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B10C4: Obsessed Qin Yu

“Xiao Xue, Hong Luan, for the moment big brother can’t kill Huo Can and Huo Lan to avenge you. But trust me, one day I’ll eventually settle the score for you. As for now … I’ll collect some interest for you first.”

Boiling with killing intent, Yan Mo is staring coldly and completely at a crazy Jiao Jiu in front of him.

Even though he has not fallen under the spell of the flute music, he is still being affected by it. Killing intent has come out from his entire body, almost reaching the state of insanity.

“Kill! Kill! Die! Die!”

Jiao Jiu is shouting furiously. At the same time, he keeps attacking forwards as if there is some arch-enemy ahead of him. His eyes are very red. He has already gone totally mad.


Yan Mo’s right arm has been covered entirely in dragon scales and his right hand has turned into a black dragon claw, which at this moment pierces through Jiao Jiu’s dantian like penetrating tofu and grabs Jiao Jiu’s yuanying directly.

Concurrently with that, Jiao Jiu’s soul is twisted to pieces.

“Xiao Xue, Hong Luan.”

Yan Mo says slowly in a low voice. At the same time, he also breathes extremely fast like a moving pairs of bellows. Sweat oozes out on his forehead.

This flute music is not normal flute music. Even the loose immortals and loose devils have to do their utmost to resist it. Yan Mo is extremely tough-minded, but he dared to divide his concentration to resist the flute music and kill Jiao Jiu at the same time.

Even though he got distracted for just a short while, the music was able to affect him even more.

In a trance ……

Yan Mo seems to recall that scene in the dragon clan.

That blood-stained black stick ……

That obstinate, unyielding look ……

That little black dragon who disobeyed the dragon clan’s appointment without hesitation to rebel against the clan by entering the Wilderness, where even the dragon clan was warned not to infiltrate. In the Wilderness, that little black dragon struggled for survival when his power level was still not high.

Life and death?

Thanks to the various life-and-death situations he has experienced, Yan Mo has gained the ability to remain partially clear-headed in a life-and-death situation. This is also the main reason why he dared to divide his concentration to go and kill Jiao Jiu under the influence of the flute music.

This is also the reason why Li’er said Yan Mo’s determination is almost the same as that of the loose immortals and loose devils.

In the Wilderness, demonic beasts gain their status through life-or-death fighting.

Yan Mo subordinates included Xiao Xue, Hong Luan and Dragon Rocky. These 3 divine beasts became his most powerful generals. He has treated them very well, as if they are his real younger siblings. By contrast … he does not miss the dragon clan much.

“Hu hu ~~~” Breathing deep and low,

Yan Mo cannot stop his killing intent from spreading out wantonly. His eyes are red. He goes back to his original place according to his memories of moments ago.

The temptation of the flute music becomes stronger and stronger. Those standing at the original place also find it increasingly hard to resist the music.

At the moment, there are Qin Yu, Li’er, Azure Dragon, the 3 yellow-clad men, Situ Xue, the black-haired old man, Reverend Yan Xu, Old Taoist Gan Xu and his 2 junior brothers, Reverend Yue Yan, Reverend Shui Rou, Huo Can and Huo Lan at the original place.

Judging by appearances alone, Qin Yu, Azure Dragon and Situ Xue all have their foreheads covered in sweat and their bodies are shaking uncontrollably.

Obviously, Qin Yu, Azure Dragon and Situ Xue have relatively weak resistance to the music compared to the others.

“Big brother Qin Yu’s practice time is too short. Though his mind can be considered resolute, the others have been practicing for several thousand years or even over 10,000 years. It’s already something very hard to come by that he was able to reach his current level.” Li’er talks to herself in praise of Qin Yu.

She then takes a look at Situ Xue.

“This Situ Xue seems … not able to take it anymore.”

When she has just finished talking, a sad and shrill scream is heard. Now Situ Xue has gone totally crazy. Her entire internal energy surges. Her short silver hair lengthens in the blink of an eye and stands up like various sharp arrows.

Her purple lips, however, blacken.

She has gone insane.

The black-haired old man, who has been resisting the music with eyes closed all the time on one side, suddenly opens his eyes. Seeing Situ Xue like that, he frowns and immediately reaches out his hand to give her shoulder a fierce smack, shouting in a low voice: “Ah Xue, wake up!”

Situ Xue, however, turns around all of a sudden. Her long silver hair thrusts at the black-haired old man like multiple sharp arrows. Her very red eyes show that she has become totally crazy.

The black-haired old man is also struggling against the flute music. Seeing Situ Xue like that, he does not care about her anymore and stands on one side with eyes closed again, focusing his entire body and mind on resisting the psychedelic flute music.

Seeming affected by something, Situ Xue attacks furiously while charging south.

“The south, all of them are running south. Could there be something special in the south?” Li’er says slowly in a low voice.

All of a sudden, she notices that now Qin Yu’s body also begins to shake and his eyes gradually redden.

“Big brother Qin Yu.” She reaches out her hand, grabbing his arm tightly. His body gets a shock. The red light in his eyes seems to weaken a little, but as the power of the flute music increases little by little, his eyes become as red as they were.

In a trance, Qin Yu sees that scene of the past again.

“Ha-ha ~~~” Wu Xing laughs out loud like crazy and attacks Qin De wantonly. Qin De, who has already been seriously injured, now keeps resisting, but he spits out a mouthful of blood after every move executed by Wu Xing. This way … blood comes out of his mouth unceasingly.

Fengyuzi is very anxious so he attacks more ferociously using his flying sword, wanting to go to save Qin De and run away. However, relying on his profound energy, Wu De forcibly holds Fengyuzi down.

Qin De suddenly lets out a loud shout. He has finally had the most violent collision with Wu Xing.

Pu ~~

Blood is scattered all over the air …

Qin De slowly falls down powerlessly.

“Die!” Wu Xing says softly.

A red beam of light pierces through the vast sky, thrusting straight at Qin De’s body.

Wu Xing gives a smile, expecting Qin De to get impaled.

“No, father!”

“Catch it!” Qin Yu screams violently in his heart. He accelerates to his top speed in an unprecedented manner and catches Wu Xing’s short knife almost miraculously.

Wu Xing is dumbfounded.

The other people also watch this scene in disbelief.

“Die.” Wu Xing laughs cruelly and attacks again, wanting to pierce through Qin Yu’s chest and Qin De’s chest. When the flying sword has gone through Qin Yu’s chest, Wu Xing laughs because he knows that the sword has penetrated Qin Yu’s heart.

When someone has their heart penetrated, they will die for sure.

“Father …” Seeing his father, Qin Yu unexpectedly gains a limitless power.

“Let’s die together!”

He suddenly shouts furiously, turns around and thrusts his 2 hands at Wu Xing’s chest like sharp claws. However, at this moment — Wu Xing seems to transcend his own level. He backs off several meters directly as if he has received assistance from gods, avoiding this attack by Qin Yu.

“Want to make me die with you? Dream on.”

Wu Xing laughs coldly. After piercing through Qin Yu’s heart, that flying sword proceeds to shoot at Qin De.

“No …” Qin Yu feels an extreme pain in his heart and falls into a total trance.


The flying sword has penetrated Qin De’s heart.

“Father.” The mask on Qin Yu’s face shatters. He watches this scene in disbelief and denial.

Qin De, whose heart has been pierced through, also looks at Qin Yu in disbelief: “You’re … Yu’er?” But the look in his eyes gradually dims at once.


Qin Yu yells.

“Big brother Qin Yu, big brother Qin Yu.” Holding his hand, Li’er calls him 2 or 3 times. However, now he is already unable to hear her voice as he has gone totally crazy. He immediately flings her hand off and runs south straight, his eyes very red.

But another individual became obsessed before Qin Yu — Azure Dragon.

In terms of time, it can be said that Azure Dragon crumbled earlier than Qin Yu by just a couple of breaths.

“Big brother Qin Yu is too passionate and his feelings even come from the bottom of his heart. This is the reason why he has a determined disposition. But … this also leaves a crack in his mind. Once he becomes obsessed because of kinship, it will be harder for him to wake up.” Li’er mutters in a low voice.

Seeing Qin Yu running south, Li’er follows him by running south too.

At the moment, still standing in the distance are Reverend Yan Xu, Yi Da, the 3 yellow-clad men, the black-haired old man, and the 7 loose immortals and loose devils. Reverend Yan Xu, Yi Da and the 3 yellow-clad men are under such great pressures that their heads are full of sweat.

However, the black-haired old man and the 7 loose immortals and loose devils are almost in the same state under the influence of the flute music in this Hallucinatory Magic Land.

Even though someone with a high mental level is in general extremely tough-minded, this is not an absolute at all. For example, Yan Mo is only at the middle Kongming stage but his mind is exceptionally tough. This black-haired old man is most probably the same as him.

Amid the boundless clouds,

Qin Yu is rushing south straight.

“Wu Xing, die! Wu Xing, die!”

He is shouting furiously while attacking Wu Xing in front of him nonstop. Only somehow Wu Xing can always move back several tens meters with utter ease in impossible situations. Every time Qin Yu is about to kill Wu Xing, Wu Xing simply retreats.

“Ha-ha, Qin Yu, come, come, come kill me.” Wu Xing laughs out loud like crazy.

Those loud laughs enrage Qin Yu even more.

Revenge, taking revenge for his father, as soon as Qin Yu thinks about how his father was pierced through the heart and died, he goes insane.

Suddenly —

Qin Yu’s whole body makes a sway. He feels as if a basin of cold water has been poured on his head in a harsh winter day. His entire body gives a start. At this moment, the Meteoric Tear in his chest shakes for a while then immediately sends out a cold stream which runs straight up Qin Yu’s head.

The silver white cold stream goes straight into his head. His spiritual energy simply does not dare to approach it. When the silver white cold stream permeates into his soul disc, the essence of the soul seems to transform.

The flashing electric sparks around the soul become even more powerful and the soul becomes even more condensed.

“What am I doing?”

Qin Yu has woken up completely.

Seeing the vast sea of white clouds around him, he immediately remembers what happened just now.

“So dangerous.” His back breaks into a cold sweat.

“This Hallucinatory Magic Land can even trick my mind completely. My father isn’t dead and Wu Xing died long ago, but I was lured into believing all the hallucinations.” His heart is full of shock.

When Qin Yu is in a state of shock, the flute music keeps playing.

In the beginning, the music was invisible but now it comes with pale red ripples which are extremely light in color, almost impossible to see. Various such ripples keep expanding north from the south.

Qin Yu’s heart begins to shake again.

Because his soul underwent a transformation moments ago, this time he has a strong resistance to the music. But, despite that, how can the music which frightens the loose immortals and loose devils so much be so easy to deal with?

Last time Qin Yu became obsessed, he woke up thanks to the Meteoric Tear. However, now it looks like … he is very likely to become obsessed again.

If he becomes obsessed again, will the Meteoric Tear still produce its miraculous effects?

Ting ~~~

Familiar sounds rise.

“Zither music!” Qin Yu’s eyes flash with a note of happiness. He turns around to take a look and sees that Li’er is sitting with legs crossed on the ground several meters behind him. There is a zither on her lap. She is quietly playing the zither.

Various green ripples expand outwards with Li’er being at their center.

The red ripples of the flute music and the green ripples vanish together as if they are impeccable enemies.

Li’er’s power level is not high so the green ripples only spread out to a radius of 10 m before they are canceled out by the red ripples. However, the area within 10 m of her is the safest place in the entire Hallucinatory Magic Land.

At the moment, Qin Yu is within this area.

“Li’er, it’s you?” He is delighted.

Li’er plucks at the strings then immediately looks up at him with a brilliant smile: “Just now someone lost a lot of face and even sniveled.”

Qin Yu is startled.

Perhaps when he became obsessed moments ago, it was only because he saw his father’s death that he shed tears.

“Go with me, big brother Qin Yu. There are some fantastic things in the south.”

Li’er stands up and gently plucks the zither’s strings once. A green ripple immediately shoots out in all directions. Its range has decreased to 5 m. Qin Yu goes beside her without delay. The 2 of them thus run south extremely fast. Unlike Jiao Jiu and Situ Xue, Qin Yu and Li’er are going south consciously.

If there were someone several tens meters away from Li’er, he would discover that … he simply cannot hear Li’er’s music.

Only within 5 meters of her is the zither music audible. This is indeed very strange.

“Big brother Qin Yu, look in front of you.” Li’er suddenly says.

Qin Yu raises his head to look forwards.

“Kill! Kill! Xiumoist, die!” Furious shouts are heard. Yan Mo’s dragon claw pierces into Situ Xue’s dantian directly. Afterwards, he catches her yuanying and smashes it with a fierce grab … That violent explosion even damages Yan Mo’s body, causing his blood to seep out.

Yan Mo, however, does not mind this at all.

“Kill! Kill!” Now his eyes are blood-red.

“Yan Mo, he …” Qin Yu is shocked. Li’er says with a nod: “Yan Mo killed people and resisted the music at the same time. Such a distraction, oh well … he’s going to become totally obsessed soon.”

However, at this moment, Azure Dragon Yan Lang runs south while roaring furiously.

Yan Mo takes a look at Azure Dragon with his blood-red eyes: “Kill, kill …” He unexpectedly rushes towards Azure Dragon.

End of b10c4.

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