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B11C12 – Let the more violent come!

With loose immortals on one side and loose devils on the other, many masters all around watched him; Qin Yu was not a single bit worried. Instead, with a calm laugh-like look, he said: “How was I able to make both loose immortals and loose devils to not care about their hatred toward each other and instead gathered together here.”

“Heavenly Flames Fiend, you’re brave.” Wukongxue said with a smile.

“Wait.” Qin Yu raises his hand, “Heavenly Flames Fiend? Who are you referring to?”

Wukongxue can’t help but be startled.

Qin Yu quips: “I really don’t know what’s happening to you loose immortals and loose devils. You don’t know where I come from and you don’t know my name. You just sticked the title of “Heavenly Flames Fiend” to me, truthfully, this title is too old fashioned.”

Seeing Qin Yu be surrounded and is still able to talk naturally. Reverend Ming Liang can’t help but admire Qin Yu’s courage, even though he hates Qin Yu.

“Right, didn’t someone give me the name ‘Reverend Heavenly Flames’?” Qin Yu looked around.

Reverend, generally only loose immortals with a respected position are referred to as Reverend.

Hearing this, Reverend Ming Liang’s face changed color. Back then he got too excited when he heard Qin Yu burned down YinYue Palace and made ‘Reverend Heavenly Flames’ the pride of the Immortal Faction. Who knew his school was also getting burned.

“You stop this nonsense.” Reverend Ming Liang shouted, “You destroyed my Qingxu Temple and killed almost all my Qingxu Temple disciples. Today, I will kill you to avenge my fallen disciples.”

Dame LianYue’s looks sent chills: “Heavenly Flames Fiend. You burned the Yinyue Mountains and destroyed my Yinyue Palace. If I don’t kill you, how will I face my seniors?”

“Want to kill me? Come, let’s go.” Qin Yu said in a relaxed voice, like death is not the slightest threat to him. But then Qin Yu gave a puzzled look, “Reverend Ming Liang, you want to kill me and Dame LianYue also wants to kill me. But I only have one life, so who is going to kill me first? This is the difficult problem.” Wukongxue, Reverend Ming Liang, and everyone else felt extremely weird.

This Heavenly Flames Fiend has a mysterious origin, unusual powers, and his speech is also strange.
Like he doesn’t mind people killing him.

“Reverend Ming Liang, if you are willing to give Heavenly Flames Fiend to me, my Yinyue Palace will gift you 3 low-grade Immortal weapons. Okay?” Dame LianYue said to Reverend Ming Liang, it’s very clear that she wants to kill Qin Yu for revenge.

Low grade Immortal weapons, although valuable, can still be made by masters at Dame LianYue’s level, however they requires a bit of precious materials.

“No.” Reverend Ming Liang didn’t even hesitate.

Dame LianYue’s expression slightly changed.

Reverend Ming Liang continued: “LianYue, this Heavenly Flames Fiend is too mysterious. Even surrounded, he’s not a single bit nervous or worried.
It’s very possible… he has secretly prepared some sort of plan.” Reverend Ming Liang stared at Qin Yu.

“Ah, how did you know?” Qin Yu said with a surprised look.

Reverend Ming Liang smiled: “No need to act, you think I didn’t know you are ready to escape?”

“Think you’re so clever.” Qin Yu disdain.

Now Reverend Ming Liang, Wukongxue, and everyone tightens around Qin Yu. With top masters from both the loose immortals and loose devils here, they don’t believe there’s anyone that can stop them and they have Qin Yu in the bag.

Now, their only problem is who should be the one to kill Qin Yu!

Reverend Ming Liang say to Dame LianYue: “LianYue, I know both you and I hate this Heavenly Flames Fiend, but if we continue on like this, who knows when we’ll finally kill him. I think…we should attack the Heavenly Flames Fiend together, no matter who kills him first, let us consider everything avenged.

Dame LianYue thought for a moment, with how high Reverend Ming Liang’s position is, for him to offer this compromise is quite rare. She also can’t desire too much.

“Since Reverend Ming Liang say so, I’ll also take a step back. Okay, we’ll attack him at the same time, no matter who kills him; we’ll consider it avenged.” Dame LianYue said, a purple sword came from her hand.

Reverend Ming Liang’s eyes shined: “Purple Dawn Sword, even taking out Yinyue Palace’s treasure, looks like I can’t hold back now.”

A sword tip slowly emerged from Reverend Ming Liang’s palm; it was a broken sword tip, only 1 Cun long. (about 3.33 cm)

Ever since Reverend Ming Liang practiced 《DianXingJue》 (点星决), he mostly uses his extremely concentrated holy power when he battles, rarely using weapons. This time, he brings out his own weapon.

“HaHa…” Qin Yu laughs.
“Moron.” All the loose immortals/devils looked at Qin Yu as if he is dead meat.

Qin Yu laughed: “The valuable weapons Reverend Ming Liang and Dame LianYue brought out leave little to be desired, but… my fighting skills are not great, however my escaping skills are very powerful.”

Even now, Qin Yu still did not care.

“Let me see how you’ll escape, LianYue, let’s go.” Reverend Ming Laing shouts coldly, at the same time, the 1 Cun sword tip in his hand turned into a radiance flying toward Qin Yu.

Even Dame LianYue was angry, without a bit of mercy, the purple sword in her hand turned into a purple light speeding toward Qin Yu.

At the moment Reverend Ming Liang and Dame LianYue attacked, a dark green light came from afar, at an appalling speed, looking at the direction of the dark green light; they judged… the dark green light will collide with Reverend Ming Liang’s 1 Cun sword.
“There’s another master!”

Being aware of possible accidents, a red light flew out of Wukongxue’s hand. Flying at an oblique direction, it arrived earlier and collided with the dark green light. Qin Yu escaped from Wukongxue last time; of course he was being careful this time.

“Peng!” (Sounds of sword colliding)

The prepared attack from Wukongxue and the green light was on par with each other, 2 sides collided, the space shooked open, leaving a small rift… this makes Wukongxue surprised of the other’s power.

How many are there in the Mortal World?

Now Dame LianYue and Reverend Ming Liang’s attacks arrived at Qin Yu.

A little smile appeared on Qin Yu’s face. To be smiling in the face of death, he caused Wukongxue, Fire Devil, WuHei, Reverend LanBing, Xueyuyang and the other masters to feel very strange.

Prince of Black Flames Ring (黑焱君之戒)… Gravitational Field

More than ten meters around Qin Yu have already been under the effects of the Gravitational Field. When the one Cun sword and the purple dawn sword enter the field, The directions of the attacks can’t help but be affected and Qin Yu moved his body up to dodge.

The Purple Dawn Sword pierced Qin Yu’s thigh and the one Cun sword pierced his waist.
Originally, Reverend Ming Liang and Dame LianYue were aiming for Qin Yu’s Dantian.


Qin Yu’s waist and thigh exploded, showing two gaping holes. Fresh blood stained all over his body,like a broken sandbag, Qin Yu falls powerlessly down into the snowy plains below.
“Look at you die.” Dame LianYue and Reverend Ming Liang watched as Qin Yu falls to the top of the snowy plains and prepares to attack again.

However, at that moment…

Dame LianYue, Wukongxue, Reverend Ming Liang and the others noticed that as Qin Yu was falling down, he had a huge grin!

“No!” Wukongxue felt something was not right.

Seeing the moment Qin Yu hits the snowy plains, his whole body was completely gone, only leaving a bit of fresh blood at the spot where he fell. His whole body completely vanished, in front of so many masters, he vanished.

“He escaped.”

Wukongxue, Dame LianYue, Fire Devil, Reverend Ming Liang and the other masters searched, using their holy/devil senses.

12th tribulation masters have a incredibly far holy/devil senses.

“He absolutely did not teleport, when I fought that mysterious master back then, the space is still disturbed, he could not have teleported. But where could he have run off to?” Wukongxue looked all around carefully.

Reverend Ming Liang and the other masters could not believe.
From under their eyes, that heavily injured Heavenly Flames Fiend disappeared.

“Wukongxue, what happened? How could that Heavenly Flames Fiend escape, even if I was under these situation, I would not be able to escape so silently. Now the space is still disturbed, leaving no way to teleport, so how could he escape? In this short time, how could he escape out of my holy sense range?” Reverend Ming Liang goes crazy.

Dame LianYue have a killing aura.

“How did this Heavenly Flames Fiend run away?”

Wukongxue gave a wry smile, helplessly said: “You guys don’t know this, but last time that Heavenly Flames Fiend took my attack and fell to the ground, in a blink of an eye, he was gone, just like now, I was not able to find him.”

WuHei was surprised: “He has such magic (神通)? No wonder he said his escaping skills was high.”

Suddenly all the loose devils remember Qin Yu’s words.

“HaHa… everyone, didn’t I say my escaping skills are very powerful.” Qin Yu’s voice echoed throughout.

“It’s the Heavenly Flames Fiend!” Dame LianYue shockingly said.

Wukongxue and Reverend Ming Liang was startled, WuHei, Fire Devil, Xueyuyang and the other masters could not believe it. All the masters again searched with their holy/devil sense, but were unable to find even a breath of Qin Yu.

“No need to search, it’s impossible for you to find me. In fact, Reverend Ming Liang, Dame LianYue, I really don’t like the sight of you loose immortals and loose devils, so this time I went and burned your schools. Now that I’m satisfied, from today onward, I would not appear anymore.” Qin Yu’s voice echoed with a sense of laughter.

Wukongxue, Reverend Ming Liang, and the other loose immortals/devils’ mind flared with impatience.

They clearly hear the Heavenly Flames Fiend’s voice, but can’t find him.

“Never coming out?” Dame LianYue became anxious, “does that mean I’ll never be able to have my revenge?”

Reverend Ming Liang is also filled with anger.

“Smart. From today onwards, you would not be able to find me. Naturally… you would never have your revenge.” Qin Yu’s voice once again echoed. “Okay, I don’t have any more time to waste with you all, I have lots of things to do, Everyone, Goodbye.”
Finishing, Qin Yu’s voice disappeared from around them.

From when Qin Yu began speaking, all the loose immortals/devils masters kept searching with their senses, but still not a single breath of Qin Yu.

“He left, there’s no way to find him.” Wukongxue shook his head.

Back then, when Wukongxue was chasing Qin Yu, it was the same situation.

“Heavenly Flames Fiend, run if you can, I, LianYue swears. Even if I can’t have my revenge, my Yinyue palace disciples will forever remember this great shame, there will be a day; my Yinyue Palace will pay you back with interest!” Dame LianYue shouts with hysteria.

“Unless you never come out, like a cowering turtle, otherwise…” Reverend Ming Liang’s face was livid.

“HaHa…okay. Since you guys said such harsh words, if I don’t show up, others would say I’m timid.” Qin Yu’s voice once again sounded.

Reverend Ming Liang and Dame LianYue can’t help but smile a bit; their biggest worry was if that Heavenly Flames Fiend disappears like this, how could they exact revenge. Looks like… their force strategy worked.

“Okay, Okay.” Qin Yu smiled coldly, “Reverend Ming Liang, Dame Lianyue, you two are fighting for so long because of the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams. But you haven’t announced the secret of the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams yet, why are you not announcing it?”

Reverend Ming Liang, Dame LianYue and all the other masters who knew the secret shook a bit.

Can the existence of NiYang Realm be revealed?

Once disclosed. Mortal World’s most powerful force, Chaotic Astral Ocean, could join in, once that ill-tempered invincible master ZongJue joins, that would be terrible. Whether it is Wukongxue or Reverend Ming Liang, they both need to step aside for Zongjue.

“Niyang Realm, the home of a Level 8 Mystic Immortal, the treasures inside should be earth-shattering.” Qin Yu’s voice sounded again.

“How did he know?” Dame LianYue and the others asked in shock.

“Weren’t you guys threating me, okay, I used to think burning the Immortal/Devil Faction’s number 1 school was enough, but now it seems, Teng Long Continent is not in chaos enough. Let me add another factor in. Pengmo Island ZongJue and me are friends, I’ll tell him this news, I’m sure Teng Long Continent will get a little more rowdy then, it’ll only be a bit more violent than a reign of terror, HaHa…” Qin Yu’s laughter gradually dissipates.

Dame LianYue, Reverend Ming Liang and the others became quiet.

“The strongest, Chaotic Astral Ocean joining and also that ZongJue… Teng Long Continent will face a never before seen reign of terror.” Knowing the strength of the Chaotic Astral Ocean, Reverend Ming Liang felt a bit of regret, his and Dame LianYue’s force strategy seems to have backfired in the end.

Wukongxue looked solemn: “Remember when we tried to kill Heavenly Flames Fiend and there was a dark green light. The power of the one who attacked is not below mine!”

Suddenly, Reverend Ming Liang thought of the dark green light.
A master with powers not below Wukongxue, Who is it?

“The most powerful Chaotic Astral Ocean and the invincible ZongJue. At the same time, the Dragon Clan that’s hiding in the shadows hasn’t showed their hand, the one referred to as the invincible FangWen. Also that mysterious Heavenly Flames Fiend and the mysterious master who shot that dark green light… Teng Long Continent is entering an unprecedented period of chaos.”

The real reign of terror, the real chaos, have only just begun!

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End of B11C12

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