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B10C47: Towering fury

His body is very thin but his skin is beautiful like jade. His eyes are not large but there seems to be flashes of lightning gathering in them.

This is Yu Liang, a 12th tribulation loose demon and the no. 1 expert of the Wilderness.

There are 3 individuals standing behind him. One of them is lanky and has chilling eyes like those of a poisonous snake and his whole body is wrapped in a huge black robe, which altogether make him appear to be ice-cold, shady and terrifying. This is an expert second only to Yu Liang and is the head of the 3 big demons under Yu Liang — 11th tribulation loose demon, divine beast hydra Kong Cao.

Another individual is similar to Yu Liang in stature but the muscles of his body are streamlined and his skin is dark, looking like black satin. This is one of the 3 big demons under Yu Liang — 11th tribulation loose demon, divine beast electro-leopard Xing Shou.

The last individual has a doughty expression and is clad in red tight-fitting warrior clothes which look like flames. His whole body’s muscles seem to be carved out of rock. This is the last of the 3 big demons under Yu Liang — 11th tribulation loose demon, divine beast fiery rocky lion Wu Shan.

Loose demons are exceptionally powerful. These 3 big loose demons are only 11th tribulation experts but because they are divine beasts, they are clearly stronger than ordinary 11th tribulation loose devils and loose immortals. Any of them is almost equal to Wu Hei in power.

“Sir, that ink-wash painting has already been taken away by Reverend Ming Liang. Now we …” Xing Shou asks quietly.

Wu Shan’s deep strong voice rises: “Xing Shou, those loose immortals and loose devils are much weaker than us. Don’t think too much. Won’t it be better if we just go straight to the Teng Long continent and rob them?”

Kong Cao says nothing and only looks at Yu Liang.

Yu Liang nods slowly and says gently: “Generally there’s nothing great about the individual power of loose immortals and loose devils. But this Reverend Ming Liang and Wu Kongxue are exceptions. They are comparable to me. Perhaps there’s little difference between us in power. However … I’m still confident of having the upper hand over them.”

“Remember, after reaching the Teng Long continent, all of you must not be too arrogant. Loose immortals and loose devils are weaker than us when it comes to individual power but they’re good at setting up formations. When several loose immortals join forces and set up a formation, their collective power will double.” Yu Liang says sternly.

Hearing him say so, the 3 big demons under him all understand that he has decided to head for the Teng Long continent.

In the Wilderness, most Xiuyaoists are either running beasts or flying beasts, with the running beasts being the most powerful group among them. Xiuyaoists are divided into 3 main categories, running beasts, flying beasts and scaled beasts. The overall power of the Wilderness is definitely not weaker than that of the dragon clan.

“Make preparations and tell the 18 guardians to get ready to gather. This time the 4 of us and the 18 guardians will go to the Teng Long continent … Phew, it’s already been over 3000 years since I last came to the Teng Long continent. I really look forward to this.” A faint smile appears on the corners of Yu Liang’s mouth. At the same time, his handlebar moustache is also raised.


The 3 big demons bow and take the order.

They all know that this time they are going to put up a big show. It is very extraordinary that all the top forces of the Wilderness are going to depart.

The loose devils and the loose immortals are fighting each other while the Wilderness’s loose demons are preparing to head for the Teng Long continent to kick up a huge storm. But what about the dragon clan, which has always been hiding in the dark without taking any action despite being powerful?

The Chaotic Astral Ocean is the strongest power thanks to having large numbers of loose demons, loose devils and loose immortals. But it is not part of any side and has no method for communicating with the higher world either. In addition, the Teng Long continent, the dragon clan and the Wilderness have all been concealing the information about the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams. Therefore, the Chaotic Astral Ocean still knows absolutely nothing about the secret of the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams.

If it knows, it will surely get involved in the situation, which will cause even more chaos.

But no matter how chaotic the situation will be, now the Qin empire and the Ming empire on the Qian Long continent have already suffered unprecedented blows.

Two 12th tribulation loose practitioners attacked each other mercilessly, destroying several tens of cities and countless towns and villages of the 2 empires in the process. Several tens of millions of people were killed. All of a sudden, the Qin and Ming empires were shaken. Now even helping those tens of millions of survivors settle down alone is a big problem to them.

The Qin empire had it the worst.

Of the several tens of cities destroyed, the Qin empire’s capital suffered the severest damage with even over 90% of its population being killed and less than 10% surviving. Most of these survivors had to hide in cellars or underground secret rooms to get through the carnage safely. There are also those who were in certain corners of the capital and were lucky enough not to be smashed by the collapsing structures.

At the moment, Qin Zheng is staying in a manor on the outskirts of the capital. Most of the troops who were stationed outside the capital survived and now they are dealing with the problems arising from the disaster.

“Your Majesty, the original population of the capital was several millions. But now, the number of survivors is only about a hundred thousand. And they were able to survive only because those 2 super experts did not intend to destroy the capital.” General Wang Zhi’s face is also full of grief. After all, too many people have died.

Wang Zhi continues: “But the greatest loss is that … most of the important officials of our Qin dynasty who lived in the capital and who were entitled to attend early morning courts are already dead. Only the Minister of Labor Li Yun is still living.”

Qin Zheng feels even unhappier inside.

Most of the various important civil officials and military officials of his dynasty have been killed all at once.

To a dynasty, an incident like this is definitely a shattering blow. Luckily, the governors, commanders and armies of the other cities escaped unharmed. As long as nothing bad happens to the armies, the empire will not be plunged into chaos.

But how can it be so easy to choose a new batch of civil and military officials?

“Among the princes, 5th Prince, 8th Prince and 18th Prince are still alive. Among the princesses, only Princess Mingyang is still alive. Among the imperial concubines, only Lady Gong is still alive. And less than 10% of the members of the imperial clan’s branches survived, with only 6 of the original several hundred members remaining.” Wang Zhi’s voice sounds very bitter.

Qin Zheng’s body even begins to shake.

“Any more news?” Qin Zheng asks in a flat voice.

Wang Zhi shakes his head. He does not dare to say because he can feel Qin Zheng’s grief at the moment.

Qin Zheng takes a deep breath: “General Wang, the task of helping the survivors settle down must be done well. For the moment, I’ll let you take care of the survivors in the capital. I have to calm down first. A day later, I’ll gradually handle these matters.”

Now Qin Zheng needs to calm down and think back to what happened. In his current state, he simply cannot deal with those matters well.

“Yes, Majesty,” Wang Zhi bows and takes the order.

“All right, you can go now.” Qin Zheng waves his hand then turns around and goes into a room. The 3 princes, princess and imperial concubine who survived are all in the courtyard. None of them dares to enter that room to disturb Qin Zheng.

The door of the room closes with a creak.

The princes, princess and imperial concubine look at each other, their hearts all full of worry.

“5th brother, are the empress, the crown prince brother, 3rd brother and the other brothers all already dead?” Princess Mingyang, who is just 13 years old, still cannot accept such an outcome. Several tens of her brothers and her few sisters have unexpectedly died.

The 5th prince has become the eldest prince alive, but he is also under a lot of pressure in his heart now.

Inside the room,

Qin Zheng is standing still looking at a portrait hanging right in the center.

After an undetermined amount of time, a grieved but suppressed deep voice erupts.

“Father, now there are only several tens of people of the big Qin clan left. Father, I’m really sorry.” Qin Zheng kneels down heavily, his knees ramming into the floor, but he does not notice the pain at all.

His face is covered in tears.

Even if Qin Shi Huang was excluded, the Qin clan would have been passed down from generation to generation for 1000 years. Its main line did not have many members but the members of its branches also amounted to nearly 1000. Those collateral relatives were also called members of the royal clan and most of them lived in the capital.

Within the space of even less than a day, the capital was bombarded to smithereens.

Now, even when its members who live outside the capital are included, the Qin clan only has several tens of people left.

A majestic royal clan has been 95 percent destroyed. As the current leader of the Qin clan and the emperor of the Qin dynasty, Qin Zheng can hardly absolve himself from the blame. Even though he actually cannot be blamed, he cannot forgive himself either.

After a long time,

Following the sound of the door opening, Qin Zheng walks out from the room with a resolute look in his eyes. Outside the room, the princes and princess all look at him. But he says indifferently: “Guardian Liang Shen, quickly message my 3rd brother telling him about everything that happened here.”


A voice rises out of thin air in the courtyard.

Qin Yu has already put the 3 extreme-ice lions in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. At the moment he, Hou Fei and Hei Yu are rushing towards the Qian Long continent extremely fast together.

Qin Yu has a middle-grade immortal sword, Hou Fei has a strange black stick and Hei Yu also has a spear called Cloud Piercer. This spear is made of the same material as Hou Fei’s Black Stick. Qin Yu once used his own immortal sword to test the Black Stick and the Cloud Piercer and found them to be exceptionally strange.

In terms of offensive power, they are even slightly weaker than his immortal sword.

But their hardness is such that not even his immortal sword can leave a mark on them.

Hei Yu is the fastest among the 3 brothers. After passing the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation, Hei Yu can also use a new body-maneuvering technique. When he executes it, his whole body will turn into a very sharp back beam of light and will be even much faster than Qin Yu.

Hou Fei also has a new body-maneuvering technique. When he uses it, he is as fast as Qin Yu flying with all his power.

Hou Fei’s and Hei Yu’s body-maneuvering techniques both came from their hereditary memories.

Qin Yu does not smile at all as the 3 of them fly extremely fast. There is a worried look on his face all the time.

“Don’t worry, big brother. Didn’t you tell your 2nd brother to give that Heaven-Sundering Diagram to those who come to look for him? I believe they won’t attack your 2nd brother after getting the ink-wash painting. After all, he is just a mortal. Those loose practitioners won’t lower themselves to do that.” Hou Fei advises.

Hei Yu also knows Qin Yu’s mood at the moment so he says soothingly: “Don’t worry, big brother. The acquisition of the ink-wash painting coupled with Uncle Lan’s reputation will definitely prevent them from running wild.”

With effort, Qin Yu gives his sworn brothers a forced smile.

“If only one side comes, I will have no worries. But …” He says anxiously. “What I’m worried about the most is that the forces of several sides will come and begin to fight each other on the Qian Long continent. Given the power of those loose practitioners, if they fight on the Qian Long continent, then … the mortals simply won’t be able to resist. My 2nd brother and those sisters-in-law and nephews will be affected if they are careless.”

This is what Qin Yu is worried about the most.

However, it is useless for him to worry. After all, those sisters-in-law are the empress and imperial concubines and those nephews are all princes. Given their status, how can they possibly disappear all of a sudden to hide in the Stellar Tower?

While worrying, Qin Yu has been flying for some time.

Today, he is still flying extremely fast. The 3 brothers have been flying with all their might so they have been consuming energy at a shocking rate. Because Qin Yu has the elemental life force in his body, he can recover rapidly. Hou Fei and Hei Yu also absorb natural holy energy nonstop to regain their power as they fly.

Even so, in just the last few days, Qin Yu’s 2 sworn brothers each have taken an Eternal Creation Pill.

“Oh?” Qin Yu’s heart leaps.

This is because he feels that a message has been sent to his transmitter. He immediately takes out the transmitter.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu look at him right away.

Qin Yu makes sweep of his holy sense.

“Tower master, that day, the emperor did what you had told him by giving the Heaven-Sundering Diagram to those who came to look for him, but when he was handing it over, an expert appeared out of thin air. That person should have used a magic power called teleportation. A loose practitioner who had come earlier was afraid that this person would run away after snatching the diagram so they executed a sonic attack, which immediately reduced 60% of the imperial palace to powder.”

At this point, his expression immediately becomes unsightly.

He can guess the level of those 2 experts. It is very likely that they were 12th tribulation experts.

When 2 12th tribulation experts fought each other, what would be the outcome?

Moreover, just now he even heard a sonic attack mentioned.

Qin Yu’s heart trembles.

A sonic attack spreads out from the user in all directions. At the time, his 2nd brother should not have been far from the user of that attack. Given that his 2nd brother only had the power of the Xiantian level, how could he possibly have withstood a sonic attack by a 12th tribulation loose practitioner?

“What happened to my 2nd brother?” Qin Yu asks hurriedly.

“Tower master, the emperor is all right. He had already set up a mechanism to guard against assassins in the imperial study earlier. His reaction was very quick. As soon as the Heaven-Sundering Diagram was snatched, he went into Lei Mountain House through a tunnel.” Guardian Liang Shen says via a message.

Qin Yu heaves a sigh in his heart.

“But those 2 loose practitioners were really too powerful. They fought each other like crazy for the Heaven-Sundering Diagram, destroying the capital and the imperial palace. More than 90% of the capital’s population was killed. Almost all of the imperial concubines and princes died. Now only 5th Prince, 8th Prince, 18th Prince and Princess Mingyang are still living. The branches of the Qin clan in the capital only have 6 members left too. Because of the fierce battle between the 2 loose practitioners, more than 10 million people of the Qin empire were killed.”

Qin Yu’s heart sinks in the blink of an eye.

He knows the Qin clan very well. Except for several tens of members who live in other cities, the members of the branches all lived in the capital. Now only 6 of his nearly 1000 collateral relatives have survived and the main line of the imperial clan also has only several members left.

At this moment, various figures emerge in his mind.

The merciful crown prince Qin Guan, the lovely little princess Chunxiao, the educated and well-balanced 7th prince Qin Xu, who was good at the game of Go,…

The ladies-in-waiting who attended him in Prince Yu’s Mansion, that manager who often dozed off …

And the most important members of his clan!

“Died, all died …” Qin Yu can only feel his heart wrenching.

“More than 10 million people died. My Qin clan was almost destroyed. Good, good.” His eyes redden. “Since you’re so merciless, don’t blame me for being cruel. Top-grade elemental holy rock? I’ve got a piece. If the worst comes to the worst, I’ll demolish the Qingyu Immortal Mansion to extract top-grade elemental holy rock carefully. At a minimum, I’ll be able to get several top-grade pieces.”

His eyes glitter with ferocity.

He is going to go all out. What is the big deal about destroying the Qingyu Immortal Mansion? After obtaining several pieces of top-grade elemental holy rock, he will be able to sweep away the entire Teng Long continent easily with a level-5 or level-6 golden immortal.

“The Qingyu Immortal Mansion is too large for me to like living in it. The Teng Long continent …” His eyes are blazing with ferociousness.

“What’s happened, big brother? What’s actually happened?” Seeing Qin Yu’s red eyes, Hou Fei and Hei Yu are also worried inside.

“Dead, they’re all dead.” Qin Yu says in a deep voice which contains killing intent.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu simply do not know the details, but judging from Qin Yu’s expression and that ‘dead, they’re all dead’ sentence alone, they have a rough idea of what happened.

“My Qin clan was almost exterminated. Nearly all its members are already dead. The whole imperial palace was destroyed. Completely, it was destroyed so completely. You got such a thrill out of killing. Since you took such great pleasure in killing, I’ll also take great pleasure in killing you.” Qin Yu’s entire body trembles.

Hou Fei is even more impatient than Qin Yu is.

“Kill, big brother, let’s go to the Teng Long continent and kill.” He has become murderous.

“Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, let’s speed up and head for the Golden Tree Island. We’ll go straight to the Teng Long continent through that ancient teleport formation.” Qin Yu says coldly. The Qin clan was almost destroyed, nearly all of its members were killed and over 10 million people of the Qin empire died.

How can he possibly let the culprits of all these things get away easily?

With the sword immortal puppet for offense and the Qingyu Immortal Mansion for defense, when he becomes murderous, who on the entire Teng Long continent will be able to stop him?!?!?!


The 3 brothers immediately rush towards the Golden Tree Island extremely fast like 3 beams of light. In the eyes of Reverend Ming Liang and Wu Kongxue, mortals are worthless and killing several tens of millions of mortals means nothing. But they simply do not know that because they had no qualms about killing, they have brought about a monster that will terrify the Teng Long continent!

End of b10c47.

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