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Book 11: Pierce through the sky

B11C1: The Zhenyang School

“Little brother Qin Yu, it’s said that this time Lord Wu Kongxue seemed to attack your Stellar Tower only to fail to break even the defensive formation of the Stellar Tower. Is that defensive formation really so formidable?” Dame Yan Ji asks.

Now that there are over 10,000 loose devils from the 6th tribulation up in the Yinyue Palace, she is merely a common loose devil, except for having the honor of being the one who obtained a Heaven-Sundering Diagram. Therefore, she is very curious about Wu Kongxue failing to break the defensive formation of the Stellar Tower.

Struck by a thought, Qin Yu answers immediately: “Yan Ji, that defensive formation was set up by my Uncle Lan personally. It’s called the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation. Even in my school, it’s one of the relatively formidable formations. This formation is formidable because it doesn’t have high requirements for the controller.”

“Your school?” Dame Yan Ji becomes curious in her heart.

After suffering a defeat at the hands of the Stellar Tower’s defensive formation, the top loose devils such as Wu Kongxue began to pay close attention to the loose immortal behind the Stellar Tower. If Dame Yan Ji can gather some information about Uncle Lan, will this not be a deed of meritorious service?

“Brother Qin Yu, what’s the name of your school?” Dame Yan Ji asks Qin Yu through her transmitter.

An idea springs to Qin Yu’s mind. He casually comes up with a name: “Our school is called the Zhenyang School. Uncle Lan is none other than my uncle master.”

“The Zhenyang School… Who is your master? Have you still got any other uncle masters in the mortal world? Have you got any schoolmates?” Dame Yan Ji asks several questions continuously.

Qin Yu answers through his transmitter: “My master already ascended long ago. In the mortal world, I’ve got several uncle masters and naturally even more schoolmates.”

Dame Yan Ji’s heart skips a beat.

Not only Reverend Ming Liang, even Wu Kongxue is very eager to know the mysteries of Qin Yu, his school and the loose immortal behind the Stellar Tower. But Dame Yan Ji feels that she herself is about to find out the truth.

“The Zhenyang School, brother Qin Yu, I think those protective treasures in the possession of that junior sister of yours are at least middle-grade immortal weapons, right? Having such treasures and … that Great Heavenly Stellar Formation, your Zhenyang School must be a big school. But why has nobody ever heard of it?” Dame Yan Ji asks.

A faint smile appears on the corners of Qin Yu’s mouth.

“Yan Ji, this is a big secret of my school. How can I possibly tell it to an outsider at random?”

Dame Yan Ji’s heart tightens. She says hurriedly via a message: “Brother Qin Yu, what’s the big deal about telling me? Nobody knows where your Zhenyang School is and I won’t ask you about your school’s power either. It will be okay if you only give me some general information.”

Qin Yu ponders for a long time.

“Alright, Yan Ji, I’ll tell you some general information … Actually my Zhenyang School didn’t originate from this planet. It was a Xiuzhen school in another space. Only, a senior of my school accidentally went through a spatial rift to arrive in this space then landed on this planet and established the Zhenyang School here. My school has been passed down for over 100,000 years since then … Yan Ji, as for the location of my school, I really can’t tell you. Otherwise, my seniors in the school will definitely put me in confinement.”

He is laughing in his mind.

It was only thanks to the knowledge left behind by master Lei Wei did he become aware of the concepts of planets and spaces. And now he has casually fabricated a story with them.

His story only serves to make him appear even more fathomless in the eyes of outsiders.

“Not originating from this planet, coming from another space …”

Yan Ji is totally dumbfounded.

In general, most loose practitioners know that the world where they live is an extremely large planet and that there are ultrawinds and ultrabolts (*) on the highest level of the sky … Any loose practitioner who is relatively powerful can pass through this layer of ultrawinds and ultrabolts to enter the boundless outer space.

However … in the outer space, there is an extremely long distance between 2 planets.

There have been loose practitioners who flew away from their planets, but it is very easy to go astray with teleportation in the outer space because even if 2 planets appear to be not far from each other, the distance between them is in fact frighteningly great. An 11th tribulation loose immortal will need 100 years to fly from the planet of the Teng Long continent to the nearest planet. Even if they use teleportation sporadically, it will still take them an extremely long time.

Moreover, a loose practitioner once reached that nearest planet only to discover that it was simply a desolate place with absolutely no signs of any life forms.

“Brother Qin Yu, that senior of your school was really formidable. The distances between the planets in the universe are frighteningly great. It’s very slow to rely on teleportation alone to fly in the boundless outer space, but your senior was even able to travel through the universe … I once heard Dame Lian Yue of my school say that an expert can only do that starting from the devil king or golden immortal stage.” Dame Yan Ji marvels.

Qin Yu laughs in his mind.

Because he obtained some secret books on the 2nd floor of the Treasure-Storing Tower in the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, naturally he knows that … in general, the ranges of teleportation are not very long at all. Teleportation is fairly effective on a planet, but it is not very useful in the boundless outer space.

Only those who have reached the level of devil kings, demon kings or golden immortals can use the magic skill called Grand Teleportation to travel between planets.

“Master Lei Wei didn’t have the Grand Teleportation skill or even the teleportation skill. He had to rely on … science and technology to travel between planets.” Qin Yu certainly knows where his master came from — a planet in a universe where the path of Xiuzhen was secondary to science and technology.

The space leaping technology is definitely comparable to the Grand Teleportation skill.

Of course he is happy that Dame Yan Ji is thinking in a wrong way.

“I can’t tell you more, Yan Ji. Today I’ve already told you very many secrets.” Qin Yu certainly does not dare to say more because he is afraid that he will lie too much for his own good.

There a hint of coldness in his eyes after he puts the transmitter away.

“The seed of the plan has been planted. That Dame Yan Ji will definitely tell this information to the likes of Wu Kongxue. Zhenyang School … the reputation of this nonexistent school will slowly spread. The first of this plan’s 3 steps has officially begun.”

Qin Yu takes a deep breath.

In addition to the massacre of over 10 million citizens of the Qin empire, his Qin clan was almost destroyed with great numbers of his 2nd brother’s children and wives killed. He will not settle this score easily just by going on a killing spree.

He wants to strike terror into the hearts of the 2 super schools and countless loose practitioners.

He can rely on the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, the Lord of Black Flame’s Ring and … the sword immortal puppet powered by only a single piece of top-grade elemental holy rock. What he has to do is to make use of them effectively to achieve the best result.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu fly south straight from the Snowfish Island. This ocean is even more massive than the ocean of the Northern Territory. After flying for several whole months, the 3 brothers finally see a continent in the distance. There is a large expanse of greenness on that continent and its natural holy energy is much thicker than the Qian Long continent’s.

They have reached the Teng Long continent.

In terms of environment, this continent is indeed much better than the Qian Long continent. Because it has a high density of natural holy energy, it is an exceptionally lush place and the trees here are also tall and imposing. The Teng Long continent has mortals too.

The number of mortals on the Teng Long continent is far greater than that on the Qian Long continent.

Mortals are the basis of Xiuzhenists. Only one in 1000 mortals can successfully become a Xiuzhenist. There are hundreds of millions of Xiuzhenists on the Teng Long continent so it is easy to imagine how terrifyingly large the mortal population of this continent is. But the Teng Long continent is vast, being even much larger than the 3 big empires and the Wilderness put together.

Therefore, despite having a terrifyingly large number of mortals, this continent is still a sparsely populated place.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu are flying on clouds.

Because they have arrived in the Teng Long continent, they do not have to fly desperately anymore. Even though this continent is massive, given the 3 brothers’ current power levels, they can reach any location on the continent very quickly just by riding on clouds.

“Big brother, this place has really many mortals as well as very many Xiuzhenists. We’ve been flying for just a while but I’ve already seen several tens of thousands of Xiuzhenists. Only, none of them is above the Dongxu stage. It’s too weak.” Hou Fei sighs while shaking his head.

Qin Yu gives an indifferent smile.

“Not weak at all. It’s just that experts don’t walk around outside for nothing. Most of them are in their own schools. Besides … even fewer loose practitioners will come out. At the moment, perhaps most of them are in the Yinyue Palace and the Qingxu Temple.”

From Dame Yan Ji, he found out that a large number of loose practitioners were gathering in the Yinyue Palace. Most probably the Qingxu Temple would not be willing to fall behind either.

He makes a wave of his sleeve.

The 3 extreme-ice lions and the ink qilin appear out of thin air. In an instant, the 4 divine beasts change into their human forms. Of course, it is not that they themselves want to transform into humans but just now Qin Yu asked them to do so directly via holy sense communication.

The 3 Shi brothers are all Dacheng-stage divine beasts so they each are comparable to a 6th tribulation loose practitioner. If they use the Mystic Eyeballs and Sword Blade Awls, they can even defeat an 8th tribulation loose immortal by joining forces.

Qin Yu has a frighteningly resilient body, which can be called imperishable. Using his physical body alone, he can defeat an ordinary Dacheng-stage divine beast, which also means that his body alone makes him as strong as a 6th tribulation loose practitioner.

At the same time, he also has the Lord of Black Flame’s Ring with 2 fearsome fields — the highly damaging Heavenly Flame Field and the surprising Gravitational Field. He has a middle-grade immortal weapon with astonishing offensive power too. These 3 things were enough for him to defeat the Shi brothers. Therefore, it can be concluded that he is definitely not weaker than an ordinary 8th tribulation loose practitioner.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu, Qin Yu’s sworn brothers, both are at least high-class divine beasts. In terms of individual power, they are superior to the 3 extreme-ice lions. In addition, they have the secret techniques in their hereditary memories and … the Black Stick and the Cloud Piercer Spear, which were given to them by Uncle Lan. Despite having a fairly mediocre enhancing effect, these weapons are even harder than Qin Yu’s middle-grade immortal sword.

Even though Hou Fei and Hei Yu are weaker than Qin Yu, the power gaps are not significant.

The ink qilin is a middle-class divine beast so he can match an extreme-ice lion if weapons are not counted, but he does not have a good weapon.

“Inky, this is a middle-grade immortal weapon. Now I give it to you. With this weapon, you should be able to defeat a common 6th tribulation loose practitioner.” Qin Yu smilingly gives an immortal weapon to the ink qilin. It looks like a writing brush but it is taking in and sending out sword energy constantly.

The 3rd tribulation stage is comparable to the Dacheng stage and the ink qilin is a divine beast so even without a weapon he is about as strong as an ordinary 6th tribulation loose practitioner. With this middle-grade immortal weapon, his power has naturally been improved by leaps and bounds and it is no longer difficult at all for him to beat 6th tribulation loose practitioners.


Qin Yu can single-handedly defeat an 8th tribulation loose practitioner. The 3 Shi brothers can also defeat an 8th tribulation loose practitioner by joining forces. Hou Fei and Hei Yu are close to Qin Yu in power. They at least have the power of a 7th tribulation loose practitioner or maybe even more. The ink qilin was slightly weak, but with the addition of a middle-grade immortal weapon, now he can also defeat a 6th tribulation loose practitioner.

It is most difficult to judge Hou Fei’s and Hei Yu’s power, mainly because … nobody knows if they are super divine beasts, which are legendary top divine beasts, or not.

High-class divine beasts are already extremely powerful, but super divine beasts, which can be counted on one hand, are even more extraordinarily powerful. Who knows how strong Hou Fei and Hei Yu actually are?

“Everybody, now what we have to do is … incite the enmity between the Yinyue Palace and the Qingxu Temple so that they will fight each other. Of course, we’ll need to kill some of their members to achieve that. Given our current power, to be safe, our targets will be … 4th tribulation, 5th tribulation and 6th tribulation loose practitioners.” Qin Yu says while looking at the 6 individuals in front of him.

Hou Fei says with strange cries: “Too low, you’re aiming too low, big brother … 6th tribulation loose practitioners are merely equal to level-3 standard immortals, nothing more. I can smash any of them to death with a blow of my stick. They’re not challenging at all.”

“Too low.” Hei Yu only says a couple of words.

Qin Yu is startled.

But then he immediately laughs out loud: “Ha-ha, Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, you’re really confident. But this time we can’t be careless. Alright, alright, don’t look at me like that, Fei Fei. We have the Qingyu Immortal Mansion for defense, after all, so I agree that our top targets will be 8th tribulation loose practitioners.”

Because of his sworn brothers’ request, Qin Yu has no choice but to aim higher.

He has the Qingyu Immortal Mansion so he is simply not worried that they will be unable to escape.

All of a sudden —

“Wang Yuan, don’t bully me too much. You’re more talented than me so you joined the no. 1 school, the Qingxu Temple, while I could only join an unknown small school. But you’re a bit much already. When we were still mortals in the countryside, you bullied me. Now you even want to snatch my top-grade ore? Dream on!” An extremely indignant voice comes from the distance.

“Li Xin, how can a puny Jindan-stage Xiuzhenist like you be allowed to have this kind of top-grade ore? Now I’m already a Yuanying-stage expert. Once I’ve got a top-grade holy weapon, I’ll definitely become an elite disciple of the Qingxu Temple.” Another voice rises.

These 2 voices are rushing towards Qin Yu at high speeds.

Qin Yu and the other 6 look at each other and exchange a smile. In the eyes of them, a Jindan-stage Xiuzhenist and a Yuanying-stage one are truly very weak.

“Don’t be arrogant, Wang Yuan. In the last half month, a good several hundred loose immortals of your Qingxu Temple have died. Several hundred common disciples of your school have died too. What’s so good about the Qingxu Temple? Though my Lianhua School is small, at least nobody in my school has died.”

“They were killed by those loose devils, but the Yinyue Palace has also lost several hundred loose devils, so we aren’t in deficit. At least my Qingxu Temple has still got dead loose immortals. What about the Lianhua School? Your school hasn’t got any loose immortals at all, dead or alive.”

Qin Yu’s eyes glitter.

He has not started the incitement yet, but it seems some big problems have already appeared between the Yinyue Palace and the Qingxu Temple.


Lianhua School = Joined Flowers School

(*) Ultrawind and ultrabolt are made-up words because I can’t figure out what the heck 豕风 and 齑雷 in the original mean.

End of b11c1.

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