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B11C11 Join Hands!

With his dexterous body, Qin Yu weaves in between the corridors of a Pavilion, with continuous attacks coming down near him at the same time, suddenly the Pavilion crumbles, destroying the corridors, disturbing the space. Reverend Ming Shan achieved his goal, under such conditions Qin Yu would not be able to run away.
“Brother Ming Shan, we cannot go on like this. We have already destroyed three schools, I think heavenly flames fiend is doing this intentionally, if this goes on … many schools will become hostile to our Qingxu Temple.” A 10th tribulation loose immortal said worryingly.

How can Reverend Ming Shan want to destroy other schools?

When you get near, your body gets crushed by the weight of a mountain and when your body gets a little used to the weight, the weight suddenly disappears. However, it comes back in the blink of an eye … even if you’re the most powerful master, there’s no way to keep up the accuracy of your movements with the weight suddenly appearing and disappearing.

It’s not possible!

Attack from afar? That is one method, but the heavenly flame fiend has already taken many of their attacks, but it seem like there’s no effect. Reverend Ming Shan never would have imagined that Qin Yu possess a body with a recovery rate at the point of terror.

“Hey, are you five tired? But to tell the truth, you call me Heavenly Flames Fiend, I feel this name … is a bit unpleasant. The titles you guys give are too old fashion. ”Qin Yu called from afar.

“How dare you!”

“Haha. Catch me if you can, Haha … ” Qin Yu’s laughter resounds throughout the mountains. Qin Yu’s body becomes a black light as he flies across the sky, followed by 5 red lights, 1 in front, 4 behind.

Going near this unusual heavenly flames fiend, do you think your life’s too long? (TL: meaning one will be hurrying to their death going near QinYu)

“Oh, there is a school 5,000 Li away South-East, this will be the fourth school. You five keep pursuing me. Our goal is to destroy 100 schools this time. You guys already took down three, still a long way off.”

In a graceful curve, Qin Yu flies toward the school.
“Senior (师兄), that school belongs to a buddy I met in the Chaotic Astral Ocean “Reverend LianXu”. Reverend LianXu is an eccentric person. He also did not participate in the gathering this time, if we destroy his school, things may get a bit worse.” Loose immortal MeiJi said worryingly.

Reverence Ming Shan furrowed his brows, but he was already chasing after.
“Reverend LianXu is a 10th tribulation loose immortal, I heard he got a treasure from the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Is it true?” Reverend Ming Shan asked.

Loose immortal MeiJi replies: “It’s true, Reverend LianXu may be a 10th tribulation loose immortal, but he has a peculiar weapon(法宝). It was discovered from a shipwreck in the Chaotic Astral Ocean, his strength is not below yours.”

“Let’s let Reverend Ming Liang decide.” Ming Shan immediately contacts Reverend Ming Liang.

At the battlefield with loose immortals on one side and loose devils on the other, both sides are taking a break currently, only masters like Reverend Ming Liang and Wukongxue are at the mountain top.

He saw the series of messages Reverend Ming Shan sent, Reverend Ming Liang was shocked then grew angry, it was the first time for Reverend Ming Liang to have so much killing intent. Reverend Ming Shan sent him 4 messages in total!

Qingxu Mountain was burned; it became a piece of scorched earth. Not a single grass left.
The mountain below the holy land “Heavenly Palace” has been all burned, Heavenly Palace has sunken into a mountain crevice.

99% of Qingxu Temple’s disciples are dead, even if you add the regular disciple who luckily escaped into the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, there are only about 200.

Now Reverend Ming Shan is forced to destroy schools one after another.

Can we let him escape?

“Remember; don’t let him get away no matter what, if he doesn’t die, when I reach the Immortal World, I won’t be able to look my Qingxu Temple’s seniors in the face.”

Within the loose immortals, there is nobody that Reverend Ming Liang fears. This strange tempered Reverend LianXu may have some power, but in face of Reverend Ming Liang, he shouldn’t be much trouble.

His juniors chased the culprit for so long and still have not caught him, if this goes on, they will be forced to destroy schools one after another. Destroy a few schools; Reverend Ming Liang is not afraid. Destroy dozens, he can still handle.

But destroy hundreds? Even if he’s more powerful, he would be completely surrounded.

It’s too difficult to fight that number!

“Ming Liang, what happened, you don’t look too good, have you caught the Heavenly Flame Fiend?” Wukongxue questioned at Reverend Ming Liang’s darkening face.

Reverend Ming Liang didn’t say anything but glanced at Wukongxue.

Reverend Ming Liang’s mind clicked: “This Wukongxue doesn’t care about the life or death of the TengLong Continent, he might not care but Dame LianYue does, not to mention that Heavenly flame Fiend ruined Dame LianYue’s school. Their enmity is also great.

Reverend Ming Liang didn’t say anything, just send a message to Dame LianYue using holy sense.
“LianYue, I know your Yinyue Palace was destroyed by Heavenly Flames Fiend, my Qingxu Temple was also burned clean by him.” Reverend Ming Liang came out with his own tragedy. He admitted for their common enemy.

Dame LianYue glanced at Reverend Ming Liang and reply via devil sense (魔识): “Oh, why are you bringing this up?”

Reverend Ming Liang felt a bit of hope.

“LianYue, this Heavenly Flames Fiend has some strange powers, not even Wukongxue was able to catch him that day, which shows how capable his ability to escape is. Currently my juniors are currently chasing after him, although they have not caught him, they are following behind him. I think… if both our sides join together, we’ll catch him for sure.” Reverend Ming Liang proposed.

Dame LianYue thought for a moment.

“You’re suggesting for our two sides to cooperate? We both have killed so many, can we still cooperate?” Dame LianYue has a bit of doubt.

Reverend Ming Liang continued: “I know for our two sides to cooperate is unrealistic. But I’ll say it now; we’re only cooperating on the issue of “catching Heavenly Flames Fiend”. After he is caught, then we’ll decide if we still want to fight. How about it?”

Dame LianYue starts to think.

“That Wukongxue isn’t from your Yinyue Palace; he doesn’t care about your vengeance. But you’re the number 1 of Yinyue Palace. Yinyue Palace has been destroyed and lots of disciples have been killed. If you don’t kill Heavenly Flames Fiend for revenge, how would you face your school’s seniors when you reach the Devil World.

Dame LianYue’s heart flutters.

Heavenly Flames Fiend, how could she not hate him to the core.

“Last time, he burned Yinyue Palace, this time he burned Qingxu temple. Both Devil and Immortal Faction’s number 1 schools are burnt; I think he must be satisfied. If he gets away this time, he might not show up again, missed this and there may never be a chance for revenge again.” Reverend Ming Liang’s last phrase shook Dame LianYue awake.

The 2 big schools of Immortal and Devil Faction have been burned; this mysterious ‘Heavenly Flames Fiend’ could be satisfied and go into hiding. When he escapes, how would she face her Yinyue school’s seniors?

“Okay, I agree.” Dame LianYue said via devil sense, “but we’re only cooperating on catching Heavenly Flames Fiend.”

“That’s only natural.”

Reverend Ming Liang smirked; finally… he opens his mouth to talk.

Just then he was using holy sense to communicate secretly, now he can discuss this openly.
“Wukongxue. Isn’t that Heavenly Flames Fiend’s ability to escape is quite formidable?” Reverend Ming Liang asks jokingly.

Wukongxue remembers all of that time and nods, “that Heavenly Flames Fiend took one of my attacks and abruptly disappeared, not even my devil sense was able to find him. Not to mention the space was disturbed at the time, I still have no idea how he was able to escape.” Reverend Ming Liang comments: “Now that Heavenly Flames Fiend burned my Qingxu Temple, he is being hunted by my junior Ming Shan. My junior has not caught him yet, but is following closely behind, I think… our two sides should cooperate and catch him first.”

The corner of Wukongxue‘s mouth raise into a little ironic smile and was about to say something when Dame LianYue interrupted.

“Okay.” Dame LianYue’s eyes flashed with hatred, said in an angry tone “that Heavenly Flames Fiend destroyed my Yinyue Palace and killed 99% of the disciples. I, LianYue, and him are absolutely irreconcilable, unless I catch this Heavenly Flames Fiend, I would not be able to face my school’s seniors.”

Dame LianYue added: “Ming Liang, you listen here, I am only agreeing to cooperate in the issue of catching Heavenly Flames Fiend.”

“Of course, of course.” Reverend Ming Liang smiles and nods.

“Wukongxue Daren (大人), this Heavenly Flames Fiend and my Yinyue Palace have an enmity, I have agreed to cooperate with Ming Liang, Wukongxue Daren won’t mind right?”

Although Wukongxue is a little angry, Dame LianYue’s position within the devil contingent is not below his.
Even though Wukongxue’s strength is powerful, he is one person by himself. While Dame LianYue is the leader of Yinyue Palace and the Devil Emperor also personally ordered Dame LianYue to manage any problems related to the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams, so of course her position is high.

And Wukongxue want to kill that Heavenly Flames Fiend too.
“Of course I don’t mind, Reverend Ming Liang, if the two of us join hands, pretty sure that Heavenly Flames Fiend is as good as dead.” Wukongxue smiles at Reverend Ming Liang, “Oh, it seems like… this may be the first time the two of us join hands.”

Reverend Ming Liang nods: “Indeed it’s the first time.”

Now that the top ranks of both sides reached an agreement, they issued a ceasefire for the moment. At the same time, led by the two great masters Reverend Ming Liang and Wukongxue, Dame LianYue, Fire Devil, Reverend LanBing, XueYuYang and supplemented by a camp of masters moved out together.

Both side’s camp sent out their strongest masters, they are putting all they got on one hit.

In a snow covered plain, there is one black light followed five white lights one by one.

Now Qin Yu has already flown millions of Li, destroyed more than 30 schools, within the 30 schools, there was the school of one of the five loose immortals that’s after Qin Yu.

Reverend Ming Shan has agreed to offer many kinds of treasure as an apology to that loose immortal.
“Heavenly Flames Fiend, stop running away!” Not only is it Reverend Ming Shan, but the 4 other loose immortals are getting furious.

Chasing all this way, the 4 loose immortals destroyed quite a few schools, even accidentally killing a few Xiuxianists. Even all the schools Qin Yu chose were Xiuxianists schools; they have noticed he was doing it intentionally.

“HaHa. Catch me if you can, what use is yelling?” Qin Yu’s laughter sounded, however he stopped laughing halfway through.

“Laugh again, Heavenly Flames Fiend, laugh again.”

A familiar evil voice sounded.

A large blood cloud floats in the sky, bloody gases disperse about, the blood cloud rapidly collapsed together and formed a blood red robe, devil faction’s number 1 master Wukongxue stands midair, smiling coldly at Qin Yu. He looks at him like a lamb waiting for slaughter.

“So you’re the Heavenly Flames Fiend.” another voice coldly sounded.

With a moonlight white robe, a pair of deep peaceful eyes, the imposing manner around him is concentrated to the peak; he and Wukongxue are both extremes of the opposite ends. One is wild, one is calm; one carries a violent and arrogant air, one carries calm and collected air.

This is Immortal Faction’s number 1, Reverend Ming Liang, he looked at Qin Yu with a never before seen killing intent.

Almost at the same time, shadows appear one after another.

The seductive noble Dame LianYue, the savage mannered WuHei, and Fire Devil with his blaze-like passion. The elegant Reverend LanBing, the cool looking XueYuYang, and Reverend ChiYang steaming with killing intent,

Loose immortals and loose devils on both sides have gathered at the same place, in this place filled with ice and snow, everyone’s attention are all focused on one person. The mysterious person that dared to burn Devil and Immortal faction’s number 1 school… Heavenly Flames Fiend.

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End of B11C11

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