’s name was quite plain because he is a divine beast ‘Fossil Beast’. One cannot say this name is the most plain. As for the fossil beast’s strength, that fact that the two brothers could become masters of one of the three main islands is a testament to their strength.

“If Brother Zong is asking, how could I not agree?” Fu Yun Zi says with his typical smile. “Besides, in this Chaotic Astral Ocean, it has been a long time since I have genuinely been able to fight. I bet those Teng Long Continent schools think they are so strong, we should go let them understand just how much stronger we are than them.”

The inhabitants of the Chaotic Astral Ocean have always thought of themselves as far superior to others in terms of power.

While there are some who are overconfident. It is also the reality that Chaotic Astral Ocean is overall superior.

Chaotic Astral Ocean and its boundless waters hold countless dangers and countless treasures and has also given birth to each and every one of its first-rate experts.

“Brother Shi Hua, what do you say?” Fu Yun Zi looks at Shi Hua.

Shi Hua’s appearance is tanned and straightforward, with a laugh he say, “Here in the Chaotic Astral Ocean, it’s been forever since I last genuinely fought. My hands have begun to itch, so let’s go take a stroll through Teng Long Continent.”

Zong Jue nods.

Even Devil Peng Island’s second master Hu Yi with a smile loudly says, “I typically don’t fight if I don’t want to, but when I do want to fight then for sure I will make sure everyone is shocked by my power. That Heaven-Sundering Diagram is comprised of 3 parts, one part is in the hands of the Dragon clan. To acquire their part will be exceptionally difficult.”

The fifty people in the large hall all nod, the Dragon clan’s head, that’s an unrivaled expert that is on par with Zong Jue. (TL: I believe that in the original text there is a typo. It says五使 wu shi but I actually think it is 五十 wu shi)

“For the other two parts the difficulty to obtain them is much lower, one is held by the loose devils and the other is held by the loose immortals.” Hu Yi says this, causing some of the loose devils that are present to start talking.

“Teng Long Continent’s loose devils and loose immortals? Haha, couldn’t we just waltz in and take their two parts of the Heaven-Sundering Diagram?” Suo Li, who is a 12th tribulation loose devil is the leader of the 8th ranked power of the Chaotic Astral Ocean, says as he laughs out loud.

“Suo Li, you think it would be that easy to take? If the loose devils and loose immortals for some reason did not know of the treasures’ values, I think they would definitely not place these treasures in the hands of their respective experts, that would just be too simple.” A female loose devil seductress (女妖媚子) says while laughing. (TL: Not sure if she is a loose devil or just a seductress)

Hu Yi agreed, “What Little Sister Zhi Qiao said makes a lot of sense, even if we massacre the loose devils, even if we kill Wu Kong Xue, I would guess that even then it would be very hard to find the Heaven-Sundering Diagram. If we were to go deal with the loose immortals, the chance for success would be higher, I would believe that their Heaven-Sundering Diagram would be held within their Ten Development Illusory Formation.

Ten Development Illusory Formation, the once place for the loose immortals that there would be absolutely no chance of something going wrong, it’s only natural for the Heaven-Sundering Diagram to be placed within the Ten Development Illusory Formation.

“What second sister said makes sense, our first war must succeed, to go to QingXu Mountain’s Heavenly Palace there is the Ten Development Illusory Formation, if we want to break it open that would be quite difficult.” This 12th tribulation loose demon is called “Yi Zang” in the entire Chaotic Astral Ocean he is another top ranked individual.
Zong Jue’s face turns cold.

“Oh? You think that even I can’t destroy that Ten Development Illusory Formation?” Zong Jue retorts inquisitively.

Yi Zang’s heart turns cold, he quickly says, “Of course not, Brother Zong who would ever doubt your power. A moment ago I made a silly mistake, only now have I managed to think clear-headedly. To people of my level, this Ten Development Illusory Formation is quite formidable, but in front of Brother Zong it naturally does not amount to much.”

Zong Jue faintly nods his head.

Chaotic Astral Ocean has five 12th tribulation loose practitioners: Hu Yi, Fu Yun Zi, Suo Li, Zhi Qiao, and Yi Zang.

Of course, other than Zong Jue, the strongest five are not totally comprised these five 12th tribulation loose practitioners, for example 11th tribulation Divine Beast Shi Hua, in regards to fighting power. Other than Hu Yi who can barely win over Shi Hua, the other four are not even close to being able to defeat Shi Hua.

Indeed there are very many high caliber generals that serve under Zong Jue.

“Well?” Zong Jue, who is sitting at the end of the large hall, wrinkles his brow.

Suddenly Zong Jue says aloud, “Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the meals and eat as much as you like. I have some important matters to deal with that will require me to temporarily take my leave.” After finishing saying this, Zong Jue vanishes as if he was never there.

Hu Yi, Lian Xiao, Fu Yun Zi and the other experts all began to wonder, what in the world could possibly be worthy of Zong Jue so rapidly departing? (TL: Left out 下芳的 because I can’t translate it to fit… the second word means fragrant… I think this word might have been a typo from the source)


The raging waves crashing against the dark reef had polished it, making its surface incomparably smooth. Right now, there were two people standing atop this giant reef, which measured nearly 100 meters in length.

A noble aura emanates from a faintly smiling, golden robed man.

The other man is wearing a deep blue robe embroidered with a gold color. A faint hint of lone-wolf could be seen in his face. (TL: Last line is questionably translated)

These two individuals are the two unrivaled experts who stand at the pinnacle of the Mortal Realm.

12th tribulation loose practitioners are already extremely powerful, but these two individuals are not only 12th tribulation loose practitioners, they are also Divine Beasts, and amongst Divine beasts they are of the most noble and rare?! Superior Divine Beasts! Even in the Ascended Realm, the amount of superior Divine Beasts was pitiful, not to mention the Mortal Realm.

Why would these two unrivaled experts be standing here having a meeting?

“Fang Tian. Such a rare opportunity, you actually personally came to find me, exactly why have you come?” Zong Jue inquired.

A moment ago at the banquet, Zong Jue received a transmission from Fang Tian, the Dragon Clan’s head, and so, Zong Jue immediately left the banquet specifically to come and have a chat with Fang Tian.

Fang Tian looks at Zong Jue with a smile and says,” Zong Jue, would it not be okay if I say it is because I want to reminisce with an old friend?”

Zong Jue also laughs and says,” Of course you can say that, but knowing your personality, I am a bit doubtful.”

“You really understand me.” Fang Tian gently laughs. “My meeting with you today is in regards to a really important matter. I have received news that you have called up a large group of the most powerful Chaotic Astral Ocean loose practitioners and those powerful experts have all gathered at Devil Peng Island. What is the motive for this?”

Zong Jue’s complexion turns cold, “Yes, could it be you want to obstruct my convention of expert practitioners?”

“No, no.” Fang Tian says. “Of course not, I only wish to ask you if your current convention of experts is due to your knowledge of the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams’ secret.”

“What if I know, what if I don’t know?” Zong Jue looks at Fang Tian.

Fang Tian stares blankly then suddenly bursts out in laughter. “Oh Zong Jue, oh Zong Jue, you’re still as proud and aloof as you were in the past. Looking at your aura from a moment ago, you must have seen that I have made great improvements to my temperament. Now that I look at your temper, there is no change from before, it’s still just as proud and aloof.”

“How can one change what is built into their very body, just like you a five-clawed golden dragon, always a noble looking figure.” Zong Jue curls his lip.

“Alright, let’s not talk about that anymore. I really want to know, do you already know of the Heaven-Sundering Diagram’s secret?” Fang Tian earnestly asks.

Seeing how serious Fang Tian looked, Zong Jue smiles, nods, and then says, “Yes, I do know the Heaven-Sundering Diagram’s secret, it’s something that involves the Ni Yang Realm.”

Fang Tian lets out a bitter smile after hearing the three words “Ni Yang Realm.” He says, “Those loose devils and loose immortals know of this secret, however I didn’t care because I have never thought them worthy of my attention. I only hoped that you did not know this secret because I know that once you know of anything involving the Ni Yang Realm’s secret, knowing your personality you would definitely participate. Fighting with you… that would really give me a headache.”

In the entire Mortal Realm, there is only one person that could rival Fang Tian. That person is Zong Jue.

Zong Jue is extremely difficult to deal with, and Fang Tian understood this quite clearly. Zong Jue’s speed is something that Fang Tian could never keep up with, in terms of defense, Fang Tian is slightly stronger. In theory the two of them are equally matched, but Zong Jue is just way too quick, if the two were to fight to the death, Zong Jue would be counting on his superior speed to fight, Fang Tian would be put at an incredible disadvantage.

“Fighting with me would be a headache for you, but for me, fighting with you would really excite me.” Zong Jue says while smiling.

Fang Tian sighs and says. “Alright, since you have decided to participate, let me tell you a secret.”

“Oh?” Zong Jue’s eyes lit up.

For this to be a secret coming from Fang Tian, this secret must not be like any ordinary secret.

“The main people searching for Ni Yang Realm may not be us, we’re possibly only being used and nothing more. That is because no matter if it is the Demon Realm, Immortal Realm, or the Devil Realm, they will all be sending emissaries to descend to the Mortal Realm.” Fang Tian gently says.

“Emissaries from the Ascended Realm descending to the Mortal Realm?” Zong Jue frowns.

Fang Tian continues, “Yes, the secret I will tell you is… the level of power these Ascended Realm emissaries will have.”

The matter of the Ascended Realm emissaries descending to the Mortal Realm from a moment ago was not the actual secret Fang Tian wanted to speak of. In Fang Tian’s eyes, that’s not really a secret. The strength of the Ascended Realm emissaries, now that is a real secret, and it’s a big secret.

“You also know that?” Zong Jue is startled.

Fang Tian laughs and says, “Zong Jue, you probably don’t know this. Even if the emissary sent by the Dragon Clan is more powerful than me, they must still be respectful to me.”

“Why is that so?” Zong Jue inquires.

Fang Tian stares at Zong Jue for a moment, he sees that Zong Jue is quite startled. Fang Tian continues and says, “I really don’t know how you are a Superior Divine Beast, you don’t have a contact in the Ascended Realm so of course you don’t know of the situation in the Ascended Realm. In the Demon Realm, there is only a pitiful amount of Superior Divine Beasts, each and everyone one of the Superior Divine Beasts is extremely well respected. So… even if the Demon Realm Dragon Clan emissary is more powerful than myself, since I am a five-clawed golden dragon, he has to be respectful to me.”

Zong Jue’s heart clearly understood.

Superior Divine Beasts really are scarce. In the Demon Realm Dragon Clan, the status of any Superior Divine Beast is extremely high.

“I am also the reason why I know the Ascended Realm emissaries’ power levels.” Fang Tian confidently says. (TL: For clarity, when he says he is the reason why he knows, he is most likely referring to his high status)

As a Superior Divine Beast five-clawed golden dragon, once ascended to the Demon Realm, his position in the Dragon Clan would be extremely high. Even those Demon Realm experts that communicate with Fang Tian must answer his every question because those people also know that Fang Tian’s future status will most definitely be quite high.

“What will be the Ascended Realm emissaries’ power levels?” Zong Jue pushes his inquiry.

Fang Tian smiles and says, “Before tell you that, I must let you understand some logic. In order to send an emissary to the Mortal Realm, the first step is to break open the barrier between two realms and create a temporary channel. The ones who will do this will be 8th stage Mystic Immortals and 9th stage Mystic Immortals, even then it will be extremely difficult. But, the Demon Realm, Immortal Realm, and the Devil Realm each have their experts devising a way to break through the barrier between two realms, but it seems that the channel they can create won’t be all too stable.” (TL: You can probably replace channel with portal…)

“The channel won’t be that stable?” Zong Jue wrinkles his brow. “So what you’re telling me is that this channel will not be able to withstand extremely powerful experts coming through?”

This is just like a bridge, a small bridge can only withstand so much weight, if the weight is above the bridge’s capacity, the bridge will collapse. (TL: They aren’t simply talking about weight, they’re talking about the weight of cars on top of a bridge… But I removed it because it really doesn’t matter that they’re talking about cars)

The same logic applies here. A not too stable channel can only support a certain level of experts. If the expert is too powerful, the channel will collapse.

“According to what the Ascended Realm expert estimated, the experts descending to the Mortal Realm will be on the level of 1st or 2nd stage Demon King, Devil King, and Golden Immortal. It’s just that on these experts will be terrifying immortal weapons that won’t be too different, just different users. Furthermore, these experts descending to the Mortal Realm will be of the utmost elite.” Fang Tian says with seriousness.

Even Zong Jue’s heart felt a portion of the pressure.

Even though these experts will not be that much more powerful, they were still sent here as emissaries due to the status of the channel. These experts might not be that powerful, but their immortal weapons will be of the highest grade and spirit pills will be the best of the best, and they will have a lot of these treasures. Their cultivation methods will also be the most powerful methods, worthy of being classified as the highest grade elites.

“Don’t worry, they aren’t coming till later, even more so they have yet to descend to the Mortal Realm. Who actually knows how powerful those Ascended Realm emissaries will be. Oh right, I must ask you, what is the objective of your first attack?” Fang Tian inquires.

“The target of our first attack?” Zong Jue laughs. “Qing Xu Mountain’s Heavenly Palace!”

Fang Tian’s eyes light up, a faint smile can be seen on his face.

End of Book 11 Chapter 15

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