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B10C48: Targets

In the Discussion Hall of the dragon clan, there are only 4 individuals at the moment, consisting of the clan leader five-clawed golden dragon Fang Tian, the no. 1 expert of the Yan family — 12th tribulation silvery dragon Yan Shan, and 2 elders of the Ao family — 11th tribulation black dragon Ao Xu and 11th tribulation golden dragon Ao Yan. These 4 individuals are the top echelons of the dragon clan.

“Leader, not long ago, Wu Kongxue led some loose devils to attack the Stellar Tower, but they couldn’t break the defensive formation of the Stellar Tower at all,” says Ao Yan, who is sitting in the first seat on the left hand side.

The dragon clan leader Fang Tian frowns: “Not even Wu Kongxue and this bunch of loose devils could break the Stellar Tower’s defensive formation? Are you sure?”

He certainly knows Wu Kongxue’s power. In the entire mortal world, except for him and the Devil Peng Island’s Zong Jue, there is nobody who can defeat Wu Kongxue for sure, so it is easy to imagine how powerful Wu Kongxue is. But even Wu Kongxue coupled with a group of loose devils failed to break the Stellar Tower’s defensive formation. What kind of formation is that?

“I’m sure of that, leader. I was also doubtful at first, but that’s a fact. I already told my subordinate to communicate with the Azure Dragon Palace in the Northern Territory through a transmitter. The infiltrator planted in the Stellar Tower by the Azure Dragon Palace had reported so as well.” Ao Yan says with absolute certainty.

Even he was shocked upon receiving this information, but it is true after all.

The no. 2 expert of the dragon clan, Yan Shan, says slowly: “Leader, I think we might have underestimated that loose immortal behind the Stellar Tower. Even if he himself is only an ordinary 12th tribulation loose immortal, he can truly be called the no. 1 expert at setting up formations in the mortal world.”

The no. 1 formation expert in the mortal world;

If he really did set up a defensive formation that Wu Kongxue and his group could not break despite joining forces, he deserves to be called the no. 1 formation expert in the mortal world.

“In the whole mortal world, the no. 1 formation must be the Ten Development Illusionary Formation around Heavenly Palace on Mount Qingxu on the Teng Long continent. According to legend, this formation is an esoteric formation from the immortal world. Except for me and Zong Jue, nobody in this world can break through and destroy this formation with force.”

Fang Tian says indifferently, his voice naturally containing a note of lordliness.

His saying so positively that nobody aside from him and Zong Jue can succeed shows his confidence. He also has the power to be confident. A 12th tribulation super divine beast is definitely not something the likes of Wu Kongxue and Reverend Ming Liang can compare with.

“The Ten Development Illusionary Formation is an illusionary formation while the formation of the Stellar Tower belongs to the absolute-defense type. Since the combined effort of Wu Kongxue and other loose devils couldn’t break it, even if I get into action … I’m afraid I won’t have much chance of breaching it either.” Fang Tian says frowningly.

He is powerful and confident of himself, but not to the point of arrogance.

If a defensive formation was able to withstand the joint attack of Wu Kongxue and a bunch of other loose devils, how can it be so easy to break?

“Right, what did Wu Kongxue and his underlings do after failing to destroy the Stellar Tower’s defensive formation? I don’t believe they would go home.” Fang Tian says with a smile.

Ao Yan says smilingly with a nod: “It was exactly as you say, leader. Wu Kongxue and his underlings couldn’t breach the defense of the Stellar Tower so they headed for the capital of the Qin empire. In my estimation, they should have wanted to seize Qin Yu’s brother, the emperor of the Qin dynasty Qin Zheng, to threaten him.”

“They really stop at nothing.” Ao Xu and Yan Shan both say with disdain.

The dragon clan is a clan of divine beasts so naturally they are exceptionally haughty.

If they want to snatch a treasure, they will do it openly. The dragon clan experts are certainly scornful of seizing someone’s relatives to threaten them.

Ao Yan says confidently with a smile: “Ao Xu, Yan Shan, leader, I think you all definitely can’t imagine the outcome …”

“Don’t keep us guessing.” Fang Tian says with an indifferent smile.

“Perhaps Wu Kongxue and his underlings only wanted to seize Qin Zheng to threaten Qin Yu. Who could have thought … that Heaven-Sundering Diagram was on Qin Zheng’s body? So, when Wu Kongxue came, Qin Zheng gave it to him directly. But … at that moment, Reverend Ming Liang sprang into action.”

Everything Ao Yan says is a summing-up of his intelligence information.

He knows that Wu Kongxue and his henchmen arrived in the capital first, that Reverend Ming Liang appeared later, that the experts of both sides even fought a fierce battle and that in the end the Heaven-Sundering Diagram was taken by Reverend Ming Liang. So, with just a little logical reasoning, he can know the truth about the matter.

“Reverend Ming Liang sprang into action? Ha, that’s interesting.” Fang Tian bursts into laughter, as do the other three at the same time.

In the eyes of the dragon clan experts, the fighting between loose devils and loose immortals is none of their concern no matter how atrocious it is. They are merely indifferent onlookers.

They are very powerful so neither the side of loose devils nor the side of loose immortals dares to take an interest in their Heaven-Sundering Diagram.

“It’s very interesting.” Ao Yan continues. “How could Wu Kongxue have been willing to let Reverend Ming Liang escape with the Heaven-Sundering Diagram? So, he and Reverend Ming Liang fought a fierce battle all the way from the capital of the Qin empire to the ocean. Oh my, the Qian Long continent lost countless people and even several tens of cities as well.”

Fang Tian and the others can imagine what it was like when the 2 super loose practitioners fought each other desperately.

In that situation, those mortals would be like mere fish on a chopping board, would they not?

“Reverend Ming Liang’s subordinates then also appeared in the sky above the ocean. The forces of both sides fought each other fiercely and lost quite a few formidable loose practitioners. The several top experts were all injured, but eventually Reverend Ming Liang was still able to run back to the Teng Long continent with the Heaven-Sundering Diagram.” Ao Yan says smilingly.

The other 3 top experts of the dragon clan listen to him telling them all of this intelligence information as if listening to a play.

Fang Tian considers for a while and says: “There’s no hurry. I think Wu Kongxue definitely won’t leave the matter at that. Besides … based on the message from the Dragon Sovereign in the demon world, I can conclude that the loose devils and loose immortals aren’t the only sides interested in this Heaven-Sundering Diagram … The Wilderness’s loose demons want it too!”

The Wilderness’s loose demons!

The expressions of Ao Xu, Ao Yan and Yan Shan all change.

The Wilderness is a place where a lot of loose demons whose true forms are running beasts gather. In terms of overall power, the Wilderness is definitely comparable to the dragon clan.

“The Wilderness’s loose demons have never had a Heaven-Sundering Diagram. They must have received an order from the demon world too. They will surely go and fight for the diagrams, but now that they still haven’t got into action, I think … an extremely interesting play is about to be performed on the Teng Long continent.”

A faint smile appears on the corners of Fang Tian’s mouth.

“Leader, when the 3 sides of loose devils, loose immortals and the Wilderness’s loose demons fight each other, the entire Teng Long continent will definitely be plunged into a bloodbath. What will we do then? Are we going to get involved or not?” Ao Yan asks. Ao Xu and Yan Shan both look at Fang Tian as well.

Fang Tian is not a member of the Ao family or the Yan family, but he is a five-clawed golden dragon so he has an absolutely revered status in the dragon clan.

To dragons, the clan is important but the individual is even more important than the clan.

Five-clawed golden dragons are the most privileged, followed by silvery dragons and black dragons, while azure dragons, blue dragons, red dragons and so on are of the most common class.

“There’s no hurry. We won’t get into action for the moment. We’ll just watch the show. And if a chance presents itself, it won’t be late to take action then.” Fang Tian’s eyes glitter.

The 3 elders all smile.

They are going to be onlookers. If an opportunity arises, they will get into action, but if not, they will just watch other people fight each other.

The Teng Long continent has begun to shake.

Several days ago, the Qingxu Temple gathered the several hundred most elite Xiuxian schools and held a big meeting in the Qingxu Temple. Right after the meeting … these schools all let their senior members go and stay in the Qingxu Temple. Therefore, the number of loose immortals in the Qingxu Temple has been increasing at a terrifying speed.

In just 3 days, there are already over 5000 loose immortals gathering in the Qingxu Temple.

And they are only a part of the senior members of the several hundred most elite Xiuxian schools on the Teng Long continent.

In the Chaotic Astral Ocean, the Devil Peng Island alone has 3000 loose practitioners from the 6th tribulation up. The total loose immortals of the Xiuxian schools here can definitely be counted by the ten thousand. Perhaps, within a half month, the number of loose immortals gathering in the Qingxu Temple will surpass 10,000.

In comparison,

The Yinyue Palace also gathered the several hundred most elite Xiumo schools. Following a grand meeting, one loose devil after another began to go and stay in the Yinyue Palace, increasing the number of loose devils in the Yinyue Palace rapidly as well. The whole Teng Long continent now seems to be caught under an unprecedentedly terrifying pressure.

The devil path and the immortal path have finally gone all out.

On Mount Qingxu,

There are not many loose immortals in Heavenly Palace at all, but they have all at least passed the 6th tribulation. All those under the 6th tribulation are now staying at the other places of the Qingxu Temple. Even some senior members of the Qingxu Temple who originally lived in Heavenly Palace have had to move out.

In the main hall of Heavenly Palace, several tens of loose immortals from the 10th tribulation up are carousing to their hearts’ content. Outside the main hall, over 1000 loose immortals from the 6th tribulation up to the 9th tribulation are also carousing.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this time I, fellow Taoist Xue Yuyang of the Lanyang School, Reverend Chi Yang of the Ziyang School, my junior brother Ming Shan and fellow Taoist Lan Bing led more than 10 other fellow Taoists to head for the Qian Long continent. In the end, our trip was successful and we were able to obtain this Heaven-Sundering Diagram.” Sitting in the master seat, Reverend Ming Liang says in loud and clear voice, which resounds through Heavenly Palace.

The other over 1000 loose immortals are all listening attentively.

“The immortal emperor in the immortal world ordered us to obtain the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams at any cost, and now we have finally obtained one of them. Let us drink a toast to this achievement.” Reverend Ming Liang raises his cup.

Immediately, all the other loose immortals raise their cups.

For a while, congratulations can be heard without end.

Reverend Ming Liang’s expression then becomes solemn: “However … those of the devil path definitely won’t leave the matter at that. From now on, we must protect this Heaven-Sundering Diagram well. When the herald of the immortal world descends, all of those who contribute to this will be rewarded, and the seniors of the Xiuxian schools of our Teng Long continent in the immortal world will also benefit thanks to us.”

Reverend Ming Liang continues with an indifferent smile again: “But there’s no need to worry yourself too much, everybody. Even if Wu Kongxue of the devil path comes here, he won’t be able to break open the Ten Development Illusionary Formation around my Heavenly Palace. So, your task isn’t difficult at all. It’s just that we only have a diagram now. If we can obtain another one, the immortal emperor in the immortal world will definitely be very happy.”

“You are right, Reverend. We have the Ten Development Illusionary Formation for defense, but those fellas of the devil path are far inferior to us when it comes to formations. Let’s grab a chance and snatch that Heaven-Sundering Diagram too. Humph, these diagrams are such valuable treasures, how can those loose devils possibly be entitled to have them?” Reverend Chi Yang of the Ziyang School says loudly.

“That’s right. Only the virtuous ones deserve to have this kind of treasure.”

A lot of echoes are heard one after another for a short time.

One’s greed is very difficult to satisfy. Having obtained a Heaven-Sundering Diagram, they will want another.

These loose immortals now want to snatch another diagram but the loose devils are extremely furious. The diagram which was about to fall into their hands was taken away by Reverend Ming Liang so naturally Wu Kongxue and his subordinates have been enraged. They also want to snatch this diagram from the loose immortals’ hands.

Only, there are a large number of expert loose practitioners gathering in each side’s headquarters at the moment, so once they begin to fight each other, perhaps blood will flow in rivers on the entire Teng Long continent.

It takes Qin Yu and his sworn brothers some time to reach the Golden Tree Island from the Chaotic Astral Ocean.

They are currently inside the ancient teleport formation on the Golden Tree Island.

In just a while after they channel their internal energy into this formation, the whole formation starts to shine. At the same time, the space around it starts to shake. A light then flashes and the 3 of them immediately disappear from the Golden Tree Island.

In the Southern Territory, there is a similar island — the Snowfish Island.

This island is covered in snowflakes all year round. There is a lake at the very top of a small mountain on the island. This lake has a special kind of fish which is totally white. Because of this and the fact that the island is covered in snow, it is called Snowfish.

On the Snowfish Island, there is an ancient teleport formation not far from the shore of that Lake Snowfish.

A light suddenly flickers in the formation for a short time. When the light disappears, 3 young men appear in the formation. They are none other than Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu.

“Big brother, do you know who those killers are?” Hei Yu asks.

Qin Yu forcefully suppresses the grief and fury in his heart, saying with a shake of his head: “I don’t know at all. But … it’ll only take me a while to find out who they are.” After saying so, he takes out a transmitter.

“Dame Yan Ji, I’m Qin Yu. That day I listened to my Uncle Lan’s order by leaving my Heaven-Sundering Diagram with my 2nd brother. I just found out that the diagram had been taken away by someone. Do you know who took it and where it is now?”

The first target of Qin Yu’s inquiry is none other than Dame Yan Ji.

“Little brother Qin Yu, that day, Lord Wu Kongxue and other experts went to the Qian Long continent. Your 2nd brother knew his place very well so he handed that Heaven-Sundering Diagram over to Lord Wu Kongxue. Who could have thought that Reverend Ming Liang would suddenly appear and snatch the diagram? Even though Lord Wu Kongxue fought a fierce battle with Ming Liang, he still couldn’t take the diagram back. Humph, Lord Wu Kongxue and my school’s Dame Lian Yue both are extremely furious. Now over 10,000 loose devils are already gathering in my Yinyue Palace. Lord Wu Kongxue and the other experts will definitely snatch that diagram back.” Dame Yan Ji keeps no secret at all.

In fact, this information is basically not a secret on the Teng Long continent. Nearly all the loose immortals and loose devils of both sides know it.

Because of this, the side of loose immortals is in a festive mood whereas the side of loose devils is in a towering fury.

Dame Yan Ji does not keep this information a secret from Qin Yu because she thinks that there will be absolutely no problem after she tells it to him.

Now Qin Yu has found out what he wanted to know.

“Wu Kongxue, Ming Liang, so it was the loose devils and loose immortals, just about as I expected.” He already knows his targets.

End of b10c48.

End of book 10.

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