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B10C7: Mansion-guarding stele

The spatial rings of Old Taoist Gan Xu and his like are only common spatial rings. After all, storage immortal items are even more precious so their forging methods and necessary forging materials are really too rare. The materials alone are already hard to collect, much less the forging methods.

Shouldering and holding?

Even though they are loose immortals, how many things can they hold?

Huo Lan says smilingly: “What Old Taoist Gan Xu said is right. This place has such a large number of tables and stools, but how many of them can we hold? So, let’s take as many as we like. This totally depends on our individual abilities. Don’t stand on ceremony. We brothers will take the lead.”

After saying so, he and Huo Can take the lead by running towards the nearest stone table, which is made of elemental holy ore.

The 3 Gan brothers exchange a look then also run towards some elemental holy ore tables. Reverend Shui Rou and Reverend Yue Yan even run towards those elemental holy ore tables at their top speeds.

Seeing this scene, Li’er covers her mouth and gives a laugh.

“Why are you laughing, Li’er?” Qin Yu asks doubtfully. “This elemental holy ore is indeed very precious to loose immortals so what they are doing is extremely normal. Their loose immortal and loose devil status has been dented a bit, but … it’s nothing compared to such treasures. So it’s understandable that they are acting this way. It’s not worth laughing at.”

Li’er says to Qin Yu with a faint smile: “You see.”

“See what?” He is startled.

She signals towards those loose immortals and loose devils by pouting her lips. Qin Yu looks in that direction and immediately bursts out laughing.

He sees all the loose immortals and loose devils exerting their utmost strength with bulging jaws. Agitating the immortal elemental energy in his body, Old Taoist Gan Xu puts to use all of his internal energy to pull up that table. However, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot shake the table in the slightest. It is as if the table has taken root.

The power of a 3rd tribulation loose immortal, how tremendous is it?

Old Taoist Gan Xu is not alone. The faces of his 2 junior brothers, Reverend Yue Yan, Huo Lan and Huo Can have reddened too. Even Reverend Shui Rou’s originally white face is also slightly red at the moment. Perhaps because she is a woman, she is preparing to lift a table using only one hand and her immortal elemental energy instead of using both hands like Old Taoist Gan Xu and the others.

Weng ~~~

A pale golden light appears on every wall, jade pillar, table and stone stool of the palace. The bodies of Old Taoist Gan Xu and the others all get a shock and go numb as if struck by lightning then get sent flying back several tens meters and fall down heavily.

“It’s a restrictive spell.” Qin Yu’s eyes brighten.

“Have you got it, big brother Qin Yu?” Li’er says smilingly.

Qin Yu asks doubtfully: “How did you know, Li’er?”

Li’er says smilingly: “Big brother Qin Yu, this is an immortal mansion. How can it possibly let people take its stuff away at will? Besides, these stone pillars and tables and everything else in this place are all connected together so it’s not very strange that restrictive spells were put on them. It’d only be strange if that immortal Ni Yang hadn’t put restrictive spells on them.”

“Then how will these loose immortals and loose devils react now?” Qin Yu says smilingly.

“Won’t you know if you take a look?” Li’er crinkles her little nose and says smilingly.

Old Taoist Gan Xu and the others look at each other.

“Ha-ha … we underestimated this immortal Ni Yang. When he left behind such a precious palace, how could he not have given it protection? We were impatient.” Old Taoist Gan Xu says with loud laughs of self-derision.

The others also calm down.

These loose immortals and loose devils can still feel clearly the terrifying energy of the restrictive spell a moment ago.

“Big brother, at that time that immortal Ni Yang told us to come to this palace so there must be treasures left for us here. Otherwise, what’s the point of having us looking at this palace without being able to get anything? Perhaps the treasures that immortal Ni Yang left behind are even much more precious than these tables and stools.”

Huo Can says via holy sense communication.

Huo Lan is struck by a thought and also says using his holy sense: “You’re right, 2nd brother. Even the whole palace is made of elemental holy rock. This is such a big work. The treasures left behind in this immortal mansion by immortal Ni Yang must be superior to this elemental holy rock. Go, let’s hurry to the main hall and take a look.”

Everybody is still in the square at the moment and nobody has gone to that main hall for an observation.

Huo Lan immediately calls his brother. The 2 of them then go straight towards the main hall, which is after the square. He does not care whether Old Taoist Gan Xu and the others will go with him or not. Perhaps he will be even happier if they do not go.

The 3 Gan brothers, Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou are not fools. Seeing that, they all rush towards the main hall at the end of the square.

Qin Yu, Azure Dragon Yan Lang, Yan Mo and the others naturally follow these loose immortals and loose devils closely.

The square has a very large area. The main hall is only at the end of it, but there is a huge flower garden in front of the main hall. The flower garden gives off a refreshing aura. Even the loose immortals feel their power slowly improving when they absorb that aura.

“Good treasures.”

The 7 loose immortals and loose devils are extremely shocked in their hearts. Their power is so profound, but they can slowly improve it just by absorbing those flowers’ aura. If they pluck these flowers and grass off and casually process them a bit, they will be able to obtain holy pills with shockingly great medical effects.

Wind blows!

The 7 loose immortals and loose devils charge towards the flower garden almost simultaneously. Those stone tables made of elemental holy ore are connected together with the floor and are covered in tremendous restrictive spells so they cannot obtain them, but these immortal flowers and grass should be easy to pluck.

“Bang!” The 7 loose immortals and loose devils successively crash into the restrictive spell around the flower garden. It is as if their heads ram into a wall.

They all fall to the ground and glare at the flower garden furiously.

“Restrictive spells, restrictive spells, what kind of person is this immortal Ni Yang actually? It’s okay to protect the tables and stools but he even put a protective spell around the flower garden. How can someone so stringy be considered an immortal? We risked our lives to come here, why can’t we even bring back some flowers, grass, tables and stools?” Huo Lan is enraged.

The other loose immortals and loose devils are also burning with fury in their hearts.

They can ignore restrictive spells once, but this is the 2nd time they have run into a restrictive spell.

Seeing treasures but being obstructed by restrictive spells, how can they possibly not rage? The most important thing is that these loose immortals and loose devils simply stand no chance of breaking that immortal Ni Yang’s restrictive spells. From the collision just now alone, they were already able to feel the immensity of that restrictive spell’s energy.

Comparing them to immortal Ni Yang is like comparing ants to a giant. The difference is so great that it is insurmountable.

“That artificial mountain unexpectedly isn’t green.” Qin Yu says smilingly to Li’er while walking up from the back.

Li’er has also noticed that there is an artificial mountain not far from the flower garden on the edge of the square. That artificial mountain is made of a good several colorful types of crystals. But it also constantly gives off an astonishing amount of elemental holy energy. It is obvious that … the artificial mountain’s crystals are much superior to that elemental holy ore.

“The crystals in the artificial mountain are all elemental holy rock. Plus, their grades are not low. This immortal Ni Yang’s work is truly great.” Li’er praises highly.

“Oh, this lady even knows elemental holy rock?” That black-haired old man from the Yinyue Palace walks up and asks indifferently.

Li’er takes a look at him and gives an indifferent smile: “My uncle has told me many things. It’s not strange that I know it. To my knowledge, most of the Yinyue Palace’s members are female and very few of them are male. It’s indeed a rare sight that a man like you was given the important task of going into this Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. My uncle once warned me that … I have to be careful if there’s a man from the Yinyue Palace because this person is neither Yin nor Yang.”

The black-haired old man is startled. Killing intent suddenly shoots out of his eyes.

But after a while, he suppresses the killing intent in his eyes completely: “That loose immortal of the Stellar Tower is really formidable.” After saying so, he goes away.

The artificial mountain,

Its aura naturally cannot escape the 7 loose immortals’ and loose devils’ sensitive perception. However … the outcome is lamentable.

There is also a restrictive spell around the artificial mountain to protect it!

Restrictive spells!

Restrictive spells!

Another restrictive spell!

Not only the flower garden and the artificial mountain, even the 2 huge golden carvings of a dragon outside the main hall are protected. This makes the loose immortals and loose devils go mad because these golden dragon carvings are made of a metallic type of elemental holy rock which only the immortal world has and whose grade is extremely high.

Various kinds of carvings, various kinds of decorations, even every flower and blade of grass …

They are all treasures from the immortal world but … they are all protected by restrictive spells!

“Didn’t that immortal Ni Yang get tired setting up so many restrictive spells?” Reverend Yue Yan is a Xiuxianist but he has a fiery temper so now he can no longer endure it. He will go mad soon.

Old Taoist Gan Xu’s expression turns bitter.

Reverend Shui Rou frowns deeply too …

All of the loose immortals and loose devils have been angered completely by immortal Ni Yang to the point where they are about to go crazy.

Inside the main hall,

When the 7 loose immortals and loose devils enter the main hall, they are all dumbfounded because this large hall is almost empty with the only thing in it being a stone stele, which is black and standing on one side in the hall. The 2 words ‘Mansion-guarding’ are written on the stele.

Those 2 words give off an imposing, anciently simple aura which makes people focus on them uncontrollably.

“Mansion-guarding stele, oh my … mansion-guarding stele!”

Old Taoist Gan Xu’s eyes suddenly pop out of his head, his whole face becomes very red because his blood rushes up, his body trembles and his mouth unconsciously utters ‘ha ha’ sounds, looking like a mortal madman going into spasm. Even though his condition is not so serious, it is not far from there.

Old Taoist Gan Xu has already recalled the record concerning mansion-guarding steles of the Qingxu Temple.

As soon as he thinks about the contents, he wants to go crazy.

“Mansion-guarding stele, oh my, how, how is this possible …?” Going behind the 7 loose immortals and loose devils, the black-haired old man now also sees that stone stele. At the moment, the black-haired old man’s expression is basically no better than that of Old Taoist Gan Xu’s.

Mansion-guarding stele,

As soon as the black-haired old man thinks about the meaning of this stone stele, he wants to go crazy.

In general, the secret of mansion-guarding steles are known exclusively to immortals and an exceedingly small number of people. Only by extreme coincidence did the black-haired old man and Old Taoist Gan Xu unintentionally learn of the secret of mansion-guarding steles.

When that happened, they merely sighed with emotion a bit. They never thought that they would have a chance to see a mansion-guarding stele.

Huo Lan and Huo Can take a look at Old Taoist Gan Xu then at the black-haired old man, who has just come in. These 2 brothers’ eyes glitter.

“Big brother, judging from Old Taoist Gan Xu’s stupefied appearance, and that black-haired old man’s as well, I think … this stone stele must contain some secret. They are both staring at it to the point of stupefaction. It seems they have been given an enormous stimulus.” Huo Can says through his holy sense.

Huo Lan nods: “Even the elemental holy rock just now didn’t make Old Taoist Gan Xu to forget himself like this. To be able to make a 3rd tribulation loose immortal to forget himself even to such an extent … the secret in this stone stele must be big. No matter what happens … we’ve got to snatch this stone stele first.”

“That’s right. We must snatch it.” Huo Can has made up his mind too.

Huo Lan and Huo Can basically do not know the secret of mansion-guarding steles but, judging by Old Taoist Gan Xu’s and the black-haired old man’s expressions, they have figured out that … this stone stele is absolutely more valuable than elemental holy rock.

Even though they do not know why it is valuable, to snatch it first is definitely the right thing to do.

By now Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou have also noticed that there is something wrong.

Given their experiences, how could they not have noticed how shocked Old Taoist Gan Xu and the black-haired old man were? In addition, Hou Lan and Huo Can glanced at each other with their eyes glittering strangely and sometimes they even looked at that stone stele.

“Reverend Shui Rou, this stone stele must be a treasure, and an outstanding treasure at that. Though I don’t know why it’s precious, we can’t let it fall into the hands of someone else. I suggest that the 2 of us join forces.” Reverend Yue Yan is hot-tempered but he is no fool.

Reverend Shui Rou immediately says in agreement: “All right. Their 2 sides are stronger than either of us so only by joining forces do we have the power to fight them.”

While using holy sense communication, the 2 of them make a pact with each other.

“Mansion-guarding stele, Good Heavens, how is this possible …?” Azure Dragon and the 3 yellow-clad men come in together and a yellow-clad man says in shock.

Hearing his voice, Old Taoist Gan Xu and the black-haired old man finally wake up.

As soon as they wake up, they stare ferociously at that mansion-guarding stone stele, their eyes sending out extremely terrifying lights. At the moment, the 2 of them have absolutely no manners. Even their eyes are all red.

That black-haired old man takes a look at Old Taoist Gan Xu then at Reverend Yue Yan, Reverend Shui Rou, and the 2 Huo brothers. It seems because he has noticed that he is too weak, he immediately takes a deep breath and forcefully suppresses the greediness at the bottom of his heart.

“Say, what kind of treasure is this mansion-guarding stele? Say or I’ll kill you.” Reverend Yue Yan arrives in front of the black-haired old man with just a movement of his body.

The black-haired old man is startled. The others also appear stunned.

“Say.” Reverend Yue Yan looks furiously at the black-haired old man.

The latter says in terror at once: “Reverend, in the Yinyue Palace, I once saw the secret concerning this mansion-guarding stele in an ancient personal letter.”

“Shut up. You’re not allowed to talk.” Old Taoist Gan Xu shouts angrily.

“You shut up.”

Reverend Shui Rou, Reverend Yue Yan, Huo Lan and Huo Can shout almost simultaneously. Old Taoist Gan Xu is immediately taken aback.

“You can continue.” Reverend Yue Yan stares at the black-haired old man. At the moment, Reverend Shui Rou, Huo Lan and Huo Can all urgently want to know what kind of treasure this mansion-guarding stele actually is.

Seeing that those loose immortals and loose devils are ready to fight, the black-haired old man takes a deep breath without delay to suppress the terror in his heart then says: “From that personal letter, I learnt that the powerful immortals in the immortal world generally use this mansion-guarding stele to control a palace after they have built it. A palace normally has an owner. The stone stele will be sucked into the body of the owner. But now looks like this immortal Ni Yang already took out his stone stele. This should mean …”

“Don’t talk nonsense. What’s the benefit of having this stone stele?” Huo Lan shouts.

The black-haired old man says in terror immediately: “If someone can personalize this mansion-guarding stele … they will be able to control the entire palace completely. This whole immortal palace will be theirs, including that near limitless amount of elemental holy rock, those immortal flowers and grass and the other treasures in the palace.”

As soon as the black-haired old man finishes, sounds of extremely heavy breathing rise in the main hall.

End of b10c7.

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